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Project Management Assignment: Report on the ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022


Task: 1. Case Study Introduction
You have been given a task to organise an international sports event the ICC World Cricket tournament to be held in India in 2022. Assume India plans to use 6 major stadiums in 6 major state capital cities- Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Lucknow and Ahmedabad.

You may refer to the recently concluded ICC 2019 World Cup Cricket in England and Wales.

Your tasks

This assessment item requires you to work INDIVIDUALLY. As the project manager in charge of delivering such as an important world sporting event, you are required to produce a REPORT to be submitted to the organizing committee. The Report should consist of an introduction, body (response to the questions below) and a conclusion. Executive Summary or recommendations are not required. The introduction and the conclusion are part of the total word count.

1.2 Questions:
1. With regards to event - the ICC World Cricket tournament identify and elaborate: (out of 8marks)
a. The processes from PMBOK or PRINCE 2 that you would use to assist with stakeholderexpectation management
b. The key stakeholders for thisevent by conducting a stakeholder analysis using the power/interest grid.
2. Elaborate the following terms in the context of the event (the ICC World Cricket tournament): (out of 7.5marks)
a. Voice of the Customer(VOC)
b. Critical to Customer Requirements(CCR)
c. Critical to Quality (CTQ)

3. Identify and elaborate processes from Organisational Project Management (OPM), Agile Practices, Lean Practices and Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology (from all practices) that could be used to implement lean project management for this event. (out of 14.5 marks)

4. Describe the Critical Success Factors (CSF) needed to be in place within the implementing organisation to achieve successful implementation of LPM (out of 6 marks)

5 Clarity of expression, grammar, spelling, final summary and correct APA stylereferencing (out of 4marks)


1. Introduction
The international authority of ‘cricket tournaments’, ‘ICC’ or ‘International Cricket Council’ has recently finished their ‘World Cup 2019’ in various venues in England and Wales. They are now planning to conduct their next international tournament “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022" in India. It will comprise of some of the best venues in India, such as Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Lucknow. A big event like this needs extensive management planning to execute the tournament conveniently. The authority needs to understand the cultural aspect of the 'host country', especially for 'non-western' regions, and do appropriate planning for governing the tournament (Siddiqui, Yasmin, & Humphrey, 2019). It will attract the local audience to experience a global competition like "ICC World Cricket Tournament” from its selected venues. However, the ‘broadcasting partners’ are also playing a significant role in Asian countries like India, where almost 60 percent of people experience 'cricket tournaments' from the television. It is related to a vast number of technical interactions, and expensive procedure by the ‘International Cricket Council’.

1. Tournament Report: “ICC World Cricket Tournament”
1.1 Stakeholder Identification
1.1.1 Expectation Management of Stakeholders According to ‘PMBOK’

“ICC World Cricket Tournament” Stakeholder Management Factors

‘Identify Stakeholders’

‘Stakeholder Engagement’ Planning

‘Stakeholder Engagement’ Management

‘Stakeholder Engagement’ Monitoring

1.      ‘Inputs’

·         ‘ICC’ President and Chief Executive

·         ‘Project Charter’ with other integral stakeholders

·         “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022” governing plan

·         International cricket boards and player agreements

·         Tournament sponsors and business partners

·         Environmental and cultural organizations of the 'host country.'

2.      ‘Tools and Techniques’

·         ‘ICC’ president and executive board members meeting

·         Gathering important information related to tournament duration and venues

·         Analyzing the consequences and planning intensity

·         Representing the important documents to the international full-time board members

3.      ‘Outputs’

·         “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022” stakeholder finalization

·         Required prior changes into the event

·         Updating the tournament planning

1.      ‘Inputs’

·         ‘ICC’ President and Chief Executive

·         ‘Project Charter’ with other integral stakeholders

·         “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022” governing plan

·         International cricket boards and player agreements

·         Tournament sponsors and business partners

·         Environmental and cultural organizations of the 'host country.'

2.      ‘Tools and Techniques’

·         Advanced technologies to conduct effective communication process among the stakeholders

·         Regular meeting and conversation over email, video conference, and press release

·         The effective decision-making process about the tournament procedures

·         Representing the gathered documents

3.      ‘Outputs’

·         Effective “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022” stakeholder engagement plan

1.      ‘Inputs’

·         ‘ICC’ President and Chief Executive

·         ‘Project Charter’ with other integral stakeholders

·         Tournament sponsors and business partners

·         Environmental and cultural organizations of the 'host country.'

