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Personal SWOT Analysis on the Current Status At Woolworths


Task: The assessment suite in this subject is designed to provide students with a framework to understand organisational behavior and the dynamics of the business environment. The assessment suite aims to equip students with the necessary skills to understand the constraints managers and emerging leaders face in developing strategies to leverage advantages and overcome constraints and barriers in organisations.


It is a reflective report that would carry out a personal SWOT Analysis on me enabling me to understand my position in Woolworths where I am working in the capacity of a store manager. I want to excel in my job responsibilities and so I decided to go through self-assessments to understand my qualities to strengthen my skills. It would also help me to point out my weaknesses to work on my shortcomings. For this purpose, I have decided to take the help of three specified self-assessment tools to obtain personal SWOT Analysis likeOrganisational Diversity, Gallup Strength Finders, and Leadership “Grow” Model. It would help me to have a definite understanding of my personality in tune with the business environment along with the sorts of feedback received professionally and personally. So the main intent of the report would be based on the feedback received to strengthen my character and working capabilities to climb up the corporate ladder.

I guess that feedback from people at the workplace matter a lot and I would collaborate such things while drawing my personal SWOT Analysis. I often get feedback from people at my workplace, Woolworths through acknowledgment mails about my die-hard attitude, a conviction to my job, and friendly nature. It helps me to motivate my team and work under due stress to bring out a good result (Slabbinck, 2018). Most of the time I receive positive feedback from my seniors and my performance appraisal bears evidence to it. Some of my team members has come up to me and thanked me for my support to promote diversity in the store in alignment with the organisation’s intent to promote cultural diversity. They are very honest about the way I handle the issue of discrimination in my store, whatever the source may be either the customers or the staff. It often tends to a challenging scenario but my senior managers also rely on me to resolve such issues.

I would like to mention in this personal SWOT Analysis that in my personal life, I am very popular with friends as they like my lively and adventurous attitude as I drop my hat when with friends. My friends are my ultimate point of rejuvenation after a day’s hard work. They like me because of my jovial nature and listening skills, as often they do not find anyone to share their feelings with. I have acquired this listening skill from my workplace as there I have to listen to the customer queries and complain though at certain stages, it was beyond my capacity. So my friends find in me a solace to share their feelings and rejuvenate their minds to relieve themselves off the burden they had in their mind. It is my achievement that I have developed a sense of trust and confidentiality to enlighten their minds.

In this section of personal SWOT Analysis, I am discussing the specified assessment tools that I have used to adjudge my personality and work out effective measures to highlight my strengths and work to improve my weaknesses.






I have set forth the goal to have an effective, culturally diverse team to function in the business scenario of Woolworthsupholding tolerance and coherence.

The cultural diversity is a challenging proposition as the staff has a prenotion about any particular people or group of people (Passer & Smith, 2013). I am up to face such challenge as initiatives need to be taken to uphold the organisational goal which would work to have a better workplace rather a better society to live in.

I have segregated my team into smaller groups belonging to diverse background. I think it is an effective way to consolidate the concept of team into the minds of my fellow team members and work to achieve organisational unity (Othman, et al., 2019).

I have chalked out the plan after studying the work behaviour of my staff and consulted with my seniors at Woolworths. So right from initiation of the plan to its rightful execution, I take into confidence my team and seniors for smooth functioning of the process.


  • Self-management–The outcome of the personal SWOT Analysis shows that I have been able to control my impulses effectively. I am more or less successful in handling the team conflicts by myself without escalating it to the next level(Othman, et al., 2019).My winning proposition is my capability to adjust to new surroundings which help me at Woolworths.
  • Self-awareness –Thephenomenon is useful in identifying my strengths and weaknesses, and in the meanwhile inculcates self-confidence in me(Brown & Loosemore, 2015).
  • Social awareness –The assessment shows that I am empathic enabling me to understand and value the emotion of others(Robbins & Judge, 2019). I could dwell on others’ emotion that makes me compatible with my fellow team members. It facilitates exercising team dynamics at Woolworths in times of necessity.
  • Relationship management – I could build a good relationship and communicative with my fellow teammates. I could understand this trait from the feedback I often receive at my workplace during appraisals and gratitude mails(Kanagal, 2016).

This Gallup Strengths Finder assessment evaluated my patience level to its optimal level as I have to sit through this hour-long session and attempt the test. But I am quite happy to undergo such a process as it helped me to find out my hidden talents(Zhong, et al., 2016). It focused on my strategic thinking process to organise my job responsibilities and contemplate it with utmost honesty and urgency to achieve success. The test was an eye-opener as it revealed my concern for the organisational goal to achieve cultural diversity to attain a positive working environment at Woolworths.


