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Real Estate Assignment Task on Role Plays



Develop a real estate assignment considering the following scenarios:

Role play 1 – Instructions Your friend / colleague will play the role of one of the landlords (Ian or Rebecca).

Complete a ‘Landlord’s instruction’ form.

Your assessor will be looking for the following:

Demonstration of effective communication techniques to:

  • establish rapport with clients
  • determine client needs
  • provide accurate advice
  • address client concerns.

Ability to summarise the landlord’s requirements and complete the necessary documentation in a timely and accurate manner.

Role play 2 – Instructions

Your friend or colleague will play the role of the tenant.
After moving into the property, Aaron finds that the bathroom taps are leaking and the roller door for the garage is not working properly. He reports these to you in the appropriate manner as required by your agency. You contact the owners to seek approval for the repairs, only to find that they have gone on holidays for three weeks and are not contactable. Under your agreement, you need their authorisation to proceed with any non-urgent repairs.

Two weeks later, you receive a phone message from Aaron. He sounds angry because he hasn’t heard back from you in regards to the repairs. You realise that you had forgotten to call him back. You make a note to call him, but are caught up in another urgent matter.

The next day, Aaron comes into the office, he is very angry. He has a new car and he is unable to get into his garage, the taps are leaking and you have ignored his request and phone call.

Your assessor will be observing your ability to deal effectively with this situation using effective conflict management techniques and communication strategies.

Role play 3 – Instructions

Your friend will play the role of the vendor (Monica).

The role play is in two parts and you will need to complete each one.

Part 1
You are working as an agent’s representative with a suburban real estate agency. Monica owns an investment property which is currently managed by your agency.

The property is a unit in central Ringwood close to a major shopping center, train station and access to Eastlink. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and open plan living area with kitchen/meals area. Features include a gas heater, air conditioning, a small, easy to maintain courtyard and lock up garage.

Monica is aware that the current tenant has a lease that ends in two months’ time. She is happy to provide the requisite notice and allow time for the house to sell at a suitable price.

Discuss the property with Monica (played by your friend) with a view to obtaining a new listing. In the process of doing so, you will need to:

  • establish realistic expectations with Monica and agree on an estimate sale price
  • provide information on market trends and any information relevant to the location
  • provide marketing options justifying the options which you present
  • agree on the sales method and advertising methods and costs
  • record any instructions that Monica has
  • outline the process that you will implement to act on the instructions of the client

Part 2
It is two months since you have listed Monica’s property and still the unit has not been sold. The tenant has vacated the property and you have had some interest displayed by potential buyers who have inspected the property but they have not made an offer.

Monica arrives as your office angry and upset. She tells you that you have not done enough to properly market and sell the property and that she is going to go to another agency. She believes that she is entitled to a refund of all advertising costs as you have provided adequate service.

You need to demonstrate how you will deal with the situation to ensure that Monica’s concerns are dealt with effectively. In doing so you must address any agency policies and procedures regarding conflict resolution and customer complaints (where applicable) and take into account any ethical and conduct standards applying to the situation.

Role play 4 – Instructions
Your friend will play the role of the potential buyer and will provide you with further information (ie in regards to the buyer’s needs) during the course of the role play.

You are working as an agent’s representative with a suburban real estate agency. Anita is looking for to buy a property in your local area. You meet with Anita, who tells you her requirements regarding where they would like to live and their family needs.

In this role play you will need to demonstrate your communication skills. During the role play, your assessor will be looking for your ability to:

  • demonstrate effective communication skills
  • establish rapport with the client
  • determine client needs
  • provide appropriate advice as per the client’s needs
  • conduct follow-up services as appropriate.


1. Real Estate Assignment: Role Play 1
Mark Parkenson is an agent of the Real Estate Academy in Australia. The agency asked him to arrange a meeting with Ian and Rebecca Harrison. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the requirements they need for their property in Preston.

Mark: Hello Mr. and Mrs. Harrison. How was your day so far?

Ian: Hi Mark! We are doing very well. How are you doing?

Mark: I am doing well sir! Thank you for asking. My agency informed me that you have questions regarding your Preston property? I will do my best to assist you and help to resolve all the problems and questions that you have regarding the property.

