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Organizational Behavior Assignment On Leadership Style Of Jack Ma, Founder Of Alibaba


Task: Write an organizational behavior assignment analyzing the various aspects and lessons learned from the leadership style of Jack Ma who is a founder of Alibaba.


Introduction to the case scenario of organizational behavior assignment
Organizational behaviour can be considered as the study of human behaviour mainly in different types of organizational structures. Organizational behaviour mainly investigates the impact of the individuals, structures, and groups in the organizational context. To develop the organization's effectiveness, the impacts of the individuals and groups can be very effective. The main aim of this report is to analyze the effective details of the leadership process of Jack Ma who was the leader of the multinational business process called Alibaba. Apart from that, through this report on organizational behavior assignment, the visions for the organizations, the strengths and the weakness of the leaders, the lessons from the leadership process, and the sources of the talented employees in the market have been discussed. At the end of the report, a conclusion has also been included.

Overview of the organizational leader
Jack Ma can be considered as one of the world's top business personalities, who not only developed the business process and activities but also are a philanthropist and motivational speaker, who through his lectures, inspires millions of people to achieve their goals and dreams. By profession, Jack Ma was an English teacher at the beginning of his professional career. However, later he developed Alibaba Group, which can be considered as one of the world's largest e-commerce business processes. During his tenure as a business tycoon, he has successfully achieved several milestones such as he was number 1 in China rich list in 2019, in 2020 he listed 17th as the world's richest person (Forbes. 2020), in 2017 Fortune ranked him second in world's top 50 greatest leaders and many more. Apart from the business process he also invested in the entertainment sector. He has also developed the Jack Ma Foundation, which is mainly focused on the development of public health, education, and the environment.

Strengths and weakness of the leader
Jack Ma as business personnel has effectively shown the world the importance of attitude, foresight, and the importance of developing goals, employee orientation, and employee engagement. Effectively giving values to these attributes in the business process are all the strengths of Jack Ma. In the employee development process, it can be stated in this organizational behavior assignment that Jack Ma has given effective importance in having foresight. Jack Ma believes that the employer must have more effective foresight than the employees because a leader's main duty is to develop a plan and instruct the followers and employees to perform the work according to the plan. To anticipate the future business development and to create a superior position in the market, foresight is necessary, which makes a leader more efficient in managing situations as well as an organization (Gattringer and Wiener, 2020, p.1). This strength has allowed Jack Ma to gain establishment within the market and to become an established leader. This person is always optimistic about hiring a higher qualified and talented person than him because he believes that this will help the leader to understand effective and new business things, which can help a leader to develop the business process perfectly. He mainly believes that the employees must have superior skills than the owner or the leader and this will help the organization as well as the manager to learn and develop new business development techniques.

Strength of Jack Ma is that he has a very strong and developed leadership technique and the main point of this technique is he just does not believe in giving up at any situation. Jack Ma mainly believes that the way of success is full of hardship and obstacles, and according to him, the main failure of a person is giving up. He has always stated that observing and learning from the mistakes can give effective help to an individual to achieve success. Apart from that, Jack Ma has always given an effective focus on technological development, as he believes that to develop and progress effective technology implementation in the business process is necessary. It has been proved that technology adoption can be considered as a very important task in the business process. Technological implementation can adversely challenge any business interpretation (Haseebet al. 2019). The famous digital payment system ‘Alipay’ is the result of technological implementation in the business process. These are the strengths of Jack Ma which can be seen in the business process of Alibaba.

There are not that many weaknesses that can be considered as a business threat. However, it has been found that Jack Ma's organization is very much dependent on the Chinese economy. Furthermore, the leader has faced many failures in the past, owing to inappropriate decision-making and in some cases, owing to the tall organizational structure being followed within his organization, which acted as significant weaknesses of the leader. However, Jack Ma was efficient enough to identify and rectify the weak traits, which has transformed him into a strong, global leader.

An organizational vision of the leader
The leadership attributes of Jack Ma are very dynamic. He mainly uses transformational leadership attributes in his business process. One of the very important attributes of the leadership process is that he has an effective understanding of change management. According to him, changes can be very effective and this can develop an organizational structure, organizational behaviour, employee management, employee motivation and customer satisfaction, and many more. Effective transformational leadership can influence the comprehensive performance in the business (Nguyen et al. 2017). Through using the transformational leadership process Jack Ma has given a huge focus on the customer's perspective and customer's needs. In this way, he understood that to satisfy the customer's needs and demand effective implementation of technology is very much necessary.

