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Project Management Assignment: Reflective Practice On Lessons Learnt


Task: The written submission involves both student initiated reflection (lesson 1) and one guided (tutor led) reflection (lesson 2). Student Initiated Reflection (lesson 1)
Student initiated reflection involves a process where students alone choose what experiences to reflect upon concerning lessons learnt. Guided (or tutor led) Reflection (lesson 2)
In contrast, guided (or tutor led) reflection involves a process where the tutor guides (or assists) the student concerning the area of reflective practice. Students then reflect upon experiences (relating to that area) which subsequently prompt students to identify lessons learnt.


1. Introduction
The reflective practice focused in this project management assignment is mainly the proper evaluation of the everyday action. The evaluation has been documented for the development and the improvement of any individual (Pollard,2019). The reflective practice is very much beneficial in knowing the weaknesses and the strengths of an individual so that the individual can improve those things. The improvements can help to develop the individual in their professional life. The reflective practice is mainly the documentation as well as learning process, which mainly go in regular basis. The practical values of the individual have also been evaluated, as it can be very much useful in the development of the different traits that can make the individual successful in their professional life. The past mistakes are also determined through the practice and also many things are learnt from those mistakes so that those situations are managed properly in these situations (McCloryet al. 2017). The project management mainly consists of planning, controlling, and executing the strategies so that previously set goals and targets are achieved successfully. The continuous learning aims to provide the development of planning, execution of the different strategies and also decreasing the chances of mistakes that leads to the success of the project management. The continuous learning also aims to provide the proper management conceptions to avoid the different constraints (McCloryet al. 2017). The following study developed within this project management assignment put a light on the procedure or the framework of the learning process of the different lessons in the reflective practice, the evaluation of the different lessons are also evaluated in the proposed project management assignment. The stakeholder communication plan and the improvement strategy are also been evaluated in the following project management assignment.

2 Lessons Learnt: Framework
2.1lessons Learnt Framework Explained
The lesson learnt framework mainly comprised of four steps where the different aspects of the project management has been evaluated. The project management mainly stands on these four pillars, as appropriate execution of these four aspects can be the cause of the successful project management. The lessons mainly extracted from the different experiences and the knowledge that has been gathered from different work and strategies. The framework illustrated in the context of project management assignment mainly focuses on my experiences as manager in different project (Thomaset al. 2018). My approach and the drawbacks are also been evaluated through the framework. The framework is discussed in below

In this aspect the opportunity has been identified and this can also help to create or formulate any change in the traits as well as in the approach of the project. This has been very much helpful for me as seeking the opportunity sometimes helps any individual like me to know the different dynamics of a project and effect that the state can provide.

The lessons and the changes in the approach and the idea have been evaluated properly and the different resources are determined. A study that has acquired small scale has been evaluated in this project management assignment so that the study can provide the idea about the validity of the different lessons that have been learnt during the academic studies of mine (Uhl, & Gollenia, 2016). I have been very much dependent on this study as this study can provide a proper idea about the validation of the lessons in several circumstances. 

In this phase of project management assignment, the test has been analysed properly. The test results are reviewed and learning from the analysis comes handy. In most of the cases I have been used this phase to evaluate the things that are mainly missed in the previous phase (Lientz, & Rea, 2016). The previous experiences in the project management can be very helpful in testing properly the process as it can increase the assurance of success in terms of the project.

It is done in the initiation of a project cycle. The improvements and the process of development have to be selected and evaluate as per the plan is needed. According to me the Act phase has been important to know the practicality of the planning and also the resources that have been needed to execute the plan. The lessons that are learned as outlined in the context of this project management assignment are also applied in this phase as the new changes in the management of the project.

2.2 Lessons Learnt Process: How I Planned To Gather, And Document Lessons Learnt





9.. Identify

After the end of all the projects it could be successful or failure, I always planned to identify all the different points that can be helpful in the future projects (Ferrada et al. 2016). I actually planned for it to develop my skills as a project manager.

I always planned to involve the stakeholders (teachers) and also the fellow students who work under me to identify my learning or the lessons that has been very much crucial in the future perspective.

As a student, I always planned to identify all my lessons that can be extracted through data that has been taken from the project management. The lessons or the weaknesses or the drawbacks are identified through the feedbacks, which I always like to maintain so that myteachers can evaluate my work and the suggestions can be gathered. I also planned to identify the feedback of the my teammates.

