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Reflective essay on Learning Outcomes from MBA


Task: Students and required to reflect on the learnings gained from undertaking the capstone subject and assessments. In addition, students are to look back at their MBA course as a whole and identify the specific skills developed that will assist them in becoming effective practitioners in the workplace.

Learning is a persistent change in performance or potential that results from experience and interaction (Driscoll, 2005). Reflective learning is the process of stepping back from the experience and reflecting on how skills, attitudes, mindset and behaviours have evolved.

Students should write a reflective essay of 2,500 words

  • Introduction
  • Summary of reflective capability and learning, that includes the knowing, being and competencies and four essential capstone skills (week 1).
  • A personal reflection on learnings from the capstone subject and consultancy research process.
  • A personal reflection on skills developed over the MBA.
  • A personal reflection on how these will assist in future career endeavours.
  • Conclusions
  • References.

The reflective essay should include discussion of learnings from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Additionally, insights from undertaking assessments and research, capstone lessons as well as group activities from this and other subjects over the duration of the course. Specific examples should be cited to support and justify all points.


Introduction: The reflective essay evaluates the perception of an individual in regards to knowledge acquired from the discussion over a specific topic. Reflective essay is developed to provide an elaboration of an individual's knowledge and skills gained from undergoing research over a specific topic.

Capstone is a crucial aspect of the learning process that provides a platform for students to express their critical knowledge in solving complex problems. The capstone knowledge explored in the reflective essay further helps in developing effective skills of individuals that are required for attaining self-actualization state in the learning process.

The study focuses on my learning outcomes from understanding the capstone aspect that helps in vital growth in terms of knowledge and skills respectively. Besides, the reflective capability is analyzed in regards to my various learning phenomenon comprising capstone skills. The study developed in the reflective essay further evaluates my reflection over knowledge acquired from capstone and consultancy research methods. Moreover, my reflection over learning outcomes from the MBA course is evaluated within this reflective essay along with the recommendation provided to enhance skills further in the near future with appropriate strategic approaches.

Summarizing reflective capability and learning including capstone skills

Reflective capability is the potential to understand my self-esteem and efficiency in the accomplishment of a specific learning process (Kovacs and Corrie, 2017). From undertaking the assessment on reflective essay, I learned distinct skills that help me in enhancing competitive growth in professional aspects. I further learnt that reflecting over my learning outcomes provides me with a suitable platform to analyze my potential in improving problem-solving skills in regards to complex problems (Turns,, 2017). It is stated in this reflective essay that the capstone subject helped me to understand multiple facts and facets that are co-related to the learning process and tend to enhance my skills in distinct fields to accomplish a task within limited time-frame. The assessment on reflective essay taught me strategic methods that improve the quality of academic knowledge for its subsequent implementation over my professional career (Hutter,, 2018). Moreover, I learnt that academic skills and knowledge such as capstone skills contribute to mature growth so that I can reliably deal with professional aspects and contribute my part in enhancing my professional performance. I further learnt to develop an organized way of approaching a specific task to manage the improvised quality of the task. My reflective capability further enhanced my learning process in adapting higher knowledge that increased my efficiency in gaining recognition for optimal performance.

From the assessment on reflective essay, I further learnt knowledge regarding distinct capstone skills that tend to influence my sustainable growth in the academic learning process to implement the methods in my professional workspace respectively. Simultaneously, from the four essential capstone skills comprising theoretical skills, practical skills, application skills and reflective skills, I learnt to systematically adhere to a process in accomplishing an assessment for its global approval in professional aspects (Soluri, 2019). I also learnt extensive knowledge adhering to the theoretical skills of capstone course and the practical skills taught me to handle specific situations with patience and help me in understanding the visual aspect of a context respectively (Pan, 2017). The application skills of capstone course helped me in understanding distinct fundamentals that are required to be considered in the application of a specific method in regulating a traditional flow of work. Thus, I learnt that applying strategic approaches in the improvement of knowledge undergoes a systematic process that includes identification of various regulating factors and mitigating the problems through analytical concepts to meet objectives of the assessment (Bermudez,, 2018). The reflective essay of capstone skills taught me that analysing my assessment improves my quality of work and contributes to developing a mature insight of me to understand the complexity of a specific task.

Furthermore, I learnt that a systematic approach to reflect on my assessment contributes to adhering to distinct theories that tend to increase my potential knowledge in regards to professional aspects.

Schons’ theory discussed in this reflective essay states that reflection helps in analyzing professional limitations and tends to improve distinct knowledge and skills from the experience gained reflecting over individuals’ context (Göhlich, 2016). Thus, I learnt that reflective essay is an essential aspect of improving academic knowledge and professional skills that comprises two distinct reflection processes, reflection while undergoing the task and reflection to overview the accomplished task. Besides, aligning the theory to capstone skills, I learnt that learning is an optimal phenomenon and reflection in learning process provides me with a strategic path to get focused towards the objectives of the specific task. I further learnt that reflective essay in an overview of the accomplished task helps me to analyze my potential limitation in professional aspects that I can persistently develop to improve my quality of assessment in the near future respectively.

