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Ramsay health care management assignment


Task 1
Read the following scenario and prepare a video and a report with the guidelines provided.
Covid-19 has affected all organisations and the world as we have known it no longer exists. Throughout the world, organisations need to relook at the way they operate. Your task is to find a client organisation that has to change and help them manage this change. The organisation you need to engage with could be the organisation you work for, or one in which you are involved in in your private capacity or any other organisation you know that might need assistance (perhaps even an organisation in which a friend or family member works). Engage with the key decision maker in the organisation andobtain input about the challenges, what needs to change and the consequences of not changing.Find other key stakeholders who can provide more information and engage with them about the challenges and possible solutions. Apply change tools and models and develop a change strategy and plan.Also show howthe organisation can lead its stakeholdersin developing and adopting the strategyforchange, how they shouldplan to implementthe chosen change strategy and how they should deal with resistance.Reflect what you have learnt from this process and what you could have been done better. Write up the total process in a written assignment format by answering the questions below. Althoughthisreport academic report could be of value to the client who could use it to implement the recommendation, strict academic guidelines need to be adhered to such as referring to credible academic journals and articles and following the Harvard referencing format.

Note: You might want to agree with the client to use a pseudonym to protect their identity and to guarantee confidentiality.
The written report should include the following:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction of the Chosen Organization and background to change
  3. Examine the need for change in the organization. Assess the factors that drive the need for strategic change and critically evaluate the resource implications for not responding to these changes.
  4. Explain any two change management models and evaluate the relevance of these models in the chosen organization.
  5. Develop a change management strategy involving the stakeholders, and also devise strategies to overcome resistance.
  6. Conclusions and recommendations.
  7. References (Adhering to Harvard Referencing Format)

Task 2

Prepare a 5-10 minute video that captures the journey corresponding to Task 1. Guidelines for this task are as follows:-

  • Briefly explain about your chosen organisation, its challenges, the needs of the client organisation; the possible solutions, the change tools you applied and the suggested change strategy and plan.
  • Also capture what you have learnt in this module and how you applied the learning in this case study
  • You may use a PowerPoint presentation with your voice over and use up to 10 slides maximum and record your presentation using any electronic device


Ramsay Health Care and Hospitals selected in this case of health care management assignment is a private health care provider in the UK, Australia and many more countries globally established in the year 1964 in Australia. The health care organization specifically specializes in the rehabilitation, surgery and psychiatric facilities with an experience of more than 50 years. The Health care organization delivers a range of primary and acute services in health care ranging across 480 facilities in various countries making it one of the most diversified and largest private health care organizations in the world. According to the research on health care management assignment, the facilities of Ramsay hospitals cater to a vast range of health care requirements aligning from primary care to towering completive and complex surgery as well as ads in the fields of rehabilitation and mental health care. The health care center employs about more than 70000 staffs treating and curing 8.5 million patients in their primary clinics and hospitals.

Background to change
Ramsay Health care and Hospital facilities selected to develop this health care management assignment are highly and well respected among the global health care industry throughout the global world for their efficient and quality health care operations and maintaining an excellent record inpatient care and hospital management. Health care focuses on the relationships among the doctors and staffs, delivering a high quality of outcomes for patients categorized as the most vital factor of being at the forefront for its success. Ramsay health care is committed to underway improvement in health care of patients in every sector in some management factors such as medical reimbursement, scanning models and techniques, devising more safety to patients. The organization has created excellent records delivering quality patient care and risk management(Fulop and Ramsay, 2019). Ramsay hospitals provide differentiation from the other hospital operators by their decentralized structure of management that permits the mangers in integrated and fertile working relationships with the doctors. Ramsay health care working environment is flexible and receptive fostering development providing an opportunity in shaping the standards and quality of health care with the open-door policy for the staffs and doctors. Ramsay always focuses on maintaining the high standards of safety and quality, being about an employer of choice and operating their business following the tag line “people caring for people”.

Examine the need for change in the organization. Assess the factors that drive theneed for strategic change and critically evaluate the resource implications for notresponding to these changes.

