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Project Management Assignment: Communication Management Plan For Asian Tsunami Benefit Cricket Match


Task: Project:
Based on the project of the Asian Tsunami Benefit Cricket Match, imagine you are project managing that project and identify who might have been key stakeholders and their needs and develop an outline of a communications plan.

On 26December 2004 an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale occurred in the Indian Ocean, just off the western coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The sudden vertical rise in the seabed by several metres displaced massive volumes of water, which resulted in a tsunami that devastated the shores of Bangladesh, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Maldives, South India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and as far away as Kenya and Somalia. The earthquake and tsunami were thought to have caused over 200,000 deaths, while whole sections of coastline were devastated, destroying the businesses and homes of millions, triggering a widespread humanitarian response.

Throughout Australia many appeals were launched to raise money for humanitarian agencies to provide relief to the many injured and traumatised survivors.
The international cricket community launched one such appeal. With cricket being a popular sport in many of the affected countries, especially India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and several Sri Lankan players’ families injured in the tsunami, the cricket community decided to organise a charity cricket match to raise funds for the relief effort. The match between an Asian team and Rest of World team, featuring some of the world’s best players from Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, England and Bangladesh, was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 10 January 2005.

Organising the charity match was a remarkable exercise in project management. With a busy international cricket calendar, organising matches between international teams usually takes approximately a year, yet this match was organised in the days immediately after the tsunami struck and play edjust1 5days later. Cricket Australia, the governing body of cricket in Australia, volunteered to organise and host the matchand quickly set about the complicated process of organising the match.
Among the many tasks that needed to be completed were gaining permission from cricket’s world governing body, the International CricketCouncil(ICC) to host the match, as well as the blessing of the game’s regional governing body in Asia, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), and the individual cricketing authorities in each of the countries which provided players for the match.
The next step was to gain support from the International Cricket Players’ Association.This was quickly
obtained,as the players were keen to support the match. Organising the teams proved to beadifficult exercise. Although Australia, Pakistan and the West Indies were playing in Australia at the time, the New Zealand, Indian and Bangladeshi players were at home, as were Sri Lankan players who had cancelled the remainder of their tour to New Zealand after the tsunami struck. The majority of the English team and all of the South African players were engaged in a cricket series in SouthAfrica at the time and, unfortunately, the best players from these two teams were unable to participate.

Among the many other tasks that had to be completed were gaining permission from the Melbourne Cricket Grounds owners, the Melbourne Cricket Club,to use the stadium for the match and arranging to get the players to Melbourne from all around the world at shortnotice.

Publicising the match via television and print media, preparing a pitch, issuing tickets and designing and making players’ uniforms, tasks that usually take months to prepare, were all accomplished promptly. A wide range of sponsorships were organized, including a one-million-dollar naming rights
sponsorship, and hundreds of corporate boxes were sold at short notice during the traditional summer holiday period.
Negotiations were also required to be undertaken with construction unions and building contractors to stop work for a day, as the Melbourne Cricket Ground was in the middle of a redevelopment in
preparation for the Melbourne 2006 Common wealth Games. Inaddition, enough stafft or una match
with a crowd of 70,000,such as ground staff,curators, security personnel, catering staff and cleaners, needed to be obtained. The match proved to be a tremendous success, raising over $15 million for the relief agency World Vision’s Asia Tsunami Appeal.

Project Management Assignment Task:
1. In small groups (2-3 person), discuss and develop a communication management plan to be used in this project. Write a detailed plan which must include the following:

  • What is the project objective?
  • Who is involved in the project?
  • What communication tools will be used?
  • What communication methods will be used and when?
  • What are the communication expectations of the stakeholders?
  • Who is responsible for providing communication?

2. Identify a ‘project information system’ to implement for communication, and evaluate it to ensure quality, validity, timeliness and integrity of information and communication. Ensure your system is able to do the following:

  • Storeinformation
  • Retrieveinformation
  • Organiseinformation
  • Easy to use by all members ofteam
  • Archiveinformation.

3. Implement the communication management plan that you created in question one and monitor it closely to make sure that all communication processes are having the desired effect. If they are not, how you are going to make small adjustments or large-scalechanges?

4. Review project outcomes and identify any areas where improvements can be made. Document these areas in organisational records and note down agreed ways in which they can be improved for futureprojects.


