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Research Proposal Assignment On International Business Strategy & Decisions


Task: Through this research proposal assignment, you have been asked to present a research proposal of 1500 words on international business strategy and decisions clearly describing, the research area and how your research interests are suitable for successfully delivering a research project.


The concept of international business focused in this research proposal assignment is mostly based on decision-making and implementing strategy at the right place. Strategic decisions are made with the concern of whole environment in which the firm operates (Tien and Ngoc, 2019). The organisation is associated with concerning entire resources and the people that are connected to the business. Strategic planning is important in the large business in order to execute proper skills. Business strategies are important on marketplace for winning positions. It is also useful in dealing with competitive changes that creates opportunity and threats in the business. The busines needs to know its purpose in the market and set mission and vision of the organisation. International business strategies also refer to plans that guide the commercial transactions in the business between entities in different countries. Typically, international business strategy involves plans and actions taken by private companies rather than government ones to earn more profit and gain better competitive advantages in the business. There are four effective international business strategies that can be used in this study, such as: international strategy, multi-domestic strategy, global strategy, and transitional strategy. In developing the study well, the research will also talk about Porter’s generic strategy in terms of these four international business strategies. Business organisations that follow such strategies frequently incorporate new rules and standards. It is necessary to follow those rules to reach the target (Khaymovich and Kravtsov, 2021). Achieving success in the busines is not easy when the business fails to make proper decisions in the new marketplace. A cheaper but effective business decision must be taken in every way to gain success in international market (Bhattacharyya and Verma, 2019). The purpose of this research is to explore international strategy methods in business to increase positions in the market place. The research has interest in the current market context as it explores different types of strategic relations.

Aim and objectives of the research

The aim of the research is to analyse and explore the strategies in international business for achieving a better position in the marketplace.

The objectives of the research are:

  • To evaluate strategic decisions in business driven by environmental and competitive changes
  • To evaluate the opportunities and threats in the company using strategic management in global busines context
  • To explore international strategy methods in global business context
  • To look into the core competencies and innovation factor through strategic decision-making in international business.

Research Methodology

The research methodology is important to discuss for this study as it will help in general understanding of the topic. In this case, a secondary research method has been used to effectively complete the study. This research methodology involves the study conducted through historic data analysis. Apart from that, secondary research can be conducted through research papers, journals, and already existing published materials available on the internet or in form of books or magazines. These documents are available in form of surveys, website contents, and public libraries. A proper secondary research method has been chosen for this study as it is cost-effective and fulfils the objectives of the research. Apart from that, secondary research helps in decision-making as a whole. In this study, secondary research is quite advantageous in arranging data from readily available resources and it is also less-time consuming (Beamish and Lupton, 2016). Organisations can form hypotheses and evaluate the whole study by conducting secondary research from previously conducted surveys and datasets. If data is extracted from authentic sources, the research completes successfully drawing a better decision about the research.

Research Context

The study is important in today’s business context and relates to strategic business decisions. In globalisation of the business, it is important to focus on strategic decision making to implement them at the right place. Nowadays, most of the companies deals with big supply chain when working in international business sphere. They deal in bigger sizes when it comes to business growth overseas. A proper strategic management is quite important in a business that is trying to settle in a new country. Proper strategic business decisions help in coming across cultural and linguistic barriers overseas. International strategi business is important in current market situation because it improvises the methods of doing business in different countries. The availability of international strategy deals in excessive decision-making in the marketplace. In order to establish themselves in the internal marketplace, it is quite important for the company to understand the market needs and demands. An international strategy has been followed in evaluating the international market and competencies in making business decisions. International strategy deals in creating advantages for the business, such as: bigger marker access and scaling of the business finance, etc (Khakhonova, et al., 2018).

There are political, linguistic, and cultural difference in every country. While doing business, international strategic business decisions help the company in coping with such challenges in a proper and formal way. The legal system of every country is different and has an impact on the business. So, it is necessary to conduct research on the international business strategies to deal with such differences. Internal business strategies also help in decision-making in dealing with complexities that arise due to changes in the environment. When a business shifts internationally, it focuses on mitigating challenges through change management. It is evident that the developed countries are always opening up new opportunities in the market. These countries open opportunities in expanding business through strategic change management, strategic decision-making and so on. These decisions become effective eventually in making the business a successful venture in the foreign country (Beamish and Lupton, 2016). Business organisations have effective pivotal boundaries in the new market. It is essential to analyse those boundaries properly through strategic decision making. There are several ways in which international business decisions helpful for the organisations, such as: bigger market access, economy scalation, getting extra opportunities in the business, vital and cheaper area for effective marketing, and so on. It is important to utilise international business strategies in fighting all the threats in the company in a proper and standard way. For every industry, it is necessary to follow some effective decisions standards. Business sectors should be familiar with effective strategies to avoid threats in the organisations. In order to overcome political, linguistic, and cultural barriers in the international market, it is necessary for the company to follow strategic business decisions that involve all of these factors (Beamish and Lupton, 2016). With gradual change in the market, potential busines decisions must be taken to overcome problems arrived due to the changes. A proper approach is important to take in business curriculum to improve the market regulations. Business administrations become easy when a proper strategic model (like Porter’s generic model) is effectively followed. It is also important to monitor the system to check if the decision helps in proper productivity (Khakhonova, et al., 2018).

Purpose and originality of the research

The purpose of the research is to analyse the international business strategies in doing business overseas successfully. Data is collected from secondary research to analyse the past conditions in international busines strategies. This will make the researcher clear about different perspectives of international business strategies. The working environment of an internally expanded business is very big and deals in several competencies that are important to evaluate (Khakhonova, et al., 2018). On the other hand, the business’ market position and value need to be analysed to understand present condition of the busines. In these situations, businesses need proper strategic intervention in managing the needs in the market. The purpose of the study also involves the choice of proper business strategy in internationalisation of the business among the four business strategies. The availability of international strategy deals in excessive decision-making. An international strategy has been followed in evaluating the international market and competencies in making business decisions. International strategy deals in creating advantages for the business, such as: bigger marker access and scaling of the business finance (Nagumanova, et al., 2019).

The originality of the research is maintained through proper resourcing and lookout for authorised sources regarding the topic. International business decisions are made by developing proper research method. Data is collected from secondary research to analyse the past conditions in international busines strategies and resourcing them correctly. The assets of the research should be evaluated by comparing proper resources. In order to authorise the data obtained from surveys, it is necessary to follow the Data Protection Law. On the other hand, before using any resources (online and offline), it is necessary to take permission from the owner or the interviewee. In case of achieving originality of the research, researcher must follow proper decision-making pattern. A consequent permission is necessary from all the people involved in the research (Nagumanova, et al., 2019).

Timeline of the research

The timeline of the research is shown below:

Timeline of research

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