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Project management for FIFA World Cup 2018


Introduction :
You have been given the task to organise the FIFA 2018 World Cup football tournament (

(For those not familiar with football, you may change the event to the recently concluded 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games:

Task: As the project manager in charge of delivering such as an important world sporting event:

  1. Identify and elaborate the following terms with regards to the event.
    1. Voice of the Customer (VOC
    2. Critical to Customer Requirements (CCR
    3. Critical to Quality parameters (CTQ)
  2. In what ways would you have implemented lean project management for this event?
  3. Identify and elaborate processes from PMBOK, PRINCE2, Organisational Project Management, Agile Practices and Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology) that could support your lean project implementation.


Introduction: One of the popular events that are organised once every four years is the FIFA world cup.In this particular project, the leading of the FIFA world cup event 2018 will be discussed. The importance of hosting the FIFA world cup and the ways in which the project manager manage the whole project is highlighted in the report. Delivering work at a sporting event like FIFA world cup is not that much easy as it looks. Therefore, when a project manager takes the whole project, they need to take care of many things and need to do their work carefully, so that he/she can get the success from the particular project.

Discussion on the different terms
Voice of the Customer (VOC): Voice of the customer is the most important part of a successful project. A project manager cannot get the desired success if they do not follow the Voice of the customer. Voice of the customer is mainly used for capturing the customer expectation about a project, the FIFA event in this case. Every manager should follow the VOC of the project, irrespective of the project’s nature (O'Flynn, 2007). According to many successful project managers, this voice of customer plays a very important and crucial role to get success in a project.

It is crucial for the project manager to consider the minute details of the project in order to conduct the event like FIFA world cup in a successful manner. A small mistake is enough to ruin his whole work. Therefore, in this, the project manager needs to know the exact customer expectation from the FIFA world cup project and needs to perform considering people’s expectations. In Voice of customer, both qualitative and quantitative research measures have been undertaken (Snee & Hoerl, 2018). Before starting any particular project, the manager needs to consider all the required research work. In addition, a project manager needsto understand the customer wants and needs.Thus, with the implementation of VOC, the project manager can easily understand the demand of the customer and thereby plan the event accordingly. The quality of the FIFA world cup event can be thus improved and help to generate the best outcome for the project.

Critical to Customer Requirements (CCR): Critical customer requirements are all about the customer expectation regarding a product or service. So here in this FIFA world cup project, the critical customer requirements are all about the viewer’s expectation regarding the sporting event. This CCR plays a very important role for every project manager in managing the project in an expected manner (Finn et al., 2018). If a project manager gets all the information about the customer or viewer’s expectation then the project manager can easily create the whole plan and strategy of the project. This also works to motivate the project manager. It can boost the project manager and helps him to give their best to the work. All project manager wants to get success in his or her project wants to drive his or her work beautifully to the end of that project. Therefore, if the project manager has the knowledge of the CCR, then he can do his work on his plan.

Critical to Quality parameters (CTQ): Basically to quality parameters are the primary key character of a task or process. As far as possible the execution standard of CTQ should be met to fulfil the need to satisfy the desire from an undertaking. As indicated by the FIFA world cup 2018, it is extremely significant for each undertaking manager to get accomplishment from his or her work. Moreover, every project manager can become acquainted with the response of individuals about their work. It is important to know the response of each venture as it can help all the managers to work in a better way(Rozanec & Moseley, 2018). The examples of basic quality parameters are a strength, delight point, client benefit, productivity, comfort, tactile, condition, bundling, administrations, quality and information. These all are vital to know the genuine meaning of basic quality parameters. As indicated by the project manager of FIFA world measure of 2018, he needs to deal with these things to get achievement in the task like FIFA world glass. All these are vital for the occasion and in addition the venture supervisor. At the point when a major occasion will happen, there are numerous desires from each about the venture or occasion. Hence, every project manager who is identified with the enormous occasion like FIFA world glass should work better and give the best execution to the work(Sarhan et al., 2018). On the off chance that a project manager can meet the client’s desire by their work, as well as without much of effort can get the achievement from the event of FIFA world cup.

ii. Ways to implement lean project management: In this world, there is almost certainty that lean principles have more enthusiasm than some other standards to complete an undertaking. Numerous customers or individuals are identified with the venture or work and all they have their choirs about the undertaking. In this way, every task supervisor should prepare for each one of those inquiries and need to set him up or herself as per the circumstance(Cardoso et al., 2018). It is imperative for the project manager to change the way of life of past occasion through their new venture. As per the task director of FIFA world cup, the perspective of lean is going to change the way of life and are centred around the long haul propelled essentials, which causes them to get a definitive outcome.

It has been identified that there are number of areas, which can be considered by the manager of FIFA world cup in order to successfully execute the lean project. However, below are some vital areas, which needs to be followed to ensure successful lean project managent;