Kolb’s experimental learning theory implicates that the phenomenon of learning is exclusively optimized with practical knowledge developed through real-time experiences. The theory further taught me that experience gained through learning process helps in solving complex problems by developing insight perception of the specific assessment (Grady, 2017). Subsequently, I learnt that reflective practice helps me to adopt innovative strategies to improve my limited skills and knowledge that will extensively contribute to developing my professional aspects. The adaptation of diversified tactics taught me alternatives to reduce mistakes in the accomplishment of my task and increased efficiency of the assessment reliably. Furthermore, I learnt that aligning capstone skills to Kolb’s experimental theory tends to cultivate my behavioural aspects and mitigates the fear of complex problems (Anderson,, 2016 ). I reliably gained the potential to solve complex analytical statistics that provides accuracy to my professional work field.

Therefore, I learnt that the reflection has potential capability in improving my distinct aspects comprising analytical knowledge and problem-solving skills that tend to reduce the burden of my professional work field respectively. Moreover, I learnt that reflection provides practical knowledge to self-analysis of my limitations and work hard to mitigate them with experience gained from the learning phenomenon (Morreale and Zile-Tamsen, 2017). The reflective practice provided me with a platform for enhancing my multifaceted knowledge for serving the required purpose of specific assessment on reflective essay. The capstone process further taught me to design the learning protocol systematically to gain optimal knowledge that tends to improvise my perception towards the objectives of the assessment respectively. On reflection of the learning outcomes presented in this reflective essay, I analyzed to lack in analytical skills and proofreading skills that minimizes errors in my assessment to be sustainably implemented over my professional course work.

Personal reflection on learning outcomes of capstone and consultancy research methods

As illustrated in this reflective essay, I learnt various skills in undertaking the capstone subject in regards to improvise my professional aspects. I learnt that the accomplishment of every task requires a systematic process to be followed to meet the required objectives of the firm. Besides, from the capstone subject, I learnt that knowledge and skills are potentially evolved by interlinking the prospects to the professional field to improve the capability to manage professional life extensively (Acco,, 2019). From the capstone subject, I learnt to cope-up with pressure situation and deliver a task within a limited time frame by utilizing effective skills to ensure flexibility in adherence to professional work. The capstone knowledge explored in this reflective essay further improved my capability of acquiring knowledge from distinct phenomenon related to the professional field. I learnt to systematically design my assessments so that it is accepted with good remarks and help me in completing my degree course eventually. The capstone skills improved my practical knowledge and evolved creativity with innovative ideas that tend to provide recognition to my course work. I analyzed that solving a complex problem requires keen concentration over developing a strategic approach to solving the problems through analytical data and evaluation of interpersonal skills that provide an exclusive professional experience. I learnt that capstone skills have potential in demonstrating the efficiency of a specific task and provides a platform for visually understanding distinct concepts through experimental undertakings. I learnt that strategic approaches are followed adhering to reliable theories that provide complimentary statements to satisfactorily express my quality of work to gain professional recognition eventually.

The consultancy research methods used in this reflective essay such as qualitative and quantitative research analogies ensured my intellectual growth in regards to various topics that are required in professional optimization. I learnt the application of proper resources into my contexts to assure value to my quality researches over a specific topic. I learnt that consultancy research processes have improved my research skills to analyze exclusive information for a specific topic. I further understood that research is a crucial aspect to gain knowledge and develop suitable academic writing skills so that the research context is globally recognized (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). I evaluate through this reflective essay that approaching a specific task requires analytical and informative data that meet the objectives of the research context. I learnt that research methodologies provide both analytical and theoretical references to particular course work and assures logical resemblance to varied statements. The consultancy research methods comprising the quantitative research method taught me beneficial outcome in working as a team so that complexity of the research process is mitigated helping each other to improve knowledge in regards to various topics. Moreover, the research method used in this reflective essay taught me impressive skills in interpreting my ideas and perception through strategic approaches to help improvise my potential growth in professional aspects. Consultancy research methodologies helped me to learn about experience in the professional field that is gained by hard work and perseverance with quality practice. The professional experience gained by consultancy research methods increased my time-frame delivery of quality works that are highly approved in my job course respectively.

Personal reflection over skills acquired in undertaking an MBA

MBA is a post-graduate degree that ensures the essential growth of my professional career in regards to business adherence. Moreover, undertaking my MBA course, I learnt various skills and improvised my potential to handle business operations without much difficulty. I further evaluate that my interpersonal growth as a potential business leader is elaborated for analyzing my enhanced skills in undertaking an MBA course.

