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Presentation Transcript On Understanding The Strategic Management Of Wesfarmers Limited


Task: You are to assume the role of the CEO of your selected organisation and write the transcript as if you were verbally presenting this in front of your employees.

! You do not actually have to present your infographic in class. However, you are to write a 1250-word transcript using the style, tone and language that you would use, if you were verbally presenting it. ! The aim of the written transcript is to bring the content of your infographic to life. This means that you should explain the strategic management process you went through and the logic for the organisation’s strategy. ! Your presentation transcript should contain the following:

  • A welcome to your employees and an introduction of who you are.
  • A summary of the process you have gone through to produce the organisation’s strategy.
  • An engaging and succinct explanation of each part of the strategy that links to the 1page infographic that you have produced.
  • A compelling conclusion that motivates your employees for the year ahead. !

You do not need to reference the transcript. Instead, you need to write it in a style that inspires and informs your employees. !

Please write the transcript in a word document.


Thank you for joining in today’s discussion on understanding the strategic engagement of the managers in our organization, “Wesfarmers Limited Australia”. I am the CEO of “Wesfarmers Limited” and I am welcoming all of you today to participate in this presentation. As the company's CEO, I am responsible for participating and taking effective and impactful 'decisions' for the organization's betterment. I am also managing the operations and required 'resources' to present sustainability. Besides, I am always trying to maintain an efficient 'interaction' process among the organization's 'board of directors', shareholders, and the employees, which is you!

We are well-aware of our organization's operational strategies and our vision in generating the highest value for our shareholders. In today's presentation, I will be addressing the most vital areas of our management and how we are planning for handling our future challenges in implementing various schemes and strategies. The presentation will be starting with a short explanation of our evolution and historic performance in our long operation for over one century. It will then gradually shift to our operational environment, both external and internal. Today’s presentation will also identify our strategies and initiatives in achieving our objectives and sustainability. It will further conclude with our taken strategies, which we will implement to our organization to acquire a ‘long-term’ planning for generating ‘value’ and overcome our challenges.

We have established our organization back in 1914 as an 'autonomous' company to generate services and 'merchandise' to our farmers from the Western region of Australia. After working successfully in these areas for over 70 years, we were regarded as one of the leading 'conglomerates' at the 'retail industry' of Australia after listed at "Australian Securities Exchange" in 1984. It was an effective journey with all our hard works and strategic outcome. Today, we have expanded our operational area from Australia to New Zealand's 'retail industry'. We did not restrict our operation in only the 'retail industry', we have expanded our industry through acquiring various big organizations from the field of 'chemicals', 'coal' mining, 'industrial and safety' products, and 'fertilizers'. We have successfully generated AU$65.98 billion in 2017 by suppressing the leading giants of Australia – "Woolworths" and "BHP Group Limited". We are the biggest private sector in Australia with over 220,000 employees. Our acquisition has expanded to various big organizations, such as “Target”, “Kmart Group”, “Kmart Tyre and Auto”, “Harris Technology”, “Coles Supermarket”, “Bunnings Warehouse”, “Bengalla", and many others. The diversity of our acquired organizations has enabled us to become more diverse with our operational process. We provide services, manufacturing processes, operations, frameworks, and increase the 'portfolio' value of both our acquired organizations and our entity.

It is important to understand our internal and external 'operational' environment to identify our management areas in generating 'high-quality' services. We can implement 'SWOT' analysis in understanding our 'internal' environment by knowing that we have strength in being the leading operator for the 'supply-chain' process among the 'retail industry' in Australia. It was succeeded because of our diverse nature in offering and generating various services. It can be presented as our opportunity in engaging with more organizations from different industries in forming an effective diverse 'conglomerates' of Australia. However, we have our weaknesses in not understanding your requirements in receiving fair wages to effectively engaging with our management. It is also a treat to our organization and we are working on these areas actively to provide ‘job satisfaction’ to all our employees and build a health ‘work environment’to encourage all of you to give your effort in creating our identity. From the 'external' environmental perspective, we can analyze these areas with the 'PEST' analysis. As politically, we are secured by achieving facilities from our government in expanding our operation globally. On the other hand, the increasing 'advancement' of technologies has led us to maintain our business processes by implementing 'globalization'. It helps our company to increase our operation spectrum in other countries and expand our reach. In the social field, we are performing our activities to provide the commitment to our 'shareholder' in trusting on our operations to provide an effective return to them. Not only the 'capital' return but also providing 'value-based' work to them. We are currently focusing on the environmental aspect of mitigating our impact on the environment and acquire sustainability.

The 'key' strategies of our management are engaged with our current and future initiatives. It can be divided into four distinct areas – first the 'capital' allocation. It is related to the identification of our opportunities and how we implement various schemes to disseminate our 'capital' and generate more valuable 'capital' to our shareholders. It is involved in our new engagement with the 'organic' and 'adjacent' activities in expanding our industries with the utmost diversity. Second is the 'data' and 'digital' operation. We are also focusing on acquiring companies from the industry that provides the highest demand in the current scenario. Besides, the implementation of the 'advanced analytics' department to our current organizations in using their 'used cases' to provide more effective value. The third is our 'portfolio' management from our acquired organizations. The more diverse organization provides more value to our 'portfolio'. Besides, the segmentation of the broad organizations will add more value to their diversity and operational processes. And the fourth one is related to the leadership process. It can be generated by implementing strict management rules, such as 'corporate' environment, company 'secretariat', and effective 'analytics'. It can also be achieved by differentiating the 'leadership' engagement according to the length of the organization.

Being the leading ‘conglomerates’ of Australia, ‘Wesfarmers’ faces various challenges in its regular operations. We can all feel our pressure and eagerness for ‘creativity’ generation to being at the lead for the longest time. It will take some of our strategic areas to mitigate the existing challenges and presenting an 'effective' environment. It is representing our commitment towards our people, including you and our shareholders, suppliers that manage and provide sources for the operations, and the environment, which we need to protect at any cost. The strategies in maintaining appropriate people in our organization are including the people who are diverse in nature and can identify our gap areas in serving a significant number of audiences. Diversity will enable us in gaining different opinions which can increase our opportunities. On the other hand, it will also lead our company to provide a various approach to our community and enhance our 'competitive' nature. In the supplier field, we are actively avoiding the resources that cannot be re-sale. It will mitigate our risks and challenges at the ‘supply-chain’ process. We are also planning on letting our acquired organizations to 'reinforce' their marketing 'program' in increasing their value to the market. And lastly, we are committed to our environment as serious as to our operations. We have already planned for implementing the 'resilience' strategy to handle the ‘climate change’ situation. It is also including identifying the existing opportunities and risks that the company is facing from the 'climate change' situation.

In concluding our today's presentation, we have established our evolution, our objective, and mission towards gaining sustainability and profit. The expansion of our organization is important from both creativity and diversional aspects. The main reason behind discussing our current strategies in handling our current and future operations is to encourage all of you in participating in our journey actively. We will achieve our goal if we contribute together to our operational process. The mutual understanding and interchange of requirements are the


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