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Phases Of Project Management Communication Planning


Task: Develop skills in Project communication planning. Communication is Key to Successful Project Management. The cases illustrate different approaches to promote communication among multiple groups of project stakeholders


This research report is about the different phase of project management. Project management refers to the initiation practice, strategy building, investigating; managing moreover enclosing the entire work of a group for achieving the specific and significant objects and reach that particular goal in a time that was previously specified. The primary agenda of a project management team is to reach all objective of the project into the constraints that are given. This particular research study includes several case studies about the topic of the current communication plan and the plan assessment vs. project management practice. ?

Case Study Assessment:
Report on the current communication Plan: Project communication managements elude several processes in it. The different processes are utilized for ensuring the appropriate furthermore timely the collection, storing, generating, dissemination moreover final disposition of the information of the project. The managers of communication are responsible for supervision of overseeing all external moreover internal communications for an organisation. Additionally the managers are in charge of ensuring the organisation’s massages consistency and staff recruiting [5]. Communication managers are also named as the communication directors whom are responsible for several major duties such as completing a media report which is detailed, a release of press and finally arranging the materials for marketing.

The current performances that are included in the plan of the management of project communication are mentioned below:

  • Current expectations status concerning the calendar advancement and expenses has occurred.
  • Measures and pointers to be utilized in the report.
  • Execution report arrangements and formats
  • Examinations among genuine and arranged qualities are identified with specialized execution, cost execution and calendar execution [3].
  • Specific strategies and procedures utilized amid the undertaking overseeing the process.
  • Strategies and principles connected to the formation of the presentation report.
  • Detailing framework for catching, putting away and disseminating execution reports
  • Gauging strategies that permit thinking about time, easygoing measurements, subjective judgment and other data to appraise future results
  • Change examination that permits recognizing the distinction between the gauge and real execution. The research additionally characterizes the effect of the fluctuations. Difference investigation incorporates data on the task quality, the assets expended, the working time spent [9].

Communication Plan assessment Vs project management practice

Communication Plan assessment

project management practice

Several major communication plan assessment are presented there. It is a part of the project management system. several major practice which can improve the whole communication management system of the organisation are mentioned below:
  •  Must help the unit's missions and objectives, be dynamic and advance responsibility, and spotlight on results[7]
  • Must be supported by the supplier
  • Strategically thinks about the ideal notoriety and connections all through the procedure and past [4]
  • Explaining who the principle gatherings of people are and distinguishes the messages that should be conveyed
  • Should respect to the unit's yearly arrangement, give worked in measurements to decide the accomplishment of the correspondence exertion
  • Includes examine on the present circumstance, the association, and crowd individuals
  • Aligns to SMART objectives such as explicit, quantifiable, responsible, practical, and time-bound [2]
  • Is educated by a SWOT examination to target regions of qualities, openings, shortcomings, and dangers
  • Identifies a blend of media to guarantee fruitful conveyance of messages such as web, email, video, print, eye to eye, gathering.
On the other and there are several project management practices which can place a beneficial impact on the working growth of the organisation. Several major practices which can improve the whole project management system are mentioned below:
  • Communicating with all stakeholders of project from the very first day: members of the team, sponsors of the project, users that are valued and the managers [8]
  • Creating a team of responding on the risk in the project
  • The project management should hold a kick-off in project [11]
  • A project manager always uses to utilize a document of job definition that is detailed.
  • Crating a work strategy that is detailed.
  • Recording every data in the project.
  • The project manager always should search and focus on the feedback.
  • Managing the agreements, which are new in the project [10]
  • Holding a meeting that is wrapped-up.

Several practices those are much vital in communication management plans are recommended for a better beneficial growth of the project or the organisational works. The project is Must be supported by the supplier. Strategically thinks about the ideal notoriety and connections is much required for all through the procedure and past projects. The communication management plan should involve educating by a SWOT examination to target regions of qualities, openings, shortcomings, and dangers. The communication management plan includes examine on the present circumstance, the association, and crowd individuals [6]. The management plan for communication should respect to the unit's yearly arrangement, give worked in measurements to decide the accomplishment of the correspondence exertion. Aligning to SMART objectives such as explicit, quantifiable, responsible, practical, and time-bound is much essential for communication management plan.

project management system

Figure: project management system
(Source: "Project Management System". 2019)

There are several reasons available for justifying the implementation of the communication management plan in a project. The significant factions which defend the communication management plan are relaying all information of the project, receiving the vital information, the problem can be discussed language gap can be bridged and moreover handling the changing situation or the risk of the project [11]. These significant functions justified the evolution of the commutation management plan in the project work of the organisation.

The above research report clarifies the topic of project management in a project of an organisation. The research report defines project management and communication management in an organisation. Furthermore, the research report explains the primary practices of the communication management system and project management system. Simply the project report includes a case study of the management of a project. The further story eludes the recommendation and justification also. The report concluded that applying the communication management plan in project work is beneficial. Project management communication plan assignments are being prepared by our Project management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable online assignment help service.

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