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Personal Reflections on Business Research assignment Course


Task: What are the personal reflections and insights gained from undertaking a Business Research assignment course, and how will the acquired knowledge and skills be applied in future academic and professional endeavors??


Personal Reflections on the Literature Review

The Business Research assignment course journey has been nothing less than transformative, providing a multitude of difficulties and priceless insights that have substantially enhanced my comprehension of the research procedure. My main contributions to this project were centred in the literature review's parts 2.2 and 2.3, where I actively interacted with the subjects of "Future opportunities for this business" and "Mentoring issues."

I discovered that on this adventure I was venturing into unexplored area, which was unlike anything I had done before for prior scholastic assignments or projects. The learning approach in this course was distinguished from traditional coursework by the necessity for stronger critical thinking and the pursuit of independent research. It forced me to educate myself in a wide variety of academic literature on topics like multi-investor mentoring and entrepreneurial theory.

At first, the sheer amount of scholarly material presented itself as a difficult task. But as the weeks went by, I learned to value the depth and scope of knowledge contained in these scholarly publications. I had to hone my source identification, summarising, and critically evaluating research methodology abilities to get through this amount of knowledge.

In the end, this event has encouraged personal development. It has given me a rigorous and patient approach to study, a keen sense of where there are gaps in the literature, and improved critical thinking abilities (Abrouq, 2022). Working with my group has demonstrated the value of collaboration and clear communication during the research process, as well as how different viewpoints may improve the calibre of our work.

Experience of the Learning Process:

I had never experienced a learning process like the one in this course before in my academic career. It went beyond the constraints of conventional coursework and required more in-depth critical analysis and independent study. I received the impression that I had entered new ground from the outset. It was important to actively participate in the academic debate on Business Research assignment rather than just absorbing the knowledge already available.

I discovered myself submerged in a massive sea of academic articles, research papers, and books as I continued my literature study. These academic papers addressed a wide range of subjects, including multi-investor mentoring and entrepreneurial theory. It was both intimidating and thrilling to take this voyage into the heads of scholars and subject matter experts.

Academic Research Challenges:

The huge amount of scholarly literature I had to read was one of the biggest obstacles I personally encountered in this course. It was first hard to navigate through the numerous study papers and publications, each of which presented its own particular viewpoint and conclusions. I had to think immediately of ways to sort through this mass of data effectively.

But as the weeks went on, I grew to value the breadth and complexity of the material. I became aware of how crucial it is to distinguish between trustworthy sources and unreliable ones. My capacity to recognise pertinent scholarly materials that supported our literature review was improved via this procedure (Lim et al., 2023).

Summarising and synthesising the major results from the literature presented another difficulty. Condensing intricate concepts and research approaches into clear and succinct explanations requires careful consideration. By summarising the literature, I was forced to understand the key ideas and points made in it, which deepened my comprehension of the topic.

In addition, one important skill I developed along this voyage was the ability to critically assess the research procedures used in diverse studies. I was able to evaluate the calibre of the evidence offered in the literature by recognising the benefits and drawbacks of various study methodologies.

What I Learned:

I have acquired a lot of information and skills via this demanding but gratifying experience that go far beyond the confines of this course. Here is what I have discovered:

Methodical Approach to Research

I now know how to do research in a logical and structured way. I learned the value of organisation and planning while reading academic literature through the process of doing a systematic literature review.

Identifying Research Gaps:

As I read more of the literature, I improved at spotting holes in the body of knowledge. A crucial ability for every researcher is the ability to identify areas that require more inquiry.

Effective Collaboration:

Working with Sameer, Md. Nazmul, and Shafayet in my group was a worthwhile experience. It emphasised the value of productive collaboration and communication throughout the research process. The fact that we each brought different viewpoints to the table improved the calibre of our work.

Enhanced Critical Thinking:

Reading scholarly literature pushed me to examine my preconceptions and think critically. I gained the ability to approach research with a critical eye, which is a talent I can use in many other facets of my life.

Deeper Subject Understanding:

My reading of the literature helped me to better comprehend multi-investor mentorship's intricacies and entrepreneurial philosophy. I now have a deeper understanding of the subtleties and complexity of these topics.

As an early-stage researcher, the Business Research assignment course has been a transforming experience that has broadened my perspectives. I've come to see how crucial it is to communicate clearly, think deliberately, and work well with others. I've also become more adept at conducting research. I feel prepared to tackle problems in research and in life at this point, and I can't wait to put what I've learned to use in my projects for school and work.

Application of Knowledge in Future

I see that I've learnt some incredibly useful skills and information when I reflect on the courses, conversations, and multiple-choice exam I took in class. The things I wish to undertake in the future may benefit greatly from these new skills.

Learning Experience from this Curriculum:

I was able to have a solid foundation for knowing how Business Research assignment operates thanks to the seminars and conversations. I gained knowledge on issues including selecting research ideas, reviewing previous studies, and doing ethical research. Although the multiple-choice test was difficult, it was really helpful in my understanding and retention of these crucial concepts.

I have learnt via the curriculum how to approach research with a logical and organised perspective. Now that I can discriminate between trustworthy sources and shakier ones, I can confidently traverse the complicated world of academic literature. Additionally, I've honed my capacity to assess research approaches objectively, identifying their advantages and disadvantages.

Future Application:

In the future, I hope to use my understanding of the Business Research assignment process in a variety of facets of my career and academic endeavours:

Career Advancement:

In my professional career, I see myself using my research abilities to evaluate consumer and industry trends. I can help company decision-makers make well-informed choices by performing thorough research. This talent will advance both my professional career and the organisations I collaborate with.

Critical Thinking in the Workplace:

Critical thinking and the ability to make evidence-based decisions are abilities that go beyond the classroom. It will enable me to approach problems with a critical eye and make well-informed decisions, and it will be helpful in any work context.

Academic Growth:

The knowledge I gained in this course will act as a solid basis as I consider furthering my education, including prospective research projects in business or related subjects. I'm more equipped to succeed academically, whether it's through completing in-depth literature reviews or developing research topics.

This course has been a life-changing event that has extended my perspectives as a beginning researcher. Not only has it given me valuable research skills, but it has also highlighted the value of teamwork and ethical issues in the world of Business Research assignment (Donohoe et al., 2022). As I continue to develop as a researcher and a professional, I look forward to using these insights and abilities in my future endeavours to support both personal and professional progress.


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