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Project Proposal Assignment: Importance Of Job Design In Xero Company


Written Project Proposal.
For this project proposal assignment, you are required to select an organisation (you will need to source this organisation) and conduct a project on a topic affecting a Human Resources aspect of the business.

At least 10 academic peer reviewed references from scholarly sources are to be included. In addition, up to five reputable industry sources will be considered acceptable. Remember you are writing a HRM proposal so please ensure the vast majority of sources are HRM based.


What gap in the literature have you found?
Contemporary globalised organizations needs to acquire and retail workforce globally. They are often faced with acute talent shortage to be filled across majority of job roles. International companies are facing tremendous challenges due to lack of job design in particular roles. In Xero company, which is an Australian stock listed company, has varied job roles and requirements. Lack of job design across varied roles, there is tremendously ineffectiveness and lack of productivity in the company. Analysis of relevant literatures found that absence of job design is the main factor in contemporary international organization.

Describe why this gap needs to be addressed within HRM?
This gap prevalent across contemporary international organisation leads to major talent shortages. Job design is an important tool that is applied for meeting the needs of the employees as well as to satisfy the interest of global companies. There are three main job design techniques which need to address in this paper such as job enlargement, job rotation and job enrichment. In case job design is effective then it can be managed to stimulate employees’ interests to work in the company, which in turn increased their job satisfaction and leads to high levels of employee productivity as well as performance levels. In software companies suitable job design can match employees to their roles and increase their satisfaction also reduce absenteeism and turnover from companies. Analysis of job design can reveal aspects of job enlargement, job enrichment, and job rotation. This in turn leads to ineffectiveness in workplace and loss in productivity. Hence this topic needs to be addressed within HRM.

Why is it a problem?
This problem mainly arises due to lack of job design matching to each and every roleacross the organization. When job roles are filled using suitable and matching candidate with appropriate job designs then organization wide productivity can be enhanced. Job design can explain aspects of staff functioning. If in software organisations jobs are designed properly then it will lead to creation of highly efficient and effective managers. Levels of motivations will increase significantly within the company with participating employees in the decision-

making process.

Who is affected by the problem? How does the problem affect an organization/industry (i.e. problem, its affects and what does solving it look like)?
Especially people from the technological industry and also other service industries are grossly affected due to this problem. This problem impacts the industry by leading to inefficiencies and loss of productivity and increased cost of training of personnel. Xero in Australia is unable to compete with other international companies present in the country due to lack of effectivity and efficiency. Hence the company needs to look at its job design aspect such that productivity can easily be increased.

Who are the key researchers in this area (i.e. seminal or often cited authors)? (include HRM researchers)
Adagbabiri, M., & Okolie, U. C. (2019). Job Design and Employee Performance in Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Benin City. Annals of SpiruHaret University, Economic Series, 19(3), 65-89.

Chen, C. Y., Yen, C. H., & Tsai, F. C. (2014). Job crafting and job engagement: The mediating role of person-job fit. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 37, 21-28.

Mattarelli, E., &Tagliaventi, M. R. (2015). How offshore professionals' job dissatisfaction can promote further offshoring: Organizational outcomes of job crafting. Project proposal assignment Journal of Management Studies, 52(5), 585-620.

Miller, M. (2015). Relationships Between Job Design, Job Crafting, Idiosyncratic Deals, and Psychological Empowerment.

Oldham, G. R., & Fried, Y. (2016). Job design research and theory: Past, present and future. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 136, 20-35.

Shahzad, F. (2014). Impact of organizational culture on employees’ job performance. International Journal of Commerce and Management.

Who would be your target sample and why?
My targeted sample would be employees in the technological sector and other service sector as employees in this sector are the most affected hence, they will be targeted for collecting data and information regarding the study.

Which theories have been used by HRM researchers to review the problem?
Theories of job design and employee productivity have been used by HRM researchers to

review this problem.

Which HRM theory will you use and why? Provide only one theory.
I will make use of theory of job design.

Why would anyone in an organization/industry care about this issue?
This issue is of immense importance in the industry as it hampers productivity and leads to loss of efficiency.

How does this matter affect HRM function? (e.g. recruitment and selection, job design, SHRM) Advise one only – the one you will focus on during your project.
It directly affects the function of job design. As job design has tremendous roles to play in bring about effectiveness amongst employees in the industry.

How are you going to investigate the problem (methodology)? (circle one of the below)

  1. Quantitative
    • Survey questionnaire
  2. Qualitative methods
    • Key informants (interviews)

How will you analyse the data?
The data will be analysed by qualitative analysis.


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