  1. Customer focus: At the point when a project manager assumes all the liability of a venture, they first need to set back and consider the general population who are identified with the task. Here in this exploration paper of the FIFA world cup, the manager should know the perspective of the considerable number of watchers or enthusiasts of FIFA world cup (Molla et al., 2018). It can help the task supervisor to give the best quality administrations and a decent quality work. The administrator needs to consider the client who can give the advantage to the undertaking and who are the genuine judges of the venture. In some cases, a task director has a period utmost to finish their undertaking. Along these lines, that cannot be conceivable to deal with all the client desire and perspectives. Thus, the undertaking supervisors neglect to convey their best work and did not get the accomplishment from the task (Hilton & Sohal, 2012). So from this piece of this venture, individuals or an undertaking supervisor can become more acquainted with the significance of the client and need concentrated on their client. In the event that an undertaking director can make the whole watcher who is identified with the venture glad, at that point crafted by a task supervisor can undoubtedly get the achievement.
  2. About people: The most crucial part to get all the success from an event, a project manager should connect all the viewers to an event. According to the project manager of FIFA world cup, this is very important to get all the desired result from the event like this. In this world, every people know the importance of FIFA world cup event and the craze of people is increasing day by day towards the FIFA world cup(Baier, C Katoen, 2018). The first responsibility of a project manager is to think about the customer satisfaction, so the project manager of the FIFA world cup 2018 need to think about all the viewers who are related to the event. Now a day, all the vent is becoming more entertainment base than before. Therefore, every project should create their plan and di their worked on this. Viewers are the main judges of an event. Therefore, the project manager can get the real feedback from the customer or viewer of the implement a project, the project manager does not need any resource or money, they just need time to complete a project (Näslund, 2008). A project manager needs to create their plan according to the time and people should take care of this too.
  3. Eliminating waste: There are many key territories on an effective occasion. Disposal of waste is the most essential key territory. Each undertaking supervisor should give his or her emphasis on it. As per the task administrator of FIFA World Cup 2018, he ought to lessen the misuse of this occasion. He should advance back and need to figure which could be the misuse of FIFA World Cup venture(Fournier & Jobin, 2018). He should make the fundamental move to keep the misuse of FIFA world cup 2018. Since squander does not give any an incentive to the client. It can without much of a stretch demolish the entire occasion. In this manner, a task chief should be more watchful about the count of all the misuse of an occasion like FIFA world cup and need to take a shot at it (Meyer, 2018). In the event that the undertaking director can make the important stride they cannot give any inconvenience to extend and to the venture chief. From this, a venture supervisor can give their best to the occasion and get all the achievement.

iii. Identify and elaborate Procedure
PMBOK: Project management is fundamentally a casual practice. Amidst the twentieth century, she started to develop as a recognized profession. PMBOK remains for "information administration group of learning". PMBOK can help the task supervisor by giving an entire thought of the venture. From this, any undertaking chief can coordinate the venture and in addition get the best outcome from the work (Manville et al., 2012). PMBOK is utilized chiefly as a standard by which a PMP declaration can be connected. As indicated by FIFA World Cup project manager, this is vital to push the work effortlessly and get the last consequence of the task. PMP accreditation depends on organization best practice reviews. PMBOK is critical in light of the fact that this enables the undertaking chief to institutionalize all practices crosswise over offices. This implies all individuals who are being developed; project management in a way that is appropriated. PMBOK causes the undertaking director to centre around his work and does as such in a standard framework (Li et al. 2008). The project manager can without much of a stretch get numerous guidelines and help from PMBOK. At the point when the venture supervisor needs to talk about the occasion and the undertaking chief needs all the fundamental data about his work, he can without much of a stretch get this data from (PMBOK 2012)). At the point when a task administrator takes a venture, he or she should endeavour to get every one of the thoughts and techniques through how to get the coveted outcome from the work (Albliwi et al. 2014). Along these lines, the FIFA World Cup venture supervisor must take all direction from PMBOK with the goal, which can ensure viable and reliable outcome effectively.

PRINCE2: For implementing the project, PRINCE 2 is a crucial step to be considered by the concerned people. It has been determined that PRINCE2 emphasises on controlling environments connect to each project. Moreover, it can be pointed that PRIBCE 2 is the fundamentally structured project. It enables the project manager to obtain the correct information in order to carry out the event in expected manner. According to the director of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, PRINCE2 is very important to every project manager to get the desired result through his work(Fernández-Solís & Gadhok, 2018). Each project manager can have all the information related to his project and can learn how to manage the project. There are seven principles of PRINCE2, all of which are important. These seven principles are fraught with experience, responsibilities and specific roles, ongoing business justification, stage management, exception management, adaptation to project environment and exception management. In addition, there are also seven axes and a process in PRINCE2. All these seven themes are an organization, work status, quality, plans, change, progress and risk. As a FIFA World Cup project manager, he can also get help from this(Rotter et al., 2018). He must follow each PRINCE2 process so he can manage the entire event successfully and get the desired result from his work.

Organisational Project Management: Organizational project management is essentially the systematic way of managing a project. According to the 2018 FIFA World Cup project manager, this could be very useful for the project manager to successfully guide his project. The OPM concept is primarily based on the ability of any organization in program management, project management and portfolio management(Walker, 2018). In this way, the FIFA World Cup project manager can get help guiding the 2018 FIFA World Cup. From this office, he can get all the information about the effectiveness of his strategy.

Agile Practices: The agile system is a training. It energizes the constant replication of improvement and testing in the "Product Development Lifecycle" of any task. As per the manager of 2018 FIFA World Cup, the AGILE system assumes a vital part in each venture administrator's guide and task introduction. At the point when the project manager takes a venture to oversee it, he/she should create a test for all undertaking exercises(Zhang et al., 2018). This can help him effectively entire the venture and help him get the last consequence of the undertaking. From this approach, the FIFA World Cup project manager can get more data to manage the task.

Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology)

FIFA World Cup project management

Conclusion: From this report, people can know the importance of a project and can get the idea of FIFA World Cup 2018 project. FIFA World Cup is the biggest sports event in the world and if a project manager gets the chance to work on it, then they need to take good care of every small thing in this event and take all the responsibility about his work. He needs to work properly in this event so that he can get the success from a project like this. From this report, every people can get to know the importance of every methodology. Methodology plays a crucial role in every project. Every project manager should follow a proper methodology. With a proper planning and strategies, no one can get the success in a project. Therefore, as a project manager, he needs to create a proper planning and should work on it.

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