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Organizational Learning Assignment: Barriers Faced By Kotak Mahindra Bank


Task: Prepare a report on discussing the barriers encountered by the management of Kotak Mahindra Bank in adopting the organizational learning process.


It is discussed in this organizational learning assignment that in the present era of the competitive business environment, organizations are required to transform the place of working in an effective and dynamic manner so that to achieve the organizational goals. The process of organizational learning is not as simple as it contains a lot of barriers related to the management of the team and the implications of the changes (Herrmann, et. al., 2017). This report deals with defining some major barriers in context a well-known Indian organization named Kotak Mahindra Bank.  This bank was established in 1985 by Uday to provide financial and banking services. It was the first non-banking finance organization of India that converted into a limited organization. The headquarters of Kotak Mahindra Bank is situates in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This report is detailing some barriers that are faced by the management of the bank in adopting the organizational learning practices.

Resistance to Change
One of the main challenges explored in this organizational learning assignment faced by the organization in any type of initiative for change management is the resistance from the internal as well as the external stakeholders. The change can either be related to the introduction of technology or change the organization structure, the stakeholders always resist the change as this may lead to change in the prices of shares as well as the profitability of the organization in case of ant type of failure in getting the objective of such change. In Kotak Mahindra, the organization needs to change its services provided to the customers as it is lacking behind in comparison to the other organizations (Agnihotri and Gupta, 2019). In this case, the main problem in front of management and stakeholders is to provide appropriate training to the employees to use such technologies and advancements in order to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Lack of Directive Leadership
This is one of the major problems faced by most of the organizations working in the current scenario. It is required for an organization to adapt and to learn the changes and performance improvement continuously (Pandey, 2019). This indicates the need for being involved with the organization and teams while performing any task. In the management of Kotak Mahinda, there is a lack of direct leadership with the team members. The information flows from various levels that increase the time of executing any task. Sometimes the objective of communicating such information also changes as it goes from various hands. This may also result in creating misunderstandings and conflicts between management and the employees (Starbuck, 2017).

Focusing on individuality rather than the overall team success
In Kotak Mahindra, most of the appraisal policies and reward systems are directed to individual performance. It is one of the most important barriers to organizational learning as it increases selfishness among employees and they just try to increase the level of their performance without contributing towards the success of the entire team or region re branch in which they are working.  There is a lack of sense of team spirit and unity within the different managerial levels (Shin, et. al., 2017).

Lack of Value and awareness for self-learning
In the environment of Kotak Mahindra, the employees are not aware of the importance of self-learning and its relation to an increase of wisdom and knowledge that may help to increase their performance within the organization. It also indicates that some of the employees should always be trained and aware of the new changes and information in case of any type of need or immediate change in the organizational operating process and systems (Chandra and Kaur, 2015).

Too Much Contol
This is another considerable factor that works as a barrier for employees and managers to adopt organizational learning practices. As Kotak Mahindra is a private limited organization, there are a lot of rules, policies, and restrictions that control the power of management and employees to explore new things and working practices while performing regular and day to day job functions. Most of the time, the leaders do not accept planning presented by employees and tend to follow the traditional procedures of planning. This kind of behavior may result in increasing the frustration level of employees along with increasing their dissatisfaction level (Dhamija and Singla, 2017). 

Strategies that can be adopted to deal with the barriers
Communication with the stakeholders
In this case of organizational learning assignment, it is required for the management to communicate with the stakeholders as well as the employees in such a manner that may increase the understanding of the need for changes (Saadat and Saadat, 2016). This may also help the employees to work with fill motivation and efforts to adopt the changes along with providing full satisfaction to the stakeholders.

Involvement of human resource department
It is required for the human resource department to monitor the flow of communication as well as the issues of employees that should be timely informed to top-level management and stakeholders. So the proper involvement of the HR is important.

Building and development of teams
For making the organization learning successful, unity and team success are required to be valued equally in comparison to the prosperity and success of an individual employee with the building of successful teams.

Training to employees
It is required for the human resource department of Kotak Mahindra is to organize some training program on monthly basis for the managers and regional heads so that they can prepare their teams the future perspective of changes in both, external as well as the internal environment

On the basis of the above discussion in this organizational learning assignment, it can be concluded that it is not easy to adopt and to apply the practices of organizational learning due to various types of issues and challenges faced by the management and employees in day to day practices. Most of the barriers are related to the duties and roles of the leaders and managers played while managing teams in the organization. In relation to the Kotak Mahindra group, it can be said that there is a lack of organizational management practices as it is a small organization in comparison to the other companies working in the same sector. In addition to this, the financial and banking services are also a major sector in which the organization is currently working and thus, it is required to manage the internal environment of the organization and to adopt the organizational learning and thus to decrease the internal conflicts and issues. It may have a direct impact on increasing customer satisfaction and profitability of the organization.

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