The project Communication plan plays a vital role to provide all the required updates about the project. It also ensures the on-time delivery of the project as communication gaps can be resolved with the help of this plan. This project management assignment will shed light on the project communication plan that will ensure the success of the Asian earthquake Benefit cricket Match by establishing sound communication among the stakeholders and team members of the project. On 26th December 2004 when the earthquake occurred in the Indian ocean the vertical rise in the seabed caused the rise of massive volumes of water creating a massive Tsunami that devastated the source of Indonesia Burma Bangladesh Maldives Malaysia South India Thailand Sri Lanka and even Kenya and Somalia. As a result of this Tsunami, there have been reports of over 2 lacs people dead and devastating the coastline severely (Bekerman, 2020). Millions of people become homeless. They witnessed a shortage of food. This devastating situation highly triggers the widespread usage of humanitarian responses. Cricket is the most popular game in most of the countries of the world more specifically in India Sri Lanka Bangladesh etc. Even the families of various players from countries like Sumatra, Java, Sri Lanka etc. were especially affected and injured. In this situation, it was decided to organise a cricket match to create a relief fund. The following is a list of the most important Matrix and communication plans that are highly needed to organise this cricket match. The communication matrix used in the communication plan will be highly beneficial for the team members to know about the direction of the project.

Communication management plan
Project objectives

The main objective of this project is to define the communication motive and strategy of the Asian Tsunami benefit cricket match. The strategies and motives that have been followed in this article are intended to provide proper guidelines in planning and analysing the results of the present and future communication efforts. A project communication plan depends directly on several things. The most important of these are the details of the format on which the communication plan is being developed, secondly what media is being used as a communication tool, thirdly when and how the information is being disseminated to all, and fourthly what is the role of stakeholders in this communication strategy. Ma et al. (2018) opined that all this information plays an important role in organising a communication plan properly. Another important thing is the description of how this communication plan or project management office is being affected. The main goal of the Communication Management Plan is to make the project successful by using the communication framework. The communication framework serves as a guide in the field of communication management plans which will keep on changing and updating the communication at regular intervals. Communication requirements will also be reviewed at specific steps through the communication matrix. Each contact information strategy associated with the project will have a PMO team, which will be equally effective for each stakeholder.

Participating members of the project
Based on the Asian Tsunami Benefit Cricket Match project, the international cricket community has decided to organise a cricket match for cricketers around the world to raise funds for the affected countries. Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, England, West Indies, India and Bangladesh. All players scheduled to attend this charity match on January 10, 2005, agreed to meet at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the date. Although this cricket match was played like five other ordinary matches, its purpose was to extend a helping hand to the affected people. Puška et al., (2020) stated that the project's communication management plan needs to be properly developed to make the most of the money that will be generated through this game, which is being held in Melbourne. With the right efforts everywhere, it will be possible to reach more people and make the money given by them to serve the purpose of great value in the relief fund. Important participants in this project are the International Cricket Community, Asian cricket council Melbourne cricket ground and their staff members, the federation of international cricketers’ associations, sponsors, press and media and the general public.

Communication tool and Communication method
Imperial (2018) opined many communication tools are available for better communication in projects such as Decision board, project board, chat tools and many more. It can also be said that the most important thing for the success of the Asian Tsunami Benefit Cricket Match is to build a cohesive relationship with the international cricketers of all the countries in a very short period. Necessary elements for achieving the objectives are project website, Twitter profile, general media, various conferences and events, and above all face-to-face meetings. Hence, the project manager of the team has decided to make use of chat tools, decision board and email for better communication.

Tereso et al., (2019) quoted that, the website created for this project will serve as a living window for this project. Through the project's website, people around the world will be able to apply for the relief fund. The official website is the central means of communication for the project. This medium is considered to be the best way to reach out to all stakeholders and to keep all stakeholders informed about the progress of project activities. The chat tools used by the team were also beneficial for the team.

Ika et al., (2020) stated that Twitter profiles are generally regarded as the fastest and most accessible channel to reach all other audiences, including stakeholder groups. It will also play an effective role in communicating information to external stakeholders.

The general media is the mainstream to reach the audience quickly and effectively. Moreover, the production of press releases and articles regarding this project's aim, its key Activities will be highly effective to reach the target audience. It will be helpful to create responses from the local level to the higher authorities. Conferences and events will pave the way for presenting the project and its outcomes to the masses who are genuinely interested in carrying out this charity event enthusiastically. Moreover, face-to-face meetings with the project partners is another important communication tool to properly disseminate its purposes.

And last but not least the present vow of social media will be helpful to generate awareness about this project and its aim to every corner of the world within just a couple of minutes.

