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   Free sample   Organization assignment identifying the key roles and responsibilities of people

Organization assignment identifying the key roles and responsibilities of people


Task: Identify the key roles and organizational issues through anorganization assignment. Integrate specific theories from the readings for the type of organization. Provide your personal perspective on the case, applying theories, perspectives, and structures you along with alternatives that could be best integrated to address theparticipant’s concerns.


Organizational understanding is the ability to know the working structure, schedule, culture of the organization as well as the political, social and economic climate. Present organization assignmentaims at identification of key roles and responsibilities of people stated in the case scenario. Evaluation of the type of organization mentioned in the case scenario has also been discussed in this organization assignmenttask. Personal perspective on the case has been also presented in this organization assignmenttask as well with help of different theories and models.

Key roles and organizational issuesdiscussedin theorganization assignment
Keys roles

It has been clear from the case scenario chosen for the organization assignmentthat Amy Werner is a star performer of New York City-based search firm On-Ramps. It has been identified that On-Ramps is a full-service consulting firm that serves organizations under the social sector (, 2022). Primary role played by this organization is to place the right people into the right position. It also plays a role in tracking the successful placement process by working hard to manage work standards and human rights. Amy a character from the organization assignmentworks under the organization and there she serves social work along with playing a role in searching. As mentioned by Ahammadet al. (2018), search associates in business are responsible for hiring skilled workers for job vacancies. Amy in the present organization assignmentcase scenario worked as associate in talent search and play her role as social worker. She plays a role in acquiring talent for the organization and helping them establish skill. Primary duty played by Amy is to hire the right people for the On-Ramps. In addition to this, she is responsible for the management of clients and customers of the organization.

Key issue
Managing working hour was the primary issue identified in the selected organization assignmentcase scenario. Organization, she worked for social work and takes her classes at nights along with weekends. By after one and half years, Amy's school schedule became more complicated and difficult. As a result of this, her traditional full-time internship also became difficult. Providing flexibility was another important issue in this context. It has also become difficult for her to manage work and education life balance under such a critical period. As Amy is a star performer in her organization, fellow peer and Sarah of Amy provide strong support to help her complete her degree along with her role within the On-Ramps. Still Amy worked their full time but nowadays she is working week where she allocates two days for her work in the office. Rest of her work she carries in the hours on weekend’snights, the organization provides her working flexibility as well.

The type of organization
On-Ramps is basically a full-service search consultancy aimed at placing the right people at the right position. The organization usually serves their clients in the special sector by helping them to acquire talent and skilled individuals. In terms of structure, On-Ramps, selected for the organization assignmentis a firm that follows a functional organizational structure which is responsible for successful placement of people. As mentioned by San Cristóbal (2022), functional organization is responsible for the organization of people in different departments based on areas of expertise, grouping employees by specialty, skill or related roles. In this regard, On-Ramps provide opportunities to the people regarding accessing robust, diverse networks. Functional organization is responsible for the creating diverse and equilibrium workplaces and On-Ramps is also capable of providing such demand. According to Samahet al. (2019), functional organizations focus on providing strong employee engagement. From the organization assignmentcase scenario it is also clear that On-Ramps strongly focuses on engaging their star performer Amy beyond having working schedule issues due to her difficult education schedule. In order to engage her, flexible working hours are also provided to Amy to determine the strong functional organizational structure of On-Ramps. As opined by tefan, Popa &Albu (2020), as per Maslow's hierarchy, performance of employees strongly depends on their basic five needs. In this organization assignment, a peer of Amy and Sarah Grayson, one of the firm’s founding partners and manager of Amy provide her to fulfil all basic five needs including physical needs, safety needs, social needs, self-esteem and self-actualisation needs. Along with flexible working, strong motivation is also provided to her indicating the functional structure of On-Ramps.

Personal perspective on the casein the organization assignment
Based on the overall organization assignmentcase study I can say that flexibility is the most important element associated with employee satisfaction. Flexibility determines not only the satisfaction of employees but it is also associated with the performance of employees (Davidescuet al. 2020). In the present organization assignmentAmy is a star performer and for this reason Sarah Grayson provides a special opportunity to her star performer to carry out her role when there is a difficult education schedule Amy has. I have also identified that fulfilment of basic five needs of influence as per the mesh loss motivation model is also necessary to earth achievement of organizational success. On-Ramps was completely able to fulfil basic 5 needs of the staff for Amy, as it was able to provide a safe working environment for Amy. The organization selected for the organization assignmentwas also able to provide physical needs of hard employees regarding meeting hard basic education needs. In turn off of social need, Sarah Grayson also acts as a supporter for Amy. With help of transferable skills any was also able to improve overall performance of the organization indicating the self-satisfaction in actualization. According to me, principle of two factor theory can be followed by Sarah as an alternative approach provide constant support and motivation to Amy under such kind of issue. Under the functional organizational structure mentioned in theorganization assignment, motivation factor will best suit for managing such flexible working schedule by Amy after all.

From the overall discussion it can be said in the organization assignmentthat functional organizational structure is necessary to create a unique working environment. Organization that provides flexible working hours are capable of achieving productivity. As Amy was crying out her education fee it was becoming difficult to work under the traditional schedule because her education schedule has changed significantly. Amy was responsible for handling clients and managing skills for their clients as well within the organization. Under such a situation it became difficult for any and Sarah the manager of any and one of her provided strong support to complete her education degree beside carrying out the job role. With the help of Maslow's hierarchy model the organization On-Ramps considered in theorganization assignmentwas capable of fulfilling all the needs and wants of Amy, which would be beneficial for both future growth of the firm and Amy.

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