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Puma Consumer Behaviour Assignment On Market Survey


Task: Based on the analysis you conducted in Assessment 1. individually, you are required to create a 10 question survey via Survey Monkey (a free online instrument) to collect data from 15 respondents and to provide six-page analysis of the gathered data.


Purpose of the survey
The purpose of carrying out the survey for this puma consumer behaviour assignment is to identify the different aspects and the factors that lead to the choice and the final purchase of any product. The survey is created for the Puma in relation to the product of Puma that is Faas500. The survey is going to help this organisation to develop their strategies through which through which the organization will be able to develop new plans in relation to product, design, marketing of products, advertisements and promotions and pricing as well. The identification of the consumers behaviour as well ye psychology that works behind the whole process of consumers buying product is going to be deciphered through the key findings and the discussion over the responses. Further, the key findings from the responses are going to be critically discussed in consideration with the consumer behaviour theory in order to go for the achievement of the best potential strategies through which the launching of new products and success of the products in getting target customers is going to be achieved.

Development of the survey instrument
The instrument for data collection from the participants is that of survey for which the site of survey monkey has been chosen. A number of 10 questions have been developed in alignment with the requirements, needs and wants of the customers to be answered through the questions provided to them (refer to Appendix). The main objective of the survey question has been to identify the different factors that were given as options to the questions so as to yield the information regarding the choice of customer for Puma that could help Puma develop those needs and wants through the responses for their customers.

Administration Process
The Online site of survey monkey was used in order to upload the questions that were developed by the data collector. A close communication with the data collector as been done regarding the aim of the survey and with the collaboration of the dame, the survey questions was developed. An online survey was created with a link generation that was provided to all the existing customers of Puma through email. It is worth mentioning here that customers were not forced to take the survey and the aim was to gather 15 responses from the customers. The approach of simple random sampling has been utilized where the questions were provided open to all and upto 15 to 16 responses have been recorded. The puma consumer behaviour assignment aimed that the analysis will be done based on the responses of the first 15 customers.

Data Analysis
Quantitative Data Analysis for puma consumer behaviour assignment:

Q1. Which of the following factors do you consider while purchasing the products of Puma Faas 500?
Among the 15 respondents, the most preferred feature that influences the purchase of the customers includes safety concern and comfort that is of 73.33%. This is the most second most liked feature including price where feature has been preferred to 53.33% close to the preference of price that is one of the crucial factors determining the purchase of customers

Q2. How likely do you consider pricing in buying your Puma products or Faas 500?
A majority that is 40.00 % has responded to very likely that again added to the similar response that likely being 26.67% clearly indicates the importance of pricing in influencing the purchase of the products. The 33.33% of neither likely nor unlikely refers to the customers who may refer some other factors in determining their final decision of purchase.

Q3. How likely do you prefer referring to the reviews of other customers before making your purchase?
The external factors that are considered before the final purchase is decided after choosing the price and design of the product includes review of the customers that has got a 46.67% very likeliness and 26.67% likeliness. This clearly indicates the fact that these days consumers are highly aware and prefer referring to reviews before ending up with the wrong purchase of the products. The 20% that have responded to neither likely nor unlikely and the 6.67% who responded to unlikely refers to the behaviours of the customers that are less dependent on the reviews and may be rely on the friends and families or word of mouth.

Q4. How likely do you look for design of the shoes like Fass 50 before while making your final purchase decision?
In purchasing the products from Puma especially in case of Faas 500, it has been found from the responses that design of the products matters a lot in determining the purchase of Puma products where likeness and very likeness is found to be 20% and 46.67% respectively. The 33.33% responses were to neither likely nor unlikely. This indicates of the fact that many of the customers do not prefer only design but other features as well.

Q5. Which of the following do effect you when you buy fashion products like shoes and sportswear?
The most influential among the factors in buying fashion products like shoes is social media with 46.67% that is followed by 40.00% responses to a random decision of buying fashionable products. Social media is the factor where comparison, references and reviews are available that influences the purchase intention of consumers as well. The factor namely friends and family plays a crucial part in influencing people to be the potential customers a particular brand which is the second most influential factor. This is evident from the fact that a 33.33% have responded to family and friends as influencing buying these types of products.

Q6. Which of the following factors do you consider while shopping?
There are different factors that work differently for different customers. The most responded factor that is considered by the customers before making any purchases related to these types of products or in general includes that of 73% being the personal factor. Next to this is economic factor that has been responded to 3.25%. This graph indicates that in fashion and spirits were there are few customers who are found to be more inclined to their personal factor in making purchases. The other factors like social and psychological have 20% and 13% respectively whereas cultural factors being responded to 6.6%.