Communication expectations of the stakeholders
Bellah, Chen and Zimmer, (2018) stated that making an accurate checklist of who will be attending the face-to-face meetings of this project is essential. In this case, the project manager must consider the advice of a few other experts. The stakeholder expects that communication will be done in such a way that the members will get every detail of the activities going on. Each member must be invited to attend this meeting and at the same time, it is also worth mentioning why their presence is necessary to make this project a success. Attending the meeting will also be useful to get the status of the project. An accurate notice must be made regarding the purpose of the meeting, where, when and how the meeting will be held, who is on the meeting list, who they can contact directly if they have any questions, etc. could get through it.

Communication providing members
The international cricket community or ICC is the world governing body for cricket. Representing a total of 104 members, the ICC is playing a key role in managing the game, which is being held in Melbourne, Australia. The ICC has presided over the staging of all events, playing conditions, code of conduct, decision review, etc. A’angSubiyakto et al., (2018) stated that the ICC will also play a key role in recruiting the officials in charge of the match. Since cricket is a popular sport in most of the affected countries, especially India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh families of some of the cricketers injured in the tsunami have been particularly affected, so the cricket community and the ICC Cricket Council have been instrumental in organising the cricket match.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is a cricketing body established in 1983 mainly to promote and develop the game of cricket in Asia. The Cricket Council is under the ICC. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has a significant role to play in charitable cricket matches as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Sumatra are particularly affected among the affected countries.

The federation representing international players in cricket is the federation of international cricket associations. The organisation continues to play a supportive role in promoting and promoting professional cricketers around the world. The FICA is therefore a democratic player-driven organisation that collectively affects the past and present of the world's cricketers, regardless of race or religion, under an international body. Therefore, FICA has an important and leading role in this game in Melbourne.

The stadium where the match will be held is an Australian sports stadium. The Melbourne Cricket Club's residence is the largest stadium in the world (Antunes and Poshdar, 2018). The main purpose of organising the game on this ground in Australia was to express sympathy on behalf of the cricketers from all over the world to the families of the injured cricketers and other injured persons and to take some important steps to help them. The players who will participate in the Asian Tsunami benefit cricket match and their respective clubs will be considered as Professionals and their association will grant the athletes to the event.

Project information system
According to Magdalinouet al. (2020), PMIS is an information system consisting of the techniques and tools used to collect, integrate, and also disseminate the project management related outputs. The importance of this system for the project cannot be avoided as communication of the information can be done in a better way using the system. Some specific factors should be taken into consideration while making a project information system better suited for the specific project. The factors which must be taken into consideration by the project manager of the Asian Tsunami Benefit Cricket Match project - Store information: The Project management information system should be able to store all the information without any issues so that the storage can be done in a secured manner. Besides this, the source storage of information should also be done smoothly so that the information can be retrieved without any issue.

Retrieve information: use of the tool should be done in such a way that the retrieval of information can be done at the right time for the right user at the right approach. For example, the project manager wants to retrieve the information related to the stakeholders immediately. The project management information system should be designed in such a way that the information related to stakeholders can be retrieved without any problem. Otherwise, the next activities related to project management will be hampered.

Organise information: Only gathering and retrieval of information are not enough as the organisation of information is also an important task. The project manager while selecting the project management information system should keep in consideration that the organisation of information is done in a better way (Yaokumah and Biney, 2020). The organisation of information will ensure the success rate of the project as the best communication can be obtained with only proper organisation of information.

Easy to use by all members of the team to Archive information: No doubt confidentiality of data is important but all the members of the team should also be able to archive the information whenever needed. It is meant that the information organisation and management should not be in an autocratic manner (Bekerman, 2020). The customisation of the information systems should be done in such a manner that the team members can archive the information without any internal or external issues. However, it is also important to maintain the confidentiality of data so that not a member can have used the data for making the project unsuccessful.

Pepin (2019) said that, if all the factors are taken into consideration there is a high chance that the project management communication plan will be successful. The first step towards the project management communication plan is deciding the requirements of the project. The information will also include the roles of the stakeholders so that proper decisions can be made as per the needs of the project as well as the stakeholders of the project. The next step of this communication plan is choosing the best-suited software for collecting and organising all the information in a better way. Various PMIS software such as Wrike, Trello and Liquid planner is used in organisations for projects for better implementation of project management information systems. Asian Tsunami benefit match has taken the help of Wrike software which is one of the most popular and widely used project information system software (Taban, 2021). Management of all the information regarding the project related activities was done using the specific software as there are many advantages of using the software. The best thing about this software is that it not only can be used for gathering and retrieving information but also helps all the team members to easily archive the required information (Arandi-Klee et al., 2020). The steps that must be implemented for the project management information system are discussed below - Planning & Scheduling: The first step for this system is planning and scheduling the information for better management of all the activities.