(ii) Document

 I have planned to document all my lessons after the completion of the projects that I have worked (Duffield, & Whitty, 2016). This can help me to see where I need to improve and the performance graph of mine.

 I always planned to involve the teachers and also my teammates and the junior work under me in the project

 I planned for documenting all the lessons that in learned in the previous project management works in the personal computing device of me. This documentation has been done in the form, of mails that have been sent by my teachers to me as the recommendation or suggestion that can improve the workflow.

(iii) Analyse

I have planned to analyse the different lessons that has been extracted from the project after the documentation of the different lessons that has been learned from the study projects that has been evaluated previously

I would like to mention in this report of project management assignment that I planned to indulge the technical teams and also the trainers and the facilitators of mine to analyse the facts and the different drawbacks and the recommendations of improvement of the project management approach.

I planned to analyse the lessons are mainly done with the help of the different computer software and also by me with the help of the different literature references and the help of the research methodology to evaluate the survey data.

(iv) Store

I have planned to store all the results of analysing the facts of the lessons and the recommendations of improvements.

I have planned the storing operation of the different lessons with the help of the technical team of the organization where I used to work

I have planned to store the documentation of the survey results of the different recommendations and the lessons have been stored in the personal computers of mine. The drive and the virtual project libraries of the organizations are also used for storing the lessons.

(v) Retrieve

After viewing and pointing out all the lessons I have planned to use it in the current and also future projects.

I have planned to coordinate with all my teachers and fellow students to retrieve the lessons I have learnt.

I have planned to use all the lessons that I have learnt in the current project with the help of the different type of managerial strategies, which contains all the lessons I have learnt.

2.3 Lessons Learnt Process: What Actually Happened?
In this phase of project management assignment I have to compare the things I have planned and what I have actually successfully implemented in reality. The planning is different and the act according to it is different so that in this table I have registered the things that I have done for implementing the lessons learnt.





9.. Identify

I have identified lessons that are learnt in the process of the college event management. Even after the event completed the lessons are evidently identified as the different recommendations and also the result of the project can give the proper idea.

 I involved the teachers, fellow teammates from different previous subjects to identify the lessons learnt.

I somehow identified the lessons with the help of the analysing the result of the project management. The observation and feedback report of the teachers as well as the recommendation regarding the projects was also helpful in extracting the learnt lessons.

(ii) Document

I documented in MS word in report format about the lessons learnt after identifying the information regarding the event. I gathered whole information about small event that is happened in our college through senior students and previous reports submitted by students

I involved the senior students, teachers and fellow students to document the lessons that I had been learnt in the previous managerial work.

 I documented the lessons by reading reports of senior students and their personal interview.

(iii) Analyse

I analysed the lessons after the documentation of the different reports.

It is stated in this project management assignment that I involve the researcher who is mainly involve in the event management

I analysed the facts and lessons with the help of the questionnaires that is mainly done in the personal interview by students.

(iv) Store

I stored the facts about the lessons that I have learned in my academic life after successful organizing the event.

 I involve the event organizers and the authority to store the lessons.

I stored the lessons and the data about the lessons in the different drives and the personal libraries

(v) Retrieve

I apply the project management strategies especially stakeholder management and time management with the lessons learned after knowing and determining the lessons that can be effective min the project.

I retrieve the lessons with the help of the my teachers and event organizers

I retrieve the lessons by using strategies that can be beneficial for the organization or the project.

3. Lessons
3.1 How will you define the lessons learnt (or learned) in the context of project management assignment?

 As a student, I have always been believed in the time management has been very much important for the success of student. For any student, time management has to be managed smartly so that demands of the academics, personal life and extracurricular can be satisfied and the success can be ensured (Chaveset al. 2016). So I have learned from the study considered in this project management assignment that the time management has been a very important thing in any project. The demand of time to fulfil major project (event) has to be evaluated properly. I have learnt the time management in my student life.

3.2 Lesson 1
3.2.1 What I Learnt From Reflecting On the Situation

1. Situation

2. The situation made me feel…

3. What I learnt from reflecting on the situation

In a situation what I have faced in my academic life, I have been suffered from lack of proper coordination in the preparation of event. I felt that things will go out of hand and I will not be able to handle event properly due to poor time management between small programs of event. The lack of punctuality has been a problem for me in my college life. The lack of punctuality mentioned in this section of project management assignment can also be a problem as it poses irritating for the students and the management of the university who I have to deal with. The delay of the event had been a problem for the reputation of the university as well as me and even my managerial skills has been questioned.

