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Requirements Engineering Assignment: Stakeholder Engagement & Elicitation Activity Plan For ABC Pty Ltd


Task: Case Study
ABC Pty Ltd is a start-up tech company based in Adelaide Australia, who are currently seeking to develop an online delivery system named “ServicePlease”. The system aims to create a convenient platform to be used by service providers, customers, and supermarkets for home delivery of groceries to customer residents. The application will be available in both forms of website and mobile app, with separate views for service providers, supermarket, and customers. ABC Pty Ltd wants to launch this system to market in the next six months and have secured an investment for this. You have been hired by ABC Pty Ltd as the Business Analyst (BA) to help them with the requirement analysis for this project.

The “ServicePlease” application should provide the service providers to register with the system. During registration service providers will be asked to complete the background checking process. Criminal history or background will be checked through National Crime Check (NCC). Right – to – work will be checked through Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO), which will confirm their citizenship, residency or visa status that allows them to work in Australia. All service providers will need to provide an Australian Business number (ABN), which will be checked through ABN Lookup. Service providers also need to give proof for delivery capability by car through driving license and vehicle registration certificate. Upon successful completion of registration, the service provider will be eligible and available for grocery delivery service in “ServicePlease”. Supermarkets can register with “ServicePlease” online delivery system. When registered, customers will be able to find the supermarket in “ServicePlease” system. Supermarkets can accept and prepare an order to be picked up by the service provider authorized by a customer. The system should enable supermarkets to rate service providers and certify as their preferred one. To use this service, resident customers need to sign-up first. Sign up can be verified with a valid mobile phone number and an email address. Customers need to set-up the payment method using credit card, debit card or PayPal, to pay for the service when used. While ordering, the application should enable customers to search and select a supermarket first (pickup location). Then the customer needs to authorise a service provider from the available list (certified service providers will be shown at the top of this list, then based on rating) to pick up groceries from a selected supermarket and deliver to their residence (drop-off location). Once the job is completed, payment can be made securely through the app. Customer will get email confirmation after successful completion of an order. Customers also can rate and review the service provider, as well as the supermarket.

Task Summary
This Assessment requires you to respond to a case study. The same case study will be used for all three assessments so that you can develop insights into the different facets of Requirements Engineering. For this assessment, you are required to produce an individual report of 1500 words (+/-10%) detailing a requirements elicitation plan for the case organisation. The report should contain the following:

a) A Stakeholder Engagement Plan
b) An Elicitation Activity Plan

Business Analysts work with organisations to improve organisational processes and systems. One of the most important parts of a Business Analysts job is to elicit requirements from stakeholders so that there is a clear understanding of what will be required from the new system. This requires a Business Analyst to understand who their stakeholders are, how to engage with them and which elicitation methods to use. This assessment aims to develop your knowledge and skills in this area and to lay down the foundation of knowledge for your future professional practice.

Engineering Assignment Task Instructions
1. Please read the above Case Study
2. Write 1500 words (+/-10%) requirements elicitation plan, which reflects the given case study.
3. Review your subject notes to establish the relevant area of investigation that applies to the case. Reread any relevant readings for module 1 and 2 for this subject. Perform additional research and investigation and select five additional sources in elicitation methods to add depth to your explanation of method selection.
4. Plan how you will structure your ideas for your report and write a report plan before you start writing.
5. The report DOES NOT require an executive summary or abstract.


1.0. Introduction:
One of the primary requirements for the projects within the businessdiscussed herein engineering assignment is the analysis of the requirements. The use of the business elicitation is used for the identification of the business needs, their risks involved as well as the assumptions which could be made in a particular project (Einhorn, Marnewick & Meredith, 2019). Therefore, to achieve this one of the primary requirements for the following is the list of stakeholders. Using the following the communication would be done with the stakeholders of the business for the support of the following project. Therefore, the following study is aiming to create the stakeholder engagement plan as well as the elicitation activity plan for the ABC pty Ltd. Together it would be used for influencing the outcome of the following project. Hence, finally using the elicitation plan it would be tailored as per the need of each of the stakeholders of the business.

2.0. Stakeholder Engagement Plan:
2.1. Stakeholder list:

The list of stakeholders in the following is as follows:
• Service Providers
• Customers
• Supermarkets

2.2. Definition of each of the power and interest of stakeholder:
Service Providers:

They are the primary part of the system or the app which have been developed in the following. Since they are the first to get registered to the system therefore, it is important for them to provide all the information as well as the update which would be taking place in the following system. Other than that, since for the background check process of the following service providers would be done. Therefore, it is important that, the importance is given to the privacy as well as security of the service providers.

They are the higher power as well as interest of stakeholders. In addition to that, they are the one who are choosing the service providers based on the ratings which are provided to them by the supermarkets. Therefore, in order to provide them with the better customer service it is important that, they are provided with all the relevant information which is needed for the purpose of making the decision.

They are another high power as well as interest among the stakeholders. They are the one who are responsible for rating as well as selecting the better service providers for the customers. Therefore, they are providing all the relevant information to the customers as to which of the following service providers are better. Thus, again it is important for the system to provide all the relevant information to the supermarket so that, they are better able to rate the service providers.

