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Reflective Report Assignment: Evaluation Of Blogs


Assessment Criteria

  • Demonstrate regular use of the weekly blog by providing clear cross-referencing between report and at least 8 time-stamped meaningful blog entries THROUGHOUT the term
  • Demonstration of candid and critical self-analysis, including re?ection on knowledge AND personal development directly linked to examples of own behaviour to identify personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to devise an action plan, supported by literature, that addresses key development needs and identi?es speci?c activities and appropriate timeframes for implementation
  • Demonstrate a breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 10 high-quality sources
  • Correct use of the APA referencing system
  • Contribution to the group in assessment 2 as evaluated by yourself and your group members (Self- and Peer-Assessment)


Blogs are considered a significant helping tool in context to education and learning. It facilitates the student to jot down all the weekly learning so as to make it easier for them to remember the learning easily in the future. Therefore, it is necessary for the students to maintain their weekly blogs in order to facilitate better learning; thus, developing a better future. Furthermore, it is necessary to write a captivating introduction. Other than this, the other factors that must be considered are adding of effective graphic designs, formatting of text for various sorts of readers, and so forth. In this reflective report assignment, a set of blogs will be critically evaluated in order to comprehend the learning and understanding being gained from them. The reflective report assignment will further consider the different theories and academic literature in order to provide relevant support in context to the critical evaluation of the concerned blogs.

Critical Appraisal
By considering the blog written for the topic, “design process”, I was able to identify and comprehend the process and methods of design thinking. I was further able to gain knowledge of the fact that, design thinking relates to the traditional methods of decision making as well as the various approaches in reference to innovation that are used in design and business approaches. As per the findings of (2018), the design does not just refer to the looks and appearance of a thing but also refers to crafting a thing in a new and innovative form with efficient expertise in order to provide collaborative solutions in lieu of different complex situations. On the other hand, in accordance to the findings of Rix, Haas & Teixeira, (2016), design thinking relies on upon the fact that, individuals who experience issues are the sole individuals who embrace solutions to their issues. It further argued that design thinking is a person-centered tool for problem-solving and decision making that helps in devising viable and feasible big or ideal solutions. The crucial factor to this process is commiserating with the people in order to reveal the unmet requirements by comprehending their challenges gains, pains, behaviors, motivations, values, beliefs and so forth in order to provide concepts to innovative solutions.

In week three, I was further able to get an in-depth idea of the concept of design theory. Here, the professor provided us with the basic definition and theory of the design theory, which facilitated me in comprehending the approaches of different dealing in a much better and effective manner. Furthermore, with the learning provided in week three, I was able to acquire knowledge concerning the rationality of reasoning. As opined by Franke,(2017), reasoning is a crucial factor that one must consider in order to devise effective solutions to their issues. From the coursework I was further able to gain knowledge of the different design logic, that is to say, deductive, abductive and inductive reasoning. Here, from the findings of (2018), the three mentioned types of reasoning facilitates in synthesizing spectrum intended fora procedure or program. These methods or techniques can be further used in order to avail fractional specification for different logics and thinking. In the words of (2018), the technique begins with the efforts of deductively proving a process along with a pre-complaint that shows no or empty resources. I was further able to lean that in case of insufficient information in order to carry out the internal operation, we must consider the abductive method of reasoning in order to deduce that factors that are missing.

In addition to that, this week helped me learn a number of different aspects of effective and successful reasoning in context to design logic. For instance, I was able to identify and understand the concept of convergent and divergent thinking, philosophical worldview and triple loop learning. This further facilitated me in developing and improving my skills and ability to design thinking; thus, facilitating me in considering better reasoning methods and logic in my decision-making process (Boghossian, 2016). Besides, by undertaking the activities assigned by my professor on the topic of design mindset, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and understanding of the significance and role of design thinking in an individual’s life. It was an interesting activity which included intense discussion and opinions of different people; thus, facilitating in gaining a better understanding of the topic.

In week four, I was able to identify and comprehend the mistakes or errors in individual posters that were assigned to us by our professor. After further rectifications and additions to the final poster, I was finally able to upload it in Moodle. In addition, by attending the coursework of this week, I was able to come up a number of better and innovative design ideas. I was able to do so because of the group activities and brainstorming sessions I attended. Here, I was further able to understand the significance of effective designing for attracting more viewers and improving and enhancing viewer engagement. These sessions have helped me in understanding the importance of group activities and teamwork. In the words of Galegher, Kraut&Egido(2014), teamwork and brainstorming help in improving and enhancing the ability of critical thinking, which is highly significant for an individual to ensure effective design thinking and reasoning. In addition, Galegher, Kraut &Egido (2014), stated that, in order to develop successful designs and design thinking, it is highly crucial for an individual to consider critical thinking on the subject or topic so as to come up with the most successful and effective ideas of designing.

In week five, I gained knowledge and understanding concerning the concept of report writing and group presentation. With the help of this coursework, I learned to work in a group and was able to understand the importance of working in a group in developing better ideas and gaining more knowledge. Furthermore, by working in groups, I was able to develop better ideas for the topic of the presentations. In addition, I was able to learn better work and time management, which is extremely crucial for an individual in order to complete the assessments on time. As discussed by Kirillov et al. (2015), effective time management helps an individual in effectively completing a task without encountering any major complications or errors in the entire process. With proper management of time, one gets enough time to think and discuss the different aspects of the topic they are dealing with and finally come up with effective solutions and conclusions to the issues that take places. Besides, proper time management helps in submitting the work on time.

