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Research Project Assignment: Construction of New Police Complex in Mernda


Task: Write a research project assignment illustrating the construction of new police complex that provides a how-to-setup the networking in the complex.


As noted by Moore, and Blyth (2017) in this research project assignment, the opportunity to procure a networking device in the contemporary period has posed several challenges. With the development of ground breaking technology like IoT (Internet of Things) and BYOD, the task of securing a network has become more complex (Daly, 2018). This complexity has been acting upon the process of procuring the network devices in an utmost manner. The following document reports the prescriptions of the New Police Complex which provides a how-to-setup the networking in the complex, thereby vindicating the security policy in the building which may include both hardware and software security. This document also discusses the scope as well as the objectives of the project which does reflect certain limitations. Additionally, the document also provides a detailed description of the methodological choices adopted for its fruition within the given time frame and within the specified budget. There are a number of associated risks in this case as well. The research study will also specify the risks involved and what can be expected from this research project. It ismuch required to all the stakeholderswho operate within an IT spaceand especially for those personnel charged with the security of that space (Nøhr, et al., 2017). All kinds of stakeholder will be taken into account in case of this particular research project. The document outlines the risks, procedures, strategies and objectives concerning the research exercise in question.

The immediate motivation for the project was the construction of the new police complex in Mernda which is located in the city of Whittlesea state of Victoria, on the corner of the Bridge Inn Road and Pimpinella Pass. As noted by Moore, and Blyth (2017), the client on whose behalf this project is being accomplished is the project manager of Swinburne University of Technology who has provided this opportunity. Since this is a police complex, there is a probability that more such security complexes will be established in different places around the city, indeed around the entire state (Foster and Guttman, 2018). Since data and networks have come to characterize the modern 21st century workplace, it is imperative security measures are put in place to ensure the existence of secure channels and networks that can facilitate the process of business, activities and operations going on inside the premises of the firm in question. To that end, the police complex in Mernda has space of 200 square meters which consists of a total of thirteen departments and each department has its own specific networking and security criterion which needs to be fulfilled for the project to be successful (Nøhr, et al., 2017). The large space occupied by the complex testifies that there is a need for close and meticulous monitoring to be done on the security architecture present inside. There are a number of key project personnel involved with this project with Mr Ronald Bartels who is currently at Swinburne University of Technology, having been performing in this industry for many years and has displayed consistent expertise in Project Management along with business analytics. There are also a number of stakeholders involved in this work which include the IT officer of the police complex that is in question as well as the CTO officer (Nohr, et al. 2017) of the complex who have been employed and tasked with maintaining the security of the network as well as safety related issues of the organization. The team will consist of highly motivated and competent personnel with the following names and designations- Sanam Shrestha as the Team Leader and Network Architect; Sharandeep Singh as the Security Specialist, Kaartik Singh as the Network Admin, Sanil as the System Admin, Shaun as the Security Consultant, Jules as the System Admin. The goal of this project thus can be stated in the following words-

It is much needed for any police station of any area to keep the network architecture up to the mark. This research is aiming at designing a network architecture for the Mernda Police Station in an utmost manner. This particular network architecture will be immensely crucial for this particular police station situated in the Victoria province of Australia in a number of ways. This network architecture will be facilitating the chance to ultimately empower and enable personnel to expedite procedural security, data related security, security against the network breaches and finally if possible ensure proliferation of network related security in the surrounding areas as well as the larger metropolitan area (Moore and Blyth, 2018). Thus the establishment of this particular network architecture has been quite an important objective of this particular research project.

The second goal is to develop an integrated security network for the police station by the postgraduate students. This integrated security network will be quite beneficial for the police station in multiple ways. It will have several interlink ages and multiple firewalls and defences against viruses (Foster, and Guttmann, 2018). Moreover, there are other benefits of implementing this integrated security network for the Mernda Police Station. This will create a multipronged defence system that will protect against every possible kind of online threat. Therefore, the creation of an integrated security system has been another aspect that this project has been aiming at.

There are a number of other objectives of this particular research as well. The provision of a safe and secured network system and design for the Mernda Police Station and complex is the key objective of this particular research study. This system will then monitor all communications and transactions (Foster, and Guttmann, 2018). This will be quite beneficial for the Mernda Police Station in fast tracking every activity that is going on within their jurisdiction. In the event of an issue arising in any of the networking system, warning systems will initiate, with the advancement of proper security solutions for the technical area. Therefore, this can be defined as another crucial thing that this particular research project has been looking up to.

Definitions, Acronyms &Abbreviations
The definitions of the key terms alongside the abbreviations & acronyms are discussed in the following lines-

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
IoT – Internet of Things
IT – Information Technology
CTO- Chief Technology Officer

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Daly, A., 2018. The introduction of data breach notification legislation in Australia: A comparative view. Computer Law & Security Review, 34(3), pp.477-495.

Foster, J. and Guttmann, R., 2018. Perceptions of Job Security in Australia| Bulletin–March Quarter 2018. Bulletin, (March).

Moore, H.C. and Blyth, C.C., 2018. Optimising the use of linked administrative data for infectious diseases research in Australia. Public health research & practice, 28(2).

Nøhr, C., Parv, L., Kink, P., Cummings, E., Almond, H., Nørgaard, J.R. and Turner, P., 2017. Nationwide citizen access to their health data: analysing and comparing experiences in Denmark, Estonia and Australia. BMC health services research, 17(1), pp.1-11.

Thompson, N., Mullins, A. and Chongsutakawewong, T., 2020. Does high e-government adoption assure stronger security? Results from a cross-country analysis of Australia and Thailand. Government Information Quarterly, 37(1), p.101408.


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