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Project management assignment on lean management at EZY MART


Task: Write a reflective journal on computer architecture assignment analysing the theoretical concepts captured from the weekly material.


Overview of the organisation and specific area in the project management assignment

• Ezy mart considered for this project management assignmentis a large retailstore in Australia, and the company sells the goods online and offline.
• The mainaim of the company is to satisfy the customers and provide all the modern facilities to them. All the good qualities groceries items and other products are sold by Ezy mart.
• The management of the company considered in this project management assignmentconcentrates on lean management to reduce the cost of the business.
• The main areas focused on lean, and Kaizen management are supply chain management, employee management and implementation of modern technology to manage the quality and price of the materials.
• The lean process helps the company to develop the efficiency of thebusiness by reducing waste and enhancing the productivity of thebusiness (Makwana and Patange, 2022).
• The low inflation environment and cost-cutting can be developed by the company considered in this project management assignmentby implementing lean and Kaizen in business. It also helps to enhance the number of customers and market share.

Issues during Gemba walk
• The main issue in the company considered in the project management assignmentat the time of the Gemba walk was insufficient management.
• The managers of the company, Ezy mart, are not so efficient and unableto implement the lean management policy. Due tothis, the profitability of the company is decreased, and the company is also facing several issues of the unavailability of the stock, exploring the opportunity, continuous development, etc.
• The collaboration of the employees is not available in the organisation, and the effect of this also falls in the final output of the organisation (Makarius et al., 2020).
• Modern software is also not available, so the company mentioned in the project management assignmentsometimes uses the LIFOmethod rather than using the FIFO method. All of these issues will be solved throughlean transformation.

The opportunityfor lean transformation
• The location and the presentcustomer base of the company mentioned in the project management assignmentaresufficient to run the business. If the company implement lean transformation, then it helps to reduce the cost and enhance the profitability of the company.

• In Australia, large numbers of suppliers are available, and the company get the opportunity of supplying foods from differentsuppliers (Kayikci et al., 2022).

• The training opportunity for the employee is also available as the financial ability of the company is high, and the development of the employee will prove very effective for the business.

• With the help of the research and development strategy, the company can select the right suppliers to supply the best quality goods at the best price.

• The infrastructure of the company discussed in the project management assignmentis also well, and the company get the opportunity to implement modern technology by investing alittle fund in it. • The company already have the softwareand technologies to work effectively in the industry.
Identification of the waste and how it be managed
• Unusable products of the company need to be managed or recycled. Before the date of expiry, the company have to sell the product. It should be followed by the company that the LIFO method is followed in the organisation.
• Otherwise,a number of wastesare enhanced, and the effect of this is fallen in the profitability and growth of the company.
• After checking the data of the manufacturing,theexpiry, the products should be accepted. The company discussed in the project management assignmentcollect the materials of the business from different suppliers.
• Rather than this, the company can choose those suppliers who are able to supply goods when required. • Just in time, the policy of purchasing saves money for the company. The issues of food waste can be solved through this (Richards et al., 2021).
• The full usage of the employees' costs has to be utilised by the company considered in the project management assignmentby using the Kaizen method. (Providing training to the employee) (OmoushMoflih and Almetrami, 2020).
• The store operations have to be managed byan efficient and knowledgeable manager. It helps to manger the entire work effectively.
• Inventory management is also important as per the project management assignment. By using the software, the inventory and the sales should be managed in one platform so that the requirement of the goods and the demand of the gods can be understood by the employees and the management.

Justification of choosing agile or waterfall
• The agile project management technique as per the project management assignmentis more effective than the waterfall in the case of the Ezy mart. It does not only help the company to develop the software but also helps to provide value to the customers. Employee development is also a part of the agile method (Kahraman, 2020). Overall, this method is much effective in the retail industry.

• In the modern context of business, all companies according to the project management assignmenthave to satisfy their customers. This method helps to enhance all the aspects of the business by taking in mind the customer’s satisfaction. It also impactsgreatlyon the profitability and growth of the business. Continuous development is also possible through this.
• As retail companies are selling productsdirectly to the customers, then the agile technology helps the company to predict the trend and purchase goods from the suppliers and implement businesspolicies and employee development according to the current requirements in the market (Camargo, Pereira and Scarpin, 2020). The points reacted with the lean transformation project
• Voice of the customers considered in project management assignment:Lean transformation helps to reduce the feedback of the customers. By enhancing the customer’s requirements,the company addressed in the project management assignmentis able to enhance its profitability and create a brand imageof the company.
• Critical customers’ requirements:the requirement of the customers is to get a fresh and good quality product (Patidar, Agrawal and Pratap, 2018). The company supply some products that rea near the expiry date, and the customers do not prefer to get these products. As per the project management assignment lean transformation helps to supply the updated product to the customers.
• Critical to quality:The satisfaction of the customers and the brand image of the company are completely dependent upon the quality of the product. Through lean transformation, the company is able to satisfy the customers and the enhancing customer loyalty.
• Critical to process:The process followed by the company for the purchasing and selling of the good is not compatible with the modern requirements of the customers. The company mentioned in the project management assignmentwill be able to use modern technologies inthe supply and sales of the goods. The perfect process of the manufacturing and supply of the goods is possible through the modern technological process of management.

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