Q7. How often do you purchase sportswear from Puma?
The existing customers have been surveyed among whom a 53% indicates that they buy sportswear from Puma sometimes, whereas 13.33% of the customers are found to be the segmented that always prefer buying products from this brand. It is worth mentioning here that the usually purchasing customers are the ones who require to be obtained through different strategies and the always buyers are required to be made part through loyalty programs and get benefitted through different offers like discounts, “offers only” for you and the like.

Q8. How far are you attracted towards the advertisement?
A mixed response has been evident in asking about their extent of influence by the advertisements. It has been found that a 15%, 38.46% and 23.08 are attracted a great deal, a lot and a moderate amount. This clearly ranks that visionary factors are create the want within the customers. The advertisement influences or rather fosters the purchase intention among the customers.

Q9. What kind of promotion among the following attracts you the most?
The first and foremost-preferred factor that promotes the products has been evident from the responses of the customers that include discounts, which does have a preference of 73.33%. The second most promotional elements that highly attracts the customers includes that of celebrity endorsement and online promotions advertisement that is through different social media platforms to which a 13.33% for each has been recorded. This clearly indicates that discount offers are highly influencing potential to make the customers create wants as well as needs for the customers.

Q10. Which of the following factors may inflict change of brand within you while purchasing?
Quality and Design are the two most preferred factors that may influence any customer to switch to other brands selling similar identical products within the same market. Price is the most preferable factor in switching of customers that has a 53.33% response. Thus, it can be analysed that customers are not ready to compromise with the quality and design even if the price is worthy enough to get a quality product. This is clear from the response where a 40% will change the sportswear brand for design and then a 33.33% may switch to other brands for quality as well.

Key Findings
The motivation theory is highly crucial for the organisation in order to influence the customers positively through the creation of the want that has been evident from the above data analysis. The marketers specifically require building tactics and strategies that are motivating in creating the want of the product through eking out the requirements of the products and its benefits to the targeted customers (Zeugner-Roth et al. 2015). Thus, motivation theory is going to be one of the most crucial factors through which artificial need of the product for the customers may be created regarding safety preference or price benefits or design as the case may be. Impulse buying has been evident within the consumers where no rational is found to be affecting the traditional decision making, this is where the incorporation of Impulse buying behaviour theory is found to be well aligned with the aim of the current study of puma consumer behaviour assignment to influence the consumers into buying (Becker, 2017).

  • Referral rewards are given these days that make it more competitive for the companies. These strategies are taken in order to bring in the loyalty of the customers as well as gain potential customers. 
  • The economical factor works in determining the purchase of the customers (De Mooij,  2019). Discounts and loyalty programs must be utilised by the organisation for the success of Faas 500. 
  • The price is factor is one of the crucial factors that have been evident from the overall analysis of the findings. It requires high prioritisation with effective technique setting the price.
  •  Quality is preferred, where overlays are highly attractive to the customers (Becker, 2017). For quality is the preference of the customers, it is important for the company to keep the design and quality attractive so that pricing is not a negative issue in influencing the purchase. 
  • The creation of want of the customers is required to be developed by the companies through social media advertisements, benefits and digital marketing. Customized offerings is yet another factor to be considered here as per the consideration of the theory. 

Through the analysis of the key findings from the survey, the different factors that operates behind the purchase of any products or survey has been evident through this puma consumer behaviour assignment. The factors like perception, motivation group and individual difference a well as culture and families determine the purchase intention and the consumer behaviours a well. These are the facts that have been availed through this survey incorporating the tools and techniques. Puma consumer behaviour assignments are being prepared by our marketing assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

Reference List
Becker, G.S., 2017. Economic theory. Routledge.

De Mooij, M., 2019. Consumer behavior and culture: Consequences for global marketing and advertising. Puma consumer behaviour assignment SAGE Publications Limited.

Zeugner-Roth, K.P., Žabkar, V. and Diamantopoulos, A., 2015. Consumer ethnocentrism, national identity, and consumer cosmopolitanism as drivers of consumer behavior: A social identity theory perspective. Journal of international marketing, 23(2), pp.25-54.



Puma consumer behaviour assignment


Puma consumer behaviour assignment


Puma consumer behaviour assignment


Puma consumer behaviour assignment


Puma consumer behaviour assignment


Puma consumer behaviour assignment


Puma consumer behaviour assignment


Puma consumer behaviour assignment


Puma consumer behaviour assignment


Puma consumer behaviour assignment


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