2.      ‘Tools and Techniques’

·         Regular update about the interaction process among the tournament stakeholders until the end of the event

·         Implementation of appropriate and convenient communication skills

·         ‘ICC’ rules and regulations with legal procedures

·         Team participation with international and core members of 'ICC.'

3.      ‘Outputs’

·         Tournament management plan changes and updates

1.      ‘Inputs’

·         ‘ICC’ President and Chief Executive

·         ‘Project Charter’ with other integral stakeholders

·         “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022” governing plan

·         International cricket boards and player agreements

·         Tournament sponsors and business partners

·         Environmental and cultural organizations of the 'host country.'

2.      ‘Tools and Techniques’

·         Analyzing the tournament’s stakeholder engagement documents and update reports

·         Effective communication process among the ‘ICC’ president and board members

·         Regular stakeholder meeting to monitor the tournament processes

·         Team participation with international and core members of 'ICC.'

3.      ‘Outputs’

·         ‘ICC’ stakeholder’s involvement in the planning of “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022."

·         Required changes and resolve risk factors from the tournament planning


Table 1: “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022” Event ‘Stakeholder Management’ Processes
1.1.2 Stakeholder Analysis for Key Stakeholders in the Tournament





‘ICC’ President

Planning and finalizing the tournament processes



‘ICC’ Chief Executive

Conduct an interaction process with international board members for tournament planning



‘ICC’ Executive Board Members

Analyzing the tournament planning documents to identify risks and opportunities 



‘ICC’ Board of Directors (International)

Analyzing the performance state of international groups, and rank them for ‘World CricketTournament’ selection



‘ICC’ International President (‘full-time’ countries) 

Discuss with the different country’s cricket board about their practice structure, player’s fitness, and team management system



‘ICC’ International Chairman (‘full-time’ countries) 

Discuss the participant international country’s board structure and policies



‘ICC’ International Associate Members

Helping the ‘ICC’ authority with additional planning strategies



Other than ‘ICC’ Core Stakeholders

Tournament Sponsors

Sponsor the teams and players during the ‘World Cricket Tournament’ event (including prize money and trophy sponsorship)



‘Media’ Partners

Promoting the event activities on national and international media channels



‘Broadcast’ Partners

Broadcast the entire tournament on national and international partnered channels



Hosts and Commentary

Entertain the audience during the matches by giving the important player and match details



‘Business’ Partners

Market the tournament in advance to grab the audience’s attention and increase the promotional activities




An integral part of the tournament, which proceeds the tournament with their best performances



‘Host Country’ Cricket Board Authority

Greet other international cricket board authorities during the tournament




Supporting the tournament from the venue and broadcasting sources



‘Host Country’ Political Leader

Engaging with the current political organization and leaders of the ‘host country’ to maintain the legal and social activities



Venue Security Department

The control security system of the selected venue for the entire tournament, and help in conducting a successful event



‘Accommodation and Food’ Partner for Players and Tournament Authorities 

Providing hospitality services to the participant players, and ‘ICC’ authorities along with the other international board members




Table 2: “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022” Key Stakeholders and Their Responsibilities, Power, and

1.2 Critical Areas of the Tournament
1.2.1 ‘Voice of the Customer’ (VOC)

It is a technology-based program that has been designed by the authorities of various international tournaments to generate feedback and opinions from the audience. The 'voice of the customer' (VOC) is representing those who act as an essential factor in achieving success. The intensity of gathering feedback from various 'moderator' and their participation can produce innovative opportunities and improvement strategies for providing better media exposure (Camacho, Nam, Kannan, & Stremersch, 2019). Asian country like India has a huge fanbase for big international tournaments. 'ICC' authority needs to survey the audiences in India to understand effective ways to broadcast the tournament.

1.2.2 ‘Critical to Customer Requirements’ (CCR)
The 'customer requirement' is depending on the available features and standard of a specific service with an affordable price. "ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022" is supposed to be the most significant event in India of that year. The audience is already craving for experiencing international cricketer competing with the national team. The management team needs to work on acquiring satisfaction from the audience by providing improved and high-quality tournament (Smith, 2018).The maximum attraction from the audience can help the ‘ICC’ to achieve many sponsorships to sustain the tournament processes.

1.2.3 ‘Critical to Quality’ (CTQ)
The 'critical to quality' defined the (VOC) of the customers from their experiences about a particular service. It is an essential parameter for the 'ICC' authority to understand the audience's preferences and plan the tournament procedures according to that. An effective survey among the potential audience to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the tournament will deliver the ‘critical to quality’ factors of the audiences (Chen, Lii, Li, & Yu, 2020). ‘ICC’ authorities will be benefitted from the results acquired from these surveys for making better choices in media and broadcast partners, and commentary expertise.

