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Quantitative Analysis Assignment: Selecting Survey Methods & Question



This quantitative analysis assignment consists of three parts:

  • Recommend and justify a method of survey administration to be used to meet the quantitative research objectives listed below;
  • develop a list of questions to be used on a questionnaire to meet the objectives listed;
  • Explain the method of survey administration you would use if a survey was conducted in your intended research.

To determine the effectiveness of advertising for a product during the Super Bowl on increasing consumer awareness of the product.

To determine the level of satisfaction of patients who are admitted to a hospital during the past 6 months.

To determine whether there is a relationship between the decision to pursue a career in law enforcement and gender.

To determine IT professional's perceptions of the best preparation for an IT career.


Selecting survey methods and questions
According to the words of Stuart & Yu (2019) considered in the quantitative analysis assignment, the most important part of the process of data collection and conducting the survey is choosing the appropriate method of the research. It is very much important for the correct conduction of the survey as it determines the main process and the main blueprint of the survey. The method of the survey has undergone many changes in the last few years. The process of the survey is the most effective way and method to reach a large number of people via various methods and ways. The survey process is also effective in knowing the mentality and the opinion of a large number of people. In this quantitative research work, nearly about 100 viewers have been surveyed. The collective opinion of 100 people will help to make a good decision and coming to a conclusion. The main success of the survey lies in the fact that the questions and the design of the survey have to be framed properly and critically to the responder's ability. This paper will discuss the effective methods of the survey and the potential questions that can be framed to make the survey a success. Survey design is vital for the researchers to meet their aim.

Effectiveness of super bowl advertising
The super bowl advertisement is the most effective in the advertising industry. The main thing is that the number of viewers of this type of advertisement is the during the national football league is the highest. The researchers who want to examine the effectiveness of the super bowl advertisement has to conduct a survey effectively to gain more information in order to improve the experience of the viewers. The researchers have to see the location and the product and then frame the questions to conduct the survey effectively. The first thing that the surveyor needs to do is to identify the scope and then make a questionnaire in the online platform (Montabon, Daugherty & Chen, 2018). The result can be easily used by the company to improve the cost, speed and accuracy of the advertisement. The questions that have to be framed for conducting the survey regarding the effectiveness of the super bowl advertisement are as follows –

  • Do you think that the advertisement of the super bowl is effective in attracting people?
  • Do you think that the ad was improving the likeability of that person towards that product?
  • Has the ad convinced you to purchase that product, or is the ad successful in prompting you to purchase that product?
  • Do you like to see the ad after every recession time?

The answers that are collected from this survey questions can be used to frame the total advertisement of the Superbowl ad. If the percentage of the persons convinced to buy a product is more than 50%, then the team has to look how can the ad be more improved.

Patient satisfaction
According to Ikart (2019), the patients who were admitted to the hospital in the last few months has an in-ground experience about the various procedures and the satisfaction of the service of that particular patient. If the researchers want to know about the experience and the feelings of that person, then the surveyor has to frame the question in that way so that the survey address those questions specifically and the aim of the research is totally fulfilled. The surveyor, in this case, has to take an interview with those patients and determine the main factors that will be required for further study. It will give an overall record of the experience of the patients during their total journey from the critical condition to the recovery process. This review and the responses of the patient during the total stay can be used both by the government and the clinic to improve the infrastructure and the health condition in the future. The main close ended questions that have to be framed in order to collect the information or the relevant response are stated as follows-

  • Do you have to wait for long before taking admission?
  • Was your experience good with the medical team that attended you during your check-up at the hospital?
  • Was the condition of the accommodation and the food during your stay at the hospital good?
  • Was the medical team good and responsible enough to check you at regular intervals?
  • Did the medical team followed you at a regular interval and care for you after you were discharged from the hospital?

The people who are not admitted to the hospitals, can be surveyed by another method. Their opinions can be collected from the social media. They can also be approached by this questions that how they would expect to see the medical service or what was the experience of their relatives or friends in this context.

Determining if the Decision on the Law Enforcement Profession is Related to Gender
This is a very vital question that will be used by the researchers to find out the knack of the people to a particular profession. In society, there are many common concepts about many jobs and professions. So, in this case, the researchers can conduct a study to find out the interest of the people towards a particular profession. When it comes to the law enforcement profession, then the common concept of the people is that only the male is perfect for this job, and the female is not perfect for this job. Society believes in identifying the job with the gender for conducting this study, and the surveyor has to conduct a interview where the respondents can participate in that discussions and then give their responses. The responders have to be chosen from a particular age group and from all the locations, preferably. The response has a high chance of biasness as, in many cases, the relation of the public with the police is not good, and that may impact the responses of the participants (Ebert et al, 2018). The age group of the respondents has to be in a variety. The students have to be chosen, and with them, the experienced person also has to be chosen. The questions that have to be framed are-

  • Is your experience with the police in your personal life good?
  • Based on your experience, would you recommend the job of law enforcement to your friend, relatives or known persons?

The answers to these questions can be used to analyze the social outlook of the profession. The analysis of the responses can be used to take possible steps in order to overcome this problem and encourage more gender irrespective involvement.

A career in information technology
According to Brtnikova et al (2018), the main thing in research is to determine the correct age of the participants when it comes to the research about choosing any career. The choice of any career is determined by many factors. The survey of this thing is to be done by choosing the students and the peoples who are at present associated with the information technology industry. The students will be responding based on their assumptions and on the basis of their expectations. The information technology experts will be answering the questions based on their experience. The questions that need to be asked to the respondents for getting the correct information and whether they want to make a career in the information technology industry –

  • Are the communication skills enough for the information technology industry?
  • Is there a future in the information technology industry?
  • Will you recommend this field to your friend, relatives and your known person?
  • Is the problem-solving skill relevant in the information technology industry?

The IT professionals can be approached to share their views and experience on the job which will help the novice to learn about the career scope in the IT industry. The interview can be conducted in a way so that the probable questions of the novice who wants to make a career in the IT field, are properly framed and asked to the professionals.

Method of Survey Administration Conducted in Intended Research
The national public research stated that there are mainly two types of approach. The main types of approach are the self-administered approach and the personal approach. The personal approach is the method of personally approaching the respondent and collecting all the required information. It can be face to face or a telephonic round. In the case of the face to face approach, it is more effective as the responses are generally strong in this case. Whereas the self-administered generally refers to the online surveys, pen and paper survey or survey through any portal (Brace, 2018). The wandering officers are the officers who are hired at the different departments. The questions that can be asked for the conduction of the survey are –

  • Is the experience as a wandering officer good?
  • Has the respondent seen any wandering officers joining or leaving this department?
  • Would the respondents recommend this department to friends, relatives or others?

The survey has to be properly structured and proper method has to be followed to collect the data and extract the data from the collected data. The method of data collection has to be properly reviewed and made flexible. The survey needs to be properly administered so that the survey yields proper quantitative result. The data collection and the information extraction process have to be properly done at each level and after proper supervision the data has to be passed at the upper level.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that an effective survey is the main driving force beyond the success of the research. If the set of questions and the survey design is not done properly, then the whole aim of the research may be proved a failure. The main tool behind the success of the survey is to frame the right questions and chose the right kind of responders. The method of the survey depends on the location and also on the targeted audience. The main factors that determine the mode of a survey, framing of the questions and the design of the survey depend on the types of the research and the types of peoples that it targets to engage. The types and the mode of the survey depend on every subject to subject. The concerns of each survey should be taken into consideration, and the techniques should be improved at a regular interval. In this paper, the type of questions to be framed and the method of the survey that has been undertaken has been discussed.

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