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Project Management Assignment: Initiating Project Planning for Quantum Bicycles


Task: Individually, in this project management assignment, you are required to prepare an eight-page project management plan for a company. In analysing the organisational factors that promote effective project management, students will also consider factors that may give rise to ethical compromises.


Project initiation is the first phase of the project life cycle. In this phase the opportunities and reasons for developing the project have been identified as well as a project is needed to be developed for taking advantages for that opportunity. The major decision that establishes the direction as well as resources required such as the project charter ashareholder required for completion of the project has been discussed. The multiple checks while and after the execution for preventing miscommunication as well as helps to ensure the project stay on track throughout its courses. The chosen organisation for the study is Quantum Bicycles. The operations that are carried by the organisation have been discussed. The organisation is looking forward for set up the business in Canberra. In addition, the areas where changes are needed have been highlighted. In order to complete the project work breakdown structure, Gantt chart, scheduled flowchart has been drawn in order to manage the task and for completion of the task. The risk associated to project has been highlighted based on its recommendation has been provided in the study.

Overview of the company
Quantum Bicycles Company is highly experienced frame builders, certified as a master builder from RenoldsEngland. Since from the age 32 Aldo Contarino has been in this industry and was highly experienced bicycle mechanic who has been building, painting as well as repairing frames for over 35 years (QuantumBicycles, 2021). It is not a bicycle store; they are specialist in repairing bicycles. They provide all serviceswhichsuburban bike shoes provide. Aldo has designed all carbon fibre bicycle fork that has been successfully fitted to other frames as well. The services that are provided by the company are as follows:

  • Repairing and servicing all types of bicycles
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Carbon fibre repairs
  • Frame repairs
  • Wheel building
  • Custom fitting
  • Custom frame painting
  • Wheel building
  • Vintage bike restorations
  • Distributors for excellent touring bicycles Vivente World Randonneur
  • Distributor for surly

Quantum bicycles has been partnering with Swiss sports
infrastructure company Parkitect AG for delivering fun on wheel to different fun on wheel communities for all over Asia. The modular Pump tracks was been installed at more than 400 locations all over the world.Quantum Bicycles are the sole distributor of the Tropix and Quantum Bicycles in this part of the worldQuantumBicycles, 2021). The organisation provides a unique service to customers which makes customers satisfies. The organisation has been dealing with the normal bicycles as well as electric bicycles. The Quantum Bicycle has been specialised in identifying the issues in bicycles based on it proper solutions are provided to customers. The main aim of the company is to provide better customers services and increases the satisfaction level of customers.

Company’s operations
Quantum Bicycle has focusing on new location in Canberra. The office size would be 2000 square metre at Marcus Clarke Street. For setting up business few staffs, distributors and retailers are needed. The supply of raw materials has to be specific for suppliers. The procurement requirement for the organisation is to focus on the carbon leveraging with acompetitive edge for customising for its products for various riders. The offers have been differentiated between competitors in order to emphasize with various marketing materials. As stated by Xie and Xiong(2020), the products can be marketed through internet for individual customers as well as trade shows for various distributors. The sales strategy has been depending upon the communication of facts with concrete Carbon’s products are lightweights, bicycles seats post as well as high end bicycles. The sales campaign has been also stressed with ability of Concrete carbon that replenishes distributor’s stocks for seat posts quickly as well as promised.

Concrete carbon has been dealing with competitive edge with its products by offering a customised to weight as well as aggressiveness of riders. The manufacturing has been dealing with carbon seat post with variations on length. Only Quantum Bicycles provides various products for differentriders. Concrete carbon is able to make a marker for weights riders by taking safety measures. Concrete carbon has been intenselyconscious of all obligationsrisks which are elaborate in product obligation suits.

In accordance to Jiaet al. (2019) the development of the products can be engaged for managing the system which eventually helps in dealing with customers’requirements. Specific posts for specific riders are required to get engaged with specific products for specific riders in a competitive advantage as this provides them with most comfortable riding posts. If the light weight rider is using stout post which would feel quite stiff and road vibration would be transferred. The heavy rider is now using a post that has been too light for them as well as it would not get stiff further.

Identification of the essential requirements for the move
The location is accessible for suppliers, distributions and retailers. The customers can reach to the location in easier ways. The security of customers is prime consideration for organisation. The market analysis is needed to be done as this helps to identify the current demand of customers. Cash flow has been critical has been determined with the viable ability for business survive and paying its bills. In order to set up the business organisation has been looking forward for new marketing strategy. Concrete carbon has been using various marketing strategy which is based on two different market segments that has been seeking to reach. The marketing for individual consumers has been done primarily dealing with internet.