Herein health care management assignment, change management has been a vital issue since the last decades in the dealing of national healthcare systems which has enhanced the demand of patient-centred and high-quality patient services but often limited to the resources possessed is often a bit challenging. The lack of developing technologies noted in the health care management assignment to overcome the ageing of the population, scarcity of resources, awareness and growth of chronic pathologies for a cure and management of low and easy services and their rights and this has called for the innovations in the healthcare and hospital management systems responding to the new care needs such as new mining in body scan, medical reimbursements and certain diagnoses which can increase of Medicare reimbursements of patients and increased penalties against 30 days hospital readmissions. The innovation of change in healthcare is interlaced with the organizational redesign in various forms.

Critical Evaluation for not responding to change
Hospitals are the most complex organizations devised till date which is a major challenge in managing. Hospitals are in constant change always: politics, relationships, stakeholders, technology with scientific discoveries and patients. Along with the same goes the requirement of enhancing the services in the health quality, patient care services and patient safety. Therefore, it is clear on this health care management assignment thatRamsay Health Units and Hospitals should act on the basis for improvisation towards in adoption of the changes to the standards of private organizations to attain maximum efficiency with the resources. The implantation or following change needs some of the reasons such as, under what circumstances would be better adapt for change to them, embracing the need for reformation, the experience of health personnel when experiencing changes.

This problem identified in the above segment of health care management assignment has evaluated the need for implementation of new technology to healthcare in success to the health care organizations. The new technology will grant health care with opportunity in acquiring fresh patients, enhancing revenue, and remain in a competitive field. To achieve this Lewin's change of model should be made effected for the administration and recognizing the adult education needs, cooperative and inter-service approach(Ferrand, et al. 2016). The importance of the strategic planning in health care also looks at the organization's productivity providing insights to the change to improvements where needed. Some of the key areas mentioned in the health care management assignment where the health care management can vividly improve will look for improvisation that is Organizations culture, operating budgeting, service line decisions, capital planning, long-range forecasting, cost accounting, risk management and goals and objectives of the RamsayHealthcare brand.

A financial goal for health care has to be very vivid. Being focused on the attaining the specific goals every organization operates with the designed plan for action that is tailored for personal objectives, goals and missions and health systems are generalizing on the crucial thoughts penned and implemented down to strategic health planning. In order to achieve the sustainable goals for healthcare systems illustrated within this health care management assignment ensure that the financial goals that the strategic plans for the organization, in the long run will be beneficial. Seeking down the implications that can come up with new plans for future and setting up of goals for strategic planning in ensuring that the plans and transformational strategy would create a positive impact on the organization in future(Burns, and Pauly, 2018).

What are the determinants of changediscussed in the context of health care management assignment?
Nevertheless, only a strategic plan made for health care and hospitals can necessarily make the plan effective for the organization. Plans made for making it effective should be accounted for growing as in some cases growth is not possible. Health care systems and Hospitals must account for the financial prospects and gains of improvising growth by expanding the locational area, new access points, and services before beginning to plan.The readings used to prepare this health care management assignment signify that Health care systems and Hospitals are framed in such a way for serving up the patients as however and in case they need. Though the demand of the healthcare entity will always be in the top, the criteria for the way the institution needs to change may seek for the alternatives.

The implications may times health care system faces in understanding the facilities, the care, the need an understand the success factors for carrying but the institutional vision of hospitals but may have the difficulty in implementing them as per today's function. The health care management assignment examines that strategic planning for the health care systems should be incorporated in such a way to carry out the factors success can be achieved and also understanding the demand of the market trends and industry directions in carrying out to plan as per patient’s needs.

Explain any two change management models and evaluate the relevance of these models in the chosen organization.