One of the most important attributes of Jack Ma identified in the organizational behavior assignmentis that he is full of positivity. He effectively knows that remaining positive can help a person to handle any sort of circumstances in the business process. It has been found that he has faced several rejections in his earlier job applications. Despite facing these job rejections he always remained very much optimistic and continued his effort. These characteristics can be seen in his business process as well where he gives effective motivation to the employees very frequently and this helped the employees to achieve motivation and encouragement. Effective employee motivation can satisfy the employee mentality and can influence the employee's actions (Hitkaet al. 2018). Therefore, it can be stated that these positive skills have helped him and his organization to stand out from the crowd, and gradually the business has expanded across the border. The lives of the employees and the goals and the visions of the organizational process can be developed through an effective leadership process. Jack Ma's leadership process has all these attributes which have made him one of the great leaders in the contemporary organizational process. His vision has always remained very much clear. Having a clear vision can make a person develop the path of success and this can help the leader to achieve success very effectively. This tenacious capability can inspire the surrounding people very effectively.

Effective hard work and success can be seen in this way

What are the lessons learned from his leadership process described in the organizational behavior assignment?
Jack Ma's leadership process has given a huge impact on international business activities. There are several important as well as critical attributes which can be seen in the leadership process of Jack Ma. Each attribute has become very important for every business process because all the attributes can help the business process to achieve tremendous success in the market, apart from achieving success, effective implementation of this business process can give huge competitive advantages in the market. It has been found that Jack Ma mainly has given the focus on 7 important business attributes and those are,

A leader must have to be an authentic leader because an authentic leader can have a strong sense of employee loyalty and a way to develop a strong foundation. Apart from that, it has also been understood from the leadership process of Jack Ma that a leader should look at the business process through a customer's eyes. This will help the leader to identify the drawbacks of the organizational process and can take the necessary action. It has also been understood from the leadership process of Jack Ma that a leader should always be ready with an organizational vision and mission because this will help the organization to form a structured organizational goal. To achieve the corporate objective effective strategic plan is highly necessary, an organizational mission can be considered as a strategic plan (Jones, and Morrison-Saunders, 2017). One of the most important leadership attributes of Jack Ma is that he has always tried to gather all the employees under a single goal because this will give effective support to the employees to perform teamwork. Effective teamwork is highly necessary to develop organizational behaviour and through this way employee engagement, employee orientation, and employee influence can be witnessed. Effective development of organizational behaviour can help the organization to develop an internal environment and to remain highly competitive (Odor, 2018). One of the most important characteristics of Jack Ma is that he has always influenced his team members not to give up because at the beginning of his career he did not give up in the tough situation despite getting lots of rejections from several organizations. He defined giving up as the main failure.

Sources for the leaders to find employees
There are several sources for the leaders to find the employees for the organization. In the contemporary situation, the finding process of the employees has become much easier due to the development of the technological process. Due to technological development, the digital recruitment process has been developed. Effective online recruitment can enhance corporate social responsibility (Puncheva-Michelottiet al. 2018). This digital recruitment process can be called as one of the most important sources for the leaders to find the employees. Through developing online job search engines, online job boards, social media pages, application processes in the organizational websites the leaders can now reach millions of job aspirants within a very short time.

Therefore, it can be stated in this organizational behavior assignmentthat the digital recruitment process can be called as an important source of finding employees. Apart from the digital job recruitment process, it can be stated that the leaders of organizations can find employees through several offline processes. Through conducting the job fair campaign the organizational leaders can find huge numbers of people and in this way, the leaders can find their suitable employees for the organization. Apart from that, through organizing campus interviews the organizational leaders like Jack Ma can get to collaborate with huge numbers of new thinkers, and from this way, the leaders can find talented personalities for their organization. Effective campus recruitment can support youth development (Geiger et al. 2016). Through providing traditional print advertisements the leaders can conduct interviews in the organization and through those advertisements, the leaders can find several employees as well. Existing employee referrals can be considered as one of the most important as well as widely used sources of employees in the contemporary situation. Through employee referrals, the existing employees can help the organization Alibaba in this case, to find the new employees for the organization. Through using these sources, the leaders can reach out to the huge numbers of potential employees.

From the above discussion on organizational behavior assignment, it can be stated that to develop the organizational behaviour a leader must have to be very much responsible for employee development as well as business process management. Through evaluating the leadership technique of Jack Ma it has been found that a leader must have to be transparent and he or she must encourage the employees to give their best because through this way the employee satisfaction increases and this indirectly gives the organization a competitive boost. Apart from that, it has also been understood that to develop the organizational business process the leader should focus on developing organizational mission, vision, and goals. This can help the organization as well as the employees to understand the specific requirements of the business process and they can perform work according to that.

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