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Report On Questionnaire Pilot Test


Task: Reflection on survey administration (Cover the questions below)

• Description of the steps/procedures in conducting the questionnaire pilot test
• Justification of the sample size of 10 used for the pilot test and whether this is an appropriate size for a questionnaire pilot
• Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of using web-based (online) survey method for the pilot (Check Week 6 Lecture slides on VU Collaborate for ideas)
• Was the administration procedure a success i.e., did you identify the 10 participants and distributed the link Did you manage to follow up with the participants after the deadline that you set for them What was their feedback when you followed up with them
• What suggestions would you make for improving the administration procedure used Or would you recommend choosing a different survey method in the future and why
• Changes, if any, that you recommend making in the questionnaire itself to further improve it

{The changes may concern the text of the questions, the order of the questions, the format of the questions (e.g. open/closed), the scales, the length of the questionnaire, typos/errors, etc. For ideas, you can use the Questionnaire Checklist (available on VU Collaborate > Learning Space > Assessment information > Assessment 2B). Overall reflection on lessons learned

• On reflection, what were the key lessons you learnt from this survey pilot


Pilot study consists of a part of the research process and conducting a pilot study is important because it helps in analyzing the feasibility of selecting survey filling approach, which is usually used in a large scale study. The purpose of conducting the pilot study was to analyze the feasibility and efficiency of using online method for filling the survey (Hassan et al. 2006). Conducting the pilot study was important for setting up the groundwork of the research project.
The report describes the steps that was followed in conducting the pilot test and the justification for choosing 10 as a sample size foe the test. Moreover, the report states the advantages and disadvantages of using an online survey for the pilot test and the success of the procedure. Further, the paper recommends whether any changes is required in the administration process and changes to be made in the questionnaire.

Reflection on Survey Administration
The pilot test was administered through a number of steps and procedures so that the test is successful. I started with the pilot test procedure by first forming the questionnaire that consisted of mostly closed ended questions and two open ended questions. This was followed by a second step that is identifying the target group or sample to pilot the questionnaire. The target group for the pilot test included the participants that were aged above 18 and resided in Australia. Further, I selected 10 participants as sample for the pilot test and planned to approach known people that may be reliable enough to get the survey filled. After the sample was selected I went on to plan out the method of collecting the pilot questionnaire and chose online survey as an option due to the current ongoing Covid situation. This was followed by contacting the chosen participants for their permission and emailing the online link of the questionnaire to all the participants with a set deadline.

The sample size selected for the pilot test was 10 participants because a small sample helps in understanding the efficiency of the questionnaire in a better manner. Moreover, sample for pilot test need not be much large, as it is only collected to get a good sense on whether the questionnaire and the method being used to fill the questionnaire is effective or not. While collecting a pilot test the sample should depend more on diversity than on size so that it helps in sharing different views on the effectiveness of the questionnaire. This is because pilot test should be conducted fast so that the final questionnaire is formed fast and used further for final survey or data collection for the study.
The online survey method for the pilot test was high efficient and had various advantages such as low cost, ease of gathering data for pilot questionnaire, automation in data input, time saving and increase in response rates. It was seen that the online survey method used for the pilot test helped me save my cost that is required in physical form survey and it helped in gathering data in an effective manner in such situation of Covid-19. Moreover, the online survey has helped in automating the input received where the responses filled in the questionnaire was automatically saved and this reduced the chances of error. Moreover, due to convenience I received the maximum response in online survey (Rice et al. 2017). However, there were some disadvantages or risk as well that I faced from using online survey such as survey fraud where the people just fill the survey as a the sake of getting it filled and does not show any desire to contribute to the progress of the study.
The administrative procedure was highly successful such as I easily identified the 10 people for filling the online survey from among my known person and explained them easily about the link I am sharing and the way to fill the survey. Most of the participants I approached showed a very positive attitude for filling the survey (Refer the appendix). Moreover, I was successfully able to contact with the participants in WhatsApp for the follow up after the deadline to ensure that they have taken the test and to know whether they faced any issue (Appendix for reference). The participants shared a positive feedback when I followed up with them, as most of them completed the survey in time.
From collecting the pilot test I came across two concerns from the participants and would consider changing it such as question forms and questionnaire length. I would consider changing the forms of the questions that is adding some more open ended question about the risk level of online and in-store shopping of people during Covid-19 instead of asking closed ended question. This will help me get a deep insight into the perception of online and in store shopping from the people. This is because I realized from the responses given in the pilot test that these questions has the potential of further responses. I would also reduce the length of the questionnaire a little because the participants showed concern about time and length of the questionnaire when I approached them to fill the online survey.

Overall Reflection on Lesson Learned
Overall the pilot survey was high effective for me to learn about the flaws in the design of the survey and the refine the data collection process. moreover, it also helped me learnt that testing the effectiveness of a questionnaire is highly important to know whether the questions included in the questionnaire are efficient and whether the method used to collect the data has helped in gaining maximum response. Moreover, the pilot was the major base that allowed me to think about revising my questions and the length of the questionnaire after checking the concern of the pilot sample participants (Arain et al. 2010). Thus, the process helped me learn that none of the survey that requires a large responses should be conducted without testing the feasibility of the questionnaire and the chances of errors or fraud that can take place.

Arain, M., Campbell, M.J., Cooper, C.L. and Lancaster, G.A., 2010. What is a pilot or feasibility study A review of current practice and editorial policy. BMC medical research methodology, 10(1), p.67.
Hassan, Z.A., Schattner, P. and Mazza, D., 2006. Doing a pilot study: why is it essential. Malaysian family physician: the official journal of the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia, 1(2-3), p.70.
Rice, S., Winter, S.R., Doherty, S. and Milner, M., 2017. Advantages and disadvantages of using internet-based survey methods in aviation-related research. Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering, 7(1), p.5.









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