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Reflective Assignment On Aboriginals Of Torres Strait Island


Task:Critically reflect on the factors which have shaped your views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ culture and health. Your critical reflection should include reference to how your personal views of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been shaped by your family values and attitudes, school education, personal experiences, mass media, literature or any other influences

NB: Parallels can be drawn from the experiences/understanding of Indigenous people from another country though focus must return to similarities with Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Introduction: The cultural thoughts belong to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is not uniform or static in nature, as all the other cultural believes and thoughts, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait cultures retain flexibility and continuous interpretation. Cultural beliefs become modified based on distinctive internal and external influences. Therefore, ranges of traditional values and threads, contradicted with some recent controversial aspects, are highlighted in this Reflective Assignment, for covering the most common areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

Discussion: My personal awareness level and thought process regarding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders become influenced as per the immoral battles experienced by the population, for establishing their cultural identities. Based on the viewpoint of Calabria et al. (2018), I have understood that the indigenous population was expected to embrace Western cultures through forceful adaptations and leave their traditional values and believes. However, through studying in-depth views about their cultures and heritages, I have analysed that even in the period of globalization and technical advancement, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders try to maintain connection with their ‘country’, cultures, believes, values, and identities.

I have observed by this Reflective Assignment that the traditional, as well as spiritual behaviours of the Indigenous people retain certain unfamiliar characteristics, along with some specific excluded community-based stratums. However, the connection with their tradition and values make me realize that indigenous community people try to maintain their respects towards their heritage, culture, ethnicities, and values in every contemporary aspect of lives (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Community, 2018). Since they are the native inhabitants of Australia, thereby, it can be stated their prolonged connection with their motherland is beyond our perception. However, based on some contradictory viewpoints, I have assessed that although the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people play pivotal roles in maintaining the economic condition of the nation, however, their segregation from the non-indigenous people remain same till date (Indigenous Australians: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, 2018).

As per my perception, although the Indigenous population is quite conservative about their customary cultural practices, they do not have any problem in the adaption of modernization. At this viewpoint, my personal perception has taken a drastic modification after understanding their willingness to maintaining prolonged self-actualization. Based on my study-based knowledge, the similar contexts I have seen among the Maori people living in distinctive regions of New Zealand. However, through supporting the contradiction reflected by Price (2015), I also have identified in this Reflective Assignment that Maori population of New Zealand retain aggressive behaviours, and they deny in compromising their rights after segregation from the mainstream population. The Maori battle against inequality has been stopped after the sanctioning of the Treaty of Waitangi. On the other hand, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders contain views that are more familiar with human culture. This historical view about Australian Indigenous population has changed my thought process regarding the respects we should carry for our culture, family, and country.

In the year 1951, the Australian government had developed a policy for legalizing the illegal and sinful activities of forcing indigenous people to leave their own identity. I acknowledged the reality that the children born in this population require to tolerate the unbearable sinful activities. However, I feel overwhelmed after feeling that indigenous people do not lose their hopes, and they represent that although segregation and seclusion are sinful, these can be resolved in the upcoming years. Based on the viewpoints of Armstrong et al. (2018), people living in the Torres Strait Islands often provide attention on the adherence of European culture; on the other hand, communal and sharing ownership is integrated with the Aboriginal cultures.

Through understanding the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in this Reflective Assignment, I become completely intrigued regarding the traditional and spiritual views retained by the Indigenous people, which is often termed as ‘Dreaming’. However, I have obtained the information from different social media and news media platforms that higher level of education and health inequalities are present among the indigenous and non-indigenous population. As per my understanding, the unequal socio-economic status in Australian society is required to eliminate for increasing the health condition of the indigenous population.

Conclusion: Therefore, based on the entire Reflective Assignment about the views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, I think that it is necessary for the indigenous population to maintain the stringency for being integrated with the mainstream society. It was inferred in the Reflective Assignment that the behaviours of Australian indigenous population might make me feel that although the native Australians possess a high level of respects towards their country, however, they often being extremely secluded in their own motherland. I believe that the continuous changing lifestyle patterns due to the reason of globalization might create a more convenient pathway for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders population. Reflective assignments are being prepared by our nursing homework help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable best assignment help service.

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