  • Strengths–I could state that I am very empathic towards my team members, and strive to promote a synergy amongst my team members. I am very sensitive to my job responsibilities, tries for perfection, and work hard to attain it. I am a taskmaster who influences the team to attend the queries and complaints of the customers and resolve the same without much hesitation(Brown & Loosemore, 2015). So I am trying to inculcate in them the sense of cultural diversity to have tolerance and coherence at its peak to achieve the goal of a fully culturally-diversified Woolworths. I am good at developing relationships which help at the workplace to have cohesion within the team and attain a greater level of productivity as a resultant factor. In this way I motivate people to realise their potential and tolerance level to contribute for a better society.
  • Weaknesses–Though I am good at controlling emotions there are times when I lose out. Such a rare display of emotions publicly sends a wrong signal to my teammates and co-workers alike(Passer & Smith, 2013). There are times when I became insecure because of new challenges and people joining my store at Woolworths. It is because often I find issues with the existing team to adjust with a new joiner affecting the organisational goal of cultural diversity(Brown & Loosemore, 2015). I have issues in taking other people’s advice about running my team. This sort of inflexibility costs me of a suitable performance affecting my appraisal. I guess at times, I overthink which bothers me beyond so far as my job role is concerned.
  • Opportunities –It would be betterfor me to focus on the aspect of strategic thinking enabling me to adjust the new challenges prevalent in the workplace.I guess such an act would calm my nerves and deliver a focussed approach to my job(Künecke, et al., 2017).It’s the time to learn new skills especially computing skills as in the era of dynamic information technology, such expertise would be handy. I could take help of certain strategic thinking software and run simulation games to improvise my thinking process so that I could act in tune with the requirement of Woolworths(Grehan, et al., 2016). I think delivering more effort on having inter-personal skills would be useful to improve my patience, flexibility, and tolerance even to those whom I do not like personally.
  • Threat –In the era of a dynamic business scenario, the threat of becoming obsolete is always prevalent for the workforce(Zhong, et al., 2016). There are issues like dynamism in skills that are acquired by the younger professionals entering the corporate scenario. Again scenarios like financial recession or outbreak of a global pandemic like the COVID-19 could bring every sort of development to a standstill. So workers like us ought to focus on enhancing our knowledge and skills to outlive such situations and prove our worth to the organisation.

From the personal SWOT Analysis, it is clear that to stay relevant in the workplace, I ought to improve my skill continuously. So I decided to equip myself with improved strategic thinking capabilities.It would be helpful to find out solutions to the challenges prevalent in the business scenario as it strives to inculcate cultural diversity(McShane, et al., 2019). So I have decided to implement various strategic thinking tools and programs to counter the challenges that I face in the business scenario of Woolworths. I would exercise such tools along with the personal SWOT Analysis continuously to have an effective outcome in the workplace. I would focus to strengthen my relationship with the team to inculcate in them the sense of belonging at Woolworths to think it as their place rather than a mere workplace. It would help me to connect with people more intensively developing my interpersonal skills. In this way, I could set myself as an example to my team members and inspire them to achieve success through merrymaking rather than engaging in some monotonous job just for the sake of livelihood. The phenomenon would strive for organisational cohesion and improved productivity.

The assessment tools and personal SWOT Analysis show that I am fairly at par with the organisational requirement. I am very concerned about the organisational goal to promote cultural diversity in the workplace scenario at Woolworths. So I am happy that I am trying to deliver the things that my organisation expects of me. I motivate the people around me and this quality of mine is well appreciated across the board. I have also realised that there are certain things that I need to develop in myself for better decision-making in the organisational scenario through the strategic thinking process. I am trying my bit to make a difference and the same is taken quite positively by my colleagues.

The personal SWOT Analysis in the report is the result of the deductions made by the self-assessment tests which I undertook to understand myself in a better way. Each of the 3 tests has pointed out certain distinctive parts of my characteristics making me a complete soul. The Leadership “Grow” Model showed that I follow a strategy to accomplish my task and resolve challenges in the business scenario to achieve the organisational goal to attain cultural diversity. The organisational diversity aspect showed that I have the qualities of self-management, self-awareness, social awareness and relationship building to develop a bond with the staff and guiding them towards the right direction. The Gallup Strengths Finder showed that I have the capability to realise my hidden talent and strategic thinking is one such phenomenon.

The personal SWOT Analysis is also composed of the feedback that I have got from my friends and colleagues at Woolworths. The study on personal SWOT Analysis finds out that I need toindulge in the strategic thinking process that would motivate me to find out proper solution to the workplace challenges. I ought to channelize my energy in a positive way to have a better outcome at Woolworths, say to attain the organisational goal of cultural diversity. Considering the personal SWOT Analysis, I have decided to exercise strategic thinking simulation games to overcome my fear and deliver my job responsibilities with more thrust proving myself to be a capable employee for Woolworths.

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