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Research Proposal Assignment: Increasing Pressure for Sales of New Models of BMW


Task: Prepare a research proposal assignment critically discussing about the increasing pressure for sales of new models of BMW.


Introduction to research proposal assignment
BayerischeMotorenWerke, popularly known as BMW is a multinational car company, based in Germany, which is famous for their luxury cars and bikes. In the year 1916, the company was first found as the manufacturer of aircraft engines. Along with maintaining its good reputation in the automobile industry, BMW is also ruling the world of motorcycles as well. In the year 2015, BMW was recorded as the world’s 25th largest motor vehicle producer, producing 2,279,503 motor vehicles(Ershova&Kuznetsov, 2019). The company has made a significant history by making sports cars like Formula 1 and the Isle of Man TT. The headquarters of BMW is present in Munich. They export their cars to many other countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, and many more.

Fig The logo of BMW

Fig.The logo of BMW
(Source: BMW UK, 2020)

The purpose of the present study is to reflect on the increasing pressure for sales of new models of the world-known branded car, BMW. Comprehending how the increasing pressure of sales has impacted the company’s economic strategy is encompassed within the designed purpose of the study. The simple language, effective presentation and explorative study will help the researchers (the presumed readers for this research), who aim to study the economic effect of the increasing pressure of sales of new automobile models on the economic strategy of respective companies, understand the topic and carry out their researches accordingly.

Background of the research
BMW had stated in a press conference in the last year that the company had succeeded to increase their rate of selling by 1.2% comparatively more than that of the previous year, by selling 2,520,357 motor vehicles(Dunnanet al., 2019). Every year, BMW is breaking its record regarding the rate of sale. For instance, in the year 2018, BMW had sold 2,168,516 vehicles and in 2019, they sold 2,520,357 units on a global basis. Months after months, the highlighted automobile giant company is breaking their records, in case of the rate of sale, by improving their products and introducing their innovative ideas as luxury cars. After reaching the apex of success at this level, BMW is targeting to increase its rate of sale even more. Huge pressure is creating above the sales department of the company to sell their newly launched models.

Problem question or statement
The present study aims to evaluate the increasing pressure for the sales of new models of BMW and also to determine its impact on the company's economic strategy. However, the pressure in the sales of new model within the company is severely affecting the economic strategy of the company that is causing decrease in the profitability as well as production of new machines. Hence, the present study shed lights upon this in order to find out certain strategies that can used by BMW in order to decrease the stress and increase the sale of the new models through other efforts and solutions.

BMW is a world-known multinational car company, ruling over the automobile industry for many ages. Every year, BMW is breaking its record regarding the rate of sale. Unlike 2018, the company has increased it sales by huge margins and is expected to do the same in the upcoming years and break the records of the previous year sales(Kukkamallaet al., 2020). However, with the increase in the sales there seems to be an increase in the stress or pressure in the sales department of the company to marketise their new product, sale it ti the customer and earn profit. Hence, this increase in pressure has severely impacted upon the economic strategies of the company, which has affected their productivity and profitability.

Solutions outlined for the problem under discussion
After noticing the motive of BMW, some recommendations can be provided here, so that the company can get a high profit by increasing their rate of sale.

• After considering the current unstable economic condition, BMW should lower the cost of their cars.
• Nowadays, the number of environmentally concerned public is rising. So by observing this, they should make that kind of car engine, which emits much fewer pollutants.
• BMW should now focus more on making electric cars.

Benefits of the key solution for their potential audience
If BMW does their job by following these above-mentioned recommendations, they can increase their rate of sale, by showing some benefits for their potential audiences, which ultimately can cause a positive impact on the company’s economic strategy, by increasing their rate of profit. If the potential audiences find new and innovative models of the luxurious car brand BMW and that’s also at an affordable price, people might love to capture the lucrative offer and start buying those. On the other hand, people nowadays are showing more interest in innovative and energy-saving products. Hence, if BMW launches more electronic motor vehicles, then it might be great for those people, who are concerned regarding the environment.

Research methodology
Boundaries of the research

The research has been done by maintaining all the research ethics. A survey has been held choosing 50 employees, working at the sales department of the BMW company from whom the required data has been collected to complete the research work accurately. Before organizing the survey event, legal permission is going to be taken from the participants. By observing the current pandemic situation, the whole survey process has been held online.

Moreover, the data has been collected and to be used confidentially.

Survey of initial research
A survey has been held choosing 50 employees, working at the sales department of the BMW company from whom the required data has been collected to complete the research work accurately.

Approach to the research explained
A deductive research approach is going to be used in this research work, to get accurate results of the survey (Wu &Jin, 2020). Moreover, positivism research philosophy is also going to be used, which helps to complete the research in a short time. Furthermore, an exploratory research design is also going to be used to mitigate the literature gap of the present study (Byrne, 2020).

Since the researcher is an automobile enthusiast and has subscriptions to many research journals that deal with the study of the sales trends and its economic impact, in the automobile sector, it is presumed that she will be able to carry out research on this topic efficiently. The included scopes of the research are the pressure of sales of different models of BMW and its impact on the economic strategy of the company. The excluded scope are the impact of other factors on the economic strategy as well as the applicability of the perspective and the research topic on other automobile companies as large as BMW.

Work and timeline

Fig The logo of BMW

Table 1: Gant chart
Source: (Developed by the Learner)

Budget for the research

Fig The logo of BMW

Table 2: Budget
Source: (Developed by the Learner)

Summary of the chosen organization’s experience and facilities to do this work
The research study has been done, by collecting data from the employees working at the sales department of BMW. 50 employees have been chosen for the survey and all the employees have cooperated a lot to accomplish the study in an organized way. After the completion of the present research work, it has been found that the whole sales department is doing their best to sell more and more new models to break their previous sale record. Although some of the employees working in the sales department are thinking of quitting their jobs due to the huge pressure, which can cause loss of employees.

The present study has reflected on the increasing pressure for sales of new models of the world-known branded car, BMW. Solutions outlined for the problem have been provided giving some recommendations and the benefits of the key solution for their potential audiences have also been discussed briefly. Moreover, the study consists of the research methodology along with the explanation of the research approach, survey of the initial research along with the boundaries within the research. The work and timeline along with summary of the chosen organization’s facilities and experience to do this work has also been mentioned within the study.

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