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Project Management Assignment on Business Process And ICT Requirements



  • A brief literature review detailing the 1G requirements for a Project Management Information System, and select an organisation to explore this further.
  • Conduct a brief analysis of your chosen organisation’s business processes.
  • Based on your analysis, propose the design and development of a new web-based project management tool ara Portalfor managing projects in your chosen organisation.
  • Provide justification for your chosen tool.
  • Word limit: 1000-1200 words (excluding references and appendix)
  • You need to present your work.


Technological advancements have transformed a large share of business areas, industry domains, and business operations. Project Management is one such area that has been influenced with the development of the technological tools and applications. It was discussed in this Project Management assignment that the use of technology has now become essential to manage the project knowledge areas. The Project Management assignment covers the ICT Requirements for project management and also analyses these requirements from one organization’s perspective.

Literature Review – ICT Requirements for Project Management
Earlier, project managers used to take several days or weeks to collect the project updates and took decisions thereafter. However, in the present era, real-time and dynamic style of working and decision-making is essential to have an edge in the market. The ICT requirements are significant in this area of project management to maintain real-time project updates with the employees and stakeholders in varied time zones and locations. Communication tools are also significant for the project management operations. For example, tele-communication and social media channels and tools are now used to connect with the business clients, partners, employees, and stakeholders from any of the remote location (Reed and Knight, 2010). The information exchange has become quicker and real-time leading to faster decision-making and problem-solving.

There is a lot of data that is involved and is required in the project management processes and activities. The manual handling and paper-based storage of all of these data sets is no longer feasible. The use of cloud databases and storage services become significant in this area. These databases are deployed for the projects and the organization to store, process, retrieve, and manage the project information (Martinez-Rojas, Marin and Vila, 2016).

Planning is one of the significant project management activities and the planning of the project areas, such as cost, risks, resources, schedule, scope, etc. is one of the critical activities. The planning of these areas can be made easier and accurate with the use of automated data analytics and estimation tools. For example, the estimation of the project costs can be better done with the results of the market inflation statistics, resource costs, cost of the tools, and likewise (Laslo, 2010). The patterns associated with a specific situation may assist in the determination of the risks and the development of the treatment strategies to deal with such risks. The communication and quality planning can also be done with the help of such automated planning and analysis tools.

Organization Analysis – Business Processes
Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd is one of the top construction companies in Malaysia with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The company was set up in the year 1985 and works in the areas as civil and buildings construction (Asiabaruconstruction, 2019).

The organization carries out Water Works and Sewage projects covering river intakes, storage tanks, reservoirs, pipe lying, live connection, and several others. It is necessary for the company to take approvals from Water Works Authorities to carry out most of the projects.

New Web-based Project Management Tool/Portal for Organization
Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd is a construction firm and the projects that are undertaken by the organization are exposed to various forms of risks and threats. One of the primary risks that may occur in such projects is the worker health and safety risk. There are higher chances of site accidents in such projects which may have a significant impact on the health conditions and safety of the workers involved. The environment also plays a very important role for the projects undertaken by the organization. The changes in the climatic conditions and weather patterns may regulate the project timelines and lifecycle.

The web-based project management tool that is proposed for the organization is an automated risk management tool. The tool will include integrated data analytics to determine the probable risks and threats for the projects. There will be identification of the risks that will be done by the tool on the basis of the data sets collected from a variety of different sources. Some of these sources include the company data, project information, system observation details, environmental reports, market data, and likewise (Sols, 2018). The risk patterns and trends will be brought forward by the tool and the preferred treatment strategy will also be highlighted. The members of the project management team will be able to implement the risk treatment and control strategies accordingly. There will also be report generation and extraction functionalities implemented in the tool and the front-end will be developed in the form of a mobile application. The dynamic and real-time updating of the tool will be made possible.

Justification for Chosen Tool
The risk management tool that is proposed for the organization is justified as the occurrence of the risks can have significant damages on the organization. For example, if there is a workplace accident due to faulty equipment, there may be temporary or permanent injury that may result for the worker. Similarly, the change in the climatic conditions may result in the unnecessary project delays and negative impacts on the budget. The tool will analyse the project data and information along with the external details to determine the risk areas and patterns. The identification of these risks earlier in the lifecycle will allow the project leaders and managers to easily manage the project activities (Nasirzadeh, Khanzadi and Rezaie, 2014). The overall project performance and the project success rate will also improve as an outcome.

It was discussed in this Project Management assignment that the projects carried out in the present times are composed of multiple tasks, methods, resources, processes, and techniques. It is required that these project elements are in close sync with each other to ensure higher project success rates. It has been observed in this Project Management assignment role of technology becomes significant in such cases as the use of technological tools can streamline all of these areas. Data management is one of the critical tasks that can be simplified with the use of the technical tools and applications. The automated risk management tool is proposed for the Malaysian organization, Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd. It has been recommended in this Project Management assignment implementation of the tool will enhance the overall risk management process for the organization and will make sure that the occurrence of the risks is avoided and controlled at all times. Project Management assignments are being prepared by our IT Management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

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