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Project Management Assignment Examining Business Case of La Trobe University


Task: Project Management Assignment Task:As a project manager, you are required to prepare a document demonstrating different aspects of your client’s problem. You need to carefully read the Case Study details, do your own research, identify the problem and justify the need to initiate a project. In particular, you are expected to work on the following tasks and include the outcome in your technical report:

1. Perform a gap analysis for the current business problem. A gap analysis can help you and your clients in understanding business needs by identifying any deficiencies or shortcomings that need to be overcome. Uncovering the gaps enables you to determine and estimate the works required to eliminate them. After the required works and requirements are identified, you need to next prioritise them in a way that the most significant gaps can be addressed first. To perform a gap analysis, you will need to:

• Compare the actual performance (current situation) of the product/service against a target/benchmark value that is aligned with your client’s business vision and strategies.

• Identify what client’s strategic goals are impacted/influenced by the existing product/service and propose an appropriate project which can transform the existing product/service to an envisioned future state that better serves the client’s strategic goals.

• Explore the available gap analysis tools and employ at least one or multiple appropriate tools to perform the gap analysis. As a point of reference, you can use tools, such as customised checklists, SWOT, PESTEL, Fishbone diagrams, McKinsey 7s in conducting your gap analysis.

2. Develop a problem statement and project goals. After performing gap analysis, you should be able to clearly define the problem and demonstrate it to your client. Once the problem is defined, you need to recommend and justify the project goals. The project goals may refer to an enhancement project or development of a new product/service. In either case, you are required to justify your proposition. Project goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bounded (SMART). At this stage, there is no need to include price or cost estimation.

3. Develop a project scope statement. Your proposed project goals (presented in the problem statement) should be further specified by adding a clear scope statement. In fact, the project scope is considered as the project mission. Hence, a clear project scope definition helps your client and all stakeholders gain a common understanding about the prospect of the project. The scope statement should include the following:

  • An outline of major deliverables (5-7 major deliverables would suffice)
  • A list of the product’s technical requirements (recommended product features)
  • A list of anticipated major milestones (a list of major project events that can be anticipated at this stage)
  • A list of the project limitations (anticipated technical and/or non-technical project-related limitations)
  • A list of project exclusions (set the boundaries by mentioning out-of-scopes)
  • Key assumptions (remember if you do not share your key assumptions with your stakeholders at this stage, later they may become risks as the project progresses).

Remember, the project scope will be derived from the gap analysis, problem statement and your project goals. Similar to project goals, your scope must be SMART.

4. Develop a project priority matrix. You will need to set the direction of the project by discussing your approach towards the project schedule, budget and quality.

5. Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) and WBS Dictionary. You will need to draw a WBS for the proposed project. A complete WBS shows the deliverables, sub-deliverables, work packages and WBS codes. A WBS dictionary contains a narrative description of each WBS component and associated code.

6. Identify the project sponsor and other key stakeholders. Do your research about the client's organisational structure and identify the relevant department/s that is/are going to provide sponsorship for the project justifying your selection. Identify other key stakeholders that should work with the project sponsor to ensure project success.

Case description
La Trobe University is in the process of assessing its IT infrastructure and services. This is where you can contribute (individually and as part of a team). The MyLaTrobe app is one of the areas under strategic review. The MyLaTrobe app was designed to provide La Trobe students with personalised information to assist them in the learning process.

The app features include but not limited to:
- My study: students can check where and when their lectures and tutorials are. They can log in to their LMS and library accounts and get in touch with university advisors.
- My Tools: students can check their campus map, find out where to park their car or how to catch a bus. They are also able to check their university emails within the application.
- Career ready: students can take advantage of the Career Ready Advantage scheme to prepare themselves for their future career. There is content available which assist students in learning about qualities and personal attributes valued by employers, and there are activities available to make sure students meet those qualities and personal attributes. There is a Career Ready dashboard that supports students in tracking their progress, building their skills and a skills portfolio that show employers when students graduate.

- Connect: provides the latest news regarding students’ clubs and societies and also tracks all the university news, events and promotions around all campuses.
- Support: students can connect with their mentors and advisors and check out their courses and FAQs. Students are also able to get information about accommodation services, childcare, career counselling services and more.

