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   Free sample   Research ethics assignment on approaches to be followed while collecting primary data from participants

research ethics assignment on the approaches to be followed while collecting primary data from participants


Task: how to maintain ethical approached while collecting primary dat from participants using research ethics assignment guidelines?


Application for Ethical Approval for a Research Project involving Human Participants Research Project involving Huma

This form should be completed by the student undertaking the research in association with the student’s supervisor. The form MUST be completed and signed at the end of the form before any research / fieldwork is carried out. Reference should be made to the University Guidance on Ethical Standards* for Research involving Human Participants.

The completed and signed Ethical Approval Form MUST be attached to the final dissertation report (the dissertation will not be markedif theEthics Formis not attached in the Appendix).

Name of Supervisor:


Student Name:


Student ID:


Project Title:




Attendance Mode (FT/PT):


Year of Study:


Project Type (PG/UG):


Summary of proposed research (including planned start and end dates):


Start Date:


End Date:


Does your proposed research involve any of the following (Please choose Yes or No):

Deception of participants?

(i.e. do they understand the implications of participating in a research study?)

Yes / No

Inducements to participate?

(i.e. are participants being offered any ‘prize’ for agreeing to participate in the study?)

Yes / No

Possible psychological stress?

(i.e. will you be asking about potentially sensitive personal issues)

Yes / No

Any other special circumstances?

Yes / No

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, please provide details regarding how you will deal with these issues?

This research ethics assignment investigates data collection techniques. In order to build this report deception of participants has been an issue. The major problem that was faced during this research ethics assignment research study was the data provided by the participants. It was asked to participants to provide certain data about the topic. The problems that were faced are that some provided less data, some provided wrong data whereas others provided more than required data and others couldn’t even provide the right sets of data that were required. In order to deal with this issue faced by those who provided less data, it was required to again re-analyze all the data provided and find out where the data is less and rectify it by putting the data to make it proper. Another step that has been put into action for rectifying the issue is by doing experimental research before doing documentation of the study. By this step, it was possible to get the correct data from the research ethics assignment research work and no unnecessary data or less than required data were figured out and solved. The participants who didn’t provide correct data were enrolled in a training where they were properly educated about the topic and what is the required points that are to be added so that a correct set of data’s is provided for the research work.

Please provide details of the likely participants involved in the research(i.e. details of vulnerable groups* e.g. children, the elderly, people with a learning disability):

In order to create this research ethics assignment research paper, there are several people or participants have been connected in terms of collecting data. The participants that have been involved in the study are retail professionals, especially those who work in the retail marketing section as well as those who deal with customer support. Along with them, several retail customers have also been contacted which includes elderly people as well as adults along with a few disabled customers. In this data collection process, primary valuable data related to the product’s popularity as well as the implications of big data in retail can be found from the analysis of the responses of retail professionals. Similarly, from the analysis of the responses of the customers, the satisfaction they are having in terms of the recommendation they are getting as well as the accuracy of the suggestions that have been provided by big data can be understood. Hence, from the data that has been collected a detailed understanding of the implication as well as the future development in the field of retail business can be assumed.

Please provide details and justification for the methodology to be used in the proposed research(please attach copy of questionnaires/interview routines):

This research ethics assignment paper consists of a detailed description of the actual position of big data implementation by businesses to acquire customers. On the other hand, qualitative findings give vital information on the current market status. So, with the help of the research, vital information regarding big data implementation is obtained. In this research ethics assignment paper, the process for collecting data and the method for analysis have been covered concurrently. Also, a few ethical issues that are crucial for the research has been identified.


The research ethics assignment questionnaire that is used to justify the methodology is as follows:

  • Why acquisition of customers in the retail industry is important?

·         What is big data and how it is relevant to big data in the current business environment?

  • How does big data impact UK’s retail business?
  • How big data is being utilized by the retail leaders of the UK in order to acquire customers?

·         How retail leaders can further improve their strategies and leverage big data for customer acquisition?

If you are using interviews no participant should be engaged or approached to take part in the research without obtaining informed consent (Please attach copy of information sheet and consent form or use the space below to provide justification why informed consent does not need to be sought):

  No, informed consent is not required from the participants because the research ethics assignment process does not involve any interview for this requirement. The methodology used in this research applies via the qualitative data analysis process. This process does not require any informed consent as the report is generated via numerical data, or later data has been converted into statistics records for the uses of the development process. It is used to quantify the facts and formulate data as well as uncover patterns within the research.

Confidentiality of Data (Please choose Yes or No):

Have steps been taken to ensure confidentiality of data?

(rationale for anonymity and data storage, etc)

Yes / No

Please provide details on what steps have been taken to ensure confidentiality of data:

According to the research ethics assignment guidelines mentioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), organizations have to maintain the data protection guidelines, which are as follows:

  • The information is set under the guidance of the government, the businesses are allowed to ask for those specific pieces of information only.
  • The organization must be transparent to provide information to the customers about the usage of their personal data of the customers. The organization should be honest with its customers.
  • The data of the people should be kept private. Organizations should assure that their customers' data will always be kept securely. In any circumstances, businesses should not open the log book.
  • Personal information such as contact numbers and addresses cannot be used for any other purposes such as data interpretation or profiling, direct marketing, and many more.

·         The research ethics assignment data or information collected from a person should be removed or disposed of after 21 days from the day of collection. 


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