Rebecca: I appreciate your good intentions and professionalism. Mark, I do have few requirements. Recently I visited the property. The maintenance and the inspection of the property are not up to our expectations from your organization.

Ian: yes and also found out lacking in the area of managing tenants and finances regarding the property.

Mark: I am so sorry sir and ma’am. Our company does not tolerate any kind of negligence in providing proper services to our clients. I am here today to listen and resolve all complaints and requirements. Can you tell me what area of managing tenants did you find lacking or missing?

Ian: yes! According to my knowledge managing tenants is the most basic and obvious job. Tenant Aaron does not submit rent within the given period. I think establishing and late fees fine would be helpful to overcome such a delay.

Mark: That is such a great idea, sir! I will look into it and ask my company to provide you with complete data and information each month about it.

Ian: I have a Question Mark. Did you verify the lease that listed all legal terms about the Victorians state’s landlord-tenant law?

Mark: yes sir we go through all the legal terms of the lease agreement. I can guarantee you that the agreement leases were up to date with the recent version of the law. We also take care of managing the lease with the tenants from the starting day. Do not worry about it. We are carefully taking care of it.

Ian: As my wife already mentioned that she visited the property recently. It needs repairmen in many places of the property. Rebecca, do you want to talk about it?

Rebecca: Yes Ian, Mark I saw various leakages in the property. The bathroom sink and kitchen sink were leaking. Waters are pouring all around the floor. The basement wall of the property is filled with. Leakage in the bathroom sink can be the reason for it. Some of the inner walls of the basement are rotting. One of the bed pallets from the second bedroom was filled with ticks. I think it is very unhygienic. The current tenants of the property are not at all hygienic and organized. How many times a month do you or any employee of your company visited the house and inspects it?

Mark: Another colleague from my office visits the house and thoroughly inspects it according to the report I had from him. We have the policy to inspect a client’s property four times a month. I am very sorry on my companies’ behalf. The things you mentioned ma’am are not acceptable. I will confront this unprofessionalism with my company. We will fix this as soon as possible.

Rebecca: Ok. Also, I have another requirement, Mark. I think the inspection of the property should increase from 4 times a month to 8 times a month. I am requesting it from you because the condition of the property is very week. Also, pest management should not be neglected. I require 2 times a month pest management in the property.

Mark: ok I will talk about it with the higher authority in our company. I would like to ask that what types of insurance policies you have for the property?

Ian: We have four types of insurance policies property insurance policies, the content of the property policies, public liability insurance policy, landlord policy, and plate glass policy. The public liability policy will expire soon. Do you need papers?

Mark: Yes sir. It will be very helpful. I would assist you more efficiently and take care of the entire requirement you need us to resolve.

Ian: Also, I was thinking about telling you to review the finances once more. I did not get the whole report of the utilities last month. Some of the information such as electricity bills and gas bills were missing. Also, I need a detailed report of the utility usage.

Mark: Ok sir we will send you the detailed data for the past 3 months. Do you have any other requirements?

Ian: No that is all we need you to look after. I hope to receive a positive approach. Thank you!

Mark: Thank you.

2. Role Play 2
Aaron, the property tenant is facing difficulties with his newly shift home and requires some urgent non-major repairments. He is constantly contacting the agent of the property, Mark to seek help. But the agent is unable to interact with the owner for receiving their approval. In this conflict situation, Aaron and the property agent caught up in a heated conversation.

Aaron: Hi, it has been a rough two weeks for me. I have contacted you so many times and you did not even reply to some of my last messages!

Mark: I am so sorry. It’s been a hectic week for me too. I know you are very angry without service. But I was unable to contact the owner of the property after receiving your complaint. We have an agreement with our property owners that we need their authorization for any repairing process. When I caught them seeking their approval, I came to know that they left for a holiday for three weeks. And then caught up with some urgent work from my end.

Aaron: You could've told me about the situation. It was a completely unprofessional act from you that I am receiving over the past two weeks. I moved to complete furnished property, and my contract allows me to contact your agency to sort out my problems related to the property.

Mark: I know. I am completely standing by your side. But, you have to understand my situation as well. I maintain hundreds of other properties. I receive more than twenty complaints per day. I was not ignoring you; I was not able to find time for further discussion with you.

