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   Free sample   Project management assignment on organisation of an open air music theatre for the lord s mayor appeal charity

(BM522) project management assignment on organisation of anopen-air music theatre for the Lord’s Mayor Appeal Charity


Task: how can the Lord’s Mayor Appeal Charityutilize project management assignment research methodologies to organize an open-air music theatre?


1. Introduction
This project management assignmentexamines The Lords Mayor Appeal Charityoperations and project management and planning. The Lords Mayor Appeal Charity (LMAC) has approved a project for conducting an open air music theatre event for raising awareness of the LMAC and highlighting one of its key charity partners – the Samaritans. Both LMAC and the Samaritans will fund the project and it will host musical and theatrical performances on a selected date. The event will involve hiring of various staff and other crew members and also auditions will take place for the performing artists of musicians and theatre artists. The event will also involve media promotions and advertisements for maximum reach and generating revenue that will be used for charity.

This project management assignmentreport consists of the overall project plan including objectives, schedule, stakeholders, risk and quality analysis that have been created keeping in focus the requirements of this project.

2. Justification of the Project
2.1 Project Objectives

The primary objective of the project management assignmentproject is to fulfil the need for raising awareness of the LMAC, celebrating the “A Better City for All “ initiative and highlighting the work of one of its key charity partners – the Samaritans. Both LMAC and the Samaritans will fund the project and the earnings will be used for charity after covering the costs of hosting the event. The project is also supposed to bring more exposure towards LMAC and the Samaritans and their works so that more people become interested in investing and / or working with them.

2.2 Project Deliverables
The primary deliverable of the project management assignmentproject is that musical and theatrical event that will be hosted. In order to prepare for this deliverable, there will be months of work including hiring staff and other people, recruiting workers, preparing a venue, screening and rehearsal of performers and others.

2.3 Methodology
There are many methodologies available but it must suit the type and the nature of the project. Some of the most common methodologies that can be considered include Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, PRINCE2 and others(Armeniaet al. 2019). Each of these methods has its own procedures, life cycles, approaches and attributes that only suit specific types of project. Some of the methodologies follow iterative approach while some others follow standard approach.

However, considering these different methodologies, the most suitable one for this project is PRINCE2. This methodology will ensure the project management assignmentproject will be conducted within a specific structure and in a continuous learning environment that can set a reference for future projects.


Figure 1: PRINCE2 Themes and Principles

The advantages of using this methodology in this project are as follows(Guo and Zhang 2022).

The team will be able to keep the project stay on track.
The team will be able to focus on the quality of the outcome.
There will be less miscommunication.

The team will be able to save time and money as well as generate great value from the project.
Australian Department of Parliamentary Services adopted this methodology to adopt a major change all over the department successfully, setting an example for project managers worldwide. However, it must also be kept in mind that there are some disadvantages of using this project management assignmentmethodology as well(Stanitsas, Kirytopoulosand Leopoulos2021). These disadvantages are as follows.

Too much documentation is required, which may not be necessary for this project.
The overall structure of the project management life cycle is too rigid.
The overall project may be fail if the involved personnel are not provided with training regarding PRINCE2 principles and themes.
Despite these project management assignmentdisadvantages, PRINCE2 is the most suitable methodology for this project as it deals with the various quality-based requirements of the project and is also aligned with the overall structure of the project management assignmentproject including development of business case, stakeholder analysis, risk analysis, quality management, project scheduling and others.

3. Project Network and Schedule
3.1 Network Diagram and Critical Path

The network diagram as well as the critical path of the project are shown as follows.


Figure 2: Network Diagram of the Project
(Source: Created by Author)

The above project management assignmentdiagram shows the different links among the tasks in the project including their early start, early finish, late start, late finish and total slack estimations as well as the critical path.

Based on the analysis done on the network diagram, the critical path is found to be:

1 > 2 > 4 > 5 > 9 > 10 > 21 > 22
Additionally, the minimum duration for the project that will be required is 126 days (length of the critical path).

3.2 Gantt Chart


Figure 3: Gantt Chart of the Project
(Source: Created by Author)

4. Stakeholder Analysis
4.1 Stakeholder Matrix

The stakeholder matrix is used to arrange the project management assignmentproject stakeholders based on their power and interest in project as shown below. The matrix shows the power and interest levels of the stakeholders assigned to each quadrant.

High Power

·   High/Low

·   Project Manager

·   Project Sponsor(s)

·   Administration


Low Power

·   Project Controls Manager

·   Technical Manager

·   Project Quality Manager

·   Procurement Manager

·   Venue Contractor

·   HR Manager

·   Logistics Manager

·   Vendor Manager



Low Interest

High Interest

Figure 4: Stakeholder Matrix of the Project
(Source: Created by Author)

4.2 Stakeholder Management and Communication Plan
The table below lists the stakeholders of the project management assignment, their power and influence, involvement in project and the communication strategies they should follow.


Internal / External

Amount of Power/Interest

The stakeholder has

How would the stakeholder affect the project or be affected by the project

Communication Strategy

Project Manager



Manages the entire project, can add to his experience / CV

Team meeting, email

Project Sponsor(s)

Internal and External


Provides funding for the project, gets promotions and public exposure


Project Controls Manager



Monitors and controls the project

Face to face, telephone, progress report

Technical Manager



Manages technical aspect of the project

Email, report

Project Quality Manager



Oversees the quality aspect of the project

Email, report, face to face




Supervises the project and controls critical decision making

Email, report

Procurement Manager



Manages procurement aspect of the project


Venue Contractor



Arranges venue for the event


Operations Manager



Managers overall operations

Email, report

HR Manager



Manages recruitment


Logistics Manager



Manages logistics

Email / telephone

Vendor Manager



Manages vendors

Email / telephone


5. Work and Organisation Breakdown
5.1 Work Breakdown Structure

The project management assignmentwork breakdown structure is a simplified and diagrammatic representation of a project that is divided into separate sections and work packages. The work breakdown structure for this project is as follows.

