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Project Management Reflection on Successful Business Strategies


Task:I want a Reflection on Project Management. Please make sure it should be plagiarism free & of 1000 words.


The Reflecting writing expresses the information of the knowledge and experience of particular individual of a certain area and briefly represents the critical thinking about the subject. By presenting a reflective writing on can demonstrate his personal opinion, thoughts, experience about the certain area and assess the consistency to become successful. The following assessment is defined by the experience and knowledge acquired from two group assessment conducted by students. I am appointed as a team leader in the following group assignment and developed quality management protocols, Gantt chart and value management to successfully estimate the cost of our contemporary project.

Project management plays the most crucial role to attain accomplishment in any business platforms; it provides the basic fundamentals of accomplishing objectives and attains success by managing the project and all its fundamentals efficiently. The project management works by following five basic steps to efficiently manage the projects such as “Start”, “Plan”, “Execute”, “Observe”, “Control”, “Finish”. As a project leader I had to become familiarized by the potential fundamentals of project managers and comprehend the potential success factors of project management to ensure success in my project (Heagney, 2016). According to my knowledge efficient management of project requires proper equipment, appropriate sponsors, stakeholders and effective project managers to ensure the success of the project. It is extremely essential for the project managers and stakeholders to act in resonance towards the similar interest to ensure the success of the project.

For the assessment 2 of the following assignment two different groups are formed to ensure efficient management of the project from one to another location. The group helped me excessively to recognise and comprehend the potential significant factors of the project. Throughout the project we have addressed “RACI Chart”, “Gantt Chart”, “WBS”, “AoN”, “and Risk management”, “Resource overload”, “Identification of stakeholders”, “Budget”, “EVM” and so on (Copyright, 2019). We faced many challenges to develop these factors and charts; however, in the end by contributing our best efforts we are able to successfully complete the project.

Experience 1: Management of Project Costs
It is a fundamental section of project management undertakings where supervisors and other key individuals of the undertaking need to realize the expense to easily perform our task. The important task in cost management is to exponentially determine the expenditure limit and we as a team should ensure that all exercises fall below the distributed monetary allowance (Westland, 2018). The project can be legitimately influenced if we do not accurately allocate the expenditure limit. Subsequently, if the project needs additional cash in the future, we should include additional financial stability. I discovered that there are two sections in cost management, the real expense and the arranged expense on this task, all lying within the management unit. More often than not there are high opportunities to contrast in the cost structure in the task; our arranged spending plan may be higher than real spending plan due to changes in the cost of the material. I could also make use of the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) in order to properly analyze and monitor the costs that are related with the project. As a team we should look at the possible resource overlooks for negating any issues that may lie underneath. In this scenario, I can very well say that defining a proper budget is the most important part of managing the project costs. Laying out an appropriate budgetary strategy will make for a compelling progress for our group as a whole.

Experience 2: Project Quality Management
According to my perspective, Quality management has been one of the endeavors in project management's main territories. Project Quality management within our group is scheduled to ensure that the objects, procedures and benefits through which they are given correspond to the requests of the meetings obsessed and also to their impetus. The quality management I gained from project is irrespective about whether we recreate the assignment with our assets, despite knowing that we are unable to encounter the client's wishes, the project is therefore no longer considered economically viable. Our responsibility as project managers is to guarantee the contentment of the customer as well as to operate and act according to wishes of the customer. This will be the possible option that project quality management exhorts. An orderly quality management procedure is used to detect the fluctuations that are based on the work performed and the arrangement of the work examination (Westland, 2018). As I would see, EVM is important for the control of expenditure, calendar and the management of project quality.

Experience 3: Project Stakeholder Management
Within our project, each member had given their best, and thus we had the option to complete our venture with a high degree. Additionally, Stakeholder management contains perceiving partners, which ought to determine the understanding of their obligations and duties (Hwang and Ng, 2013). On our group evaluation, we examined the learning and the estimation of stakeholders. By and by, we faced a few difficulties in the proper management of the jobs. In any case, our groups comprehend the quality and shortcoming of every part and designate the errand concurring. Our team thought that the framework of identifying stakeholders in project management was one of those structures which must be called as among the most significant, as projects are performed to meet stakeholder’s prerequisites. Within our team, the stakeholders have been periodically addressed throughout most part of the project's development process, giving us a true understanding of the assets, function, timetabling, consequences, as well as other abstract related things within the project.

Thus, in conclusion I can proudly say that the following project management assessment provided extensive experience and knowledge to me. By completing the assessment I am able to recognize the fundamentals of successful project management and attained the knowledge to develop project management procedures myself. The assessment helped me to familiarize myself with potential project management factors such as Gantt chart, risk management factors, stakeholder identification so on. Thus, by evaluating the knowledge attained from the following assessment I hope to develop efficient project management development abilities and gain prper grades. Project Management Reflection writing assignments are being prepared by our project management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help Australia service.

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