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People Management Essay: Diverse Work Environment Of Tesco


Task: Write a people management essay on the benefits of a diverse work environment that helps in developing the work functionalities of the Tesco and enhances its performance in the market scenario.


The study outlined in the people management essay has discussed about the strategies used by Tesco for managing its workgroup in an effective manner. The internal elements of an efficient organisation are based on the inter-relation of the employees within the organisation. Large retail companies that operate on a global business environment need to develop their internal environment through effective employee relations and engagement tactics for the effective growth and sustenance in the business scenario. The following study would provide information regarding the benefits of a diverse work environment that helps in developing the work functionalities of the company and enhances its performance in the market scenario. This has helped in understanding the factors that has helped the company to become one of the popular businesses in the world. Moreover, the study explored in the people management essay also highlights the fact that the company has used different diversity programs that has enable in gaining effective and informed decisions in business.

Tesco PLC was established in the UK retail sector in 1919 with the aim of providing the customers wide variety of grocery products and services at low prices and good quality. The retail institution currently employs 450,000 staffs and generates annual revenue of £1320 million through their transactions (Tesco PLC, 2019). The organisation also operates on a complex and traditional hierarchical management structure with low to moderate people management tactics.

This people management essay determines the role of Traditional people management which is considered as the system that is used by the senior management team for setting the value of the business. These goals are usually developed for increasing the sales, profit and the eyes for pleasing the targeted shareholders of business. The study evolved in this people management essay also examines the words of Guillaume et al. (2017) which states that in case of traditional people management, both positive and negative conversation is done for developing a healthier organisation. Major impacts of traditional people management in the organisation such as Tesco are mentioned here. Firstly, individual that are coming from diverse background are found to offer a selection of various talent, experiences and skills that benefits the organisation to enhance their work performance. In context of Tesco, it has been found in this people management essay that people from different culture comes to work in a specific organisation, hence, it helps in bringing creativity and innovation in their business. For management of people in the workplace, traditional management system needs to be replaced by modern system as it can reduce the business productivity. As commented by Jones and He (2016), traditional system of people management helps employees to gain opportunities of sharing their individual experiences that in turns helps in building a strong connection and trusting relationship among them which is an important component of people management. In organisation like Tesco, inclusive working environment is created in order to embrace the skills among the employees. For managing people, Tesco brings motivation and communication at their workplace for treating fairly and offering equal opportunities to share experiences in the business (, 2019). However, traditional management system is not going to work for a long time as models of organisational structures are changing with vertical, matrix and ad hoc layouts.

From other perspectives, it is observed that Fapohunda (2016) stated, traditional management helps in reducing the employee turnover, which is a major benefit of people management. Traditional management is the utility of institutional experience and longevity. In this case, a supervisor or peer constantly motivates the staffs that help in bringing major productivity. In Tesco, managers are recruiting from diverse range of candidates; hence, they help in gaining a qualified workplace. On the contrary, it is also found in this people management essay that in the competitive market, it is important to pool the skills and talents for improving the growth of the company. Therefore, traditional management needs to be replaced in order to improve the productivity. In this management system, employees are solely responsible for the product quality; hence, the managers of the organisation would blame the staffs if the quality of the product deteriorates. On the other hand, quality focused management helps in development of positive image on the reputation. However, the company like Tesco receives this major benefit by traditional workplace as managers guide the staffs in bringing quality value of the products.

Literature review
The study illustrated in this people management essay revolves around the concept of change in HRM structure and hierarchy which is required for bringing sustainable business setting in the organisation. Considering the discussion and several sources of the study obtained in the people management essay, it has been found that for developing an effective business, Effective HRM structure is needed as it enables in setting a motivated workplace. For example, if the managers and HR executives of upper hierarchy interacts with the workers in a positive manner, the workers will help feel motivated which would ultimately strengthen the bond between them and bringing potential business setting. Apart from this, the discussion developed on changing the HRM structure in the people management essay also helps in improving communication process between the employees using elements like memos and emails. This creates easy among the workers to discuss the working issues and bringing effective business setting. In Tesco, the employees are found to use two-way personal communication process that helps in developing a strong bond with every level of hierarchies. Moreover, HR managers are constantly pushing the workers in fulfil the goal of the organisation by providing incentives, rewards and other benefits. Additionally, they conduct regular team meeting that provide employees a chance of discussing the working operation and gain updates and necessary information from the managers. This change has been taken place in HRM structure of Tesco that has helped in developing strong and positive image on the business and pull them to carry out business operations for a long time. García et al., (2016) stated that transparency is the important thing in every business in order to create trust, honest and open relationship among the every level of hierarchies.

On the other hand, it is also clear in this people management essay that organisations with a static and traditional internal structure apply traditional approach to human resource management over time and it reduces employee satisfaction. This affects the productivity and efficiency of the staff due to lack of motivation and monotonous work environment within the organisational setup. Diversity within the organisational setup is essential as it enhances the operational fluidity and increases employee motivation and competence. Thus, the absence of appropriate diversity and employee motivation reduces the overall productivity of the company and leads to company failure in attaining profits through sale.