Patient-centered Model
The movement in making policy laid on the foundation of a patient-centred approach leveraging the key in framing a successful healthcare delivery system, operative practices and care principles. In this aspect of health care management assignment, Ramsay Hospital must focus on the led up innovation to a Patient-Centred Model (PC) evolving towards patient-centred, in order in reshaping the models of hospitals ensuring to fulfil the aim to successful health care management systems from being functional to moving towards a process-oriented organizational form(Butler, and Freedy, 2016). The innovation of the PC model generally possesses the feature of undergoing a new design process that is encompassed with multiple structuring actions both in a physical building and the organizational structure of Ramsay Hospitals. The managerial literature view on PC model is very vast. The evaluated performance of the hospitals is been moved from being functional to PC organizational structure are very limited. The complexity of the playing variables, the sensitivity of data which is not made available to the research, the diversification of pathologies and varied patients and many other challenging determinants have made generating of a methodological framework for implementing PC model extremely challenging till date. The effectiveness and efficiency of the PC model embark on the sound assessment of the PC model which opposes the traditional functional hospital-based model for Ramsay Health care. The approach of this model mentioned in the health care management assignment that the evaluation depends upon the asserted health and organizational benefits in constituting the essential policy-making drivers in the innovation of the PC model.

The PC model will retaliate to the requirement in reducing the waste thereby increasing the effectiveness of the Ramsay hospitals. The PC model can easily respond to the need of reshaping of delivery care process arousing the needs of the patients, enhancing the treatment effectiveness. As per the research on health care management assignment, the PC model considers the delivery systems from allocating patients from specialty based units to multi-specialty units differentiating the levels of patient’s existential and clinical needs rather by their specific pathologies.

Lewin’s Change Management Model
Lewin’s Change of Management Model is ranged as one of the most popular and effective for understanding and altering the hospital care structured systems change ensuring a full patient focus in the field of nursing. The model was created by Kurt Lewin social scientists and physicist through effecting changing blocks of ice for supervising healthcare management systems. The model is distributed in three steps for health care changes.

Unfreeze- This step depicted in this section of health care management assignment contributes to another step called Force Fields Analysis. The stage calls for the pros associated with the change of driving forces pushing for the change towards a more particular health facility to the patients. Ramsay Hospital should use change theory as the first step indulging in the matter to changing to alternate care and facilities considering more patient eccentric which needs to be identified following the timeline and aligning the focus on patient care and needs (Cummings, et al. 2016).

Change- This is the stage mentioned in the health care management assignment where the restructuring begins in the approaching model that was framed in stage categorizing the needs and care of patients and techniques. The nurses and other staffs are given proper care to in the change taking place. Ramsay Care must show utmost care to the patients in need by the efficient doctors, replacing with the needs in the change process to different methodological approaches following different tools and techniques, patient handling process, showing extra care, maintaining communication between the staffs and patients regarding change of benefits to them and ensuring proper feedback from seeking to enhance improvisation in the change process(Hussain, et al. 2018).

Refreezing- The change was taken in the replacing the old traditional model to the new one in Ramsay Health care, the stability should be provided in managing the health care properties and systems properly which can be critical in holding the health care systems changed and avoidance of the poor management care. This stage illustrated in the health care management assignment takes times as systems implemented takes time in acceptance of the change which can be tarnished as difficulties can arise initially embracing change.

Relevance of the Models with the Organization
Since its origin in Wuhan's wet market, COVID 19 has affected Ramsey's core business functions including HRM, supply chain, finance and healthcare services. However, to diminish occupational hazards and financial implications, the management has introduced concurrent change management attributes to streamline operations while considering Lewin's Change Management Model and the ADKAR model of Change (Hayes). Undertaking such changes uphold distinct benefits and drawbacks which are important to evaluate organisational capabilities, modifications and structural changes.

Increases Project success

Effective implementation of progressive change management can facilitate Ramsay Healthcare to minimize project constraints including budgetary concerns, responsiveness and identifying emerging trends. It will bring prosperity as various core functions such as HRM, recruitment; supply chain disruptions can be mitigated effectively through concurrent changes in management systems.

Elimination of Confusion
The information provided in the health care management assignment illustrates that change management assists organisations to eliminate misinformation and miscommunications between stakeholders, and eliminates conflicts and confusions. Dedicated handbooks, upgraded organisational norms and sustainability-consciousness attributes need to be in place as effective change management schedule and continuous improvement plans help to increase transparency and accountability within healthcare services (Imisonet al. 2016).

