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   Free sample   Project management assignment on ezy mart using 5 lean principles and adkar model

Project management assignment on EZY MART using 5 lean principles and ADKAR model


Task: Describe the project management methodology and create a visual representation of the associated project lifecycle that best suits the proposed lean transformation project management assignment. Discuss 5 lean principlesand use ADKAR model to describe how you would management the change necessary to implement the lean transformation project.


The project management methodology plays a crucial role in managing the project. By following the agile method, the digital transformation is taken place in the EZY MART. In this project management assignment, the five principal models and the ADKAR model are used toanalyse the entire method of lean transformation.

Project management methodology in project management assignment
The Agile project management methodology divides the entire changeintoa few parts and implements the strategyor change so that the final goal of the project is achieved (Žužek et al., 2020).

The first step of project management is managing the supply chain management. The suppliers of the company considered in theproject management assignmentare enlisted according to their performance and the quality of the product and then select the suppliers. The cost of transportation is also measured as it plays a vital role in suppliers’ selection. The main aim of the company is to get the supply of the product on demand, so the local suppliers are chosen.


Figure 1: Project management methodology
(Source: Made by author)

The second step is the development of the employees. The training program is arranged for the employeeswhere they get the knowledge of reading the lean managementand controlling the inventory (Noller and Berry, 2020). An efficient and effective manager is also recruited by the company discussed in this project management assignmentso that they can give the proper training to the employees.

The third step is the implementation of modern software that helps to manage the entire purchase and saleof the goods in a single database so that the requirements of a particular product can easily be understood by the managers as well as the employees.

The fourth step is customer satisfaction. By providing the modern facility with payments and updated products, the employees try to satisfy the customers (Lee and Lee, 2020). with the help of the research and development strategy, the company considered in the project management assignmentsell those products that the demand available in the market.

5 lean principals
Identification of value in project management assignment:The value of lean transformation is very high in the Ezy Mart. It helps the company discussed in this project management assignmentto reduce the cost of the business as well ashelps to enhance profitability (Madhani, 2020). The supplier’sselection helps the company to reduce the cost of the goods sold and helps the company to get the supply on demand. Modern technology helps to reduce human error, and the requirement of a particular product can be defined by the company due to this. Employeedevelopment helps to manage the overall development of the business in each and every department. All of this activity considered in theproject management assignmenthelps to enhance the satisfaction of the customers and impacts greatly in enhancing the profitability and growth of the country.

Mapping of the value streaming:The value of the waste has to be measured by the value streaming principles (Dieste et al., 2019). The value of the money for purchasing goods is high. If the cost of the goods sold will reduce, then the company is able to purchase more goods and enhance its revenue. The costs paid to the employees have to be utilised by the company mentioned in this project management assignment. The training program is an investment that helps the company to enhance the savings of the business.


Figure 2: 5 lean principals
(Source: Made by author)

Creation of flow: After identifying the value of the mapping of the value streaming, the creation of the flow is necessary. After implementing all the elements of the developing value, the wastages are eliminated from the businessoperations. After eliminating the wastage, it is analysedin this project management assignmentwhether it affects the business or not. If it is found that the flow of the revenue is enhanced as wellas the cost of the business is reduced, then the effectiveness of the lean transformation is justified. Additionally, the customer’s feedback is also collected, whichhelps to knowwhether the customers are getting the updated productor not (Nuruzzaman and Hussain, 2018).

Establishment of pull: Inventory is one of the biggest elements of wastage in retail stores. Thisprinciple of waste management or lean management includes the right quantity of the supply of the goods at the right time. The main of this pull-based system is to limit the inventory and do the work in progress. It allows the JIT delivery of the goods to reduce the cost as well as reduce the wastage of the product. It also helps to make the customers happy by getting the updated products from the company considered in this project management assignment. By analysing the value of the final customers, the pull-based system creates the requirementsfor purchasing products without hampering sales (Gardiner and Reefke, 2019).

Seeking perfection:In this principle, the continuous development of the entire process of the business is taken place. Continuous development of the process is a part of the organisational culture in the company considered in this project management assignment. At the time of delivering the product to the customers, the employees have to take care that they can get the right goods and are satisfied with the product. All the employees should enhance their performance in the customers s satisfactionand other perspectives of the business to get better output for the business (Ali et al., 2020). After eliminating all the wastage, perfection is found that impacts greatly on the continuous development of the organisation.

Awareness:The management is very much aware of thedecreasing sales as well as the customers are also aware during the purchasing the product from the company, Ezy Mart. Due to decreasing profitability, the management and the higher authority of the companymentioned in theproject management assignmentbecome aware, and theimplementation of waste management and elan transformation is taken place in the organisation. Desired: The desire of the company, Ezy Mart, is to enhance the rate of profitability as well as satisfy the customers. With the help of the lean transformation, the company is able to get the best output for the business, as well as the goalobjectives of the business,are also achieved by the company. By managing the supply chain management, the company mentioned in the project management assignmentcan reduce the cost of the goods purchased and enhance its profitability (Hosseini-Motlagh et al., 2019). In addition to this, the JIT process of the purchase goods also helps the company to reduce the waste of materials. The businessoperations are also enhanced through the lean operation that helps the company to achieve the goal of the businesseffectively and efficiently.


Figure 3: ADKAR Model
(Source: Made by Author)

Knowledge:The knowledge of the company considered in this project management assignmentregarding the lean management is very low, so the company hiresa new manager who helps to manage the waste and leantransformation is also possible through this. The training program of the employees isalso done by the new leader or manager of the company (Dimoff and Kelloway, 2019). The manager is highly qualified and knows how to manage the business and develop rapidly after removing all the wastage of the business. The demandfor retail products is very high and purchasing a lot of products is not an efficient idea as per the project management assignment. Ability: The financial ability of the company is well, and the company can invest in technological development and employee development also to enhance sales, customer satisfaction and the financial position of the company. The present customer base of the company considered in project management assignmentis well, and the company can achieve its goal of sales by removing the waste from the business. The company is also able e to get a large base of suppliers also in the Australian market. It isalso a large opportunity for the company to enhanceitssales in the industry. In the modern context of the business, the online supply of the goods also enhances the sales of the company and the brand image f the company is dependent upon the quality of the product. Through lean transformation, all the goalsof the company can be achieved (Satoglu et al., 2018).

Reinforcement:After removing all the wastage, the company as per the project management assignmentis able to run further effectively. By getting feedback from the customers, the company can understand whether the business operation is perfectly going or not. The reinforcement of modern technology helps the company to manage the inventory of the business (Ammar et al., 2021). In addition to this, the company is able to enhance salesfurther by providing the best quality goods at low cost as the company is going to select those suppliers who supply goods at low cost as per the demand.

Previously joining the “Gemba Walk”, I do not have any idea about reading the lean transformation and the importance of lean transformation in the retail business. I am also able to overcome my difficulties by taking help from my seniors.I donot have any practical knowledge, but the knowledge that I gather from the Gemba Walk will help me a lot in my future. I also have an issue regarding teamwork, but this project management assignmenthelps them a lot in overcoming this. I implement my knowledge and skill in data collection, which helps me in enhancing the quality of the project.

At the endof the project management assignment, it can be concluded that the importance of lean transformation is very high in retail companies. It also helps the company, Ezy Mart, to enhance sales and increase the rate of profitability. It also enhances the sustainability of the company in the retail industry of Australia. In order to get a competitiveadvantage in the industry, the main aim of the company is to satisfy the customers. As per the findings of the project management assignment with the help of the Lean transformation, the company can achieveit easily.

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