The benefits of a successfully diverse work environment provides companies in the retail sector to generate better revenue as it enhances the staffs’ ability to communicate with the customers well. Diversity at workplace allows the company to communicate and understand the needs of a diverse customer segment. According to the views of Maxwell (2016), it has also been observed in this people management essay that cultural factors within a workplace encourage the growth and sustenance of the organisational setup and its ability to provide the customers with better products and services. As per the tenets of globalisation, inclusion of various nationalities and genders within workforce establishes the institutions’ ability to project itself as a global organisation.

This people management essay also identifies the impact of implementation of diversity in people management activities within organisations that enables the managers to deploy HRM operations that include tenets of multi-cultural collaboration and cross-cultural communication. On the other hand, this people management essay is also focused on outlining the various aspects of people management within a diverse work environment in order to enhance the operational success of the organisation in generating better income for the company as well as to increase the brand image of the company. Diversity within the work environment does not include only gender and age diversity but the procedures of providing employment to other genders, nationalities and religious identities within the organisation as well. As opined by Hofhuiset al.(2015), the diverse workplace environment increases the scope of developing a comprehensive and highly competitive workforce within the business environment. The effectiveness of a diverse workforce encourages the scope of developing business operations for the company at a global level that would benefit the company in managing their profitability in the business environment.

An organisation will be able to achieve its objectives only when the employees develop a feeling of oneness with the organisation. In this regard, it is essential that the employee should feel that the organisation is providing them the proper physical, cognitive as well as emotional resources for performing their job. Moreover, by involving them in the process of decision-making, it would be possible to give rise to the sense responsibility among them. This will help the organisation to achieve its goals and henceforth achieve competitive advantage in the market (Bailey et al., 2017). However, in this aspect, it is very vital that the organisation should also know the ways to project the objectives such that it can help in building a healthy relationship with the employees. According to the readings used to develop the people management essay, it would be very essential that the organisation, like Tesco clearly communicate the objectives to the employees. This will help the employees to understand the actual scenario. This, in turn, will further improve the level of employee engagement. Moreover, the employees will also be able to understand the significance of their role. This will help the employees to render quality services to the organisation but also to upgrade their existing professional skills. It will result in high engagement and ultimately the organisation would be able achieve higher financial performance, and productivity (output). In addition organisations need to achieve higher customer satisfaction and lower work force turnover. Thus, all the organisations should take the strategic decisions to improve the engagement level of the employees in order to achieve higher output.

The people management essay also examined that the organisations like Tesco have always emphasised on the diversity and inclusion programmes. In the modern era, the organisations are becoming aware of the significance of these programmes, as they know it is one of the important ways by which the employees can be engaged into the organisational tasks successfully. In addition to this, it is also possible for the organisation to meet the compliance obligations along with generating higher morale amidst the employees. Moreover, it is turning out to be a crucial step in encouraging the employees to participate in the decision-making process (Hunt et al., 2015). Henceforth, from the perspective of overall quality of research used to prepare this people management essay signifies that diversity programmes are associated with a number of benefits. The first imperative benefit includes that with the aid of this programmes it would be possible for the organisation to tap into the strengths and weaknesses of the workforce. This will help the organisation to understand the roles to be rendered as per their capability. In addition to this, by embracing diversity into the overall culture of organisation, it would be possible to introduce broader perspective. This could be done with the help of personal experiences of the employees. Thus, it helps the organisation to encourage the employees in the decision-making process. This will not only help the organisation to filter best ways to meet the demand of the market but will also help in bringing all the employees together on single platform.

As opined by Heffernan and Dundon (2016), the establishment of better employee relations and engagement tactics within a diverse workplace allows the organisation to develop a high performance work system in the business scenario. The benefits of a high performance system to the financial and operational functions within the institution include the ability of the staffs to deliver efficiency and productivity in their job roles. The findings used to develop the people management essay states that an appropriate work policy adopted by the management through better development of employee relations tactics would enable the organisation to establish improved employee satisfaction within the organisational setup. In case of the retail environment, Tesco’s ability to develop effective work culture through improved employee relations such as better communication tactics and diverse employee communication strategies, enhance the brand image for the company.

The views of Martinaityte et al. (2019) appears to be effective for the case scenario explored in the people management essay as it signifies that the inclusion of better employee relations encourage the growth of a high performance work scenario that increases staff satisfaction within the work environment. These aspects of a globalised organisation in the retail sector enhance the functional sustenance of the business in achieving higher competitive advantage within the organisational setting. The encouragement received by the Tesco employees through the notion of a free and unbiased work environment would provide them the necessary impetus to perform better at their job roles.