Increases Communication
Change management based on stakeholder analysis and a newly designed communication plan can help the management to communicate with each department. Streamlined information systems, supportive environment creation and cost-effective services can be implemented through concurrent change management.

Increases Morale and Reduce Stress
By using assessment-based change management in regards to the case scenario of health care management assignment, Ramsay Healthcare can improve employee engagement and corporate governance systems. Various recognition and appreciation schemes alongside motivation and ICT based training can minimiseorganisational complexity, haphazard methods and vulnerability (McCabe, 2020). Ample opportunities can be given to each employee regardless of age, gender and demographics.

Change management affects organisation and employees as resistance, instructions, inadequate communication and insufficiencies in planning can create vulnerability within the management system.

Change evokes emotions and organisational accountability as restructured schedule, disruptive innovations and derivative job positioning create conflicts between stakeholders. Various conflicts, disagreements and resistance to change can create comprehensive limitations for Ramsay Health Care to execute change management.

Change management brings various transformations in business administration and supply chain which can create complexity due to lack of proper planning and development (Turner et al. 2016). Due to lack of delegation, motivation and inefficiency in change management attributes can affect productivity and profitability.

Lack of Communication
Change management attributes create various distinct constraints including trustworthiness, job security and brainstorming sessions. Lack of collaborativeness and communication skills in sharing goals and perspectives can affect employee engagement and satisfaction aspects. Lack of feedback loops, the recognition process also can create occupational hazards for Ramsay Healthcare.

Develop a change management strategy involving the stakeholders, and also devisestrategies to overcome resistance
Change Management Strategy

The major key concern of the Health Care Management obligated to bring the change in management and health care professionals to ensure in acquiring and maintaining the expertise required to undertake the professional task under the obligation to achieve the tasks as per their proficiency.The major stakeholders of Ramsay Health care provided in this segment of health care management assignment are the physicians, pharmaceutical firms, insurance companies, patients and government involved a change in the health care through facilitating care, technologies, and assurancein health care management is about bringing about the change in handling the complexity of the changing process. Ramsay Hospital should abide by the considerate development change management plan as an approve change management strategy about procurement of actions, tasks, and details of needed materials and application to develop a communication scheduled for the staffs and the patients. The change management plan should devise plans of the target definition in planning, evaluating and implanting operations, strategies and tactics making sure in change serves the worthwhile and being relevant. Change management strategy should be devised as the implemented project progressing based upon the needs of health care practices and needs with the objective in fulfilling the health care management(Hayes, 2018). As the health care project addresses the cultural change, the health care organization becomes fully aware of each of the unique needs of product and service line that should be incorporated and documented in the future communication efforts. Successful change requires the change in techniques, strategy, methods and implemented tactics tailored as per history, personalities and culture of the health care organization. Before implementing the change management strategy the capability and readiness should be understood of health care organization.

The present health care management assignment mentions the reality about being changing the health care old perspectives to a new one is to be aligned and implemented with, reducing fund spending and aligning higher IT level, tools and business intelligence for strategic initiatives. The Health care management process project management and human behaviour needed a budget of around 14 % to 17 %.The resistance generated should overcome and the need for this eyes on implementation of the INTERACT (Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers program deducting unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations of house residents in tarnishing the resistance and barriers as a change in Ramsay Hospitals. The road map should be drafted following objectives discussed in the context of health care management assignment of change management strategy. The high-level roadmap should be drafted for health care management through program planning and execution by establishing program budget, program goals, KPI's of health care IT project, program, standards, forming program management office (PMO) and project planning and execution through creating a business line and product outcomes, baseline KPI's, training and deploying, implementing, KPI improvements and post-production support(Wang et al. 2018)
There are some considerations to be followed by the Ramsay Hospital conducting a change strategy discussed in the following section of health care management assignment:

