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   Free sample   Reflective assignment describing personal development of learner using driscoll s reflective model

(FY026) Reflective assignment describing personal development of a learner using Driscoll’s reflective model


Task: Explain how you have developed as a learner during this module, giving examples from your experience on the module. Explain how you will approach the future challenges and expectations of a university course. You should use Driscoll’s reflective model in support of completing this reflective assignment.


This reflective assignmentessay will help us to understand the importance of some skills while being a learner. At the same time, Driscoll’s reflective models will be utilised as well. Being developed as a learner not only requires the will to learn new things, but at the same time, one needs to be very patient while learning. It is quite needed to reflect on the lessons while developing the skills of a learner. Effective communication skills will always help one individual to learn and utilise his lessons as much as possible. In any educational organisation, it is necessary to be patient enough while focusing on a few related skills and behavioural changes.

Enhancement of knowledge is quite necessary while learning a new module. As a student, it is very much obvious to focus on my studies and catch up on all the lessons as soon as possible. In order to do that one student needs to be much focused (Cloonan and Fingeret, 2020). For utilising his learning skills, it is quite important for him to stay focused. Instead of diverting his mind to other irrelevant stuff, one needs to focus on his studies. This will be a good way for me to focus on my studyand writing the reflective assignment.
In the first week, I have tried to implement this idea while going through my lessons. Focusing on them without diverting my mind actually helped me to become a potential learner. The more I got to know from the reflective assignment, the more interest and enthusiasm I received to know better. Another skill is communication skill. To become a learner while going through the module, I also took some help using my communication skills (Robinson and Persky, 2020). I actually communicated with my professors and peers whenever I needed help. My friendly gesture also made them super comfortable while I was asking them my queries. It eventually helped me to practice my lessons with my batchmates as well. I could tell them to help me while I needed any kind of help from them while writing the reflective assignment. Eventually there will be a few challenges while doing the course. The focus on week two was a bit tough for my level. While going through the course and thereflective assignment, I may feel a bit intimidated at the start. Another challenge might be the deadline. I might nor finish my lessons and assignments within the given deadline. Language may often stand as a difficult barrier for me and often I might miss some of the words or sentences of the teachers (Tennent et al., 2020). This may create a huge confusion during this entire course. I need to be very careful while dealing with all these challenges during reflective assignment writing. At the same time, I too have a few expectations from the course as well.
During week three, I really hope that by the end of the course, it will help me with my skills of reflective assignment. My knowledge will be increased as well after finishing the course. I will establish better rapport with my peers and mentors as well. My foundations will be solid after completing the course. This course will significantly help me to grow in my own career. At the same time, it will help me to enhance my overall skills and knowledge while giving me better opportunities in career.
In order to understand the impact of the lesson, in fourth week of lecture I have applied Driscoll’s model of reflective learning while writing the reflective assignment. There are three stages as per the model where the situation will be demonstrated, the reason behind the situation will be explained and the action plans as well.
Having An experience in clinical practices explained in the reflective assignment: Understanding the importance of the studies and reflective assignmentmay be another challenge for me. While going through the course, I was a bit skeptical about the lessons. For now, I am really hopeful about the lessons. These lessons actually helped me to become a learner (Rasulova, 2020). What A description of the event: I get to learn more than the study materials while doing the course. My communication skills has been enhanced. At the same time, my rapport building skills also enhanced. Before I was not sure about the course but later my condition witnessed progress. Purposefully reflecting on selected aspects of that experiences : While going through the course for the reflective assignment, it actually helped me to enhance my overall skills and knowledge. It helped me to become a learner. I started to feel more confidence in me. It generally helped me to focus on my verbal skills as well.

So what Analysis of the event: This capacity was built because of the modules which was being taught in the course. It has a serious impact on my self confidence. Whenever I received more knowledge, it help me to gain more confidence (Ching et al., 2018). In order to learn more from the reflective assignment, I started going through other books and journals. This habit actually made me a learner as I was receiving more knowledge side by side. At the same time, my teachers were providing me more study materials which helped me to learn as well. I had my peers who supported me through the entire course.
Discovering what learning arises from the process of reflection: In order to enhance my skills, after finishing the entire course, I understood that I need some more help from my peers and mentors for writing the reflective assignment. I will try to ask if I have some doubts. I expect my mentors and teachers to help me with their advices so I can reflect on my lessons as well. At the same time, I will go through the study materials as much as possible (Nedbailo, 2019). Now what Proposed actions following the event: So that I can make my foundation solid and my concepts can stay very clear. In the meantime, it will be necessary to receive help from my peers as well. Now this focus will help me to achieve my goals of writing reflective assignment. I will join some related study groups which will help me to enhance my skills and knowledge as well. Actioning the new learning from that experience in clinical practices: I will focus on these actions and will try to implement these as soon as possible. In order to get success, I will try to communicate with them for more practices.

This entire reflective assignmentessay actually helped me to understand what I need to focus on to become a good learner. Actually, I am already developing some skills of a learner. In the meantime, it will be essential for me to focus on other related skills as well. I will enhance my active listening skills which will ensure that I can listen to the discussions done by my teachers and peers. At the same time, I will try to do my assignments alone and take them very seriously. It will eventually help me to be better in the related studies. Here, in the reflective assignmentI have applied Driscoll’s model to understand the situation and its impacts as well.

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