(Aaron turns angrier than before…)

Aaron: You should be more apologetic to me!! You owe me to resolve my problems. Since I have only moved to this apartment two weeks before. I should not be experiencing the problems with leaking bathroom taps or my roller garage door is not working! I have just bought a car! You are responsible to provide me better service as I have paid four week’s rent in advance!

Mark: I am apologizing to you again and again. And I am not running from my responsibilities! I am simply stating to you my condition in the current situation. I am working on communicating with you for providing a better service. I have contacted the owner recently and received the approval for repairing your property. Please give me a time of two days to engage a plumber to resolve your problems.

Aaron: Alright. It is bizarre to engage in a conflict with you! It feels like I have been cheated by renting this property!

Mark: Please, have some patients. I am working on providing you better facility. I am because there has been a big communication gap from our end. I am working on making our agreement more flexible, where we could provide you minor services without interacting with the owner. It will save us a lot of time and chances of miscommunication.

Aaron: Thank you. I am appreciating your gesture and your planned step to avoid the same situation further. I am waiting for you to conduct the repairment soon.

Mark: Yes, definitely. And thank you for understanding my side. I mean a lot to me. I will text you the contact details of my assigned plumber within two days. Thank you for coming all the way down to hear. Hope to provide you better service from now on.

Aaron: Okay, thank you. Bye. Have a nice day.

Mark: Have a nice day to you too, Sir, bye.

3. Role Play 3

3.1. Part 1
Monica wants to buy a property in the suburban area. The role-play is between the real estate agent’s representative Park and Monica regarding buying a property in Central Ringwood.

Park: Hello, and welcome to our company, we provide affordable property in the suburban area and can help you to sell and buying property.

Monica: Hi, I have already owned a property which is managed by your agency. I came to know that the Central Ringwood property’s tenant will be evacuated, and I want to sell it at a suitable price. So, help me to list and giving a proper advertisement for selling the property.

Park: Okay ma’am. The central Ringwood property has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open living area with Kitchen. The property has already other features like a gas heater, air conditioning, and an easily maintained small courtyard. It has a garage facility too.

Monica: Yes, I know the features of the house. Now, tell me the pricing of the property.

Park: Okay ma’am let me estimated the pricing of the property, as it is located closer to the famous shopping center and also the train station has easy access to Eastlink. The selling price should be $549,918.

Monica: But, the pricing of the property should not be that low, it is located in an area, which has easy access to the train station and the buyer would also get other facilities. So, I think the selling price should be above $650,000.

Park: Okay, ma’am I will agree with your pricing. I will try to find a buyer, who can give you this amount. Ma’am, you can choose some methods to promote your property, which will help you to achieve a successful sale. There are some marketing options, that you can choose from. Like, you can appoint a professional photographer, who can click images of your property and it can give your property enough exposure to your buyer. You can also advertise your property, on the social media platform and can put a street sign in front of the property, to attract buyers.

Monica: What method you would suggest?

Park: I would refer you to choose social media to promote your selling property. Every person nowadays has social media account and it will give your property enough exposure. You can also print out the advertisement and distribute it, which will engage buyers and increase the competition and for that, you can also increase your property pricing later.

Monica: Yes, I agree with you and also have my website, where I can promote the selling advertisement of my property. I do like the idea of social media marketing too. However, I want to sell the property by the auction method. It can attract more buyers to the property and the price of the property will not be fixed. It will also create urgency among the buyers and they will become serious about the selling.

Park: It’s alright ma’am. I will try to arrange the auction within two months. It will give you enough opportunity to sell the property. For, the advertisement method, I will help you to create an engaging post, which will give exposure to your property. For the advertising and auction purpose, the estimated cost will be $50. If you are agreeing with the criteria, you can sign the policy, and please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Monica: Yes, Mr. Park but can you lower the pricing of the advertising? I can only pay $30 for it.

Park: Okay ma’am, I will make sure that I can help you to sell the property effortlessly.

3.2. Part 2
The role-play is between Park, the representative of the real estate agent, and Monica whose property has not sold yet.

Monica: Mr. Park, it has been two months and you have not taken any action regarding the selling of the property. I have already invested so much money as you had told me to. Where is the result, Mr. Park?

