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Project Management Assignment Examining Organisational Factors Required for IntansCare ProductDevelopment by MediSys Corp


Task: Go through the case study “MediSys Corp: The IntensCare Product Development Team”.
You are required to analyse the case study considering the OB theories and concepts and prepare a report on project management assignment. Specifically, you are required to address only ONE of the case questions in relation to the case study, provided below:

a. Examine the organisational (macro) factors that have caused issues in the project team. What recommendations/solutions based on your academic research into OB theory would you suggest in addressing these factors in the future

b. Examine the challenges of leading and working in cross-functional project teams, evident in the case study. Provide your recommendations based on your academic research into OB theory.


The current report on project management assignment analyses the case of MediSys Corporation which is a private organisation which placed in the USA and is famous for manufacturing medical devices. Through which, the hospitals and the other medical sector could be able to digitally monitor the patient's health. In this way, the organisation has manufactured its two devices to help the hospitals for digital monitoring. These two devices are Specialty Pulmonary and Renal Monitoring systems. Through manufacturing these two products, the organisation has got extensive success during its initial operation of the business. The entrepreneurial culture of the organisation had been fostered due to innovative thinking throughout the organisation . In this aspect, MediSys Corporation had tried to fetch more innovation in its manufacturing process to produce its IntensCare product to more specifically monitor the patients. Therefore, the Valerie Merz, the marketing manager for IntensCare, and Jack Fogel, the senior production manager negotiates to adapt a project to test the product and its ability about its duty.

2. Examine the Organisational Factors that Needed for Project Management
I. Budget: To make a success of the project, the senior leaders of MediSys was provided with the efficient support to the team members, who are majorly involved with the project. Jack Fogel, the appointed project leader of IntensCare product development project has prepared the budget of $500,000 to efficiently accomplish the project.
II. Stakeholders: The appreciation of the organisational stakeholders is must be needed to manage the project for developing the IntensCare product. The efficient support of consumers helps to enhance the positivity confidence between to team to perform their duties efficiently to get the effective outcome.

III. Project Members: MediSys has the potent members like Beaumont, the new President; V. Merz, the marketing manager; J. Fogel, the senior production manager and project leader of IntensCare product development; Bret O’ Brien, the manager in project engineering; A. Gerson, the R&D researcher; D. Mukerjee, the software designer; K. Baio, the member of Regulatory Affairs; and the efficient group of 1750 employees, etc. that prominently helps to manage the project within a successive manner . To appropriately manage a project, the team members always maintained the appropriate communication system to make everyone knowledgeable for the project progression.

IV. Needs: The digital monitoring system in the hospital and the healthcare sectors is significant to digitally gather the knowledge and information about the patient’s condition.
V. Supply: To launch the product of IntesCare in the market within August 2009, the project needs an extensive level of supply chain service as per the requirement of the product manufacturing. Thus, the project management team could be able to produce, test and launch its IntensCare product in the market .

VI. Price: The project team members of IntensCare product development had got the little success to manage the project cost. This efficiently helps to reduce the cost of its end product.

3. Critically Analyse the Reasons behind the Creation of Issues during the Project Management
During the year of 2008, Beaumont showed a modern parallel technique due to improving the product through assembling the core team of people from various sectors like R&D, Marketing and sales, software design, production, etc. These core team members were strived to move the product from concept to the stage of final production through working together. The project leader, J. Fogel provides its potent focus on the project to keep it in track to efficiently accomplish the project. Nevertheless, the project leader realises that there were still some difficulties in the management process of the project. Even, Mukerjee on 2nd February 2009 had sent a text message about to suggest that the bigger problem could occur during the entire project management activity of IntensCare product development . The team members had been unable to meet with the deadline of the project to deliver the IntensCare product in India by 1st May. Due to the serious issue of engineering, the problems were not fit into the data displays, and battery units. Therefore, the team had failed to meet with the deadline of product delivery, due to the expansion of the engineering system. Moreover, due to the misleading of the project, V. Merz was chosen her path to launch the product in the market with arguing the President, Beaumont, and the other core team members of the project. However, due to the lacking in product designing, she was also failed to meet with the consumer needs, and get numerous negative feedbacks during her marketing management system . On the other hand, due to the presence of a poor communication system between Merz and the other team members of the project. Therefore, to mitigate these issues of IntensCare product delaying, MediSys had developed its internal activities like communication skills, goal setting, time management, etc. to efficiently accomplish the project within the deadline.

4. Evaluate the Solutions to Mitigate the Issues
I. Developing the communication skills: The project manager of IntensCare product development was maintained the sufficient communication system during the on-going project management. This helped the organisation to mitigate the chances of data lacking by providing adequate knowledge about the project progression to all the team members.