1.3 Implementation of ‘Lean Project Management’
1.3.1 ‘Organizational Project Management’ (OPM)

Decision-making Areas

Responsible Stakeholder



‘ICC’ President and Chief Executive

The tournament venue and duration will be depending on the ‘host country’s’ sports management structure and cricket board authorities. ‘ICC’ President and Chief Executive will conduct effective interaction with them for finalizing the event schedule. 


‘ICC’ Authority and Indian ‘Cricket Board’ (‘BCCI’)

The architecture or planning of "ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022" in India needs immense support from the 'BCCI' ('Board of Control for Cricket in India') to conduct the tournament process designing with the 'ICC' authority.

‘Performance Measurement’

‘ICC’ Board of Directors for Development (International)

'Performance measurement' of the participant players will be depending on the 'ICC' 'Board of Directors' for international players. They will measure the player's performance during the tournament for proper reward segmentation. The 'performance measurement' is also applicable to efficient tournament processes.


‘ICC’ Authority

Tournament process practices will enable the ‘ICC’ authority to achieve their event goals. 


‘Core Stakeholders’ of ‘ICC’

A successful international event is depending on the effective interaction and engagement between the "ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022" core stakeholders. It is essential for executing tournament planning.


‘ICC’ Executive Board Members and International Chairman (‘full-time’)

The maintenance and governance process of the whole ‘World Cricket Tournament’ will sustain the event processes.


Table 3: “OPM” for “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022”

1.3.2 ‘Agile Practices’



Tournament Evaluation

‘ICC’ has announced their desired location for the “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022” in India. The authority needs to plan for the event organization process with the help of the 'host country's' cricket board. The effective planning and decision-making process is an essential part of a 'one-day' cricket match like 'World Cricket Tournament’, beside the player’s performance (Bandulasiri, Brown, & Wickramasinghe, 2016). The initial planning of the tournament will be under the supervision of the ‘ICC’ president and chief executive board members with the international members.  

Improvement Strategies and Requirements

The active monitoring process during the stakeholder management and engagement process can identify various risk factors. These factors can interrupt the tournament procedure and can lead to a financial loss of the 'ICC' authority and associate sponsors. It is essential to implement improvement strategies, such as tournament venue and date finalization in advance, conduct meeting with the participant country's cricket board authorities, and identify the proper marketing planning.

Process Design and Implementation

Design the tournament process, such as date, venue, timing, broadcasting and media partners, daily player reward sponsors, commentators and hosts, player's healthcare and training facility, accommodation and diet planning, host the international cricket board authorities, in advance. The implementation of these factors is essential in conducting a big event like international cricket 'World Cricket Tournament’.  

Test the Processes

Test the tournament processes by conducting practice matches between different participant teams before the actual event. It will enhance the confidence and activity factors of the players, and the ‘ICC’ authority can measure the strength and weaknesses of their tournament processes. Risk factors can be mitigated before the actual event.


After finalizing and fixing every possible area of the tournament process, 'ICC' can start their actual event according to the schedule. The preparation related to media exposure, broadcast, audience management, security system, and player management needs to be up to date for avoiding potential errors during the tournament.


Table 4: ‘Agile’ Process of“ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022”

1.3.3 ‘Lean Practice’ Principles



‘Waste Elimination’

‘ICC’ authority needs to analyze the meeting documents and previous case studies to identify the potential ‘waste zone’ during the tournament processes. It will strengthen the other works, such as engagement with the players, and international cricket organizations.

‘Maintaining Process Quality’

"ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022" is the biggest cricket sport event globally. Ten different international teams and various high ranked cricketers will participate in the tournament for the 45 days long event. The standard maintenance is the critical function in sustaining the event.

‘Process Knowledge’

The knowledge that is acquired from the tournament processes needs to be documented by the 'ICC' for making future management plans.

‘Postponed Situation’

The delayed duration during the tournament processes from uncertain weather condition or serious player injury can interrupt the live matches. The event management team of 'ICC' needs to keep these things on mind and provide suitable services fast, such as cricket pitch cover materials with required staffs, and health checkup team.

‘Fast Process Timing’

The advanced planning process of the 'ICC' authority will help in executing the tournament efficiently and within the assigned time.

‘Respect the Authority’

'ICC' President and its executive board members need to greet every international cricket boards, who are participating in the "ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022". They need to assist them in the tournament procedure and provide a friendly interaction.