The MyLaTrobe app is available through the web, Android and iOS systems and can be accessed through computer desktops, laptops, smartphones and iPads.

Current situation
Here is the current situation of MyLaTrobe app:

iOS – Extracted from iTunes 15 Nov. 2018


La Trobe University


70.7 MB




Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



Age Rating:

You must be at least 17 years old to download this application. Unrestricted Web Access


© 2017 La Trobe University



The number of downloads:

Not available

Current rating:

2.5 out of 5

Android – Extracted from GooglePlay 15 Nov. 2018


La Trobe University


21.16 MB




Not available



Age Rating:

Suitable for all age groups. Unrestricted Web Access


© 2018 La Trobe University



The number of downloads:


Current rating:

3.3 out of 5


It is accessible through the La Trobe University portal. No more information is available for the web version.
La Trobe University contemplates that there is still room for improvement in the MyLaTrobe App to increase the number of downloads, rating and usability of the App. This is where your knowledge and capabilities, analytical and problem-solving skills, research ability and teamwork and leadership skills will assist you.


Project management is an extremely important function which needs to be undertaken for ensuring that the systems of a specific organization are enhanced and built up on. Adding to the core concept of project management it is important to note that setting out the goals scope and objective of a project is very necessary and essential. This study will look into the business case of La Trobe University to determine the distinct gaps in the current systems of the university. This study is aimed at defining the scope, performance of a gap analysis and suggesting effective project requirements for the development of the application of the university.


Good features

  Enhances accessibility for students

Provides in campus experience and news


Application is too hefty for respective mobile platforms

Boot time for application is high



Changing business environment

Changing requirements of applications

Lack of application engagement


Using UI/UX driven interface to help ease of access

To develop the application on the basis of more up to date operating systems


Table 1: SWOT Analysis
(Source: Created by Author)

The analysis which has been undertaken effectively reveals that the university application has a strong point when it comes to the basic elements of the functional aspects of the same. It provides all the basic requirements and helps the students to develop a large rate of interest in their campus. It allows for ease of accessibility.

However, it can be viewed that the app suffers from the element of weakness in case of the size of the application and the lack of change which it has. This is because the app is not extensively grazed to deliver a composite experience but rather is spread out.

Thus, the gap for this application has been found out in terms of its lack of accessibility and user orientation. Thus, this is required to be updated to ensure that the application is proper and functional.

Problem Statement and project goals
In the case of the current application of LaTrobe University it can be understood that the problem essentially lies in the case of the hefty application and the lack of user optimization for the application. Thus, it is important to underline that this needs to be evaluated and changed to enhance the user interactions and engagement in the application.

Goal 1: to enhance the UI/UX framework of the application of LaTrobe University.


The goal is specific as it involves changing the design and iteration aspects of the application.


The goal is measurable by the rate of user engagement which is undertaken.


It is achievable through the means of setting out a proper design team.


The goal is realistic as the changes to the user interface affect the appearance of the app.

Time bound

It is time bound as it needs to be achieved in a month.


Goal 2: To downsize the application size on both the android and the iOS platforms.


The goal is specific because the application size needs to be cut down.


This is measurable though the size of the application file and other application data.


It is achievable by downsizing the application codes.


It is realistic as it can be done by tangibly making changes to the code and application interface.

Time bound

It is time bound as the time span for this is limited to one month.


Project Scope Statement
The project scope statement is important for ensuring that the overall project is delivered with the highest possible effectiveness.

The deliverable of the project are:

  • An upgraded user interface
  • Design changes to ensure streamlining the application
  • Engagement enhancement for the users of the application
  • Cutting the application size by at-least 30 %
  • Ensuring streamlined structure to increase ease of accessibility in application

The technical requirements for this project are:

  • Designed to work on newer versions of android and iOS
  • Ensuring application boot-up speed is 2 seconds
  • Use of java and PHP based changes to ensure easier processing on older phones

The anticipated major milestones are:

  • Initiation of project
  • Selection of design team and development team
  • The design change is made for the project and key UX features are integrated
  • The code for the application has been streamlined to make it less hefty and easier to access
  • Project closure

The limitations of this project are:

  • The project does not make any changes to the existing base structure of the application
  • The project is very limited n the scope of time and budget

The exclusions of this project are that it does not look into the effect of slow internet speeds and its effect on application boot up time and accessibility.

