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Patient Satisfaction Essay: Importance Of AHPEQS


Task: This assessment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of how you, as a manager, can analyse the challenges involved in managing a change that is to happen, and then how you might lead this change, by persuading stakeholders to be involved in the change. You are asked to submit a short video of you communicating as a leader to a group of stakeholders, and an essay to support what you say in the video.
The change initiative is described in the case study posted on UTS Online. Please read the case study and instructions carefully and ask the subject coordinator immediately if there is anything you don’t understand.
Based on student performance and feedback in previous sessions, please note the following points to guide you in completing this assessment.
Decisions you need to make
The case study posted online is about the introduction of patient experience feedback surveys in your unit. You can decide what unit it is.
There are many parts to the change initiative, you can decide to focus on just one part, or the whole thing. The various parts include: giving out the survey, meeting monthly to discuss results, developing action plans as a unit to improve patient experience.
As a manager, you will have to persuade many stakeholders to participate in this initiative. You must decide which stakeholders you want to speak to, and about what. For example: to persuade patients to fill in the survey; to persuade the bedside nurses or junior doctors to administer the survey; to persuade a multidisciplinary team to meet to discuss results; to persuade patients to come to those meetings; etc.
Actions you will need to take:
• Review the literature on patient experience surveys – what are the barriers and enablers reported in the literature when health services have implemented patient experience surveys?
• Review the literature and your subject materials on change management – what models and theories are most appropriate?
• Review the literature and your subject materials on leadership – what leadership approach would be appropriate for your unit, your chosen stakeholders, and for what you are asking them to do?
• Compose an essay linking the three points above together.
• Create a 3-minute video of you, speaking to the stakeholders, that is based on what you have described in the essay. Consider: what are their concerns, what would persuade them to take part, and how can you speak, what can you say, to lead them in this change?
• Remember that the essay and video are about the same thing – the essay shows the work that you did to decide what to say in the video, and how to say it.
• Upload the video to YouTube as an ‘unlisted’ video, and include the URL in the essay that you submit to Turnitin.


The literature provided in the compiled patient satisfaction essay is carrying out the patient's survey on their experience, change management of our department, and leadership approach I would like to adapt as the departmental manager of emergency medicine department in UTS hospital to make it successful. Furthermore, it aims to sum up all these three topics as one composed per the literature and the analysis. The discussion provided in the patient satisfaction essay includes the importance of Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set in improving the quality of patient care in UTS hospital.

The experiences of the patients are one of the main components in establishing high-quality health care services as well as to provide improved patient-centered care. The Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set is a part of an extensive program that aims to modify the quality and safety of the health care facilities to the patients so that they have the best experience during their stay in the hospital. The AHPEQS is an online tool formulated by Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. The answers given by the patients of this particular AHPEQS questions helps the hospital and healthcare services to deliver the kind of care and supports that the patients expects. Also, the format of this particular set described in the patient satisfaction essay is documented by the careful discussion and analysis with the Commission that gives clear information as well as logical pathway for different audience. It also comprises of some clear guidelines that helps the healthcare providers to implement survey for their originations. The surveys of the patient's experience in the emergency department considered in the present patient satisfaction essay will help of AHPEQS have helped in understanding how patients interact with the health care system and also explains their experience during that particular process. However, in emergency unit, most of the cases administered are the critical cases and cross-questioning them about their experiences will be a challenging task (Luu et al. 2019).

There will be several barriers, and enablers outlined in the patient satisfaction essay that the program will most likely encounter during the process. In many cases, patients within emergency unit are in critical condition due to accidents or trauma, that cause various impairment in them like, paralysis, loss of speech and many more. Taking surveys from such patients put a big challenge for service executives in data collection. In addition to this, the recent studies also show that patients suffering from acute pain, shock, and trauma are equally challenging for the data collectors as they are not in the condition to answer any of their questions. 

Furthermore, the experience of this section provided in the patient satisfaction essay differs so significantly that it is impossible to collect a flexible as well as responsive data (So et al. 2019). Due to the issues and barriers discussed above, there is an immediate need for a systematic approach that would help the executive service manager in collecting the data from the patients of Emergency medicine. This will not only help them in improving their services for the patients within the emergency medicine but would also be able to maintain their privacy. As many article reports show that many patients within emergency medicine avoid such involvement due to privacy issues (Schoenfeld et al. 2018). For the enhancement of the patient’s experience of emergency medicine, the readings of patient satisfaction essay states that the health care organizations will prepare a map that would track or record every activity as well as an admission of the patients within the care unit of the hospital (Newbould et al. 2019). This will help to track every move of the patients, which will further boost the hospitals in improving their experience within their stay in the hospital to obtain valuable feedback. The volunteers who are willing to assist the patients who are without much interaction during the survey process will be helpful (Ranard et al. 2016). To prevent any confusion or collusion, the work to be divided between every staff with their specific task to be performed, the nurses and other staff members will have to make sure that no patients are left unattended during the survey (Pinder, Ferguson & Møller, 2016).