2.3. Power/Interest grid:
The following is the power/interest grid for the following study (Rahmaet al., 2021):

power interest grid in engineering assignment

Figure 1:power/interest grid
(Source: Created by the author)

2.4. Justification of each stakeholder’s power and interest:
In the following diagram the three stakeholders are taken into consideration based on the power interest grid as well as they are as follows:

• Customers: For the customers they are having a higher interest as well ashigher power therefore, they are kept at the 4th quadrant.Moreover, the reason being they have the power to rate both the supermarket as well as the service providers and also, they need to be kept interested.
• Service providers: they are having a higher poweras well as higherinterest; therefore, they are kept at the first quadrant.In addition to that, they need to engage regularly with the customers as well as the supermarket.
• Supermarket: They are the higher power and the higher interest as they are the one who rates the service providers based on the products as well as services they provide. Other than that, they are also the one who are engaging both with the customers as well asthe service providers regularly to keep the customers interested.

3.0. Elicitation activity Plan:
3.1. Four elicitation methods:

The four elicitation methods which have been selected for the following are as follows as well as they are:

According to the statement of Mcphee (2018), the interviews in the following would be informal as well as therefore, their effectiveness would be depending on the quality of the interaction with the sample of participants selected for the interview. Other than that, the following is also useful for the collection of large number of data as well as information. In addition to that, there are three types of interviews which would be taken into consideration that is structured, unstructured as well as the semi structured. When it comes to the unstructured interviews, they would be done on the customers who would be using the app. While on the other hand the structured or the formal interview would be taken into consideration while interviewing the supermarket authority.

During the early stages of the elicitation methods the method of questionnaire would be used. The questionnaire would be considered in the following would be both closed as well as open questionnaire. It would be used for getting the information from the service providers and the supermarket authorities to gather more information. Moreover, using the method of questionnaire large amount of data would be gathered (Akn, 2021).

Documentation analysis:
The following technique would be used for gathering the details of the status quo of the service providers. As per the documentation of Barrera-Causil, Correa & Marmolejo-Ramos (2019), this would be including the details of their transportation, their business as well as the attributes of the business. Therefore, the review of their existing document would be carried out in the following. Since the review of the documents would be a time taking approach therefore, a semi-automated approach would be taken into consideration for the following.

3.2. Reason for the following selection of methods:
The reasons for the following selected methods are as follows:

The following method is selected because of gathering more in-depthinformation which could be collected using the following method. Other than that, each of the stakeholders would be able to better express themselves and hence clarity of information would be better.

Using the following a brief summary could be gathered which could be used during the process of interview. In addition to that, they are also used as a pre cursor as well as also as a highlight during the interview process. Since both open and close ended questions are being used in the following therefore, more in-depth information could be gathered for the same.

Document analysis:
They are included for gathering more crucial information from the service providers as using the following it would provide a direction to the supermarket as and how the overall elicitation process could be continued as well as executed.

3.3. Tools for gathering information:

Since at present majority of the people are at home therefore, the meetings would be held online. Each of the people who would be interviewed would be sent an email one week before the interview date. Moreover, the questions which are to be asked during the interview would be listed. Online app Zoom or Skype would be used for the following (van Hessen et al.,2020).

On behalf of the declaration of Andreadis & Kartsounidou (2020), Questionnaires would be done with the help of emails sent to the participants. The people who are participating for the questionnaire would be sent an email of questions with their consent.

Document analysis:
According to the statement of Sheshkus, Chirvonaya & Arlazarov (2021), Computer program and software would be used for the analysis of the data which would be collected from the service providers. Making the process computerized would help in better analysis of the documents and also more insight as well as analysis could be done in the following aspect.

3.4. Stakeholders to be engaged for the elicitation of the activity:
During the process of elicitation of the activity all the stakeholders of the following study would be involved which includes both the customers, supermarkets as well as the service providers in the following case.The reason for including all the stakeholders in the following activity because all the three play the key role in the following app. As the service provider would be delivering the service to the customers via the supermarket. Therefore, inclusion of all three is important in the following case study.

4.0. Conclusion:
The primary purpose of the report is to provide an overview of the ABC pty ltd. Where they are developing a new online delivery service system known as the ‘service please’. Therefore, for the following the stakeholder engagement plan as well as the elicitation activity plan is taken into consideration. Based on the following there are methods of carrying out the communication methods have also been established as well as found that, the overall activity would be done around the three stakeholders of the following case study namely customers, service providers as well as the supermarket.

Reference list:
Akn, Ö., (2021). Elicitation Methods. In Design Added Value (pp. 57-69). Springer, Cham.
Andreadis, I., & Kartsounidou, E. (2020, April). The impact of splitting a long online questionnaire on data quality. In Survey Research Methods (Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 31-42).
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Sheshkus, A., Chirvonaya, A., & Arlazarov, V. L. (2021). Tiny CNN for feature point description for document analysis: approach and dataset. arXiv preprint arXiv:2109.04134.
van Hessen, A., Calamai, S., van den Heuvel, H., Scagliola, S., Karrouche, N., Beeken, J., ... & Draxler, C. (2020, October). Speech, Voice, Text, and Meaning: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Interview Data through the use of digital tools. In Companion Publication of the 2020 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (pp. 454-455).


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