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Project Management Assignment: Impact Of Skill Training In Sydney


Task:Assignment requires you to choose an initial research topic using a supplied research topic generation tool. Next, you will conduct a literature search to identify a scholarly paper relevant to your chosen topic. You will provide a detailed overview of the identified scholarly article using your own words. The review should include all components as taught in the unit (refer to weekly sources). You will provide an explanation of how the paper was identified and to what extent you think it is a credible paper. You will also identify and briefly summarise two relevant sources relevant to the identified paper as explained in the specifications below. You must include a screenshot of Turnitin similarity report showing the similarity percentage. Then, you will provide your personal reflection of your learning experience in this phase. The reflection should record your experiences, feelings and reactions during the learning experience in the last four weeks. This may include your commentary on Turnitin similarity percentage, evaluation of the adopted approaches, techniques or tutorial activities that have been helpful or unhelpful. You must also reflect on the consultation process you have had with your lecturer/tutor, peers and Moodle sources. Refer to Moodle site for the specifications and detailed requirements to complete this part.


Introduction: The term project management is considered as the practice for initiating, executing, planning, closing and controlling the work for a team for achieving specific goals along with meeting the success criteria within a specified time. The primary challenge associated to project management is to achieve each goals of the project in the provided constraints. However, a project manager is known to be accountable for the success or failure of a project. Hence, the project management assignment focuses upon the impacts with hard skills in the training of project management in Sydney.

Discussion: According to the article, “The impact of project management and benefits management practices on project success: Towards developing a project benefits governance framework”, this denotes that project management and benefits management are both an interrelated approach for the success of a project. For understanding a relationship within benefits management and project management, a framework has been developed in the present article for distinguishing between the two. The process based realizing the benefits consist of a broader scope along with a longer cycle of life as compared to the project. This is because; the projects seem to deliver such outputs, which enables some benefits that can be obtained. Hence, the identification of benefits should be done before making plans for obtaining them.

Management of projects is generally based on various technical or hard skills liker budgets and schedules that help in the process of constructing the projects. These skills pave the path for the actions and sequence of the undergoing projects. In addition, fund management or budgeting helps in monitoring and controlling these activities. The growing need for transparency in the present political scenario of the world has increased the requirement of project management considerably. This has equally impacted Sydney and its political sector making project management a significant demand.

Planning can be considered as another significant hard skill that counts in this section. The series of all the activities involved in a project is outlined in this part creating a transparency with the stakeholders so as to gain a better exposure. Hard skills in a project management include a series of factors which include project chart preparation, Work Breakdown, Risk management, budgeting and scheduling. These factors when punched together forms an effective project manager who develops the potential of carrying out the work in an effective manner. A role of a project manager can place a good impact on the project if the personnel is able to define the purpose, objectives and extent of the project. One of the most essential skills in project management is work breakdown (, 2019). Without this skill, the role of a project manager is incomplete. Work breakdown structure helps in organizing the project systematically that can help in getting the work done within deadline. Apart from that, personality trait and personal characteristics play an essential role towards the development of the skills which makes an impact in project management. Skills are considered to be the core foundations of a project manager because it ensures the quality work. Leadership skill plays an essential role in project management as it requires the people to follow orders. Active listening is another important aspect of training because it helps an individual to assess the problems accordingly. Benefits management has a different approach as compared to project management as both focuses on different needs. These approaches are unidentified and requires a deep access to withdraw information that can help both the department to make the necessary changes from time to time. As there are constant communication between the groups, it is essential to understand the context and propose appropriate solutions. Many projects fail to meet the expectations of the clients as they are not able to execute the project accordingly. Delivery is a crucial factor and hence it can be said that people who have such skills are able to understand the scope and deliver the project by exploring the different issues and working on it to reduce it.

project management assignment for manager

Figure1: Accountability of a project manager and a Benefit Manager
(Source:, 2019)

Based on the article “The impact of project management and benefits management practices on project success” discuss another important skill that plays an essential part in project management is Planning. Planning skills is considered to be core project management, as it decides the flow of the project. Hence, to understand the project, a project manager must be well equipped with this skill to ensure that a proper work breakdown structure is in place. Segregating the work helps in moving forward efficiently. To execute any project timely, a project manager has to be well equipped with time management skills as it creates a good impact on the work breakdown structure and timely execution of the project. These skills are essential for project management as it helps in soothes the process. Team handling is another criterion as it assists the team in completing the project in given time frame. It is observed in this project management assignment that in order to increase organisational value, project management skills have to be considered critically to ensure that the organisation can benefit from the execution. Key performance indicators help an individual to understand the impact of present skills in project management and how to make improvement in a given time period. In order to achieve effective cooperation between elements, the interdependence between roles and responsibility needs to be considered.

In addition to this, technological development and advancement is essential in project management. Use of Social, Mobile, Analytics and cloud computing has raised the superiority of a project since it eases the work pressure of the employees. Technical skills prove to place a good impact on the project execution. Technology advancements are helping many individuals to perform tasks easily and hassle free. Though this is the responsibility of a project manager, the role and responsibility vary from project to project. Just like this hard skills, soft skills play an essential role equally. They help the project manager and team to understand the concept and scopes of the work properly. One of the most essential soft skills in project management is problem solving skills as it helps a project manager to negotiate and provide appropriate solutions (, 2019). Project portfolio management are necessary tools to facilitate the budgets and operations. Another important aspect is cultural awareness. This is important for a project manager to deviate any issue that can cause delay in executions. While understanding this concept and skills, it makes a good impact on the project management field. There are certain requirements that must be looked into to ensure that technological development is integrated in project management to ensure that a project manager can utilise the resources. This integration can help a manager to use the possible resources for scope and work breakdown structure.

Based on the above discussions and analysis, I believe that project management is an essential part of a business operation as it decides the fate of a project in a given deadline. Through research, I came to an understanding that hard skills are essential to become successful in the field of project management. These skills can help me to negotiate, manage time, create work break down structure that can decide the fate of a project. I came to an understanding about the different aspects of project and how it impacts the execution if an individual is not well equipped with these resources of skills. With the help of different journal articles, I understood various skills like negotiation skills, time management skills, financial knowledge, scheduling and budgeting and others to name a few. These factors, if I am able to develop in time can help me to eradicate a series of common issue that are most likely to appear in projects.

Based on the discussion above in this project management assignment, it can be concluded that qualified managers from different fields and world are adapting to new strategies and use new technologies to overcome problems. These things are to be achieved methodologically as it creates the best practices. It has been observed in this project management assignment that the decision making is an added advantage in the process of project management field that changes the execution of the project entirely. Project management assignments are being prepared by our management homework help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help sydney service.

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