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How Does The Choice Of Professional Research Assignments Influence Career Success?


Task: Does the young scholar’s independent selection of their research assignment and subjects influence career success?


The present research assignment explored Global competitiveness surges, and the increasing need for research and learning to be properly managed so as to harness the required results. Today this has become vital, and alternative approaches linked to research and learning must be practised so that the individuals develop the knowledge and skills needed in today’s competitive world (Sexton, 2015). In this research assignment, the role of research analysis’s and learning are not limited to education but also businesses. All stakeholders require taking every aspect into consideration so as to nurture the right form of learning and boost career success.

Literature Review
Research assignment and reports have played an important part in developing education and enhancing development. It has resulted in many research papers, books and projects being written on the topic. For the purpose of this assignment, the focus shall be placed on the literature associated to learning techniques and how learning the correct information is vital towards improving an individual’s ability to achieve success (ProQuest, 2008). To understand how education, personal interest, and career success are interlinked, two books shall be utilized.

Career Success of Disabled High-flyers by Sonali Shah published in 2005 and,

A Study of Career Choice Factors and Students' Academic Success at an Aviation School by James Franklin Pendergrass published in 2008.

Both books are closely linked to providing advice and approaches linked to career choice and success. The authors provide important information linked to a different situation that requires to be taken into consideration before choosing a career. James Franklin describes how Career choice has been closely associated with success, but in many situations, career success and income are misunderstood, leading to professional failure. Over the past century, people have turned their attention from focusing on career success and development to chasing behind careers which attract higher income. It has led many people into choosing the wrong careers, which have resulted in many people failing to achieve career success and satisfaction simply due to them making the wrong choices. In Sonali Shahs research assignment, the author has discussed how disability has been misunderstood for centuries, yet disabled people still have important skills that can be utilized to work (Denicolo & Reeves, 2014). She goes ahead to provide important examples linked to learning and how research and learning requirements to be observed from a liberal point of view to ensure all stakeholders harness good information from learning.

Research Assignments

Learning and research have clearly been misunderstood in recent years; many professionals pressurize themselves towards pursuing careers due to income and other reasons. According to the author’s career, success and development are more likely to be achieved when individuals pursue a career or profession; they have a personal interest too. It lets them concentrate more on their career and profession, allowing them to develop the occupation and field more than they would while pursuing a career due to peer pressure. Career success is, therefore, closely linked to personal occupation interests, which require to be taken into close consideration before selecting a career. It greatly improves an individual’s ability to achieve success and correlate to their research assignment, thus helping contribute towards developing the profession or field.

Research Questions
The research question: How does the choice of Professional research assignments influence Career Success?

On the paper, we shall be examining different examples and approaches linked to professional choice, which have resulted in damaging career success. We shall observe the different situation as well as provide examples linked to prominent and famous people who have made bad as well as good profession choices. It has resulted in different individuals experiencing different levels of success in their career with many remaining stagnant and not registering any growth and development due to making the wrong career choice (Gouws & Kruger, 2014). The main focus of the research assignment would demonstrate how professional careers require to be linked to personal interest, thus resulting in them registering a higher level of success.

Research Population and Sample
Wrong career choice has been something a large number of people have been experiencing over the past 50 years. Wrong career choice began being experienced in the 1960’s where governments and corporate companies began developing a high demand for white-collar employees. During the time, the number of educated white-collar professionals was limited, resulting in there being a high demand for white-collar professionals leading to high income (Sondergaard & Murthi, 2011). It led many people to pursue white-collar job professions, but the 20th and 21st century have registered an oversaturation of the professionals in the markets. During data collection for this research assignment, it was identified that many people now carry degrees but remain unemployed and unwilling to take up other professions leading to them being turned as failures. Besides feeling overrated for lower-ranking jobs, the professionals also lack the diverse skills required to generate income or start a business.

Unemployment rates are rising in most countries which directly indicates a major flaw linked to the education system. With this in mind, it’s critical to reevaluate the entire educational system to address the different concerns being experienced in the markets.

Research Assignments

Figure 1 - Unemployment Trends - retrieved from

Today unemployment rates hover around 6% and are expected to remain at the same rate for several years to come. It is directly linked to the younger generation failing to develop brown collar skills which are necessary for skill development, income generation and reversing unemployment rates. Unemployment rates are expected to continue remaining high, and alternative approaches linked to income generation require being taken into consideration and practised to reduce unemployment rates (Senate, 2004). It is only achievable through an overhaul of the entire research, learning and education system. The system requires focusing on training people to develop personal skills which can be utilized to generate an income rather than focus on securing degrees. Focusing only on getting degrees may result in them, not securing employment.

