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Project Management Assignment Analyzing Project Case Scenarios


Task: Answer all questions in the following scenarios provided herein project management assignment and write your answers in a report.

Q1. You are the project manager responsible for the overall construction of a new international airport in Western Sydney.
a. Identify the major groups of Stakeholders that are likely to affect the success of this project. (You need to provide a comprehensive list)

b. Group the identified stakeholders in terms of internal and external stakeholders and provide the power-interest matrixM

c. Develop a quality management plan showing 3 quality management tools that you will use with justifications

d. Develop a procument management plan where you will choose a contract type and delivery system with justification

Q2. The Youth Rugby project team has identified the following potential risks to their project:

a. Referees failing to show up at designated games

b. Fighting between teams
c. Pivotal error committed by a referee that determines the outcome of a game
d. Abusive behavior along the sidelines by parents
e. Inadequate parking
f. Not enough teams sign up for different age brackets
g. Serious injury
How would you recommend that they respond (i.e. avoid, accept …) to these risks and why?

Q3 Saint Pedro

payoff table in project management assignment


Project Management AssignmentQuestion 1:

Being a leader in the project management, the responsibility is to take care of the overall construction of a new international airport in Western Sydney. As the leader in the leader, the construction, engineering, management, procurement have to be assessed and to be by WSA CO. As the project manager and the delivery partner for the Western Sydney Airport has to be managed. Moreover, it is a landmark project for Australia and is due for the completion at the end of 2026.Construction of such an airport is the generation of the infrastructure and develop the opportunity for the region and to development. Moreover, the project manager is to look forward to the owners, contractors, and the suppliers on the project who bring together so of the global aviation and the project management minds with the local talent of Sydney (Larson, 2014).

a. Group of Major Stakeholders
However, the project is only successful when it is to achieve the objectives and to meet the exceeded expectations and needs of the stakeholders. But there the main question triggers that who the stakeholders are? Stakeholders are those individuals who rather care about or have a keen interest in the construction project of the airport. These are the people who actively and enthusiastically involved in the working of the project, or they have something to gain or to a loss for the project. When the project manager adds to the infrastructure, the stakeholders are positively affected, but they affected the residents nearby during the project completion. The project that has been sponsored, and it generally executes in the organization with authority to allocate the resources and to enforce the decision regarding the project is termed as the stakeholders (Newsroom, 2018). In the construction of the new international airport in Western Sydney, the list of stakeholder is as:

• The Customeris that individual in the business who purchases the other company’s services or goods. Customers are important because they generate revenues.
• A contractor is a person who had undertaken the contract and provided the labor, material, and performs their job or service.
• A Subcontractor is a person in a business who signed the contract to perform the parts of the obligation of the other contract. A subcontractor is a person hired by the general contractor to perform a specific task by providing their services.
• A supplier is a business entity that supplies the products or services to the construction of the airport. This entity is part of the supply chain of a business and mainly includes the provision of the value to the products that are contained within the products.
• The government is a group of people and the authority who governs the state or a country and involve in such mega construction of the airport.
• A project manager is a person who is in charge of a specific project. The job of the project manager is to plan, provide the budget, and look after the document in all the aspects related to the project on which they are working.
• A Project team is that organized group. They mainly involve in doing the individual or shared tasks related to the projects and in achieving the goals and objectives for the accomplishment of the tasks.
• The manager is an employee who held responsible for directing, managing, and for overseeing the operations mainly related to the fiscal health of the unit. The manager is also held responsible for seeing and for leading the work.

However, it is important to recognize all the stakeholders in the up fronted project to specify the duties and obligations of each person involved in the working of the project.

b. Grouping of Identified Stakeholders
By definition, Stakeholders are the people who provide the stake in a situation, and they might be termed as the internal (management and employees) and the external (competitors, customers) (sloe, 2012).
• Internal stakeholders are the ones who participate in the funding, coordinating, and then resourcing the strategy of publication.
• External stakeholders are the ones who are engaged in contributing to the experience and views to address the issue in the project.

Internal Stakeholders

External Stakeholders

Project Director

External Customers

Top management project team members


Managers and peers

Contractors subcontractors

Resource managers


Internal customers



However, the power interest matrix of the stakeholders is as:

payoff table in project management assignment

Source: (Slabá, 2014).

c. Quality Management Plan
Thequality management plan describes the acceptable level of the quality that is typically defined by the customer and describes that the project will ensure the level of quality in the deliverables and the processes of the work.

Tool Name

Tool use/purpose


Advisor of Project Management

Can document the project management framework stages and the associated activities that are to be applied to the project

Needed to give the advice where necessary for the betterment

Project management framework

Can document the deliverables of the project management that has to be produced by the project

It is required to be in the given path that is to be followed

Deliverable directors

The directory that is to be used for the controlled version and to the framework

The director is needed to check and balance the deliverables

Feedback directories

It structures the required change and the structure

Those who can able to critically assess the work and provide valuable feedback

Help desk standard

Use to test the compliance

Provide help to all the staff


d. Procurement Management Plan
The procurement management plan has set the framework for the airport construction project and serves as the guide that could manage the procurement throughout the life of the project and can be updated as the need for change. The current plan can able to identify the items that are to be procured and the associated type of the contract, which will be used to support the project and in the decision making criteria. The most important procurement activities that had established the firm and its deliverables in measuring the associated activities mainly include the procurement activities. This procurement plan includes the risk of procurement, management risk, and considerations, and the fact of how the cost will be determined. Also, procurement management determines the cost and standard procurement that will be used in the project (Newsroom, 2018).



