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Research design, method & design method strategic management assignment instructions


Task: You are required to dig into the different designs and methods and consider what might be the most appropriate style of research for your strategic management assignmentto address the problem you presented in your problem statement from Week 2.


Describe the three designs and state when it is appropriate to use each design in your strategic management assignment
Fixed research design in strategic management assignmentgathers data through statistics. The type of research design is used to analyze or outline variables to establish the connection between them confirming the cause-effect relationship among the variables (Spineli, and Pandis, 2020). The particular research design can be of several types like quantitative, cross-sectional, etc which uses statistics for the population to discrete choice experiments for evaluating the significance of decision making along with longitudinal design to refer to trend analysis in thestrategic management assignment.

Flexible research is characterized by flexible design which helps the research to accommodate feedback that can change experiment or trial. Sampling methodology in strategic management assignmentoften gets used for such type of research. The qualitative research can be done by grounded theory,ethnographic study, or case study to confirm the analysis of collected data presenting authenticity. A mixed design approach in strategic management assignmentgets used for emergent research methodology which successfully mixes quantitative and qualitative data collection for a particular investigation. The research design is accommodated for integrated data collection, analysis, and discussion. In order to confirm both authenticity and reliability or relevance in thestrategic management assignment, mixed research is adopted to justify all types of requirements of the research.

All three research designs are exercised to collect and analyze data. All three research designs have their own significance to justify the use of that particular research design in definite research. Improper application of any of the research design in the strategic management assignmentcan lead to false outcomes by the research which confirms that identification and implementation of any of the research design are equally significant for research.

A complete difference can be seen between flexible and fixed research designs in the strategic management assignment. In fixed research design, data is generally numerical and survey design is pre-planned. Fixed research design has a pre-planned location, time scale, and subject before the data collection process. The main focus of such research design is to center around the comparison and measurement of variables. Contradictorily flexible research design does not comprehend numerical data nor has a strict restriction regarding data accumulation. It is comparatively time friendly to make it flexible in the strategic management assignment. Flexible research design does not have a predetermined location, time, or subject but rather develops during the data collection process. The mixed-method is an assimilation of fixed and flexible research design hence proper similarity or differences cannot be found.

Specific methods related to each of the designs
Considering fixed research design, quantitative methods are related to the research instrategic management assignment. It can be of three different types like experimental, quasi-experimental, and nonexperimental. Experimental research design exercises a survey for scientific study to estimate the cause-effect relationship between dependent and independent variables. Non-experimental research design in strategic management assignmentdoes not include manipulation of the independent variable as the research measures variables by their existing nature without taking help from artificial aid to address the wide-open or broad-ranged research question. Experiment research design justifies the positive relation of variables to display casualty between result and intervention to estimate the effectiveness of treatment.

Flexible research in strategic management assignmentis in-depth qualitative research that can be of three types - case study, ethnographic study, and grounded theory (Thompson Burdine, Thorne, and Sandhu, 2021). The case study is most popular among all flexible resources as it is the research design for social science or life science to portray intensive paper regarding a particular situation, person, or unit to analyze data associated with several variables. Such researchin strategic management assignmentdepends on a detailed description of outside culture or foreign culture for the researcher by using observation or interviewing of a familiar environment. Grounded theory collects data and analyzes it to create a hypothesis for a research paper which is most popular for the social scientist in qualitative research.

Methods for mixed research design can be vast and varied as it depends on the research area to select the particular method. As per the research area in strategic management assignment, it gets selected if a survey would be adopted or a literature review or interview would be adopted as a method.

Appropriate design method in strategic management assignment
Considering the referred research area of 'strategic management issues observed in the retail industry after covid-19' the design would be mixed as the method would be used as a mixed-method with the help of correlation and phenomenology method design (Almeida, 2018). The research area in thestrategic management assignmenthas three areas to address covid-19, retail industry, and strategic management issues. Strategic management issues of the post-covid era cannot be justified without comprehending the correlation method with the help of fixed research to have statistics or numerical data to support the argument as well as establish the relationship between several variables. On the other hand, strategic management issues of the retail industry are a vast area to research and without the help of qualitative research through a case study, the particular section cannot properly be justified. Thereby mixed-method would be the best research design for the particular strategic management assignment.

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