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   Free sample   Proposal for unskillify an innovative platform for remote area workers

Proposal for Unskillify: An innovative platform for remote area workers


Task: You are required to write a proposal for an innovation (product/service/operational/social). Discuss the problem and description of the innovation. Analyse the unique selling/value proposition. Describe the resources needed to make this innovation happen. Explain how to engage stakeholders with this innovation. Analyse the innovation’s financial requirements and financial viability of the innovation. Evaluate the CSR implications of the innovation.


1 The innovation

1.1 Discussion of the problem

In these times education is very important for everyone. Making sure that people have the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce requires access to education and training. However, not everyone has access to high-quality education and training, particularly in remote locations where there are few training facilities and transportation is challenging. This causes serious skill gaps, especially in fields like technology where the need for certain talents is often changing. Businesses find it difficult to locate people with the skills they want, and workers find it difficult to get the training they require to develop careers. As a result, there is a big challenge for both businesses and workers. Workers in remote places, companies in need of qualified workers, training facilities, and government organizations in charge of workforce development are the stakeholders which are involved in this issue. As a result, job possibilities and opportunities for professional progression are limited for workers in rural places. Businesses in these regions struggle with their respective facilities lack the infrastructure and resources necessary to offer high-quality training to workers in the remote location last but not least although it is the responsibility of the government to guarantee that all citizens have access to high-quality education and training this is frequently not possible in rural areas.

1.2 Description of Innovation

Upskillify is a ground-breaking online learning platform created to give workers in remote location access to high, reasonably priced education and training like programming and data analysis, our platform offers a wide choice of courses taught by subject matter experts. The self-paced nature of the courses enables students to fit their study schedule around other obligations.Upskillify employs cutting-edge technology to design a fun and active learning environment for instance to make learning more engaging, instructors can use gamification and virtual reality simulation.This also employs cutting-edge techniques like personalized learning paths and adaptive learning,which let students advance at their own pace and concentrate on their primary development areas. This software gives users a wide range of options to personalize their learning process. They can pick from a range of content formats, such as interactive quizzes, assignments, movies, etc. The students have access to the online learning community which offers them the chance to communicate with other students and professionals in related fields.Upskillify is dedicated to giving people who might not otherwise have the chance an education and training possibilities. No matter where they are in what their background is, everyone should have the chance to learn and develop. This platform is made to given student the tools they need to achieve by offering an affordable and simple solution.

1.3 Analysis of the unique selling/value proposition

The distinctive value proposition of Upskillify is based on its capability to give workers in remote locations access to high-quality education and training programs. Upskillify helps close the skills gap by making learning more flexible and affordable for all types of workers. This allows employers to recruit competent personnel and employees to develop in their careers. In addition to being reasonably priced, upskillify’s learning platforms is constructed using the newest technology offering an enjoyable experience.

Upskillify’s unique value proposition is that it offers a learning experience that is customized to an individual’s needs, rather than offering a “one- size- fits- all” approach. This means the learners can choose courses that are suitable for their learning style and skill level, making the learning process easier and more enjoyable. Unskillfy’s use of contemporary technology to create a virtual learning environment makes it easy for learners to access the courses. It also provides guidance to the user to track their learning goals. This support is provided through the mentors of Upskillfy which offers individualised coaching and assistance from experienced experts. Upskillify provides a numbers of extra learning materials which also make the selling preposition distinctive from others. The learning materials includes discussion boards, webinars, and webcasts that are all intended to keep learners motivated and help them to achieve their learning objectives.

1.4 Description and evaluation of resources needed to make this innovation happen

• Team:For the effectiveness of any new project, the most important thing is to assemble the ideal team to launch the idea. This idea needs experienced educators, instructional designers, software engineers, and other specialists who are enthusiastic about promoting growth and learning. The team of subject matter experts will design engaging learning experiences and high-quality courses to match the demand of the contemporary workforce.

• Technology: This project needs to make the most recent technological investments in order to give the users a truly exceptional and interesting learning experience. This includes gamification tools and virtual reality, which will offer a more engaging and entertaining learning experience. This platform also ensures that it is usable on a range of gadgets and operating systems, such as desktops, mobile, and other electronic devices.

• Partnership:Partnership with other organizations is also important for the success of this platform. In order to make success it is important to form alliances with other organizations, educational industries, and governments to ensure that the courses fulfill the demand of the workforce. Such relationships will provide access to crucial resources, like subject matter experts and experience industries, which may be used to design a curriculum that is specific to the needs of the workplace.

• Marketing and Advertising: To promote the [platform and draw users, a thorough marketing strategy must be developed. Online printing and social media advertisements should all be a part of this strategy. The messaging should be customized to ensure that the target audience knows the platform for its high-quality courses and enjoyable learning environment.

1.5 Explanation of how to engage stakeholders with this innovation

Any innovation process must include engaging stakeholders. Stakeholders for this innovation include Workers in remote places, companies in need of qualified workers, training facilities, and government organizations. It is crucial to comprehend stakeholders’ demands interests and motivations in order to enable successful stakeholder’s involvement.

To better understand the demands of the workforce and the potential of the innovation to address those needs, pre-consultation with the stakeholders (companies, remote workers, educational institutions, and government agencies) should be conducted. To make sure that the courses are current and satisfy their requirements, it is important to recognize their present problem and consider how the innovation might solve their problems. It is also important to ask them to provide their feedback and recommendations to improve the quality of the platform. Post-awareness programs should be started to spread the word about the platform and its advantages for customers, companies, and training facilities. Social media, email, and other marketing channels should be used to inform users about the courses and how they may benefit from the innovative idea.

1.6 Analysis of the Innovation’s financial requirements

Activity Cost estimation

Content development $40,000-$60,000 p.a.

Hiring experts $ 40,000 approx.

Upgrades and maintenance of technology $ 10,000- $ 25,000 p.a.

Marketing $ 20,000 approx.

Development of platform $ 50,000 approx.

The total initial start-up cost $ 1,00,000-$ 1,25,000

Total annual ongoing cost $ 75,000-$ 1,00,000

Initial startup costs involve the cost of hiring experts, and the development of a platform whereas the ongoing costs include the cost of upgrades and maintenance of technology, marketing, and content development. Regarding returns, the platform makes money from subscription fees, advertising, and alliances with other businesses. The platform could also increase the value of the company by expanding its reach and providing an additional service offering to users. For this innovative idea, a combination of grants, debts, and equity would be the most suitable financial mix. Equity finance would be used to pay for an ongoing operation while debt financing would help pay for the cost of initial development and setup. Grants can be used to support platform development or to finance efforts for research and development. The innovation has a good chance of being profitable. By charging subscription fees, running advertisements, and forming partnerships with other companies.

1.7 Evaluation of the CSR implications of the innovation

The triple bottom line (TBL) methodology, which takes into account the social, environmental, and economic aspects of the innovation, can be used to assess the CSR implication of Upskillify.

• Social:Unskillify helps close the skill gapsand increase employability by giving people in remote places access to high-quality education and training programs, which has a beneficial social impact. This might therefore have a favorable effect on regional economies and communities.

• Environmentally: Upskilling is an online platform so it does not require any physical infrastructure such as classrooms. Because of this, it is an eco-friendlier solution than conventional traditional techniques.

• Economic: By improving workers’ employability and productivity, Upskilly has the potential to have a positive economic impact and support economic growth and development.


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