The key assumptions are:

  • Internet speeds are not a matter of concern while running the application du ot college Wi-Fi access
  • The application renders all the necessary student requirements for the university
  • The project is solely based on creating ease of accessibility

Project priority Matrix

High Impact







Low Impact

Quick Wins

High accessibility

Greater engagement

Major Projects

Outlining design changes

Outlining UX/UI changes

Implementing changes

Fill Ins

Conducting analysis on current system

Generating greater insight into changes required

Thankless Tasks

Gauging user feedback

Managing the project

Completion of documentation dn changes

Low Effort                                                 High Effort


The project priority matrix outlines the different tasks which are essential for the case of the project (Bibarsovet al. 2017). This helps in understanding which areas require a higher impact and the one that requires a lower impact. Akhmetshinet al. (2019), also states that the rate of effort is a major consideration and the prioritization of tasks is easier. This helps to ensure a proper level of risk management as well.

Work Breakdown Structure


Analysis of current application

Underlining required changes

Setting out plan


Setting out project design

Developing UI aspects

Developing project UX writing


Reviewing existing codes

Development of project codes

Downsizing the application


Implementation of design changes

Checking for user feedback

Making changes based on accessibility


Integrating design and code based changes


Monitoring and control of project and driving outcomes


WBS dictionary:
The work packages of the project are:

  • DD1: This work package is the design work package one, which allows for the design changes to be set up in comparison to the existing design. Dunmadeet al. (2018), indicate that these changes are often viewed as essential changes to ensure and engage a larger rate of effectiveness which can be brought around. This helps to ensure proper project development.
  • CD1: This work package is the package which implements the changes in the application code and works on downsizing the application through the advent of the overall process.
  • DD2: This work package is used to ensure that the project design is implemented and then evaluated and user feedback is taken into account. Gonovski (2017) indicates that user accessibility is important to be gauged by feedback.

Identification of key stakeholders
The key stakeholders of a project are the pens who have the highest stake in the project. For the purpose of this project it can be understood that the stakeholders include the prospect of the students who are to use the application. Furthermore, the project also involves the university and its management who are the primary investors in the project. The relevant department providing the sponsorship will be the IT department of the university.

Additionally, it can be understood that the project is geared through the object team which is also a stakeholder in the project. Tesliaet al.(2018), indicates that a project team is a primary stakeholder in the project as they are closely involved and need to be kept satisfied. This helps to uphold morale. Stakeholder communication additionally as suggested by Ballesteros-Perez et al. (2017), is very important during a project. As a result, it can be understood that stakeholders need to be managed properly and with efficacy to ensure the overall success of the project.

Drawing distinctive conclusions from the component of this project, it is determinative that the project essentially is based on the case of the application of La Trobe University. Thus, there is a need for inserting that this project delivers a change in the accessibility of the university and its systems. This helps to engage and ensure a larger rate of impact which can be bought around and drawn out. It also indicates that there is a larger level of potential which university application currently lacks. The project is essentially aimed at streamlining the application and making it more users friendly to ensure that the students can access the same easily. This also helps in order to reduce the overall burden of the same. The application development is distinctly set out into stages and separated by work packages of coding and application of design. This is rounded up by a well-directed methodology of monitoring and evaluation after the project closure. The project is also informed through feedback and this helps to generate a larger level of impactfulness.

Reference List
Bibarsov, K. R., Khokholova, G. I., &Okladnikova, D. R. (2017). Conceptual basics and mechanism of innovation project management. Basics_and_Mechanism_of_Innovation_Project_Management_2017.pdf

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Ballesteros-Perez, P. (2017). M-PERT: Manual project-duration estimation technique for teaching scheduling basics. Journal of construction engineering and management, 143(9), 04017063.


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