Serial number Acquired skills Analysis of skills Beneficial outcomes
1. Leadership skills I learnt to manage and organize people through the leadership skills acquired and understand the importance of meeting the requirements of every individual in accomplishing a specific task. The enhanced leadership skills help me in my professional career to manage human resources associated with a business process.
2. Team working skills Undertaking the MBA course with varied classmates as a team, I learnt the significance of working in a team and understand that contribution of each team member is crucial for accomplishing a specific task. Team working skills will prove to be beneficial for me in adapting ideas of distinct individuals to analyze the shortest path to accomplish a particular task.
3. Analytical skills My analytical skills evolved in undertaking the MBA course and I gained potential problem-solving skills to develop an analytical road map to solve complex queries effectively (Wang and Wang, 2019). The analytical skills acquired helped me in developing a statistical representation of data regarding a specific task.
4. Financial skills As discussed in this reflective essay, MBA course taught me advanced financial calculations and tactics to analyze the growth of a business. I developed financial calculation skills in terms of estimating the business performance of an organization and guide them to improve financial status. The financial skills developed in the MBA course are beneficial for me in managing my financial expenses through a systematic process reliably.
5. Orientation skills I further developed orientation skills that provide me with a platform for improving my creative knowledge to contribute to meeting the demands of distinct people associated with a particular task. I also learnt to demonstrate innovative design with the adaptation of orientation skills respectively (McKenna,, 2018). The orientation skills are beneficial in improving my presentation techniques of a specific task to gain recognition for the successful accomplishment of the task.
6. Communication Skills The MBA course improvised my communication skills for interpreting my creative thoughts to other members of the group in regards to accomplish a task within limited time-frame. The communication skills proved to be beneficial for me in demonstrating my ideas effectively reducing conflicts over professional aspects.
7. Entrepreneurial skills I learnt entrepreneurial skills by undertaking an MBA course that is analyzed to increase my capacity of innovative thinking to interpret ideas that benefits in mitigating a critical circumstance respectively (Rodríguez and Wise, 2016). The entrepreneurial skills developed contributed to gaining a reputation in my professional field as an expert in the business process.
8. Punctuality skills With varied skills’ improvement, I learnt to manage time effectively in delivering a course work with appropriate knowledge regarding distinct phenomenon associated with professional business conductance The punctuality skill is crucial in benefitting me with exclusive attention from distinct members in regards to my quality accomplishment of a specific task.
9. Advanced business skills The MBA course helped me in evolving advanced business knowledge and skills that anticipates in increasing my capability to work for a reputed organization and live a successful life ahead by practising fundamental business operations. The advanced business skill as evaluated in this reflective essay is beneficial in providing exclusive knowledge that helped me in guiding my juniors and team members for improving business performance with suitable strategies and tactics.

Table 1: Personal reflection over skills developed in MBA course
(Source: As created by the learner)

Personal reflection over application of MBA skills in career aspects

As per the theory of John Dewey’s, an individual learns more with experimental observations through the application of acquired skills (Zamora, 2017). The theory resembles that the skills I acquired in my MBA course will prove to be beneficial in its appropriate adherence to accomplish career goals effectively. I further evaluate that my academic skills will highly contribute to the achievement of my professional goals in the near future. I will apply the leadership skills in guiding my human resources to improve their performance in terms of business aspects and gain improved recognition for my specific organization (Anuran,, 2016). I will further utilize the analytical skills in accumulating data and designing a strategic response for handling distinct problems appropriately in business operations. Subsequently, with the application of financial and entrepreneurial skills, I will be able to manage financial status of my business process and improve the efficiency of business to attract more customers towards the firm with quality goods and services. Moreover, the punctuality skill will guide me in managing clients and providing them quality projects within the preferred time gaining promotion in my professional course ultimately. Furthermore, the advanced business skill will be applied in my choice of career as an entrepreneur in the business process so that I can guide business operations in sustainable growth by mitigating relevant issues respectively. I will be handling professional career efficiently with problem-solving skills and interpret innovative tactics for solving complex organizational problems reliably.

From the above study, I conclude that the reflective essay provides crucial information regarding my perception of knowledge acquired from capstone skills. Subsequently, I analyzed that capstone skills provide a systematic path to improve my potential knowledge and contribute effectively to engulfing vital information over the learning process. In relation, I utilized distinct theories comprising Schon’s theory and Kolb’s experimental learning theory in providing me with a strategic path in expressing my learning outcomes for understanding my perception over the capstone skills. Moreover, reflection is provided over my enhancement of skills and knowledge in undertaking the MBA course. I analyzed that MBA course provided me with sufficient knowledge in expressing it over professional fields. Furthermore, I suggested certain theories that can contribute to managing individual knowledge acquired from learning outcomes and help in organizing the learning phenomenon overall.

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