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   Free sample   Psychology assignment developing conceptual understanding of personality and emotional intelligence

(psychol-6508ol) Psychology assignment developing conceptual understanding of personality and emotional intelligence


Task: Can you explain the utility of personality and intelligence as psychological concepts? Critically reflect in your psychology assignment upon issues and debates related to the study and assessment of individual differences.


1. Introduction
Individualistic differences and research approaches are established to aim at building traits of personality and intelligence. As in the case of cognitive abilities, these building blocks help to identify the general factor labeled. Researchers in psychology assignments have studied these factors deeply and they have understood the fact that the g factor forms the efficacy of the brain which solves the complex and difficult problems. One more important fact is that the g factor forms some another abilities as for examples verbal, spatial and numerical ability. Recently, the researchers in the personality space did not attend to the possibility. However, in the present psychology assignmentscenario, researchers did not reach the peak of possibilities of a substantive factor. Varieties types of models were implemented such as independent personality factors, multiple personality factors and many more.

2. Scenario of the psychology assignment
According to the existing definitions of EI, it has shown that the individuals, who have high EI, are more active in the social interaction procedure than those who have low EI. As the EI has a core aspect so it has the ability to optimize the chances of achieving personal or social achievements in an individual’s life (Van der Lindenet al., 2017, pp: 40). As in some psychology assignmentscenario, a person may have some grudges against someone. However instead of being angry with him, he can reflect his anger or dissatisfaction in other way or he can solve it out by talking. So it can be easily understood that if the individuals who have the high EI become socially effective, then it would be very easy to manifest ample personality traits into their desirable directions (Van der Lindenet al., 2017, pp: 45). One could not be judged which is specifically based onsocial effectiveness if others perceived a person as shy, lazy and unfriendly from a psychology assignment.

3. Addressed issues
According to the Meta analytic data for the psychology assignment, the study which is done presently examined the facts about the associations of the factors of EI and the GFP. The final results which have obtained from the CFA and the EFA, draws some important conclusion about the ability EI and trait. The first component is the trait EI which has huge similarities with the GFP (Van der Lindenet al., 2017, pp: 47). In the EFAs, it has been shown that the trait EI exactly adjusts itself in the same space factor as the other five dimensions do. CFAs has shown a strong proof of overlapping incident which was reflected incountering the effect ofattenuationcorrelation with the GFP of no less than r= .86 but although it is lower as expected. If the same value is put according to the context in the psychology assignment, the measurements of big five dimensions done by different mechanisms exactly correlate between r= .80 or r = .40 even though designed for measuring the same construction. Test-retest correlation of .80 or higher are assumed as the exact evidence of reliability of an instrument. (Assunção, Polese, Ferreira Pena, Teixeira-Salmela, & Faria-Fortini, 2022).

4. Findings
By considering the connectionin the psychology assignmentbetween GFP and EIspecifiesthat GFP is a type of factor who overlaps conceptually (Van der Lindenet al., 2017, pp: 48). The findings were presented as an analytical expression in which the GFP with various types of EI measures are verified. It is taken from the big five dimensions. According to the collected samples of k= one forty twodata sources (N= 36,268) the main two findings from the analysis were (a) overlapping incident between the GFP and trait EI where r = .85 and (b) a positive, however more moderately, correlation with ability EI where r= .28. According to these analysis of thepsychology assignment, the individuals who have scored higher in ability and trait EI, supported the fact the GFP is a social effective component.This analysis also shows one more things which are GFP have ample similarity to the trait EI.

5. Conclusion
GFP has the nature of overlapping with the ability and trait EI and also it reflects the social effectiveness and emotional adjustment. For this reason, researchers of psychology assignmentbecome very curious about discovering the nature of GFP from many aspects. If GFP shows high or low score it does not mean that good or bad personality in anyone.Rather it reflects the nature of exploring individuals’ capability by using their emotional intelligence for achieving their personal targets and cooperating with other individuals. It is to be remembered that these types of knowledge can be used for ethical and unethical both causes. Just like EI, the GFP also can be used for both causes. Researchers who do research on the EI in the form of psychology assignment, it is well known to them that this component has the connection to the personality order factors and also is related with the other mainstream factors of psychology.Personality is constructed by how an individual handles their emotions and the incidents that are happening in his life. Individuals’ personal and social achievement also depends on the formation of their personalities.

Personal reflection
It is very common in the psychology assignmentto identify the presence of general factors in the personality measures. Now it has become very important that how the presence can be interpreted. These are statistical factors and it is known that the factors are not explanatory rather these want a description which suit their nature.This psychology assignmentanalysis gives a proper description on the explanation of the GFP and it is classified into two overviews.

In the above statement of the psychology assignment, it can be understood that GFP reflects mainly the social effectiveness among the individuals while the other indicates towards a methodological artifact as for an example social desirability bias. As the context of the social effectiveness view, GFP is linked with various other types of objectives. GFP which has derived from the self-reports indicates the behaviors of the supervisors and job performances of the employees, classmate ratings of likability and popularity, outcomes of social dilemma games, interviewer impressions, and delinquent behavior. The findings of the psychology assignmentwhich have come from the analysis are extremely odd with the artifact description of GFP. The GFP has the ability to prescribe the real world incidents. The individuals who have the high EI show desirable or socially effective ethical behavior genuinely and consistently. A psychology assignmentresearch which has the supporting idea of the artifact view, show that GFP scores are tend to endorse the personality items which are positive and the growth of the GFP becomes less when the social desirability of the individuals becomes minimized.

6. References
Van der Linden, D., Pekaar, K. A., Bakker, A. B., Schermer, J. A., Vernon, P. A., Dunkel, C. S., &Petrides, K. V. (2017). Overlap between the general factor of personality and emotional intelligence in the psychology assignment: A meta-analysis. Psychological bulletin, 143(1), 36-51.


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