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Project Management Information System for John Wiley's Information Technology Infrastructure Company


Task: As the consultant, you are requested to identify options, evaluate and recommend a new Project Management Information System for the company. This is based on your investigation and recommendations’ based on Part A of the assignment.

Your evaluation and recommendations must include:

  • Use of appropriate modern technology and for the future
  • Hardware suitable for the company’s day to day operations (computers, printers, plotters, modems, networking equipment, etc.)
  • General PMIS software suitable for the company’s day to day operations (operating system; GUI software; networking software; word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation and communication software; etc.)
  • Specialised PMIS software suitable for the projects the company undertakes.
  • Staffing requirements and training plan for company staff.
  • Provide breakdown of budget estimate for your proposal.
  • Provide a schedule for the delivery of this upgrade.

For your recommended system, give a cost estimate, obtaining real, up to date costs from hardware and software companies. (Exclude installation costs).


Executive Summary

The major purpose behind the generation of the paper is to address the added cost and the requirements for the proposed endeavor. Moreover, the paper plunges into the potential terms of understanding the hardware, software, specialized software, and budgeter's requirements for the completion of the entire organization. Be that as it may, deliberate assessment uncovers the potential or the chosen methodology for the proposed venture dependent on the distinguished models of achievement.

Scope Statement
The referenced association, John Wiley Information Technology Infrastructure Company, is an association, which acknowledges ventures worth up to $250 million and has been operational throughout the previous 25 years. The association is quickly developing and has been seen to convey a PMIS framework that would be lacking for the measure of staff working. The association has more than 60 representatives, and the proposed venture connotes the requirement for usage of a productive and economical PMIS. This would be guaranteed with the assistance of appropriate undertaking the executive's philosophy.

Aims and Objectives
• To be able to understand the general requirements or the entire venture with consideration to the chosen architecture of the proposed venture
• To be able to specifically understand the resource requirements for the general functioning of the organization to achieve the proposed project
• To be able to create an approximately required fund for the initiation and execution of the venture.

Critical appraisal of the project

The importance of dedicated hardware would be specifically important for the establishment of a new structural or functional architecture in the stated organization. It has been identified that the hardware mentioned for the functioning of the organization would be fundamentally comprised of the equipment required or the daily functioning of the office. However, it is important to note that this may change based on the skills and the geographic locations of the office (Phillips-Alonge, 2019). Hence, the requirements mentioned for the establishment of the falling would be done as per the sustainable aspects of the mentioned office. The probably required hardware are as follows:

• Sixty workstations or desktops for approx. 60 employees (the workstations would be Mac or Apple OS due to its efficiency of creating a dedicated Apple environment) • Ten latest versions of MacBook to increase portability and ease of use among administrative units
• 10 External hard drives for increasing the portability and security of data
• Four office printers with the ability to print in bulks and integrated scan and copping functionality for efficiency
• 4 Projectors would be essential to hold meetings with clients and among the office members
• Apple network servers to implement cloud services by the organization
• 10 Dual-band Wireless routers to support the entire office ecosystem

General PMIS software
The considered area would list and reference the general PMIS framework programming, which would be important for the day by day execution of the association. It is, in a general sense, critical to comprehend that the general programming would be a basic part of the highlighted or the particular framework (Xiang, Yang and Zhang, 2016). It would be explicitly liable for the inner working and the whole UX of the whole association with close reference to the whole possibility of the endeavor. Notwithstanding, the necessary rundown is as per the following:

• Operating system – macOS (due to simplistic and lightweight design)
• The need for dedicated networking software would be omitted due to the prospect of PnP options in all current devices. This specifically allows all networking devices with their own compatible version of networking ecology.
• Microsoft office 365
• Microsoft Teams would act as the Employee management and communication dashboard
• Google suit would be used for effective communication lines with clients
• Skype for Business would be used for video conferencing
• Microsoft SQL Server for the establishment of a dedicated distributed database system of the organization

Specialized PMIS Software
The requirement for specific PMIS programming would be fundamental for the execution and the administration of the whole endeavor. Consequently, it is basic to comprehend that there is engaged programming intended for the execution of each conceivable part of an authoritative venture (Satyarthi and Pandey, 2017). This product s are explicitly intended for the assortment of data and utilize that data identified with the endeavor for a methodical execution. Consequently, the specific programming, as required, would be as per the following:

• Microsoft Project – is included in the entire office suite
• WBS Schedule Pro – needs to be procured separately

Staffing requirements
The staff would be required to give broad preparing identified with the treatment of the referenced equipment segments and the product parts. In any case, it is explicitly essential to comprehend that a specific gathering of people should be employed for the system and database organization. Moreover, a portion of the product and the equipment segments would be particularly new to the settings (Asadabadiet al., 2020). Hence, an approximate financial figure would be provided to ensure the potential cost required for training and hiring new staff to the organization.

Cost estimation
The cost estimation has been provided in a generalized format:




·         60 workstations

·         10 MacBook

·         10 External hard drives

·         4 office printers

·         4 Projectors

·         Apple network servers

·         10 Dual-band Wireless routers


·         $1,299 * 60

·         $1,999 * 10

·         $50 * 10

·         $13,000 * 4

·         $500 * 4

·         $239.88/yearly

·         $89.99 * 10


·         Operating system

·         Microsoft office 365

·         Microsoft Teams

·         Google suit

·         Skype for Business

·         Microsoft SQL Server


·         $0.00

·         Free with desktop and laptop

·         $60/yearly

·         $0.00

·         $3646

·         $14256


·         Hiring

·         Training


·         $4000

·         $1500

PMIS software

·         Microsoft Project

·         WBS Schedule Pro


·         $84/per person per year

·         $199




(Figure: Upgrade Timeline)
(Source: Author’s Creation)

It has been seen that the costing to the whole undertaking is by all accounts of $177,314.78. Nonetheless, it is fundamental to take note of this would be a one-time venture. Thus, the chance and the potential common sense of the task appears to be incredible (Saeed, Sarwar and Bilal, 2016). However, it is specifically important to understand that the need for the emergency fund would be calculated with overlaying 30% of the projected fund. Hence, the total budget as required would be $230,509.21

The suggested procedure for the created arrangement would explicitly make a calendar before acquiring and putting the components according to the prerequisites. It is important to understand that a clear understanding of the requirement would be based on the quality of the final venture (Saleemet al., 2019).

Reference List
Asadabadi, M. R., Chang, E., Zwikael, O., Saberi, M., and Sharpe, K. (2020).Hidden Fuzzy Information: Requirement specification and measurement of project provider performance using the best worst method. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 383, 127-145.
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Satyarthi, S., and Pandey, D. (2017).Framework for Requirement Management using Requirement Traceability. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, 8(5).
Xiang, C., Yang, Z., and Zhang, L. (2016). Improving IS development teams' performance during requirement analysis in project—The perspectives from shared mental model and emotional intelligence. International Journal of Project Management, 34(7), 1266-1279.


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