Employee engagement and relation is considered to be the most critical metric in the present era. Employee engagement and relation in an organisation like Tesco is influenced by the growth of the organisation, value addition experienced by employee along with the perception of the employees. In an organisation, employee engagement and relations have an influential impact on the out of the organisation (Albrecht et al., 2015). This is particularly true from the perspective that the knowledge of the employee related to the management of the assets of the organisation renders a positive impact on the engagement and relation. Moreover, it has also been noted in this segment of people management essay that the knowledge of the employee regarding the organisation’s productivity also has a positive impact on the engagement of the employee. Employee engagement along with relations depends on four crucial aspects in an organisation. These are culture of the organisation, reinforcement of people focussed policies at a continuous pace, metrics and organisational performance. Corporate culture will help an organisation like Tesco to build connectivity with the employees. This can be achieved by indulging the employees in the process of decision-making (Patro, 2013).

Organisation like Tesco is highly motivated to improve the bond between hierarchies for creating a sustainable and stagnant business. It has been found that this is the largest UK retail organisation with about 295,000 employees. Therefore, after examining the readings developed in this people management essay, it can be said that each of these employee are having individual needs as well as expectations. Hence, the HRM team has implemented Listen and Fix for considering the opinions of every employee. This change in the HR structure in the organisation has helped in setting an effective business. Moreover, the company conduct annual staff survey in order to check the viewpoints of the hierarchies starting from top executives to down. Using Listen and Fix, Tesco has been able to develop two-way communication along with digital technology (Nelson, 2012). Using this software, bond between hierarchies of Tesco are found to get strong as they are send invitations by text or emails to share their thoughts which afterwards the CEO respond to clear the doubts of the individual. From this analysis, it can be said that this change in HRM structure and hierarchy management has helped in creating low barrier in the business participation that is beneficial for gaining more interests from staffs of the company. Hence, by using this tactics discussed in the people management essay, Tesco Plc. has been able to develop a popular business not only in the UK, but also in the entire globe.

Diversity through the inclusion of other genders and nationalities encourage in the development of a progressive workforce that encourages the development of an open-minded structure and enhances the managerial ability to develop better strategies. Establishment of new and modern HRM tactics through a diverse work culture and environment encourages the scope of improving brand image and employee motivation as it applies scope of cross-cultural communication. As identified by Lambert (2016), it has been noted in this people management essay that the inclusion of cultural diversity at workplace enhances the opportunity of improving innovation within the operations. Through the tenets of employee engagement and relations, the executive management would be able to develop better understanding of the internal demands of the employees and create effective plans for employee satisfaction.

The essentialities for incorporating diversity in workplace are based on the type of motivation the employees would receive from the management and the growth opportunities that the institution can provide to the staff through their work culture. As opined by Chua et al.(2015), the need for developing the internal operations of the business environment, it is necessary for the organisations to adopt a global work culture that supports and inclusive and high performing work environment. Tenets of including diverse employees within the workplace encourage business growth and sustainability of ideas in a highly competitive work environment.

The segments covered in the people management essay proves that employee relations tactics within a workplace scenario develops the opportunity to the management of understanding the demands and necessities of the staffs. Employee relations include providing a platform to the staff for communicating their issues to the management and establishing better bottom-up communication structure within the organisational setting. In a globalised business environment, it is necessary for the senior management to provide the staff with the scope of addressing their issues and seeking solutions effectively within the work environment. The context of this people management essay explored the readings of Singh et al. (2016) which signifies that the effective employee relations include elements of better communication with the management, improved provision of training and better leave policies. The aspect of better organisational setting through diversity and efficient employee relations tactics encourage the development of an effective work environment that supports high performance of staffs.

For instance, as observed in Tesco, the diversity and inclusion programme has helped the organisation to support the BAME colleagues of Tesco. This has helped them to ensure that the ethnic minority employees are able to represent at all levels of the business and are actively involved in the process of decision-making (Tesco PLC, 2019). This has also helped the organisation to come up as a business that is based on the discrimination-free policies. The articles used to develop this people management essay mentions that every organisation is trying to involve its workers in the decision-making process so that they are able to find out a new and unique way to keep their consumer engage with its products and services. However, it is only possible via the diversity programmes. The old days are gone where only the people of the higher authority used to dictate their decisions but today the organisations have understood the significance of the democratic approach. In this approach all the employees are treated equally irrespective of gender, caste and creed. Thus, it is helping the organisations to flourish well.

From this study analysed above within this people management essay, it has been obtained that diversity, employee engagement, employee relation and other discussed factors are important for people management. The company by supporting diverse and inclusive culture in business has been able to manage the huge employee base in a positive manner. Thus, it can be predict that all the strategies used by the company would help to operate a successful retail as well as other businesses for a long period in future. Furthermore, it can be concluded by revealing the fact that Tesco by consulting with its large employee group has been able to serve the customers with more effective products and services.

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