Budget & Estimating: It is also important to make the budget and estimation for proper organisation and retrieval of the information specially the software used for the project management information system. Resource & Procurement Management: After making the planning and budgeting resources and procurement are managed in a better way for managing the entire information package.

Cost Management & Project Performance: Measuring the project performance and managing all the financial data is also required in the project management information system (Nguyen, 2018).
Progress Reporting. The project manager is also required to make a report depending upon the progress during the information gathering and retrieval.
Data & System Integration: Last but not least integration of all the available data put the entire system is required to be done for the management of information related to the project.


Figure 1: Project Management Information System
(Source: Nguyen, 2018)

Asian Tsunami benefit cricket match will include the following elements for establishing a perfect project information system for the success of the project -

  • Access authority levels must be included for better decision making as per the requirement of the project.
  • Complex computer-based systems are one of the main requirements of this information system (Foster, 2018).
  • Consideration related to data ownership will also be an advantage for the project management information system of the cricket match.
  • Privacy considerations are also important for maintaining the safety of data so that they cannot be abused.
  • Simple manual systems are also required for housekeeping services and giving other services required in the system.

Project Communication Table

Target Audience


Communication Deliverables

Communication Needs


Media Formats


James Edwards

Project Manager

Status of the project, activities done

To make the team members updated about all single detail.

For communicating required information

Presentation, reports

Once in a week

Daniel Jacobson

Project sponsor

Budget and timeline related details

To make changes in the activities as per requirements

To use the information for making changes in the decisions.

Reports, Guidelines

Once in a month

Anna Colts

Technical team leader

Status of technical work and issues faced

To use the information for improving technical infrastructure.

Informing all the stakeholders about technical improvements

Technical report, presentation

Once in a month

Zack Deery

Senior Executive

Flow of communication

To use the information for better outcome

Managing the flow of the communication

Reports, guidelines

Once in a week

Project Communication Plan

The project communication plan will help to know the requirements for making a good communication between the team members and also the stakeholders. This will ensure whether the information regarding the project activities is gathered, organised and retrieved properly or not. Any external or internal constraint related to communication will also be known through the communication plan. This communication plan will also include the communication matrix through which the requirements of the stakeholders can be known. The communication flowchart will give a direction to the communication process so that better decisions can be made. The cricket match will also be successful when the communication within the team members is quite good. With the help of the communication plan all the agendas, objectives of the project can be fulfilled through sound communication as no issues will come. Even if any issues come, they can be identified at the initial stage and solved as soon as possible.

Communications ManagementApproach
Ragozina et al., (2020) opined that, communication is a vital part in project management and it is the duty of the project manager to manage all the activities related to project management. The project manager of the Asian Tsunami benefit cricket match event will be responsible for making all the decisions and solving all the issues related to communication. The management approach of communication must be designed in such a way that the workplace environment is friendly and comfortable for the team members of the project. He or she will be responsible for listening to the team members, setting the objectives of the project, making reports, writing the emails, checking the status of the project and many more important tasks. Proper behaviour and attitude of the project manager is highly required for increasing the chances of the project for collecting funds for the victims of the Asian earthquake.

Communications ManagementConstraints
According to the argument of Taban(2021), a specific budget, timeline and resource are always allocated for a specific project and the Asian cricket match is also not an exception. The project manager is required to make better decisions so that any kind of delay is not experienced by the team members. This will not only decrease the value of the project but additional resource allocation will also increase the budget of the project. Last but not the least, any kind of delay in the match will impact the objectives and budget allocation of the project making it a failure. Hence, the project manager is expected to work based on the guidelines, a requirement given in the communication matrix for better results.

The sponsor of the project is responsible for the funding of the project and is required to be communicated when he or she wants. On the other hand, the project manager owns most of the resource and hence detailed communication is required for making better decisions. The project team members require sound knowledge so that better decisions can be made based on the requirements of the project (Bekerman, 2020). Last but not the least the technical lead of the company is also needed to be closely communicated as all the technical decisions are on the technical leader appointed for the project.

Communication Methods andTechnologies
Communication methods and technologies will be updated based on the requirements of the stakeholders. Besides this, the guidelines for the communication method and technologies will be widely based on the communication matrix. A directory will also be maintained by the project manager where all the rules will be written (Guo, 2019). The best thing is that all the stakeholders will be given access to SharePoint where all the details regarding the project and its status will be updated based on the development of the project.