In order to discuss all the data obtained in the patient satisfaction essay, a monthly meeting is conducted with all the participating units of the hospital and discuss as what changes that need to be brought in the emergency department for improving their facility for the patients in accordance to the critical analysis and evaluation of the report from each participating unit (McCaughey et al. 2020). The complied changes discussed with the multidisciplinary team members of the hospitals like nurses, doctors, other employers for the final approval of the newly made changes, only with the support of all the staff the changes should be implemented as it would not lead to any chaos among them in accepting or following it (Cooper & Wolford, 2017).

The information provided in the patient satisfaction essay signifies that out of many important indicators of healthcare quality, patient satisfaction has become a primary goal for every health care provider. Also, among all the quality measures, overall patient satisfaction is an most essential one , this is because patient satisfactions has a very close relationships with the clinical outcomes. The clinical outcomes mainly includes; patient loyalty which affects the quality of the healthcare. The patients satisfaction model mainly focuses in the hospital related processes and patient demographic, clinical and psychological aspects. For the particular reason investigation of the factors that affects the satisfaction of the patients is mostly needed. Like in Donabedian’s quality measurement model, patients’ satisfaction is defines as the outcomes of patients reports where the structure and care processes can be measured with the help of the patient reported experiences (Chung et al. 2016). The concept of patient satisfaction explored in the patient satisfaction essay mainly aims in the represent or the address the attitudes towards care or other aspects of care, similarly it can also be referred as patients’ emotions, feeling and their precipitation towards the deliverance of healthcare services by the hospitals. Patients’ evaluation of care is a kind of tool that gives opportunities for better enhancement of strategic decisions-making, improvements, reduced cost, meeting the expectation of the patients, formulating strategies for effective management, monitoring the performances of the healthcare for health plans within the healthcare institutes. Outm oded model of care for unsustainable funding demands, like in case of continuity of the practices with the emergency departments of the hospitals so as to give essential primary health care survives (Burt et al. 2017).

However, it is also clear on this patient satisfaction essay that for the proper implementation of the changes and to ensure a better workflow, the best leadership approaches are essential. Leadership is one of the most effective approaches that help in improving the system. Effective clinician leaderships has been linked to many functions, which includes the requirement of the health care, system performance, meeting the objectives of the health reforms, timely deliverance of care, integrity and efficiency within the system and integrating the components of a healthcare system. The effective clinician leadership ensures a high quality health care system provided safe and efficient care in a consistent manner. The executive manager should have the ability to make a positive influence on the peers so as to act and to enable the clinical performance; give supports to the peers with confidence and motivation; playing a major role in the enactment of organizational strategic direction; should be able challenge the processes and have the skill as well as capability to drive or implement the vision of safety healthcare services The best leadership approaches I would adopt as the manager will be to work in harmony with other staff and also in guiding the worker for the enhancement of the hospital and in addition, making sure that each of the staff members is satisfied with the task that needs to be performed by them. Furthermore, for making all the changes implementation discussed during the meet and also to ensure the staff is following it, the leadership approach would be to mitigate any concerning situation before it disturbs the other staff members in the unit (Ulrich et al. 2019).

By reviewing the above stated discussion on patient satisfaction essay, it can be stated that the satisfaction of the patients plays a major role in the enhancement of the hospitals. Further, it is the duty of the executive managers to ensure that they are providing enough support, motivation and confidence to their peers for enhancement of experience of the patient in emergency unit. In addition, within the emergency unit there are some condition like hearing impartment, paralysis, language which acts as a barrier in collecting the experience data of the patient. Under such circumstances the healthcare providers will have to provide them the enough assistance and support for the improvement of their experience. Therefore, in order to do that, it is mentioned in the patient satisfaction essay that Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set which is an online formulated tool that helps in collecting necessary information about the patient required to deliver quality patient care is considered. This Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set tool is not only effective in enhancing the quality of the patient care, but also maintain confidentiality of the patient, which also helps in reducing further ethical complexity. From the above discussion, it can be clearly stated that in order to implement the above stated changes, leadership approaches are essential which are incorporated in the discussion.

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