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Project management essay: Proposal for Office Refurbishment by Employsure


Task: Identify a project concept that could be executed at either your workplace or home (such as a planned extension, overhaul or refurbishment, IT infrastructure expansion or private function for an extensive audience). Prepare a detailed analysis of this proposal on project management essay that incorporates all of its discrete tasks, costs, time frames, resources, outcomes, stakeholders and contingencies.


This is a project proposal that will emphasise on the project of the office refurbishment that is being initiated by an Australian business consultancy- Employsure and this project proposal will discuss all the important aspects that are necessary for carrying out the project by the company Employsure and it will discuss the different aspects of project management so that it can be understood how Employsure can achieve the decided objectives of the project successfully.

Main body
Project name and description: The project that is being undertaken by the company Employsure is named as the office refurbishment and they have decided to undertake this project for some of the reasons and they have some specified objects for this particular project (Opoku et al., 2015). Usually, the workplace helps in reflecting upon the brand and the company objectives and it helps in bringing in the best candidates and employees to some extent. So, office refurbishment will help Employsure to provide their employees with a workplace that they enjoy working at and it will also help increase the wellbeing of the workplace as well. A well-equipped and proper workplace that has the acquaintance of all the advanced technologies provides a good impression upon the clients as well which is important for a company like Employsure that works with the businesses and provides them with consultancy.

Scope of the project: There are some of the important scopes that are adhered to the project that has been undertaken by the company Employsure and the project scopes are related to the various sections of their office like the partitions, walls, floor, equipment, IT networking, electric, decoration and so on. The project scope includes the fact that executing a proper well-structured refurbished project will help them in building up a better environment at their workplace (Opoku et al., 2015). The floor related scope of this office refurbishment project by Employsure includes taking care of the carpets, vinyl’s, cleaning of the floors, and the existing carpets and rugs, and measuring the dirt barriers. The IT networking scopes are data cabling, fibre optics, and so on. The electric scopes include periodic testing, lightning, emergency lighting, and the decoration scopes are better furniture, better amenities for the employees and the clients, changing the existing theme of the office, and so on (Pomponi et al., 2015).

The strategic objective of the project: There are a few strategic objectives of this current project of office refurbishment that is being initiated by the company Employsure and the objectives of the project ensure-

  • Implementing better technological aspects within the workplace for improving the work efficiency ‘
  • Providing employees with an environment where they get motivated so that productivity increases.
  • Changing the look of the office for making a good impression over the clientele and to attract new clientele and candidates as well and also retaining them.
  • Moreover, it is all about building the work efficiency of the employees of Employsure.

Project sponsor: This is an in-house project that is being initiated by the company Employsure and that is the reason they are not looking for external investors or financial firms to invest in this project and they will not be outsourcing any kind of funds. Edward Mallett- the founder and the managing director of the company himself is the sponsor of this project of office refurbishment at Employsure.

Project sponsoring department: There will be a department at Employsure that will be accountable for managing the project sponsoring as they will be implementing the new ideas into this project so that the project can be successfully executing the project (Jackson et al., 2015). At Employsure, there is no such department that can manage the innovations and that is the reason Employsure will be hiring a company on a contract base and they will be in charge of finishing the whole office refurbishment process.

Project leader: The project of office refurbishment of Employsure needs a project leader and a proper project team that will be associated with successfully executing this office refurbishment. In this current context, Employsure has decided upon the fact that the project manager in the IT department will be the project lead and he will be having a proper team that will work under him, monitor, and assure the success of the project.

Main target audience: Having a proper set of target audiences is one of the basic criteria of a project and the project of office refurbishment that will be executed by Employsure is not an exception and they have a proper set of target audiences as well (Bruce et al., 2015). The target audience of this office refurbishment of Employsure is the employees of the company and the clientele that Employsure currently has. They are the two major important areas of the company and the growth of the company depends on them. Another target audience of this office refurbishment project of Employsure is the potential employees and the new talents that they are planning to attract.

Project deliverables: The project of office refurbishment is expected to deliver a better look and the environment of their corporate office along with the better amenities like better IT infrastructure, better services in the office for the employees and the clients both and the better networking and data system along with the implementation of advanced technologies for the improvement of the work quality and the productivity of the employees (Nibbelink et al., 2017). The project will also deliver a well-decorated office that will attract all the potential candidates and clientele and it will ensure that the theme and the look of the corporate office are linked with the brand and the company objectives and goals.

Project timeline: The project of office refurbishment of Employsure has been estimated to be finished within four months from the initiation and the project will cover all the stages of the project life cycle within that time. The project will begin from January 2021 and it is estimated that it will end by the last week of April 2021.

As a conclusion of this project proposal, it can be said that the project of office refurbishment has an important aspect for the company Employsure and if they emphasise on the project plan properly they will be able to execute the project properly and achieve the project objectives as well.

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