II. Formation of appropriate goals:MediSys Corp. need to set the appropriate goal before to implement the project of IntensCare product development. The goal helps to prominently accomplish the entire project with the potential effort of the project team members. Beaumont committed an additional cost of $20 million for rapid improvement of the IntensCare project. The president, Beaumont communicated the modern IntensCare goal: “Launch an innovative, world-class MediSys product by august 2009”. This goal helps to encourage the team members to accomplish the project within the deadline

III. Appropriate time management:The project leader has to proficiently manage the time duration of the project. During the era of digitalisation, the hospitals and the other health care sector needs the development for digital monitoring ASAP. Therefore, to meet with the deadline, the project leader J. Fogel has provided its efficient effort to accomplish the project within the deadline of August 2009. IV. Proper management of workload distribution:The key members of the IntensCare product development project always provide the working pressure as per comparing the capability of the employee about to take the workload. In this way, the project will get sufficient support to reach its end position. V. Effective resource management:To fulfil a project, the project management team needs available resources for effective management. Therefore, the amount of $500,000 was invested for accomplishing the project of IntensCare product; also, the additional amounts had been added due to the further requirements during the project management . Moreover, the talented employees also had been recruited within the organisation to efficiently manage the project of IntesCare product development.

VI. High engagement of stakeholders:The IntensCare product development project had the efficient human support due to the existence of D. Mukerjee, A. Gerson, and K. Baio, which will provide the appropriate design to the product, research and develop the further information, and keep the project far from legislative issues, respectively. Also, the other key members like, Beaumont, V. Merz, J. Fogel, Bret O’ Brien, and the group of employees which efficiently provides their effort to get the success after the accomplishment of the project .

VII. Effective collaboration of team:MediSys needs to adequately collaborate with its team of project management to encourage their working spirit to provide developed performance to accomplish the project. Also, the effective collaboration from the leaders or handler of the project helps to enhance the workability of the team, which prominently helps to get the positive outcome after the accomplishment of the project of IntensCare product development.

5. Investigate the Appropriate Organisational Behavioural Theory for the Future of the Organisation
Any organisation is not merely a building or pieces of machinery. It is the people, connected with that organisation, who interact among themselves for the accomplishment of shared aims and objectives. Organisational behaviour (OB) is the research and study of affiliated subjects that assist us to comprehend what the people in the organisation are thinking, feeling and doing in the single organisational environment. In the context of IntensCare, the utilisation of McGregor’s theory of organisational behaviour would be most effective to investigate the future of the organisation. This theory is one of the most famous theories of motivation and leadership . Over the past half-century, McGregor's Theory X/Y has been influencing profoundly on the managerial thinking of leaders and managers of various organisations. Douglas McGregor proposed that a manager's attitude has a great influence on an employee's motivation. In his X and Y theories, which are opposing motivational methods to each other, he suggested that managers distinguish and address staff motivation within an organisation. Each of these theories would make assumptions that the managerial role of Merz lies in organising resources, including individuals, for the best advantage for MediSys Corp.

Theory X
The management under theory X is based on a pessimistic view of human nature and considers that on average basis people dislike work and will avoid it if they can do that. Such people ought to be controlled, directed or threatened with punishment in getting them to give effort. Besides, the average individual's preference lies for direction and avoidance of responsibility, which is relatively opposite of being ambitious and desires security above everything else. This theory significantly impacts the employees from a negative point of view . The view of employees engaged in IntensCare project must continuously prod them in performing and controlling their on-the-job behaviour closely. As per theory X, managers who tell workers about their duties are directive, controlling, and have very little confidence in their employees. Sometimes, such managerial behaviour might include fostering dependence, passiveness and subordinates that are resentful. Theory Y Management style under theory Y is crucially and constructively connected with the satisfaction of subordinates with leaders of the organisation, affective commitment and behaviour of organisational citizenship . This management style bases on a more optimistic human nature view and considers that all kind of works is as natural as taking rest or playing. People under such management wishes to be self-directed and self-controlled, as well as they attempt to attain organisational goals that they have belief in. Employees of IntensCare project can be infused with motivation utilising the positive incentives and will give hard effort in accomplishing organisational goals if there is the belief of getting rewarded for doing so. If the condition is appropriate, the average person does not only accepts responsibility, they even lookout for it. Most of the employees own relatively a higher degree of imagination and innovative approach and are desired to be assistive in solving various issues. Conclusion Throughout the evaluation of the entire study, it is concluded that the MediSys Corp. is famous healthcare sector in the USA, which provides digital medical devices; through which, the hospitals and the other healthcare sectors could digitally monitor the patient's conditions. Also, to gather the appropriate data about the monitoring, the organisation had implemented a project of IntansCare product development. However, during the management, the organisation has faced numerous challenges, though somewhat; it was able to mitigate those issues. Therefore, the McGregor’s theory X and theory Y has been discussed to recommend for the better outcome of the project.

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