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   Free sample   Product commercialization assignment on vaccine and healthcare product development

product commercialization assignment on vaccine and healthcare product development


Task: How can manufacturers determine the requirement to mass product and market products or services using product commercialization assignment research techniques?


This product commercialization assignmentexplores the requirement needed to develop and market healthcare products such as vaccines. Humans continue to face a worldwide public health crisis as a result of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic, which was brought about by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2. However, despite the best efforts of a large number of researchers, there are currently no FDA-approved standard therapeutics or effective antiviral drugs available on the market for the treatment of this disease. Convalescent plasma, clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, and mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) therapy are examples of some of the novel antiviral strategies that have the potential to offer an additional or alternative option or compassionate use for people who are afflicted with COVID-19.

PESTLE analysis



This product commercialization assignmentidentifies that the path to profitability for a novel small anti-viral molecule is significantly influenced by political factors. Since political climates vary widely around the world, it has emerged as a crucial factor in the success of companies everywhere. Since multiple shifts in law enforcement can negatively impact a product's growth, political stability is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry. There is a positive correlation between the political climate and IP protection.


Businesses must pay close attention to the savings rate, inflation rate, foreign exchange rate, interest rate, and labour costs, among other macroeconomic factors. Competitive norms, the competitive advantage ration, and industrial economic indicators are all examples of micro environmental factors that have proven useful in creating business opportunities for small anti-viral molecule (Massalska, 2020). Thus, the business decision making process of novel small anti-viral molecule may get influenced by the types of economic system followed by various countries.


When it comes to making decisions, businesses cannot ignore the influence of societal culture. One can infer the population's health care requirements from its demographic make-up and level of education. A person's level of education, socioeconomic status, and cultural background all play significant roles in shaping the decisions they make and the final outcome. People's shifting perspectives on health care may contribute to the market's expansion.


Disruptive innovation is a key factor in today's highly digitised business environment, heavily impacting strategic decision making. Thanks to recent advances in technology, many new avenues for expansion have opened up for this item. The minds of consumers have been swayed by the rapid pace at which this technology is spreading.


The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has been significantly impacted by the increasing number of regulatory changes. Protecting the novelty of small anti-viral molecules is crucial because they are a potential cure for widespread diseases. Thus, it may be important to examine how the product's strategic decision-making process is affected by the health and safety frameworks in use in various countries (Narayanan &Parimon, 2022).


Many environmental norms and standards identified on this product commercialization assignmenthave begun to affect the economy. It is now the responsibility of marketers to ensure a higher level of sustainability before entering the market. The government's proposed regulatory framework for environmental protection should also be thoroughly analysed. As a leading pharmaceutical company, novel small anti-viral molecule must pay close attention to air and water pollution regulations and healthcare waste management.

Disease landscape
Insect scouting takes priority over checking for the presence of disease in the landscape, which is a common mistake made by both professionals and amateurs. Diseases have an impact on the landscape that is comparable to, if not greater than, that of insects. The reason for this is that eradicating the insect is typically less difficult than managing the disease it spreads in the garden. The product commercialization assignmentresearch shows fungicides cannot eradicate the disease entirely, they should only be used to keep the disease under control (Li, 2020). If the right conditions exist, the disease will return. There must be pathogens, a susceptible host, and an enabling environment for disease to exist.

Whether or not a person should get tested for the COVID-19 virus may be decided based on factors that vary depending on the person's location. Some patients may need to go through a preliminary screening with their clinic to determine if they qualify for and can access the necessary testing. Although most people who contract COVID recover fully within a matter of weeks, some may experience post-COPID conditions.

product commercialization assignment-Patient’s journey
Patients suspected of having Covid-19 are quarantined until they can be swabbed and tested. The average turnaround time for lab results is 6-8 hours. Patients with confirmed infections are quarantined in isolation units or pandemic wards. In the event of a pandemic, NUH has designated pandemic wards that can accommodate up to 35 patients each (Chen et al.,2020). Nursing, environmental services, security, and engineering are all involved in infection control alongside the infectious diseases department. Infection control nurses provide PPE training to other departments, and the engineering team aids in the design and planning of air flows for the various wards. However, if complications arise, such as heart failure, kidney failure, a stroke, or a clot in the lungs, some patients may require ICU treatment sooner. Frailty makes elderly patients a poor candidate for ECMO. Complications like bleeding and secondary infections are more likely, which drastically lowers the chances of survival.

Competitor landscape
Repurposing existing drugs that have already passed regulatory muster or reached the clinical trial stage accounts for the vast majority of antiviral drug discovery efforts. Here we take a look at the small-molecule repurposed antiviral agents being tested for COVID-19 in clinical trials. Both nirmatrelvir and ritonavir, two antiviral drugs, are included in the oral treatment Paxlovid (Jonsson, 2021). The product commercialization assignmentinvestigations reveals there are two kinds of tablets included in the package. It prevents the virus from replicating by interfering with a protein it requires. In people 12 and older who are at high risk for severe illness due to COVID-19, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends Paxlovid as the first-choice treatment.

Unmet need for this product
When given early enough, antiviral treatment has the potential to significantly reduce the length of time it takes for the virus to be cleared from the body, thereby slowing or stopping the rapid progression of COVID19. The virus clearance time can be effectively shortened and the patient's prognosis improved by using antiviral medication for a short duration (Yu-Jie et al., 2020). It would theoretically provide a basis for optimising the strategy of using antiviral drugs, which would be useful in clinical management of patients with COVID19.

Required stakeholder insight
Ministries of health, Immunization program and National pharmacovigilance centres, patients, physicians willevaluate the data available for use in making recommendations regarding the introduction of anti-viral molecules; this should involve the determination of priority target groups for the introduction of COVID-19.
The product commercialization assignmentalso demonstrates that healthcare provider and patient should agree on the desired outcomes of any post-COVID laboratory testing before the testing is ordered. History, physical, besides clinical findings should direct laboratory testing. Prior to the availability of more information and evidence for specific laboratory testing for post-COVID conditions, a basic panel of laboratory tests might be considered for patients with ongoing symptoms to assess for conditions that may respond to treatment.

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