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   Free sample   Overcoming challenges in growing and monetizing instagram account skatewithshiva

Overcoming Challenges in Growing and Monetizing Instagram Account "skatewithshiva"


Task: What strategies can help grow and monetizing Instagram account "skatewithshiva"?


Case Analysis

The "skatewithshiva" Instagram account showcases the grandeur of monuments in many cities combined with videos and photos of rollerblading, skiing, and ice skating. There are presently 43k subscribers. Monetizing Instagram Account will require Building a solid and engaged audience is the account owner's main challenge.

Monetizing Instagram Account requires having active audience that interacts with the material is crucial for the account to develop and profit efficiently. Due to time restrictions, the account owner needs help posting frequently and interacting with the public. The followers' interest and involvement may decline due to this irregular engagement, hindering the account's development and revenue potential (Liu, Shin, & Burns, 2021).


The account owner should focus on regular engagement using various techniques to overcome the difficulty of developing a solid and engaged audience. Here is a thorough suggestion:

Plan a Content Schedule to Monetizing Instagram Account

The growth and revenue generation of the "skatewithshiva" Instagram account depends on creating a content schedule. To ensure a steady stream of updates, the account owner should set aside time to plan and develop material in advance. Following a timetable can help Monetizing Instagram Account by posting fresh postings, boosting engagement (Shahbaznezhad, Dolan, & Rashidirad, 2021). Regular content updates keep readers engaged and motivate them to take action by liking, commenting, and sharing. A content plan also enables the account owner to maintain a constant presence and prevent inactive stretches that can result in a drop in follower interest. The account may gain new followers, hold onto existing ones, and increase its potential for revenue by continuously putting out worthwhile and exciting material.

Interact with the Audience

To encourage participation and engagement for the "skatewithshiva" Instagram account, it is essential to maintain Active communication with followers. The account owners must take the time to reply to comments and express gratitude towards their contributions as well as respond to their inquiries. Monetizing Instagram Account helps build connections with followers which in turn motivates them to keep participating. In addition to this, posting stories captions encourages followers to express their thoughts and experiences (Campbell & Farrell, 2020). Maintaining this communication strengthens the relationship, which demonstrates the account owner appreciation of their follower’s loyalty thus triggering a chain reaction which further attracts more members to join the account.

Utilise Instagram Stories

Monetizing Instagram Account "skatewithshiva" account can also done through its fans on Instagram Stories. To promote engagement, the account owner may use various tools, including polls, question stickers, and quizzes. These interactive features encourage a sense of connection and community by making it simple for followers to express their preferences, ask questions, and share their thoughts. A sense of exclusivity is also created, and dedicated followers are rewarded when behind-the-scenes looks at skating excursions are shared, helpful skating advice is provided, or unique content is provided through Stories (Li, Scott, Naraine, & Ruihley, 2021). These strategies pique attention and maintain audience participation, resulting in an engaging and dynamic experience that deepens the bond between the account and its followers.

Collaborate with Influencers and Skaters

Monetizing Instagram Account can also be done by Collaborations with other Instagram influencers or well-known skaters can increase the "skatewithshiva" Instagram account's audience. The account owner might highlight the abilities and experiences of these people by posting guest skaters or conducting interviews. Such partnerships provide new views to the account's content, drawing in the fans of the visiting skaters and growing the number of followers (Ibáñez-Sánchez, Flavián, Casaló, & Belanche, 2022). The guest skaters may cross-promote the "skatewithshiva" account to their followers due to these partnerships, which increases reach and engagement. The account owner may improve interaction in the skating community by expanding their audience by utilising the networks of influential skaters.

Run Contests and Giveaways

On the "skatewithshiva" Instagram account, holding competitions or giveaways might arouse interest and encourage followers to participate. Offering freebies of skateboarding gear or holding contests for skateboarding videos encourages followers to show off their abilities or interact with the account. By offering alluring incentives, the account owner increases engagement among current followers and draws in new followers who are drawn in by chance to win excellent gifts (Gupta, 2020). This tactic boosts involvement and broadens the account's exposure and reach, drawing users with a common interest in skating and raising the possibility of revenue generation through partnerships or sponsored content.

These suggestions can help Monetizing Instagram Account "skatewithshiva" by developing a loyal and interested following. Engaging with followers regularly can increase their interest, draw in new ones, and open up the possibility of income options like brand collaborations, sponsored posts, or marketing goods and services linked to skating.


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