Work Breakdown Structure of the Project

Figure 5: Work Breakdown Structure of the Project
(Source: Created by Author)

5.2 Organisation Breakdown Structure


Figure 6: Organisation Breakdown Structure of the Project
(Source: Created by Author)


diagram above represents the overall organisation structure that will be involved in this project – including major stakeholder roles (internal and external) as well as some major staff roles.

6. Risk Analysis
The risk matrix in the project is used assign the risks within four different quadrants of the matrix corresponding to the extent of probabilities and impacts(Hair and Sarstedt 2021). The following risk matrix shows the risks associated with this project management assignment.

High Probability

·   Broken equipments

·   Project management methodology

·   Fire hazard

·   Chosen venue not available

·   TV coverage

·   Social media trend (# trends)

·   Crowd management

·   Medical emergency during event

·   Security issues during event

Low Probability


·   Major injuries

·   National emergency

·   Weather hazards

·   Team conflicts

·   Logistics problem

·   Unavailability of artists

·   Unavailability of staffs

·   Political issues

·   Legal issues

·   Dissatisfaction of the audience

·   City council license


Low Impact

High Impact


Figure 7: Risk Matrix
(Source: Created by Author)

Based on the matrix, the identified risks are further explained and discussed in the following table.

project management assignmentRisk

Description of the risk

Negative / Positive

Probability / Impact

Strategy to deal with the risk

Fire hazard

Negative, fire hazards can harm a lot of people


Transfer to third party for installing fire extinguishers and event insurance

Major injuries

Negative, major injuries can accidentally occur to anyone


Transfer to third part for providing first aid services and ambulance

National emergency

Negative, national emergencies can halt the project completely


Accept and make alternative arrangements or temporarily close the project if necessary

Weather hazards

Negative, weather hazards like cyclones or hurricanes can significantly damage the project


Accept and make contingency plan in case of a sudden weather hazard

Broken equipments

Negative, can hamper the project of the project


Reduce, use high quality materials and equipments only

Team conflicts

Negative, can hamper the project significantly


Avoid, ensure proper team management to avoid  conflicts

Logistics problem

Negative, can delay the project beyond schedule


Mitigate, seek alternative options to resolve logistics issues

Chosen venue not available

Negative, can create problems if alternative options are also not available


Avoid, reserve the venue well in advance

Unavailability of artists

Negative, will unnecessarily delay the project


Mitigate, choose alternative artists and call for screening

Unavailability of staffs

Negative, will unnecessarily delay the project


Mitigate, choose alternative staff or contact third party for temporary staff supply

Political issues

Negative, can sabotage the project


Accept and make alternative plans

Legal issues

Negative, can sabotage the project


Avoid and fulfill all legal obligations before starting project work

TV coverage

Positive, can be exploited to enhance promotions


Exploit and use it as an opportunity for promotion

Social media trend (# trends)

Positive, can be exploited to enhance promotions


Exploit and use it as an opportunity for promotion

Project management methodology

Positive, can be utilised for enhancing project quality


Exploit – choose the right methodology and work on the project

City council license

Negative, can completely shut down the project


Mitigate, discuss with mayor and earn license for the project

Crowd management

Negative, can create really major problem during the event


Transfer to third party volunteers for effective crowd management

Medical emergency during event

Negative, can disrupt the event and cause problems for the affected


Mitigate, provide first aid and call ambulance if necessary

Security issues during event

Negative, can create really major problem during the event


Transfer to third party security staff for effective security management

Dissatisfaction of the audience

Negative, can hamper the actual cause of the event


Avoid and ensure audience-friendly performances


7. Quality Analysis
7.1 Quality Expectation

Quality in this project management assignmentproject corresponds to the quality of the event that will be conducted(Teresoet al. 2019). This includes quality of the decorations, quality of the stage developed, quality of the performances as well as the quality of experience of the spectators in the event.The project should also fulfill the expectations of the shareholders (organiser and sponsor) as a part of the requirement.

7.2 Acceptance Criteria
The project management assignmentproject will be accepted once it is understood that all the requirements set has been completed and delivered, fulfilling the quality standards and requirements. This also includes fulfilling financial and exposure targets set by LMAC and the Samaritans.

7.3 Quality Specification
The quality specifications are as follows.

The stage should be safe and providing a platform for the performers.
The decorations should be user friendly and attractive.
The seating arrangements should be comfortable for guests.
The performers should be ready for the performances.
Sufficient media coverage is procured for the event.
Outside vendors for snacks and drinks supplies should be quality checked.

7.4 Measures to Control the Project
Frequent monitoring and control of the project management assignmentproject will be necessary. Change management should be implemented if there is a necessity. The project manager should ensure all the team members are working according to the plan.

Armenia, S., Dangelico, R.M., Nonino, F. and Pompei, A., 2019. Sustainable project management: A conceptualization-oriented review and a framework proposal for future studies. Sustainability, 11(9), p.2664.project management assignment
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