Desirable By

Item A; tool

It is needed for the manufacturing of the wooden material for type 1, and we do not make it.

31 May  2020

Item B; tool

It is needed to build the tool we make it but do not know the costs as compared to the purchase of the material.

It is also needed to build the type 2 which make the

Needed for building tool type 2; we make this item but do not know the cost comparison vs. purchasing it

12 June 2020

Item C

Needed for transferring material to the site and to build the infrastructure. The company does not make this item.

1st July 2020


Question 2: Introduction
As it is the responsibility of the manager to resolve the issue that the youth Rugby project team has been recognized by having the potential risk that is closely related to the project. To address the issue and to recognize the problems, there is a dire need to implement the strategies that could help mitigate the risk. These risks will lead to harm to the project. However, all the identified issues have been provided with a separate solution that should be by the nature of the risk. But the project manager must cope with such risks and to provide a better solution. The given solution is as below:


Recommended Response


Referees failing to show up at designated games


Increase the communication and tends to schedule some of the extra meetings that could decrease the response.

Fighting between teams


The couches and the members of the team are held responsible for controlling such risks, and they should establish the penalty or heavily fine

The pivotal error committed by a referee that determines the outcome ofa game


It decreases the occurrence and ensures that the need for adequate training is required along with the questionable calls that are to be placed.

Abusive behavior along the sidelines by parents


Select some venue that is the barrier between the spectators and in the field that is far. The place should be less hearable.

Inadequate parking


Select the large space venue for the parking and suggest carpooling or busing.

Not enough teams sign up for different age brackets.


All such committees should reduce the tasks and the likelihood that is greatly impacted due to the registration plan or the date that is far enough.

Serious injury


Although no way is there to control the risk, the individual should be prepared to respond with the EMS.


However, the responses must be regarded as the transfer, share, avoid, or mitigate. The explanation of these is as below:
• To identify the given risk, being a project manager, I will not be able to accept the recent mismanagement but going to provide the solution, and they could also find and then hold on the people's group who are held accountable for such actions in the construction of the project. This can be exemplified by the fact that fighting in between the team that is to do something of the people who are doing so and to combat that the individual conducting this has been heavily penalized for such actions. In my opinion, these risks should be mitigated and never lead to mismanagement in this regard.
• To prevent the referee team is failing to show up the designated team, there is a need to ensure that these players are trained and are up to date regarding the changes in the organization. This will be conducted by giving them a proper check and balance and to provide the solution if not to cope with the designated project. So such type of risks should be avoided so that there remain no sign of the disagreement and the project should be run smoothly. This could be helpful only if the proper training has been provided.
• However, to deal with the other parents' organization will be needed to inform that the actions might result in the exclusion from the team and is solely based on the behavior of the children and their parents. This will be because the member has adopted abusive behavior, which is a serious ethical problem. This could be resolved on the spot, or the actions should be taken, such as the compelling from the team. This bad behavior is strictly avoided to use the abusive language, and it will lead to expelling the member from the team.
• Also, the pivotal error that has been committed by the referee, and it could determine the outcome of the game. This can be assessed where the actual fault was, and it should be determined by the provision of proper solutions that the outcomes of the games should be positive.
• Moreover, to address the inadequate parking, the project management organization will tend to seek the buses that will allow the people to park their vehicles where it is possible. Although, it is not possible to have different signup and the different age brackets where one may have to open the field of play to everyone. But still, there is a need to research, and still, more is needed to come up with the possible and associated actions in the concerned matters.
• While the injury is the part of the game but there is a need to mitigate the risk and to make it sure that the referee must watch for any of the infraction that could occur in the game. Hence, it is concluded that the project manager is held accountable for any of the associated aspect of the project. There is also a need for the identification of the risk as well as the creation of the instant response. Still, for the manager, it is all to start with accountability and to hold the members of the organization to create a specific level.

Question 3: Introduction






Model I


 $                 10,000

 $                    4,000



 $                 15,000

 $                    3,000



 $                 14,000

 $                    5,600

 $                 12,600

Model II


 $                    8,000

 $                    3,200



 $                 18,000

 $                    3,600



 $                 12,000

 $                    4,800

 $                 11,600

Model III


 $                    6,000

 $                    2,400



 $                 16,000

 $                    3,200



 $                 21,000

 $                    8,400

 $                 14,000


Based on the calculations of the above-given modelsit is assessed that if the potential impact of the project and the reason is that one could be needed that much of the money will be lost if the risk occurred. In this regard, the calculations based on EMV reflect that risks are initially known, and on the basis of those risks, assessment has been done. In managing the venture, there is a need to monitor the venture. So it is a need to ask for the additional risk budget based on the contingency(tenstepadmin, 2018). This could cover the unknown risk. However, from the calculated models, the total contingency is 14,000, so by selecting the model II will be the best option. The reason is that it could cover the risk easily.

Larson, E. W. &. G. C. F., 2014. Project management: The managerial process. New York.

Newsroom, 2018. Bechtel to manage construction of a new airport in Australia. Slabá, M., 2014. STAKEHOLDER POWER-INTEREST MATRIX AND
STAKEHOLDER-RESPONSIBILITY MATRIX IN CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Project management assignmentThe 8th International Days of Statistics and Economics, Prague, September 11-13,.
sloe, M., 2012. Project Planning. http://c.https//
tenstepadmin, 2018. Use Expected Monetary Value (EMV) to Create a Risk Contingency Budget.


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