  • Changer management should cost providing an expected ROI to the stakeholders, unlike any other business.
  • Change Management can either be the accelerator or insurance of return on a health care project
  • Procurement of tangible outcomes by aligning resultsthrough an agreement in approach to value, methods, and timing by implementing effective communication levels in all aspects of management.
  • Development of change management through improvements and techniques by ERP cloud implementations, upgrades, applications, operational process,and redesigned utility process and improvement methodologies for change in health care systems (Altamony, et al. 2016).
  • By considering the above considerations, the change management strategy should carry the follow essential in addressing the critical strategies and goals of the health care organizations:
  • Target the audiences in health care in the organization who can be impacted by the change of management.
  • Communicative vehicles or drivers for reaching the target audiences required in the health care system.
  • Identifying barriers and risks associated with the evaluation process of the change strategy.
  • Communicating on topics depending upon the information received during the change evaluation process.
  • The alteration of the sequence of timed activities, roles and responsibilities of the team and communication activities.
  • Changing the activity performed through components and activity structures of the communication.
  • Changing the orientation level, elimination of activity, adding up activity, simultaneous and automation of activities.
  • Changing the roles and responsibilities, deploying new tools and utilizing a completely different process.

Changes in the health care practice should be welcomed for improvisation services and quality and saving money. Nevertheless, it is duly important in tailoring the health care delivery required for the mass population creating awareness programs and precise communications among public and health care organizations. Additionally, there is an enhancement in the rate of health care and the strengthened forces that are transforming the health care organizations perspectives generates the boundless economic potentials for them who are employing efficient survival techniques in the short run and simultaneously planning for the long term success.

Strategies to overcome resistance
The objectives set by the health care organization cannot be figured out until and unless the sound financials and organizational structure and plans are set in motion. When organizational systems become so volatile the understanding of health care market becomes tricky. The price of medical technology and various funds ate necessary in running functional health care being not steady. The alternate changes in norms and policy occur periodically for the increasing need in strategic planning of health care. There should be proper knowledge as it is not easy to detect where are the prices are rising and areas for saving. Evaluating the investments prone to more risk compared to the others is also important ensuring every decision taken can be beneficial down the track. Whenever an organization, to more specific Hospitals, health care or medical practice, staying afloat in the long run, and long term objective goals must be focused determined eventually in the longevity of the business. For running or carrying out so, the local markets of health care should be analyzed and the industry as a whole must perform in predicting the future of these markets. When able being to predict the future prediction forecasts accurately type management have to be imperative when dealing with the multimillion-dollar funds. This would be quite suppressive if the data is not carefully forecasted or carried out properly, based on which the strategic health care and hospital planning if not conducted thoroughly by the management despite knowing what to plan as per the need of the health care systems.

There is a knack in understanding the medical markets and the urge to perceive the future quarry elevated through our customers can be ensured. As per the Strata Decision Technology, Ramsay Hospital needs to frame an all in one system,StrataJazz will allow the leaders of health care industry in planning strategically for upcoming demands and situations, enhancing the efficiency among the board. To consider, in the United States every 1 in 5 hospitals have integrated the Strata Decision Solution as platform resulting in maximum productivity at all aspects(Wernz, and Zhang, 2018). Ramsay Hospital should execute the StrataJazz solution as it skirts the health care planning such as tracking, equipment replacement, budgeting, monthly variance and productivity reporting. StrataJazz incorporates the present data and customers past in understanding better the efficient cost improvements can be done and the funds are also minimized. The Strata Decision experts ultimately account for the health care organizational goals to be accounted for realizing goals both organizationally and financially.

Strata decision is integrated through solid and powerful analytics and considerate planning, StrataJaza comes up with capital planning strategically approach and operational budgeting which guarantees the improvisation in the health care organization to elevate from being ground up. StrataJazz strategically hospital planning will assist Ramsay Hospital to upraise through using sophisticated models in determining the long term plan with objectives by understanding and considering the operating margins and use of funds(Ricciardi, and Boccia, 2017). Through incorporating the investment goals in Ramsay Hospital and the likely impact on the organizational financial statements of cash flow, profit and loss statement and true and fair view of the balance sheet, Stratajazz will deliberately enhance being predictable in how to cut costs and how to save and where the investment to be done. Short term influence on the market dynamics is analyzed in the health care management assignmentwhich can support in understanding granting help where the trend and health care market head towards the future. Ramsay Hospital’s organizational performance outlook by the rating agency such as Moody’s and Fitch for organizational comparing will be a beneficial success so that the organizational decisions of the Ramsay Hospital can be more precise and accurate through scenario analytics.