Research assignment Implementation
With the rising unemployment rates, drastic action requires to be taken immediately to avert the unemployment rates from rising in the future. It has been a problem experienced in many developing and underdeveloped nations and is currently being dealt with many of the nation’s experiencing reducing unemployment rates (Morris et al., 2012). It is due to the developing and underdeveloped economies realizing that they require promoting skill development among their workforce and manpower, which will result in gradually reducing the unemployment rates. It’s important to keep in mind that one requires managing their income and employment status. It allows the individual to continue generating an income in all situations. To develop this attitude among the public, certain approaches require to be managed to reduce dependence on employment and focus more on personal income and skill development. Skill development was an aspect that was continually revisited during the research assignment as it always results in an individual being capable of generating income, helping reduce their dependence on employment. They are important as building the public’s confidence and reducing in increasing the G.D.P., which results in reducing poverty and desperation.

An Analysis of Career Success of disabled High-flyers by Sonali Shah
The disabled have always been observed as unfortunate and incapable of performing any meaningful chores, tasks or work independently. But research, studies and several other examples of severely disabled people have contradicted their disability and adopted special career paths which have seen them secure huge success and recognition (Shah, 2005). They have helped deliver important insight liked to disabilities and helping people with disability look again into their lives and turn their life and career around.

Sonali Shah has performed in-depth research into the people with disabilities and helped provide important insight linked to training the disabled to develop special skills. In this research assignment, it is clear that disabilities are crippling, but it is also important to note that disabled members of society tend to develop important special skills linked to certain skills which they can utilize to develop their career and even generate income. The level or type of disability is irrelevant while developing a career of training an individual. In most cases, each person will have a skill that can develop and is demanded by the public. While many people with disabilities may experience some complications linked to mobility or their senses, they tend to develop other skills which grow considerably more powerful than ordinary people.

An example of a severely disabled person who has turned his life into being a well-recognized inspirational speaker is Nick Vujicic. He was born with no hands and no legs, and while many presumed he was doomed, he has challenged his disability to become an internationally recognized inspirational speaker. Today Nick Vujicic attends college and university inspirational lectures across the world to help motivate and guide people into loving themselves. With no hands or legs, Nick Vujicic has still summoned the courage to inspire people on the importance of observing life from a different perspective (Vujicic, 2012).

Overcoming a disability doesn’t necessarily mean an individual must be able to perform the task, but more importantly, the individual should focus on a skill they can perform and perfect. It is important as it allows the individual to focus their attention on being productive and harnessing their potential of being a beneficial contributor to the community.

An Analysis of the research assignment case Study “Career Choice Factors and Students” Academic Success at an Aviation School by James Franklin Pendergrass
James Franklin takes a different approach linked to education, learning and professional success, where he demonstrates how peer pressure leads to pushing people to make the wrong choices. It is a common problem being experienced across the globe (Pendergrass, 2008). Parents expect their children to complete their career dreams without realizing each person has their own objective and goals linked to their career.

On James’s research into the Aviation industry, it becomes clear that many individuals pursuing aviation profession tend to have different interests which result in then failing to pursue their career fully. In most situations, the individuals will only pursue their career for a few years until they become independent, after which they tend to veer away and abandon the profession as they grow independent (Gordon, 2007).

It leads to a major loss for all stakeholders since finances; education and time are lost seeking careers individuals don’t intend on pursuing. It is also devastating for the industry since it leads to them losing the skill required to develop the industry in the future. It is an important factor identified in this research assignment since fresh talent helps improve the sector which is very important towards building the industry. 

James utilizes this opportunity to demonstrate how important it is to promote an individual’s personal interest. It helps them pursue their profession with a personal interest which is critical towards building the industry as a whole.

Conclusions and Recommendations
It is clear the Learning and Education have grown to be more of a status symbol in the past few decades. It has resulted in people failing to develop skills and pursue professions linked to their interests. It has resulted in the rising rates in unemployment since people are pursuing professions they expect to deliver high income and not develop personal brown collar skills (McArdle-Clinton, 2011). These may be less desirable, but they have been identified to be increasing in demand in recent years. Brown collar skill development is more likely to result in people securing higher success as compared to pursuing white-collar corporate professions; this makes career path selection the most important aspect linked to effective research and learning identified during the preparation of this research assignment.

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