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Reflective Assignment: Analysis of strengths in Micro-Teaching


Task: You are required to submit a critique report on reflective assignment based on the following points:
• An independent analysis of the strengths and areas for group in the microteaching illustrated by specific examples.
• Address the effectiveness of their own teaching strategies, management of the learning environment, communication skills, and provision of feedback illustrated by specific examples.
• A summary about what has been learned about catering for students within the focus sociological context presented.


The purpose of the reflective assignment is to analyse the learning and growth of mine through the group presentation on micro-teaching. The reflection is composed of the strength of the micro-teaching. In addition to that, the area of development has also been found in the report and my role in the group presentation has been described. I have also addressed the self-effectiveness in terms of the communication, learning strategies and management of the learning environment. This helps me to understand my expertise in those specific areas and finally, the entire learning through the activity and group presentation has been addressed.

Analysis of strength and areas of development in the group in micro-teaching
In the group activity of the micro-teaching, the effective review of EAL/D and its meaning has been done. The key students for this training have been addressed effectively. According to Ledger&Fischetti, (2020) in micro-teaching, the feedbacks from the students, scaling down the numbers of the students as per the times are necessary. Thus, I think through the help of the identification of the students and their problems in terms of the English language can help to scale down the entire teaching plan. Thus, through this, the knowledge and planning capacity of the teachers can be increased. However, in the group activity, the impacts of the learning on the EAL/D students have also been addressed. Not only that the probable barriers and the strategies are developed so that the intensity of the barriers can be decreased. Therefore, these are the major strength in the group in micro-teaching because these can effectively develop the vision of teaching to EAL/D students. However, during the preparation of teaching planning a division of time is also required (Piccardo& North, 2019). In the group work, the strategies for the micro-teachinghas been developed with the proper consideration of the barriers and weakness of the students such as cultural understandings, level of the language proficiency and others but none of the time scales has developed for these activities. Thus, in future, the activities can be collapse during the time of the application. Thus, this is the major area that is required to be developed and the proper understanding of schedules and time for each activity is required to be developed.

Individual participation in the group presentation
In this group presentation, I have identified and addressed the EAL/D students. I have communicated with the students to gather information about them. In addition to that, I have also search on Google about the EAL/D students and the major reason that could have been affecting the students is lacking information about the English language. Based on that, I have prepared the slide addressing the studentsandalso, offered the strategy of the game to motivate them to learn English. For the purpose of collecting the info about the game I have researched online on Google and YouTube and then I found the Kahoot Game which I think to gain interest among the students to study English.

Effectiveness of self-teaching strategies
Self-teaching strategies were quite helpful for me to educate the EAL/D students with the English language. The most important step for self-teaching is extensive research on the particular topic that one wants to learn. Learning the basics with the help of books or technological support helped me a lot. During practising self-teaching, I have questioned myself about the possible barriers that may hinder my teaching procedure and tried to solve them before the practical classes with the EAL/D students. These self-teaching tactics actually helped me to avoid an embarrassing situation during the classes. Also, to increase their involvement in the class activities, EAL/D students were invited to share their cultural knowledge and experiences and they were allowed to use their native language while learning a new concept in the English language that eventually helped them in easy understanding.

Effectiveness of management of thelearning environment
In order to manage the learning environment, I have paid more attention to collaborative learning while teaching the students the English language in order to build self-confidence within them and make them able to participate in group activities. In this regard, I had conducted tricky yet interesting experiments and funny puzzle-solving activities that on one hand developed their critical thinking and increased their engagement on the other hand. According to Wang & Huang, (2018), mutual respect should be present in the learning environment to add values to the teaching method. During teaching English to the EAL/D students, I have always been attentive that none of my activities hurt their feelings and maintained respectful behaviour to their cultures.

Effectiveness of communication skills and provision of feedback
Communication is the key to execute any task with accuracy (Genç, 2017). While practising microteaching I have learnt about the process of communicating with the students in order to create a close bond with them so that they feel secure and comfortable while clearing their doubts or querying something. Considering the language barrier between myself and the EAL/D students, I have been concerned about the communication style and its effectiveness. However, to teach the EAL/D students the English language, firstly, I emphasized the reinforcement of active listening that eventually developed the listening skills in them. Apart from that, I used to offer them reflecting learning opportunities so that they can assess their communication strengths and gaps. From micro-teaching, I have learnt that through the provision of feedback on the teaching method, the learning process becomes faster and transparent. I have included a weekly feedback session for the EAL/D students that helped them to communicate with me more effectively and benefitted me as well to know about the gaps in my teaching process if any.

Learning summary
From the students' feedback and my own experience, I can proudly say that micro-teaching has developed my teaching skills and reshaped my professional as well as personal life. I have learned about the key strategies that one teacher should use while managing the learning environment and communicating with his students. Furthermore, it can be said that learning from this micro-teaching has benefitted me a lot to be a successful teacher to the EAL/D students.

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