Park: Ma’am, I know that you are upset about it but I had tried my best and some buyers had shown interest in the property but did not make any offer about it. I had contacted them many times but they are not interacting with us.

Monica: I have already known the case, you have not put effort into conducting the auction, and the post you had created for my website was not very engaging. I demanded my money back and I will put my investment into another real estate agency.

Park: No, ma’am doesn't do that, I will ensure you to sale your property in no time. However, I cannot return your money, because when you had signed a contract with us and in the contract, we do not provide any money back guaranty.

Monica: But my property has not sold yet, and legally you have to refund the money.

Park: Ma’am, I cannot give your money back, but I can help you to create another advertising post, which will give exposure to your property. I know that your time has been wasted and we can change the selling method of your property. We can do the private treaty. It will not confuse the buyers and fixed prices will only engage those who will willing to buy it. It is a tried and tested style of marketing.

Monica: I am not going to invest any more in your agency.

Park: I am not asking you to do that ma’am. I will assure you that within one month I will sell your property then you can complain against us at Consumers Affairs of Victoria. I will also change the method of advertising and we will also engage some buyers by giving the promotional post in our private portal.

Monica: I don’t think that will change anything.

Park: Ma’am, please believe in us. We will try our best to sell your property.

Monica: Okay, I will be considered it and give you guys another chance.

Park: Thank you ma’am.

4. Role Play 4
Anita wants to buy a property in the local area of Preston. She meets an agent’s representative of a Suburban Real Estate Agency, Park, to mention her requirements. So, the conversation is between the agent’s representative and Anita for buying a property according to her requirements.

Park: Hi ma'am, good morning! Welcome to our company.

Anita: Hello! Good morning. I want to buy a property in your local area of Preston.

Park: We provide various best properties as per your requirements. Just tell me about your needs and requirements.

Anita: I heard about your good reputation. So, I have contacted you to buy a good property.

Park: It’s our pleasure ma’am. Can you tell me about your requirements?

Anita: Yes, sure. I want a 3000 square feet property with 2BHK, a good laundry and toilet facility with an open kitchen with living and dining. The property should have a large courtyard for private use. I prefer to have the property in a good environment.

Park: Okay, I understand that. I can find you many properties according to your needs. Anything else do you want?

Anita: No, actually my family and I want to live in a peaceful area with all modern facilities. My mother is an aged woman, who cannot bear with too much noise around her. Also, we prefer a pollution-free green environment to live. The most important thing, my husband and I, both are working in the corporate sector. So, the transportation service should be good near our property.

Park: Yes, of course. Preston is a beautiful place to live in. As it has a friendly and green environment. The Central Business District is just 9 km away from here. The trams are linked with other suburbs. You will find no problem with transportation. The government has also planted many trees to make the environment greener.

Anita: Okay, it's good. I also have a daughter who loves playing. As we are shifting here, we need to admit her to a good School.

Park: Here, you can find many good schools and a friendly community around you. During the weekend, you can hang out in various places like parks, cafe, restaurants, shopping malls, etcetera. I assure you; your daughter will love the environment. She can go to the parks for playing and having fun activities with her friends from the community.

Anita: Okay, then find the best property at Preston as early as possible. I can offer you a negotiable price if you fulfil our needs.

Park: Don’t worry about it! We are here to provide you with the best property of your choice. You will be glad to hear that our company has already found a property of your requirements.

Anita: Oh really! Where is it?

Park: It is near the Black Street of Preston. The property includes two brick bedrooms and two bathrooms, one open spacing kitchen with open dining and living and a huge private courtyard and a garage. It also consists of safety measures like hardwired smoke alarms to ensure your safety.

Anita: Okay, can you tell me about the pricing details?

Park: Sure ma’am, the price of the property is $550,000 including the tax.

Anita: Okay, I agree with your pricing. Fix a time for the property visiting.

Park: If you wish, we can fix timing on Sunday at 5 pm for the property visiting.

Anita: Okay, I have no problem. Let’s fix the mentioned time.

Park: Okay, thank you, madam. I hope you will like the property. Have a good day ma’am.

Anita: Yes, you too. Okay bye.


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