The broadcasting process for the "ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022" is an essential aspect of media exposure. More than half of the audience will be watching the daily matches and its highlights on the television. The media and broadcast partners can make an 'audio-visual' feature on the summarization of each match to decrease the traffic level on the 'ICC' website (Javed, Irtaza, Malik, Mahmood, & Adnan, 2019). The authority needs to implement available technologies to sustain the tournament, even after its end.  


Table 5: ‘Lean Practice’ Principles for“ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022”

1.3.4 ‘DMAIC’ Methodology for ‘Lean Six Stigma’






·         Identifying the risk factors during the “ICC World Cricket Tournament2022” tournament process, and implement development strategies

·         Provide a high-level international tournament consisting of top-class cricketers, and famous personalities

·         Represent a complete statistic about the participant player’s health, and performance quality for their proper selection

·         “ICC World Cricket Tournament” will be conducted by its key stakeholders from ‘ICC’ executive board members to the sponsorship organizations

·         Tournament process need practical analysis of the meeting documentation among the 'ICC' international tournament's stakeholders

·         Documented data is accurate and under the 'ICC' president and chief executive

·         Authority needs to make graphs on the tournament schedule, players performance record, international team’s and individual’s performance during the tournament

·         Risk factors can occur from the uncertain situations in the 'host country', player's injury, conflicts among the authorities, and unfavourable 'weather condition.'

·         ‘ICC’ authorities and international cricket board members should focus on the convenient processes of the tournament

·         Risk factors need to resolve before the actual starting of the tournament

·         Improvement factors of the “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022” is related to the mitigation of the potential risks

·         A healthy relationship among the international cricket board authorities and participant players will determine the tournament processes

·         Improvement factors will enhance the governance capacity of the ‘ICC’ authorities during the tournament

·         ‘ICC’ authority needs to consult with the participant country’s cricket board member about the tournament processes

·         Tournament duration and match timing should be flexible for the player’s betterment

·         Tournament processes need to be controlled by the president and chief executive of ‘ICC’, and be responsible for any mishap

·         Appropriate implementation of risk management factors will sustain the tournament processes and make a successful event


Table 6: ‘DMAIC’ Factors of the Tournament Processes

1.4 ‘Critical Success Factors’ (CSF) for ‘Lean Project Management’ Implementation




‘Most Critical Factor’ of (CSF)

Tournament governance and management structure of the ‘ICC’ Authority

"ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022" needs an effective maintenance process to identify any error in advance to resolve the risks. The governance process by the 'ICC' authority is essential to maintain the standard of the tournament.

‘Supportive Elements’ of (CSF)

Sponsorship During the Tournament

Cultural and Social Aspects of the Tournament

Engagement of the Skilled Authority

After acquiring the critical aspects of the tournament, the additional elements need to be maintained. It is including the analyzation of the cultural background of the audience in India to make attractive promotional works for the tournament, acquiring efficient sponsors to conduct the tournament smoothly, and implementation of skilled and deserving people in the international 'Board of Directors' team.


Improvement Factors

Technology Implementation

Required Resources

'ICC' authority can achieve benefits by maintaining its critical and less critical factors during the tournament process. It is including the availability of required resources for sustaining the processes, implementation of advanced technologies to conduct works conveniently and identifying the improvement strategies.


Table 7: Successful Implementation of ‘Lean Project Management’ “Critical Factors”

2. Conclusion
The planning and operational processes of a successful international tournament like "ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022" needs various methods in the 'lean project management', and an effective analyzation of the key stakeholders. The responsibility of each stakeholder from 'ICC' and international cricket boards of the participant teams needs to be fulfilled within time to execute a high standard international sports event. The practical understanding of the cultural diversity of the Indian audience can help the 'ICC' authority to implement a creative promotional campaign to attract the viewers. It is essential to appoint famous personalities from the cricket field as commentators to enhance the sports details, and generate quality entertainment during the matches. The effective management planning will lead the internal and external stakeholder to process the whole event efficiently for almost 45 days, with 48 different matches among ten international teams.

3. Appendices
3.1 Appendix 1: “Critical Success Factor” Processes for ‘Lean Project Management’ Implementation


3.2 Appendix 2: “Power and Interest Grid” for “ICC World Cricket Tournament 2022”


4. Bibliography
Bandulasiri, A., Brown, T., & Wickramasinghe, I. (2016). Factors affecting the result of matches in the one day format of cricket. Operations Research and Decisions, 26.
Camacho, N., Nam, H., Kannan, P., & Stremersch, S. (2019). Tournaments to crowdsource innovation: The role of moderator feedback and participation intensity. Journal of Marketing, 83(2), 138-157.
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