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Personal Perspective Essay On The Role Of Talent Management


Task: Prepare a personal perspective essay demonstrating the broad understang of the issues and debates about talent management.


The present personal perspective essay investigates the concept of Talent which is considered as a natural ability to do the task in a better way. I can say that it is the natural ability of the person to carry out the task in the best possible way. There are different types of objectives that are generally aligned with the talent of individuals and thus this will help in the fulfilment and the achievement of the goals (Cappelli 2008). According to me, talent is possessed by someone who has the capacity to break the new ground in the particular area of expertise and thus do the task according to the training.

There are different characteristics and determining forces that are necessary to be possessed by an individual in order to flourish and grow. These are the intrinsic level of motivation, the domain expertise, the socio-environmental influence as well as the creative thinking capacity of an individual. All these characteristics mentioned in the context of personal perspective essay are considered to be the vital ones in order to call an individual a talented person. On the other hand, I also agree with the point that talent is not only possessing special skills and abilities, however, it includes the delivery of outstanding results when carrying out the task. Talent can also be regarded as an ability only when it is deployed and contributed for a specific purpose (Cappelli 2008). I can say that talent stratgeies must be demonstrated in such a way that there is potential for growth and this can be exhibited only through the performance of the individual.

I have found that there are some individuals who are both hard-working as well as talented, however, there exist chaos and tension between the two terms. Talent is most likely to make people lazy sometimes because talented individuals do not want to do hard work in order to achieve a particular goal. However, it is only through hard work that often helps the individuals to compensate for a lower level of talent among them and thus it is quite effective and helpful. There are many such organisations who have introduced the concept of talent management based practices. This will help in the identification of the key talents and handling the challenges in a successful way. On the other hand, there are many such scholars who have highlighted the concept of collectivistic approach in relation to talent management. This approach highlighted that the individual stars are not so important than they are generally thought and thus greater attention to them might affect the team performance (Premuzic, 2019).

The term talent is also connected to different frameworks and approaches of talent management. There has been framework of talent and talent management which helps the manages to provide a structured approach to improve the potential of the staff and retain their ability. I also agree with this that having a framework is highly important for managing the correct talent in the organization. This is because it reduces the chances of confusion and complexities. This means that talent is not only related to abilities and skills, it is also related to management and retaining those skills and abilities (Cappelli and Keller 2014). For example, a proper framework helps an organization to approach retaining and developing of talent in a best possible way. However, I also believe that forming a right set of framework to manage the abilities and talent in people is highly time consuming.

In addition to the framework outlined in the personal perspective essay, it is also important for the organizations to sustain talent by developing startegies to propose responsible and sustainable business. It is importat that the an organiation have such skills and abilities with which they can strategize effectively. I agree on this fact the ability of forming organizational stratgeies and develop a sustainable organizatuon is highly related to the talent and skills a business has. Thus for me the term talent stands for inner creativity and thinking power through which a person is able to form strategies. For example if a person has the talent of being creative if he/she is able to decide an innovative marketing strategy (Chordiya et al. 2019). Thus, talent is highly linked with the ability to act strategically in a business context and a key to improved business performance.

Further, I also think that talent is also linked with information technologies because without information technology it is not easy for the business to manage talent. Thus, informational technology is seen be an integral part of talent management. Benitez-Amado et al. (2015) has stated that in such a technology embedded world talent management is highly redefined by rapid changes in technologies. Emerging information technology helps an organization to manage talent through effective HR processes, skill training, effective talent strategy and organizational design. Thus, I feel studying information technology is highly vital when considering about talent or takent management.

While concluding the above analysis on personal perspective essay it can be stated that the term talent is a complex process which is linked with variosu organizational processes and not only about skills and abilities that a person has. Developing an effective framework and approach is important for managing talent in the most effective way. Further, it is seen that information technology is also an integral part of talent management as it is only with the help of technology a business is able to develop employee abilities and skills through training and strategies.

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