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Research Argument assignment analyzing contradictory statements


Task: how can Research Argument assignment research methods be used to analyze contradictory statements to ascertain facts?


In this Research Argument assignment, it is required to identify a contradiction that informs and influences the life of in the United States and then investigating it. As suggested by Quarfoot and Rabin (2021), contradiction can be defined as something when a person argues about a topic that is just the opposite of that person’s statement. The contradiction must be something that might be interesting. This Research Argument assignmentalso discusses the existence of contradiction and the way by which Americans deal with contradictions. The consequences of contradictions must be discussed in this assignment. In this assignment, the contradiction is about either nurse are getting better benefits than the military or not.

Research Argument assignment- Nurse Statements
The people of the United States come up with a lot of contradictions as they form to be an aspect of human life. Research Argument assignmentresearch shows in the United States, there has been a lot of benefit to the nurses as they have been working under a salary rate that is competitive enough. One of the major contradictions in America now is the contradiction between nurses and the military. The nurses enjoy a happy life living in the United States where the salary is quite good. The salary of a nurse usually depends on their skills, training, education, experience, and other basic certifications. As suggested by Zhang and Cui (2018), it has been found that the salary of a registered nurse is US $ 60,000 per annum. It has been observed that the average salary of a US army ranges from $34,518 to $121,626 per annum. On the other hand, Forrest et al. (2022), argued that nurses have not been beneficial in comparison to the military based on salary scales. As far as the American military pay scale is concerned, the salary rates of militaries vary from rank to higher posts, whereas the salary rate of a registered nurse is only $ 60,000 per annum. The nurses are subjected to superior medical and health benefits though it varies from one employee to the other. On the contrary, Jones and Saines (2019) contradicted that the military in US army does not have the facility to get healthy medical benefits. Only the officer rank holders get prime health benefits but no such facility is allotted for their subordinates. As recommended on this Research Argument assignment, nurses also have the facility of enjoying vacations and the benefits of retirement. They are also entitled to health and life insurance, and disability benefits for the future. It has been found that the military gets the most rewarding priceless intangible benefits from the Government as they are entitled to camaraderie, leadership, determination, and discipline. Moreover, a military also has tangible benefits as well. As argued by Brahe (2022), it has been found that they get the facilities like education allowance for their children, medical allowance, paid vacation for 30 days, traveling allowance and many more. Primary pros of becoming army nurses are the fact that nurses can get benefits after they achieve experience or gaining rank. Army nurses in the US also get the benefit of the family loan repayment program, free travel, insurance, health care, and a retirement plan. The mentioned contradiction exists in patches as there have been some instances where people argue with others regarding the poor conditions of the nurses in comparison to the military. As said by Rubaii (2018), the people of America always try to underestimate the lower rank holder militaries of their culture and livelihood whereas nurses get their jobs based on proper education and certifications. some factors identified on this Research Argument assignmentwhich are against the benefits of nurses whereas the military is more beneficial. The nurses are not subjected to physical demands, and virus exposures, and must work for long hours within the same pay scale. They must go through a lot of pressure and stress. The Covid 19 fear was a matter to worry about as a heavy death toll of nurses did occur during the pandemic period. On the other hand, militaries are subjected to incentives according to their postings and did enjoy Covid 19 relaxations during the pandemic period. As contradicted by Billings et al. (2021), it has been found that the military also had to work for long hours but they were paid for the extra work whereas nurses are hardly paid incentives.The way by which Americans deal with contradictions has been discussed in this chapter. Americans always tend to get into arguments as most of them feel happy once they get to know about others' downfall. There are instances when two people contradicting on a topic suddenly started to fight with each other and one would be utterly shocked to know the reason behind the mishap. Army nurses are not getting benefits like other people in the military because of inequality. Discrimination and inequality regarding gender, age, sex, ethnicity, and race are very common in US. In addition to this, Moore (2020), argued that the role of women in the national defense system in the USA is kept in the below position. The Research Argument assignmentfindings show this is another important reason that nurses are not given equal benefit like other people in the military at all. It must be kept in mind that there are some casualties in the context as nurses have not been getting the benefits as compared to that of the military. Without contradictions, the matter can be sorted out very clearly by allowing the nurses with much more allowances by which they can lead their life happily (, 2022). Both comparisons are vague as the life of a military has no comparison to that of anyone's life still, contradictions arise. It would be better if the contradictions are avoided totally. Some people do not even want to get out of contradictions unless the other one bunk the topic whereas there are some people too who always tend to avoid misconceptions from where arguments arise.

The consequences of the cultural contradictions identified on this Research Argument assignment have been far-reaching as they have been followed till now since the traditional days. The occurrence of these contradictions is just because of propositional conflicts between the benefits of nurses and the military. According to the law of contradiction, it has been found that nothing can be contradictorily true or false as people would simultaneously get into arguments at regular intervals without thinking about the consequences. The increasing luxury and other efficiencies to any one contradictor have led to a rise in the number of contradictions in the lives of Americans. This has further been the cause of arguments among friends and foes. The consequences have led to a rise in a variety of disputes among one another.

According to the Research Argument assignmentfindings, I do feel that contradictions are vague and null. Contradictions led to several problems that are somehow harmful and even more than that. The rights and responsibilities of nurses should be properly taken care of so that they are benefited as per their requirements. On the other hand, the military should also be entitled to such facilities wherever there is a vacuum. The contradictions sometimes come up with adverse effects which are hazardous to health and property. Sometimes it leads to unforeseen circumstances which can make way for disruptions in physical conditions in the case of nurses. People can go through risks and may fall in danger after getting involved in contradictions. Intellectual disciplines regarding contradictions define that this is ingenuine, harmful, pathetic, and harmful. Being a Research Argument assignmentresearcher, it can be easily said that contradictions in the United States have been spreading at such an alarming rate that it would threaten the very happy existence of humanity very shortly. The contradictions between the benefits of registered nurses and the military should be stopped as soon as possible for the betterment of the nation. The consequences have been mentioned above which proved to be extremely harsh and this should be stopped very shortly. The avoiding of arguments and other matters can also lead to the stoppage of contradictions which is beneficial for the development of cultural heredity in the United States. The US army should also enjoy flexibility along with registered nurses in the long run so that bothgets benefited.

Research Argument assignment Conclusion
It can be concluded on this Research Argument assignmentthat the people of America yet not been get out of their comfort zones and try to stop getting involved in contradictions. This may lead to an occurrence of national issues at big stages as these contradictions are directly related to a legal matter. Interference of the Government amending matters right should be a chaotic situation that needs to be overcome soon. The problems must be mitigated as fast as possible for the sake of the country. Contradictions should be ended for the development of cultural diversity in the United States. This is due to the discrimination and inequality regarding gender, age, sex, ethnicity, and race are very common in US. It is observed on this Research Argument assignmentthe Power of women in the national defense system in the USA is kept in the below position resultinginequality in providingbenefit to them.

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