Whereas the concrete carbon would be used for some magazine’s advertisement space, the main efforts would be focusing on promoting the websites by managing good positioning on search engines that would pay per click advertising. In accordance to Bhudoliaet al. (2020), the advertisement can be done search engines where payments can be made. The key marketing efforts for distributors are engaged with the industry trade shows. The show would focus on transacted at the shows for manufacturing, distributors as well as retailers. Hence, the show would help in developing relationship with distributors. Therefore, the show would help in receiving lots of attentions by concrete carbon which has been based on recognition where deals can be made as well as relations can be made.

The sales strategy for distributors is needed to be made. It would help to emphasise close relationship in between the concrete carbo and sales distributors. The bicycle trade show helps in increasing the sales rate of bicycle. As stated by Sersliet al. (2019), the retailers need to carry out the seat pots in which greater visibility of products as well as it helps in increasing individual sales. In addition to it, the concrete carbon would help to impress distributors and keeping large inventory of products out fear for not being able to fulfil orders of bicycles from retailers. The organisation has been looking forward for managing the sales rate and satisfying their customers.

Work Breakdown Structure

work Breakdown structure in project management assignment

Figure 1: work Breakdown structure
(Source: Created by learner)

The work breakdown structure has helped the organisation to develop a proper plan that eventually aids in managing the system which eventually focuses on dealing with the success of activities. In accordance to Sersliet al. (2019), the distributors get attracted towards the Quantum Bicycle products that help in increasing the sales rate of organisation. The individual task has been divided in order to achieve the objectives based on its proper activities are carried.

Gantt chart

Start Date

End Date


Duration (Days)



Creating a clear objectives




Meeting with stakeholders




Analysing requirement of clients




Promotional activities




Update meeting with client for feedback




Preparing advertisement for new location




Buying materials required each day.




Update meeting with client for feedback




Risk assessment




1st  day of setting up location




Analysing feedback


Table 1: Gantt Chart
(Source: Created by learner)

work Breakdown structure in project management assignment

Figure 2: Gantt Chart
(Source: Created by learner)

The project would need six months to get completed. The scheduling of task helps in proper completion of the project in better ways. The completion of project various phases as this eventually aids in making it worthy in better ways. After completion of feedback is crucial this eventually helps in analysing the issues.The management system has been carrying out the services in an appropriate way.

Scheduling flowchart

work Breakdown structure in project management assignment

The flow chart helps in dealing with the planning of the project and creating marketing brief as well as managing campaign marketing in better ways. The marketing team has been managing the entire evaluation in better ways. As stated by Takaishi and Hayashi (2017), the budgeting is also decided as this eventually helps in managing the entire system in better manner. Reserving media channel is crucial for making it more famous in better ways. The flow chart helps in making it worthy as this eventually aids in managing the total programming in better ways.

Risk assessment matrix









Unencrypted in system

Lack of auditing in system

Lost in security on managing the services user evidences




Lack in managing the crowd

Crowd hampering the event


System for managing crowd is done



Sales presentation getting affected

Servers are holding to protect location

Weak password on internal text waitron








Control recommendation

Failure in system (High)

System is older hence, protection is low




Services would be not available for 4 hours (Critical)

Use of oldsystem (High)

Potential loss for $25000 per occurrence (high)

Buying new system which cost $5,000

Natural hazard (High)

Supply of raw materials gets late (Low)

Mis communication with shareholder (Critical)

Resources would be available (Critical)

The fitness of customer gets affected (Medium)

Potentially loss of $10,000 per bicycle (Medium)

Monitoring logistic supply chain

Marketing risk (High)

Losses and failure of marketing (High)

Failure rate at launch (critical)

Development of product gets hampered(Critical)

Customer needs and preferences gets changed (Medium)

New marketing plan is needed $10,000


New marketing plan is needed to be developed








Table 2: Risk assessment matrix
(Sources: created by learner)

It would be recommended that sales promotional activities are needed to be planned in such a way that would help in managing the crowd. The proper discussion with the shareholders regarding the supply of raw materials is needed to be done which eventually helps to manage the entire system in better manner. In accordance to Tatsuno and Yoshida (2019), the stakeholder management is needed to be done in order to provide them security and assurance regarding the project. The potential danger has been carried as this helps to identify the requirements based on it functioning can be done.

It can be concluded that the project initiation helps in making proper planning of the project at an early stage. In this stage risk identification can be done. Quantum Bicycles Company has been focusing on sales marketing for installation concrete carbon in bicycles. It has been observed that the marketing would help the organisation to increase their sales rate that adversely would impact on the performance of the organisation. The organisation has been looking for proper functioning that would be needed for promoting of products. The sales strategy of Quantum Bicycles would help in building relationship with distributors and retailers. It has been observed that the work breakdown structure would aid the company to manage the entire system which functions to manage the task in an appropriate way. The scheduled chart would help in managing the task can get completed.

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