Communication Flow Chart
The communication flow chart decides to make better decisions as a proper direction can be obtained with the help of the flow chart. The Asian Cricket event project team members will be able to know all the requirements and activities scheduled for the project through this flow chart given below. However, there can be changes in the flow chart depending upon the situation and changes in the requirements. The project manager will inform the project sponsor if this kind of situation arise at any point. These changes must also be informed to the team members of the project so that the efficiency and workflow of the project is not affected.


Figure 2: Flow Chart of communication plan
(Source: Guo, 2019)

The table depicts the communications requirements for this project -

Communication Type

Objective of Communication








Verbal Communication

To introduce the problem of the project and discuss the objectives of the project.


 Face to Face


Once (At the initial stage)

Project Sponsor


Team members


Project Manager




–  Memos and reports archived from the SharePoint site


Status update Meetings


To give Review of the status of the project


Face to Face

Video Conference Call



Once in a week



– Project Team members


Project Manager

Project Schedule



  –  Memos and reports archived from the SharePoint site

Technical Design related Meetings

To discuss and make development of technical design solutions.


– Face to Face

As required

– Project Technical Staff

Technical Lead


  –  Memos and reports archived from the SharePoint site

Innovation Meetings

To give the status of the innovation required or made in the project.

Face to Face

Video Conference Call


Once in a month




Project Manager

Slide Updates

Schedule of the project

  –  Memos and reports archived from the SharePoint site


Communication Standard
Communication standard helps the project managers to avoid all the issues that can arise in the middle of the communication process. Standardisation also ensure that all the team members are aware about the objectives of the project and is working accordingly. All the communication channels used in the project are discussed in the communication standards. For example, the kickoff meeting, project meeting and monthly project status meetings were held by the Cricket team (Guo, 2019). It ensures that the team members under the guidance of the project managers will use standard templates and communication channel communicating in a better way.

Guidelines for Meetings
Proper guidance for the meeting will ensure the importance of the conducting the meeting for better decision making. Various types of agendas taken in the meeting are one of the major guidelines which must be followed by the team members. Project reports will also include the guidelines given by the experts so that the meeting can be conducted and completed smoothly. A notetaker will help to make proper notes regarding the discussion in the meeting. On the other hand, a time keeper will help to make the proper use of time by informing the starting and ending time of the meeting.

Review project outcome
On-time project delivery can be ensured

The Asian Tsunami Benefit Cricket Match has been largely taken as an important step in helping the affected people and it must be made successful in a very short time. Therefore, in this process, only if the communication plan is correct, then all the plans can be made successful so quickly. Only through a proper communication management plan will it be possible to disseminate information about this relief fund to every person. In this regard, various media such as press media, Twitter, website, concerts and events, face to face meetings, advertisements etc. will be the important means of communication to the masses.

The communication gap will be easier to bridge
Since all the planning of the project has to be done properly in a very short time so that there is no difficulty in managing the project, communication strategy is a very important step in this project. It will be possible to analyze the needs and demands of the stakeholders during the project review if the communication gap of the project can be properly mitigated (Salin, 2019). Moreover, communication strategy is the main and important medium for conveying information about this game to all over the world and for gaining the cooperation of every sports lover and cricket lover. Therefore, this communication must be properly implemented at every step

Budget management and fundraising will be facilitated in the right way
The more people are informed about the relief fund, the easier it will be for them to cooperate. In addition, with the cooperation of the International Cricket Community, the Asian Cricket Council, the Federation of International Cricket Associations, and all the cricketers in the world, it will be possible to achieve a significant relief fund for the affected people.

The project communication plan ensures whether the communication among the team members and the stakeholders is maintained or not. By establishing a proper project communication plan the delivery of the project can be on time and the resources will also be allocated properly. This project communication plan is all about arranging the communication plan for the event of the Asian earthquake benefit cricket match which is going to be organised by the cricket board for helping the victims of the earthquake. The communication plan of the project depicts its objectives and the requirements of the stakeholders based upon their status and situation. All the required details such as communication matrix, communication technologies and guidelines along with communication standards have been discussed in the communication plan. The project information system is also described as per the requirements of the event so that the information collection, organisation and with people can be made in a better way. If the proper use of software related to the project information system can be done with proper guidelines, the information gathered can be used with the proper outcome. It can be concluded that a project communication plan helps the team members to act properly without having any issue in organisation and retrieval of information. All the team members and the project manager will be kept updated about each detail of the project through the project communication plan.

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