Recommendations and Conclusion
Recommendations based on the case scenario of health care management assignment

  • As per the first recommendation provided in the health care management assignment, COVID 19 has created comprehensive disruptions in the employee management process rigorously, and the HRM Team of Ramsay Health Care must provide an upgraded employee handbook with newly renovated policies, procedures and safety measures to protect employees. Detailed job description, streamlined recruitment process and ICT based training programs need to be provided to improve organizational competency and inclusiveness concerning COVID 19. The performance evaluation process, equality in recognition and reward schemes and continuous improvement plans need to provide for futuristic advancements.
  • It is evident herein health care management assignment that COVID 19 has weakened financial havocs of Ramsay Healthcare and the urgency of the recovery model regarding financial implications and investments need to be revised concurrently to incorporate efficiency and profitability. To streamline business operations, the authority must focus on techno-centric visionaries and technological advancements to improve infrastructure and operations. Various financial resources, allocation of funds and rebuilding plans need to develop with accuracy and completeness.
  • Due to Brexit, global pandemic and political uncertainties, major supply chain disruptions have affected company's operations and inventory stocks. Shortage of drugs, healthcare equipment and materials need to purchase from reliable sources through adequate contingency plans. Safety-net, health precautions and digitalisation of supplier’s relationships will facilitate Ramsay Healthcare to save time-consuming attributes through smart and nimble supply chains. Local suppliers, automation and inventory management principles need to be implemented to minimise the shortage of resources and precise business development.
  • Ramsay Healthcare examined in the segments of health care management assignment requires a proactive approach to understand changing consumer behaviours and emerging trends to adjust services accommodations and strategies to meet current and future requirements of customers. Long-term social interactions, safety measures, personal contacts and wellbeing of employees need to resolve with upgraded technology and ultracomplex innovations. IoT, automation, AI algorithms and big data analytics need to be implemented to create vibrant networking and strategic planning.
  • New strategies and re-planning in all critical-ethical business areas such as operations, marketing and customer services need to develop to gain competitive advantages. Cost-effective services and accommodations need to manage effectively to resolve the increasing demands of medical products. Various emerging trends including wearable tracking devices, innovative mobile apps and R&D pipelines are necessary to thrive creativity and high-end specifications in services.

From the overall discussion on health care management assignment, COVID 19 has drastically changed consumer and business behaviours across the globe with its destructive consequences, and undoubtedly it will create an occupational crisis and immense consumer sensitivity due to its financial and outsourcing impacts. The urgency of maintaining safety standards, quality of services and reshaping medical services is inevitable as consumer preferences, changing purchasing behaviours and disruptions in the supply chain have directly affected Ramsay Healthcare. However, since its establishment in 1964, specialization in rehabilitation, surgery and psychiatric facilities have influenced Ramsay Healthcare to undergo concurrent changes to reshape organisational infrastructure and service packages. However, the findings obtained from the overall analysis on health care management assignment clarifies that the technological advancements, shift from nonprofit to for-profit transition, modernizing payment mechanisms and popularization of preventative healthcare services have influenced Ramsay Healthcare to undergo concurrent changes to enhance efficiency and reputation within the UK's healthcare industry. Effective combination of newly renovated rehabilitation and psychiatric facilities with patient-centric treatments has been implemented to reduce costs and stress, and improve physical and psychological well-being and nurse workflow patterns. This systematic empirical framework discussed in the health care management assignmenthas implemented Lewin's Change Management Model and the ADKAR model of Change to demonstrate patient-focused healthcare settings of Ramsay Healthcare. The models are designed in the context of health care management assignment to amplify privacy, communication and social support through evidence-based design and patient-centred care. The study also provided extensive recommendations and strategic planning to improve quality and safety. ?

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