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Organisational Behaviour Assignment: Open System Perspective Sage Group


Task: The organisationalbehaviour assignment aims to enable students to understand and analyse OB concepts and apply them in real-life situations.

Which of the four perspectives on organisational effectiveness used by your employer (open systems, organisational learning, high-performance work practices or stakeholder perspective)? Explain how this perspective is used in your workplace, including its advantages and limitations. How does this affect the employee-employer relationship (psychological contract) in your workplace? Please note that the concept psychological contract includes inducements and contributions, and their balance determines the health of the psychological contract.


1. Introduction
In the context of organizational behavior, it is mandatory to focus on a specific perspective. In the UK, Sage Group, selected in this organisationalbehaviour assignment, is a British multinational software company that can use open system perspectives(Sage Group plc, 2021). In an organization, the perspective of the management has shown through their performance. The initial perspectives of the company can extend the workforce of the entire organizational system exquisitely(Zhang, 2020).Now this report has evaluated the importance of the open system perspective in the organizational context of Sage Group. Additionally, this report also analyzesthe importance of the open system perspective in the relationship between employers and employees.

2. Choice of the open system perspective used by the employer of the organisation
Approximately all theories of organizational behaviouraim to make organisations more effective. The 'ultimate dependent variable' in organizational behaviours in fact called organisational effectiveness(Buchanan &Huczynski, 2019). However, the first challenge is to identify organisational effectiveness - a broad-based approach that includes the organisation's adjustment to the outside world, the configuration of high-performance internal subsystems, and emphasis on knowledge management and meets the needs of the key stakeholders(Mustamil&Najam, 2020). One of them is Open system perspectives. The specialists agree that this subject is defined by so many labels: corporate performance, success, goodness, fitness, competitiveness, excellence, etc. The elemental aspects of current perspectives are the Open system perspective, Organisational learning, and High performances work practices and stakeholders perspectives.

The open system perspectives are the earliest, most well-established perspectivesin the context of the organizational background. The view of this perspective depends on the capability to share, gain and store valuableknowledge (Tani,Papaluca&Sasso, 2018) In that case, the Sage group has used the open system perspectives in their organisation. The employers of this company have used this particular perspective because they try to express the freeness in their workplace. The open system perspective has containedfree and open traits that can reflect the energetic atmosphere to the employees.

3. Significance of this perspective in the workplace with advantages and limitations
The open system perspective on operational productivity is one of the earliest and most firmly established modes of organisational planning. In the organisation, the leadership style is mostly followed the open system perspectives. The open system behaviourof the leader in the organisation can able to get virtuous advantages in the workplace (Vargas-Hernández, Campos & Jiménez, 2018). From the perspective of open systems, successful organisations monitor their environments and can keep closely fit under changing conditions. Like the open system requirements in the workplace, the corporate firm has got several advantages in its operating systems.

Receive valuable information: Open-mindedness is a deliberate and thoughtful preference. It is not only possible but likely, that employers can gain valuable information by being open to new concepts, possibilities and developments.

Impact morale and output: Open-system leadership sends a message to all employees. It promotes participation and enthusiasm that can have an effect on ethics and productivity. Drive professional growth: Leadership open-system drives professional growth. As a leader, that can not only have new ideas and feedback, but other people will add to the mind's growth, which will lead to more ideas and opportunities (Jiaet al.,2018).

Gain new perspectives: Curious are open-system leaders. Leaders who are curious about work and living appear to be less critical and eager for knowledge and openness. Curiosity can lead to new viewpoints and approaches.

Reduce Stress: An open approach to stress and anxiety can be reduced. It is not only restrictive; it can be exhausting to operate a business from a single viewpoint (Singhet al.,2019). The receipt of input from others is strong. Thus, in the organizational context of Sage Group, the employers are using this kind of perspectives that is beneficial for them(Sage Group plc, 2021). Besides all of the advantages, there have some bindings that sometimes faced by the employers of this company. Sometimes, the employers of the Sage Group have faced disrespecting issues from the employees. The traits of the openness system have reflected the openness among the employers (Zhang, 2020).The procedure of the open system of the employers is sometimes reducing the value and respect of the employees towards their employers.

4. Impact on employee-employer relation in an organisation
In the corporate workplace open system perspective work as pivotal roles in the healthy relationship between the employees and management. Contrary to a formal, codified contract between the employee and the employer, a psychological agreement is a non-written collection of expectations. It contains informal arrangements, common beliefs, common ground and opinions between the two parties(Mustamil&Najam, 2020). Therefore, the appropriate presentation of open system perspectives helps to boost the energy and positivity of the employees. In such a way, in the workplace of the Sage Group, these particular perspectives work as a workforce behind the performance of the employees. The open system perspectives of employers are stretch their thoughts, knowledge and ideas beyond their self-built limitations. Additionally, the open mentality is beneficial for appropriate coaching and training for employees. The open system natures of employers help to boost the motivation among the employees that can enable them to grow their interest to do their occupation appropriately (Tani,Papaluca&Sasso, 2018). The traits of the open system environment of the organisation areeasy for the employees to adjust themselves corporate environment. The workplace flexibility, teamwork is also boosting though the open system perspective of the organisation.

5. Conclusion
Corporate behaviour is an important essence in an organizational context.It can help improve productivity and efficiency, improve employee satisfaction, inspire employees, encourage better leadership, make decisions and enhance collaboration among groups.In the concept of organizational behaviour, there are several kinds of perspectives.Regarding this matter, this report has described the four elemental perspectives of organizational behaviourand implication. This report has identified the adopted organizational perspective towards their employees. It has concluded from this report that, the open system perspective has given virtuous opportunities to the employers of Sage Group. Additionally, it has concluded that the openness system of the company sometimes brings out several issues among employees and employers.

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Jia, X., Chen, J., Mei, L., & Wu, Q. (2018). How leadership matters in organisational innovation: a perspective of openness. Management Decision.Vol. 56 No. 1, pp. 6-25. Sage Group plc 2021, Safeguard your business from employee underpayments, [Retrieved form link:]


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