 The situation outlined in the project management assignment has made me frustrated and also a failure in managing the project. The consequences also made me feel much angrier and the delay of the event also make me depressed and if felt anxiety. 

I learnt that if I break down major event into sub task and allocate time to each task, everything will be in line. I also learnt that the management of the workers and setting the targets for the different workers and monitor over the work of the workers as the small targets can be accomplished.

3.2.2 Improvement Strategy One

Improvement strategy
Explain in this segment of project management assignment what the specific strategy is that you will implement to address the lesson identified above

(b) Measurement
How to measure if the strategy works

Why the strategy is achievable

Explain the relevance of strategy to address the lesson

When the strategy will be implemented

The specific improvement strategy is the time management strategy in which I need to divide whole event into subtask and allot specific time to each task. I also need to allocate specific responsibility to specific person so that the person or fellow student can perform the tasks with expertise. The subtask has been also divided strategically and a certain timeline of accomplishing those subtask perfectly.

I know the capability of the strategy as I can measure timely completion of programs during rehearsals.(Pollard, 2019). The amount of different resources is also very much helpful in terms of measuring the possibilities of completion.

 It is achievable as the strategy needs a low amount of resources. Managing bond among teammates is major success factor. The strategy is also achievable as the strategy can be done with the help of the documentation and the monitoring to other workers rather than the fellow students who worked under me.

The improvement strategy outlined in the context of project management assignment is relevant to the lesson of lack of time management in a project as this strategy can avoid the negative consequences. (Uhl, & Gollenia, 2016).

The strategy can be done during rehearsal of event and two and a half month is enough for executing the strategy.

3.3 Lesson 2: Communicating With Stakeholders (7 Marks Awarded For 3.3)\

3.3.1 What I learnt from reflecting on the situation (3.5 marks)

1. Situation (involving conflict)

2. The situation made me feel…

3. What I learnt from reflecting on the situation

The lack of efficiency and the regular conflicts among teammates are also a problem that I had faced in my academic life. These conflicts among the teammates sometimes formulated because of the clash of interests among the different workers rather fellow students.

The situation made me angry as the efficiency of my project depends on the coordination among my teammates and this can decrease the efficiency and also can block the flow of the work which can also decrease the chances of completion of task in right time.

I would like to mention about my lessons learnt herein project management assignment that the conflicts of interest between the teammates are the main problem of the situation. I have learnt the teammates should be managed properly through a proper team management. The interactive sessions as well as group discussion among the workers or students can resolve the problem of the conflict. The manager needs to communicate well with the workers and provide proper ideas to resolve the situations.

3.3.2 Improvement Strategy Two: Communicating with stakeholders (3.5 marks)

Improvement strategy
Explain what the specific strategy is that you will implement to address the lesson involving resolving conflict)

(b) Measurement
How to measure if the strategy works

Why the strategy is achievable

Explain the relevance of strategy to address the lesson

When the strategy will be implemented

The specific strategy discussed in the project management assignment is the proper communication strategy so that the managers can properly interact with the team members so that the problem can be resolved and the manager can motivate the team members to increase their efficiency level.

 I know the strategy would work as I can measure the need open communication. These are the main problems create the conflict among the teammates. The study developed in the project management assignment examines that the communication strategy can help to know the team members better and the cause of the conflict. (Karlsen, 2002).

It is achievable as the strategy can be done with the help of the open communication. This doesn’t need any kind of other resources so perform this strategy properly.

It is relevant as the problem of conflict and the lack of efficiency of the teammates can be reduced and in the professional life the communication strategy can also help to interact with the students so that the problem of leaving the team or task because of conflict can be avoided. (Eskerod& Jepsen, 2016).

 It needs few personal meetings months to execute properly. It should be done in regular intervals.

4. Conclusion
Considering the overall discussion on this project management assignment, it can be said that the lessons are very much important for the improvement of any individual in upcoming professional career also. The lessons are mainly gathered from the experience and with the help of the improvement strategies the sustainable and continuous development can be ensured.





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