In week six, I was taught about the skills and techniques of gathering information and data concerning the topic for the group presentation. Here, I was able to get an overview of the different types of methods that can be used in order to avail accurate information and data for a particular topic or subject. In this week, with the help of effective group discussion and brainstorming sessions, I along with my group members was able to carry out effective research and information finding for the chosen topic. All the different group members put forward their findings of effective data and information, which was later evaluated and the required information were preserved for the presentation and the rest were discarded.

In this context, I was able to identify the role and significance of effective research and information finding for preparing a successful report and presentation. In the words of Research skills: Finding information on the Internet. (2018), owing to the fact that the information and data available on the internet is immensely vast and extensive, it is necessary to carry out aggressive research in order to find the most accurate and significant information and data. Here, the most usual method of acquiring knowledge is to make use of the different search engines that are easily accessible. However, as per the discussion of Büttcher, Clarke& Cormack, (2016), all the information and data available on the internet are not freely accessible and calls for subscription or one-off buying. Most of the useful sources, which provides significant information and data require a subscription.

In the subsequent week, I learned about research design. Here, I was able to gain knowledge about the concept of the value chain. Furthermore, I was able to understand and comprehend the different aspects through which an article or subject can be created, promoted and advertised. In addition, the different processes related to this entire concept such as supply chain, market value and so forth was made clear to us. In this week, we had to take part in a number of activities, which further facilitated use in comprehending how a product or service is sold and promoted in the market along with the different innovations and ideas behind the development of the products. In addition, as per the discussions of Galegher, Kraut&Egido (2014), new and innovative ideas is extremely significant for every organization in order to remain successful in the market as well as gain competitive advantage. Furthermore, in the words of Galegher, Kraut&Egido (2014), having a strong supply chain is highly crucial for every organization in order to ensure successful promotion and distribution of their products and services; thus, being able to gain profits from the business.

In week eight, I was able to identify and comprehend the concept of learning dispatch. Here, our professor helped us in understand the concept of learning dispatch and its significance in the professional field. I was further able to gain knowledge concerning the different stages of learning dispatch and the effect or influence of each stage in the entire process. In accordance with the findings of Research skills: Finding information on the Internet. (2018), the initial stage of learning dispatch is the arranging stage, followed by the execution and gaining stage. In this week, we also carried out a number of significant activities, where we implemented the different stages of learning dispatch in our thinking process of the presentation we were assigned. At the initial stage, we arranged the various knowledge and findings concerning the key topic of the report. Subsequent to this, we executed the arranged findings in the assessment process in order to prepare the assessment. Finally, we were able to gain the desired outcome of the assessment.

In week nine, we were informed about our presentation to be held in the tenth week of our coursework. Here, I was further provided with the opportunity of re-evaluating and re-assessing the overall presentation and the skills I was able to gain by undergoing all the activities arranged by our professor. In this context, we were further provided with the idea to consider the blogs that we prepared every week in order to comprehend our progress throughout the coursework. This further facilitated me in identifying my key strengths and weaknesses. I was able to identify that, by working for this group presentation, I was able to improve my teamwork skills and ability. In addition, I was able to improve my research and findings skills, which is extremely significant when carrying out an assessment. Furthermore, it facilitated me in improving my critical thinking and design thinking ability; thus, providing me with the opportunity to think in a much creative and innovative manner as well as take better decisions. I was also able to gain a lot of self-confidence and was highly motivated to present a final presentation in week ten.

In the words of Research skills: Finding information on the Internet. (2018), buoyancy and confidence, is a significant ability that every individual must develop among themselves in order to be able to present themselves in front of other. In this context, while presenting the report prepared by us, it was necessary for me and my team to develop confidence so as to present the assessment successfully. In the final week, our professor again provided us with a brief summary of all the learning and concepts that were taught to us throughout all the previous weeks. This session was extremely beneficial for me as it will help me in carrying out the different assignments and tasks in my professional field in the coming years. In addition, the different skills and knowledge that I have gained will further facilitate me in developing a strong and successful future for myself in context to both my professional and personal field. Hence, I can conclude in this reflective report assignment that the blogs that were prepared throughout the ten weeks have facilitated me in preparing an effective presentation. Furthermore, the blogs have facilitated in providing me with the summary of the learning that took place during the different weeks; thus, helping me in retaining them effectively.

The above reflective report assignment has facilitated me in identifying and understanding the most significant skills and potency that are necessary I order to design a successful and effective group presentation and report. Furthermore, the reflective report assignment has shed light on the key factors or features that must be considered in order to prepare a successful report. The key factors that have been successfully identified in the above section are design thinking, critical thinking, teamwork, research and findings, and so forth. In addition, with the help of this self-reflective, I was able to identify my strengths as well as limitations. I was able to identify the areas that I am good at and the areas I need to improve; thus, providing me with the opportunity to develop my skills and ability. In addition, the reflective report assignment has helped me in gaining effective teamwork skills, which is considered highly crucial in case of group work. Furthermore, by taking part in the different activities arranged during the coursework such as group activities and brainstorming sessions, I was able to develop and present better and innovative ideas; thus, helping me improve my thinking ability. Reflective report assignments are being prepared by our online management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

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